July 2007, from a paper written January, 1997, with the addition in 2012 of Warren Buffet’s astrology for money

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Lottery Winners, Rich Men, Lucky Gamblers
The Traditional Benefics of Astrology
by Sandra Weidner

Most papers I write focus on problems of people as represented by excessive astrological influence of the greater and lesser malefics, saturn and mars, respectively. This paper focuses on the astrology of those jubilant individuals who have won the lottery. At the time they win, their charts show a predominance of forefront venus and jupiter, astrology’s greater and lesser benefics, respectively.

But windfalls are not limited to lottery winners. So I have included the astrology of a lucky gambler during his winning streak and that of a “Robin Hood” thief who was never caught. It’s all about money, so I added some charts of wealthy individuals. Inheritance plays by similar rules, so I have added John F. Kennedy’s astrology for his inheritance of $1 million when he turned twenty-one in 1938.

The Planets of Success
Venus and jupiter are the traditional benefics of astrology, the lesser and greater ones, respectively. They are predominant in charts of “winners”—winners of elections as well as winners of games. Creating endless charisma, they are forefront in the charts of all kinds of “stars”. They can be extremely seductive. They seduce the individual who has them forefront (predominant by sign and position) into believing he is intrinsically a winner, that he “did it all himself.” While he’s under their strong benevolence, he is intrinsically a winner. When they pass, if they pass, he will not be. They are also seductive for those who do not have them forefront. These individuals admire and idolize, sometimes even deify, those who do. Individuals, like Winston Churchill, who have them forefront from birth ( i.e., predominant his whole life) have an especially rich and blessed life. Venus and jupiter together sponsor the compelling attractiveness of gurus, subject of another paper on this site. Venus and jupiter couple up forefront in the charts of individuals when they marry. The honeymoon phase ends as these two planets slide slowly into the background. For some, the end of the honeymoon is the beginning of “what have I gotten myself into?” Venus and jupiter are seductive because under their influence just about every one of us truly believes our happiness (superiority, grace, allure, etc.) will continue forever. Worse, we fall for that self-fed internal line all over again the next time they court us.

Venus, the lesser benefic, is natural ruler of the 2nd and 7th houses through its rulership of Taurus and Libra, respectively. Subject areas of the 2nd house and Taurus are “money and movable possessions,” i.e., what is mine. The 7th house is about close relationships. In this paper we are interested in the 2nd house part of venus’ influence.

Jupiter, the greater benefic, is natural ruler of the 9th house through its rulership of the sign Sagittarius. The 9th house sponsors interests related to law, philosophy, religion, mysticism, aviation, equine activity, and, I think, the Internet. Although diverse, these subject areas have something in common. Each, studied or experienced deeply, demonstrates distance from our ordinary everyday thinking, feeling, and locomotion. Each sponsors extra-ordinary, larger views of our common condition. Larger, largesse. Jupiter is correlated with Chesed (Mercy, the benevolent aspect of Deity) on the Tree of Life.

Venus and jupiter work together and forefront (in a set on or ruling an Angle) in our charts when they bestow financial largesse.

The Astrological Significators for Getting Money
Foreground venus and jupiter in any chart represents better-than-average fortune for subject areas covered by that chart.

In this paper I demonstrate their influence in the 2nd chart. For each wealthy individual below, the chart drawing shows significant locations of venus and jupiter at birth. They identify, according to the rules formulated below, each individual’s tendency to attract money. I added favorable astrology for time of financial increase if I had the date it happened.

The 8th chart (and influences to 2nd and 8th houses within it) also almost always agrees with the 2nd chart when one wins money.

Briefly, then, the significators in the 2nd chart for financial good fortune are:

Before I present evidence, I want to make clear that this astrological method is not the traditional Western one. It is not traditional, period. True, it uses sidereal astrology, the predominant astrology of the East, and the Egyptian harmonic—both quite old. But this method started with me. Its working rules were not inherited. They were empirically-derived through years (24 and growing) of research. At first, they seem complex, but, with types of aspects quite limited, and with dependability of planetary meaning, they grow easy to use. I have placed them in a separate paper:

Chart Rules

Derivation of this method, the harmonic used, FAQs, and derivation of conception are found, respectively, in the papers:

About This Method

Formula Paper

For those willing to take the trouble to work through it, the updated material in the paper on the 2012 presidential election (which I predicted incorrectly and was thus driven to find out why--one of the best ways to learn this material) gives the third chart, the information from which will be extremely helpful in judging whether or not one's astrology in their 2nd and 8th charts leads to a win. Here is the link:

2012 Election

For each chart below I present the most important influences to Angles, 2nd, and 8th houses within the 2nd chart. Progressions to date of event are also limited to major ones. In the drawings, birth planets are inside the circle. Birth planets are blue and their harmonics (b2) planets are green. Conception planets are outside the circle. Conception planets are red and conception harmonic (c2) planets are black. The numbered loops represent houses. House cusps are shown below the drawing.

Data acknowledgements for all charts are given at the bottom of this paper.

Since we are interested in the astrology of money, I include very little biographical information. We start with the harmonic chart for the 2nd house of three successful business men.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates, founder and long-time CEO of Microsoft Corporation, is a successful businessman. Forbes identified him as the wealthiest man in the world from 1995 to 2006. In June, 2006 he announced he would transition out of his day-to-day role at Microsoft in order to become more active in philanthropy.

I have two different times of birth for Gates. One, from a biography, is for 9:15 p.m. PST. The other, from an astrologer who talked with him at a party, is for 10:00 p.m. PST. The one for 10:00 p.m. is the stronger, but both are good for money. Here is his chart for 10:00 p.m.:

Bill Gates
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Set (1)

Placidus: c11—13Pis, c12—28Ari, c2—27Gem, c3—16Can b11—19Ari, b12—30Tau, b2—20Can, b3—12Leo

Set (1) contains four lights, increasing acceptable orb, so c2 venus in Gemini and c jupiter are in an out-of-sign conjunction, making this set a golden benefic. Note that mars and saturn are absent.

Golden benefics are comprised of light/venus/jupiter, with venus and jupiter being conjunction or square but not opposition. At least, when opposition they fight each other rather than cooperate for the "great good" they together can produce. When on an Angle, "Angle" can substitute for "light." Golden benefics are not truly golden unless they also influence an Angle, either being on it or influencing it through a ruler. When they do, they operate to produce luck and success throughout life in the areas and charts they influence.

Set (1) contains B Asc/sun/sun/moon/moon/venus/jupiter/jupiter/uranus/neptune. C moon and c2 moon co-rule (16 of 19°) c 2nd house, c jupiter and c2 jupiter rule c 8th house, c uranus rules C MC, and b neptune rules B MC. Moreover, c jupiter, ruler of c 8th house is in c 2nd house (conjunct B Asc). This one golden benefic has multiple influence to 2nd and 8th houses. It also influences three Angles—C MC, B MC, and B Asc.

Mars and saturn are not on Angles, and Gates’ 2nd chart has only a small amount of mars or saturn influence through rulers.

Note the shell conjunction (that is, it is in all charts) of c SN in Gemini to C Asc. Gates is “head heavy.” Gates’ will experience rejection, except when among friends, when his consciousness is located here. South Node conjunct an Asc or MC are unfavorable in that way.

On March 13, 1986 when Microsoft first traded on the New York stock market, progressed c jupiter, ruler of c 8th house, was at 27 Gemini 04R conjunct venus in c 2nd house. Progressed b2 NN at 2 Leo 50 (coming from 6 Leo 01) was conjunct b jupiter at 3 Leo 39 in b 2nd house. His new, progressed golden benefic was formed by pc2 venus at 7 Scorpio 36, pb jupiter at 6 Leo 45, and b2 NN at 6 Leo 01, with the Leo planets falling in b 2nd house. His return for this period, occurring on 2-24-1986 , had return moon at 7 Leo 44 and return jupiter at 6 Aquarius 33.

On August 24, 1995, the date of release of Windows 95 which sold four million copies in the first four days, he had the following: pb2 venus at 2 Scorpio 56 and pb2 NN at 2 Leo 54 (coming from 6 Leo 01) in a set with b jupiter at 3 Leo 59, with return (8-8-95) MC at 3 Taurus 05 and return pluto at 3 Scorpio 08. Pb venus was at 15 Sagittarius 44 conjunct pc2 jupiter at 15 Sagittarius 35. PC MC was at 20 Pisces 40, pc2 mercury, ruler of C Asc and c 2nd house, at 20 Pisces 56, pc2 venus at 20 Sagittarius 09, pc moon at 19 Pisces 39, and return moon at 21 Sagittarius 16. Return2 venus was at 11 Pisces 02 conjunct B MC, with return2 jupiter at 13 Gemini 38. Transiting uranus was at 3 Capricorn 06R, hitting B Asc/sun/jupiter.

The chart for 9:15 p.m. shows c 2nd spanning 18 Gemini to 6 Cancer (as compared to 27 Gemini to 16 Cancer above). It just barely keeps co-rulership of c moons to c 2nd within the chart. (The rule is that at least one-third of the house must be influenced by the co-ruler to valid.) Venus is still in an out-of-sign conjunction to jupiter and uranus, lighted and in c 2nd house. But in this chart it rules C Asc, which is at 29 Taurus 00. Uranus no longer rules C MC, and neptune no longer rules B MC, so only one Angle of the 9:15 p.m. chart is influenced by Set (1).

The Aries part of Set (2), below, falls in the 10th/11th of his 10 p.m. chart:

Set (2)c mercury14 Capricorn 10ruler of C Asc (10 p.m. chart only)
c2 neptune16 Capricorn 15co-ruler of c 10th house (13 of 33°)
b2 neptune16 Capricorn 28ruler of B MC
b2 venus14 Aries 27
c2 SN 14 Aries 59

I am not certain how to interpret, for instance, south node/planet conjunctions in a 2nd chart. Perhaps this set shows an avid, aggressive (Aries) interest in or love of (venus) money (involves key harmonic planets in the chart for the 2nd house). Or perhaps it is more that he is seen that way publicly (10th house and 2 Angles under its influence), whether or not he is so privately. Since the SN is involved, it would have an unfavorable connotation, but since a benefic is also involved, it cannot be that bad for him. Interpreted in terms of past lives, it could mean he understands (SN) the pursuit of money (2nd chart venus) and is not shy about it (Aries). Taurus is the sign that demonstrates the need or desire to acquire, acquire, acquire. Sun, moon, or mercury (and perhaps SN) in Taurus show hoarding tendencies (demonstrated in “Hoarder’s” chart in Appendix A, Guru paper on this site). An Aries/SN/2nd set also shows up in the 2nd chart of Michael Milken, below.

I did not erect all 12 of Gates’ charts, but I did glance at his 6th, 8th, and 10th. His 6th chart (illness and/or service) contains a golden benefic because b6 venus at 28 Pisces 55 is conjunct c6 NN at 29 Pisces 57 and both positions fall into Set (1) (minus its harmonic planets) above. Gates’ 6th definitely suggests loving, concerned (venus in Pisces), successful (golden benefic) service (6th chart) to humanity which will gain him honor (NN).

Gates 8th chart does not contain a golden benefic. It has an interesting conjunction of b8 SN at 0 Cancer 04 to c jupiter (ruler of c 8th in b 2nd) at 0 cancer 45.

His 10th chart contains a totally different golden benefic :

Set (3)B MC10 Pisces 45
b10 venus13 Pisces 22
b moon14 Pisces 03ruler of B Asc (10 p.m. chart only) in c 2nd house
c10 SN14 Pisces 56
b10 jupiter13 Gemini 51co-ruler (30 of 33°) b 6th house
b10 sun10 Virgo 57

A comparison of Gates’ 6th and 10th charts (for golden benefics and implications) with those of Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld (paper on this site) is interesting. Astrologically, Bill Gates was supposed to be rich and famous.

The Gates Foundation can be found on the World Wide Web at:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Steve Wozniak
My source notes state Wozniak designed virtually the entire product line that enabled Apple Corporation to go from a two-man garage operation to a half-a-billion dollar a year business in six years. At one point his wealth was estimated at $50 million. Did he retain stock in Apple? What is he doing now? Whatever he is doing, he is not poor. At least, he does not have to be.

Steve Wozniak
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—4Vir, c12—1Lib, c2—23Sco, c3—27Sag b11—8Can, b12—8Leo, b2—2Lib, b3—2Sco

Like Gates' Set (1) , Wozniak’s contains a golden benefic. Wozniak’s is all within c 8th house. But it is in Capricorn (where jupiter is in its fall), while gates key jupiter is in Cancer, where it is exalted. Set (1) contains moon/moon/mercury/ venus/venus/jupiter/jupiter/pluto. Because of the two lights (moons), I have added b mars, b2 mercury, and b2 sun to the set. Without the lights these latter planets are not in the same set with venus or jupiter. Wozniak’s Set (1) influences C Asc through his two c mercurys, while Gates’ Set (1) influences three (of four possible) Angles. Wozniak’s golden benefic, through potent, is far less potent that Gates’.

Like Gates’, Wozniak has a SN conjunction an Ascendant, shown in Set (2). His is in Virgo, showing a tendency to focus so deeply he gets lost in the forest. Gates’ in Gemini would give him the tendency to range far and wide intellectually, a sort of scanning mind which could spread too thin. Wozniak’s conjunction of c2 mars in Gemini, also part of Set (2), produces a tendency to do (mars) many things at once, producing a scatter which pulls him out of his Virgo SN.

A brief look at Wozniak’s 10th chart shows a wide orb node/jupiter/venus in the same set with his B MC and B Asc. He has another interesting set:

Set (3)C MC18 Aquarius 18
c10 pluto19 Aquarius 00
b10 saturn22 Aquarius 03ruler of b 5th house
b10 sun22 Aquarius 34ruler of b 12th house
c10 mercury20 Taurus 40ruler of C Asc, c 2nd and c 5th houses
b mercury19 Leo 56ruler of B Asc and B MC

Since mercury rules three out of 4 of Wozniak’s Angles, the two mercurys above act both as rulers and as light, so the above set is valid though spread over 4+ degrees. It influences all four Angles. How does it interpret? The Angle/saturn/pluto part of it shows a tendency, at times, to “drop out” socially. (For ways saturn/pluto works in different charts through different paths, see the papers on Autism and the Disappearing Priest). Mercury/pluto shows a tendency toward research, that is, focused, intense, steady inquiry. The strong influence of mercury also shows a man considered brilliant. (This is the 10th chart, so I cannot actually state he is brilliant—that would show up in 3rd and 7th charts. The 10th chart shows what the public believes.

Gates’ 2nd, 6th, and 10th show a man involved in a command performance this lifetime. He will be rich (2nd chart) and famous (10th chart) and he will do a lot of good (6th chart). Perhaps we could say, he must. Wozniak’s 2nd and 10th charts show a rich, brilliant man considered eccentric because he some times turns about face, simply dropping a career or social image others cannot imagine abandoning.

Let’s move on to our third businessman before starting the charts of lottery winners.

Michael Milken
Years ago read a book about Milken. I have forgotten its title. Reading one now is out of the question. I do remember I read the book because I was curious. He had become front page news (radio, TV, newspapers) as a Wall Street broker(?) who might become indicted. That state of affairs went on for a long, long time. Then (or just before), I believe he worked for the investment firm of Drexel, Burnham, Lambert in New York and California. He had shown considerable talent developing "junk" bonds. To quote Wikipedia on this subject, “During the 1980’s he (Milken) became known as a controversial financial innovator whose work at the investment bank of Drexel Burnham Lambert greatly expanded the use of high yield debt (junk bonds) in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, which in turn fueled the 1980s boom in leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers, and corporate raids.” He was eventually indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and fraud by then U.S. Attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Instead of going to trial, he entered a plea bargain. To see what he actually pleaded guilty to, visit the Wikipedia site at

Milken’s Plea, page 2

(The site says 6 counts, but I can find only 5 listed.) As part of his sentence for “conviction” on racketeering charges, he was barred from all future stock market activities. He served about 22 months in jail out of the recommended 10-year sentence. According to Wikipedia sources, he came out with a net worth of over $1 billion. Did Milken’s public “downfall” show up in his 10th chart (career)? I write about that later in this section on Milken. Now we want to look at his 2nd chart for indications of wealth:

Michael Milken
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—8Gem, c12—9Can, c2—3Vir, c3—2Lib b11—19Tau, b12—22Gem, b2—15Leo, b3—13Vir

C2 moon pulls b venus, which would not normally be considered in a set with B Asc (2° is the allowable orb) into the set with B Asc/c2 jupiter. He has Angle/moon/venus/jupiter in his harmonic chart for his 2nd house. Because it contains harmonic planets—specifically 2nd chart in this instance—and has Angular influence, this golden benefic demonstrates ease (talent) in making money. None, however, of these planets rule a 2nd or 8th house (or are even in a 2nd or 8th house). The path they do take—3rd4th/5th/11th/12th—is different. It implies something else, or more, about his relationship to money and movable possessions. The papers on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and successful gurus each show the specificity of different paths. Right now, besides money, I do not know how to interpret the path part of this set in Milken’s 2nd chart..

He has three other sets, not shown here, which summed show lighted venus plus lighted jupiter influence to Angles, 2nd and 8th houses in this, his 2nd chart. Those plus Set (1) show a considerable amount of 2nd chart beneficence.

Milken has only one (harmonic) malefic on Angles and no malefics in 2nd or 8th houses. He has an unlighted mars/saturn set which was the active fault for his legal troubles starting “in 1989” (for which I use July 1 as an approximate midpoint):

Set (2)c2 saturn 27 Sagittarius 22
b2 mars 27 Gemini 01ruler of B MC and co-ruler (15 of 32°) of b 9th house

This set, containing the greater and lesser malefics, has forefront influence but lacks a light. Trouble with the law is a 9th house influence. Set (2) acquires a long-term light through progressing c2 North Node (originally coming from 13 Libra 04):

Datepc2 NN
7-1-198329 Virgo 34
7-1-198428 Virgo 53
7-1-198528 Virgo 13
7-1-198627 Virgo 37
7-1-198727 Virgo 09
7-1-198926 Virgo 39

Here Milken’s progressing (true) c2 node moved into his Set (2) by 1986. How come it took three more years for him to be indicted? Likely other factors exist, but on (7-1)-1989 pb4 neptune, ruler of b 9th house, was at 21 Libra 08 entering the set with B Asc at 21 Cancer 26. This further encouraged expression of 9th house (legal) matters.

Milken was released from prison in January, 1993. On 1-(15)-1993 pb2 jupiter was a 27 Sagittarius 19, conjunct his saturn—mercy (jupiter) supercedes harshness (saturn). I’m sure other astrological factors were involved in his release.

Usually some one who goes to jail has a fault indicating that possibility in his 10th chart (career, social image). Milken did. His 2nd and 10th chart faults combined suggest his social imbalance (10th) will be linked to money (2nd). Here is that 10th chart fault:

B Asc21 Cancer 26
b10 mars21 Libra 03ruler of B MC and co-ruler (15 of 32°) b 9th house
c10 saturn22 Aries 06

On (7-1)-1989 his progressed c sun, ruler of C Asc, was at 21 Libra 29, moving ca. 45’/month. He also had a new progressed and forefront mars/saturn with influence to 2nd and 9th houses, and Angle/uranus/8th set.

Returning to Milken’s 2nd chart, remember that south node conjunction venus in Aries in Gates' chart? Set (3) in the diagram above shows Milken's. His is conjunction B MC, whereas Gates’ influenced two Angles. Both are forefront sets.

The Milken Family Foundation can be found on the Internet at

The Milken Family Foundation

April, 2012. I am adding the astrology of one of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren E. Buffett. Astrodatabank states that Buffett is an American accountant and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He received his BS and MS in economics Here is the link to his Wikipedia biography: Warren Edward Buffet on Wikipedia .

Warren Buffett
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House

Placidus: c11—29Cap, c12—5Pis, c2—21Tau, c3—12Gem b11—12Lib, b12—4Sco, b2—28Sag, b3—9Aqu

Set (1) above shows moon/venus/jupiter/saturn, with b moon co-ruling (30 0f 40°) b 8th house, b jupiter ruling b 2nd house, and c2 saturn ruling C MC in b 2nd house. While saturn normally depresses good fortune, this saturn is “good” because it connects the whole set to an Angle, moreover to an Angle in a 2nd house. Set (1) is not nearly as potent for making money if the saturn is removed.

Note that Set (2) shows c venus, ruler of c 2nd house in the same set with C MC. And c2 jupiter in Cancer in Set (3) is in the same set with C Asc at 23 Aries 09 and is also in b 8th house and co-rules (12 of 21°) c 8th house. In addition to Buffett’s golden benefic in Set (1), these two benefics on Angles with influence to 2nd and 8th houses greatly enhance the likelihood good money will be a part of his life because what is on Angles must express.

Buffett also has b2 sun at 13 Taurus 17, with b2 jupiter, ruler of b 2nd house, at 12 Scorpio 11 and b2 venus at 12 Scorpio 29. This set is not a golden benefic because it does not influence an Angle. However, the conjunction of venus and jupiter in Scorpio, natural sign of the 8th house, will also play into his financial good fortune when it shows up on progressed and return Angles.

Note also that c jupiter (unlighted) is in c 2nd house and its harmonic is in b 8th house. It always helps to have benefics in 2nd and 8th houses. He also has c saturn (unlighted) at 4 Sagittarius 06 in c 8th house. Once again, while saturn usually depresses good fortune, in this instance it connects his C MC, which is ruled by that saturn, to 8th house activities (investments0. And his C MC in b 2nd house gives him a direct interest in money (2nd) and career (MC)). It probably also played into his learning accounting.

I am not going to show a drawing of his 8th chart. To his non-harmonic C MC to c venus it adds c8 moon at 4 Libra 16, c8 NN at 4 Capricorn 01, and b8 uranus at 2 Aries 29—a strong 2nd house (personal finances) set in an 8th chart (investments).

That c jupiter at 20 Taurus 36, which in his 2nd chart is without light, picks up b8 moon, co-ruler (30 of 40°) at 20 Leo 32, giving him a lighted jupiter in Taurus (natural sign of the 2nd house) in c 2nd house and influencing b 8th house.

His 10th chart(career and social image contains the following golden benefic which is very powerful because it is on an Angle. To his original non-harmonic C MC at 3 Capricorn 11 and c venus, ruler of c 2nd house, at 2 Libra 01, is added b10 jupiter, ruler of b 2nd house, at 2 Libra 27 and c8 mars, ruler of C Asc, at 2 Capricorn 28. This set is even more powerful because it influences two Angles.

Looking at Buffett’s 2nd , 8th, and 10th chart astrology reminds me of Muktananda’s (Indian guru) astrology for enlightenment, wealth, and fame. Both are so powerfully benefic the chances of their not succeeding in those areas was next to nil.

We turn now to lottery winners, continuing to examine the 2nd chart of people fortunate regarding money. Again, I am going to show only the most important sets.

Kathleen McLaughlin
Mrs. McLaughlin won $27 million in the lottery on December 13, 1991, in Natick, Massachusetts.

Kathleen McLaughlin
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1) and (2)

Placidus: c11—22Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—24Aqu, c3—3Ari b11—8Sag, b12—30Sag, b2—20Pis, b3—24Ari

Set (1) shows B Asc and C MC in a set with node/node/sun/moon/jupiter/neptune. Neptune rules b 2nd house. Mrs. McLaughlin’s lighted jupiter influences two Angles and a 2nd house. Set (2) shows node/mercury/venus/venus/mars/jupiter, with mars ruling C MC and mercury co-ruling (30 of 37°) c 8th house. This is a golden benefic with influence to an Angle and an 8th house. Her venus conjunction jupiter in Virgo, which comes from a close, unlighted shell set of c venus at 6 Gemini 36 and b jupiter at 6 Virgo 03, is in both (overlapping) 8th houses. B jupiter is in c 8th house. Her venus in Pisces, which is in the widest orb to the light (the node), is in both 2nd houses.

Set (3) shows a second golden benefic of sun/venus/mars/jupiter with sun ruling c 8th and venus co-ruling (24 of 34°) b 8th houses.

On December 13, 1991 McLaughlin’s progressed B MC was at 22 Sagittarius 06 in a progressed set, where orbs are smaller, with that venus in Pisces (in both 2nd houses) above. Progressed b moon was at 21 Sagittarius 24.

Progressed c jupiter was at 1 Leo 54, pb2 neptune (ruler of b 2nd house) at 1 Leo 16R, falling into Set (1). At 7:58 p.m., the time she knew she had won, transiting t2 moon (that is, the harmonic one) was at 1 Leo 24 and transiting t2 NN at 1 Scorpio 21. Her return, which started on January 9, 1991, had an MC of 1 Aquarius 04. All of these are building on Set(1). Return Asc was at 27 Taurus 03, pb2 moon at 25 Scorpio 36, pc sun at 28 Taurus 35, and pc2 moon at 26 Taurus 42, with t2 venus at 27 Aquarius 36.

If someone hits in big in the lottery, then in most states his/her spouse also becomes rich on that date. Here is the 2nd chart of James McLaughlin, Kathleen’s husband:

James McLaughlin
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Set (1)

Placidus: c11—21Vir, c12—15Lib, c2—7Sag, c3—14Cap b11—4Leo, b12—2Vir, b2—24Lib, b3—25Sco

Set (1) contains C Asc/moon/mercury/venus/venus/mars/jupiter, a golden benefic The set includes C Asc but does not influence C Asc because its rulers are not in the set. But c2 venus is conjunct C Asc in b 2nd house. C mercury rules c 8th house. B2 venus rules b 2nd and co-rules (25 of 31°) b 8th house. B2 moon rules B MC in c 8th house. C jupiter (not shown) rules c 2nd house.

On December 13, 1991 progressed B MC was at 7 Leo 39, definitely highlighting the moon/venus/jupiter of Set (1). Return moon was at 10 Taurus 29 and return2 uranus at 7 Scorpio 25. PC MC was at 28 Virgo 02 in the same set with pb jupiter at 28 Gemini 04, with return (on 11-22-91) Asc at 28 Virgo 07. Return MC was at 2 Cancer 31, conjunct b NN and b jupiter (shown above) in c 8th house.

Sharon Brown
Mrs. Brown won $35 million on October 26, 1996 in the Multi-State Big Game lottery.

Sharon Brown
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1) and (2)

Placidus: c11—10Gem, c12—13Can, c2—3Vir, c3—2Lib b11—15Cap, b12—17Aqu, b2—9Tau, b3—1Gem

Set (1) above shows Angle/venus/jupiter and maybe uranus, a golden benefic. C2 venus rules C MC , which is close to the cusp of b 2nd house. In an Equal House system C MC would be exactly on the 2nd house cusp. Other than that, Set (1) contains no influence to 2nd or 8th houses. Set (2) shows C MC/venus, with b2 venus ruling b 2nd house. Set (3) shows C Asc/sun/mercury/jupiter/saturn in which c2 mercury rules c 2nd house.

On October 26, 1996 progressed B Asc was at 2 Gemini 19 and pb2 venus (ruler of b 2nd house) at 2 Pisces 07 (in c 8th house). B MC at 21 Sagittarius 33 formed the following temporary set: pb moon was at 21 Pisces 34, pb2 jupiter at 21 Gemini 48, and pb2 mars (ruler of B Asc and b 8th house) was at 21 Virgo 01. Progressed C MC was at 20 Gemini 27, progressed c venus (ruler of C MC) at 20 Virgo 41, return2 moon at 20 Pisces 34, and pc neptune (ruler of c 8th house), at 19 Virgo 35. Fitting into Set (3) above, return Asc was at 7 Leo 03 and return venus at 8 Leo 59.

Rosemarie Bowser
Mrs. Bowser won $13 million in the Massachusetts lottery on December 22, 1984.

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1) and (2)

Placidus: c11—3Gem, c12—6Can, c2—27Leo, c3—24Vir b11—27Vir, b12—20Lib, b2—12Sag, b3—20Cap

Bowser’s Set (1) contains a shell (all charts) Angle/venus/jupiter, a golden benefic, in which jupiter rules b 2nd house. Set (2) shows moon/venus/venus/mars/jupiter/jupiter/saturn, another golden benefic (but with a saturn “flaw”) with the conjunction of moon/venus/jupiter in Aries. B2 jupiter rules b 2nd house and b moon co-rules (20 of 38°) b 8th house. C mars rules C MC (in this case the malefic, mars, gives this set Angular influence). B MC, in c 2nd house, has its ruler, b sun at 18 Leo 27 (not shown) conjunct b venus at 18 Leo 53 and is in a set with c SN at 17 Scorpio 43 and c mars, ruler of C MC, at 19 Scorpio 29.

On December 22, 1984, pb saturn, co-ruler (20 of 38°) of b 8th house, was at 26 Cancer 16 (coming from 22 Cancer 20), giving Set (1) additional 2nd house influence. Progressed c jupiter, at 26 Libra 36 (coming from 19 Libra 05) had also joined Set (1). Progressed c2 jupiter was at 16 Aries 23 conjunct c2 venus (shown above). Progressed b jupiter, ruler of b 2nd house, was at 3 Scorpio 46, progressed c venus at 3 Scorpio 24, b SN at 2 Scorpio 02, b2 neptune at 2 Scorpio 02, and pc2 moon a little late at 4 Aquarius 35. The mean between SN and it was 3 Fixed 18.

Bowser’s return, occurring on November 24, 1984 (for place of birth) had an Asc of 18 Taurus 46, picking up her set with her b sun and venus, listed above. Return venus was at 18 Sagittarius 35, return jupiter at 18 Sagittarius 46 (falling in b 2nd house), falling into an ersatz set comprised of pc mars (ruler of C MC) at 18 Sagittarius 02 and pc2 mercury (co-ruler of b 8th house, 18 of 38°). Return2 venus was at 14 Scorpio 20, return2 jupiter at 15 Scorpio 06, and pb2 jupiter at 15 Taurus 05, with pc2 venus too early at 13 Taurus 36. I did not find a light for this latter set.

Russell Clark
Mr. Clark, husband, father of four children, and truck driver won $2.7 million on the lottery Megabucks on November 16, 1991.

Clark’s 2nd chart is a good illustration of two aspects of “fortune.” First, we have to sum sets in order to achieve the necessary benefic influence to houses and Angles for winning the lottery. Second, he has a dark malefic (mars and saturn) forefront influence. It probably dominated his economic life before he won the lottery. First the summing.

Russell Clark
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1) and (2)

Placidus: c11—25 Ari, c12—3Gem, c2—24Can, c3—18Leo b11—25Pis, b12—6Tau, b2—3Can, b3—23Can

Set (1) above shows C Asc/venus/mars/jupiter/jupiter/neptune. B NN at 8 Cancer 59, progressing toward C Asc, is at 5 Cancer 01 on November 16, 1991. Set (1), then, constitutes a maturing golden benefic with influence to an Angle. None of its planets ruler 2nd or 8th houses. However, b NN at 8 Cancer 59 conjunct c jupiter at 7 Cancer 02 is in b 2nd house. B 2nd has a second lighted jupiter, with c moon at 20 Cancer 17, c NN at 22 Cancer 13, and b jupiter at 23 Cancer 04. C 2nd house has lighted (by the SN) c venus at 3 Leo 38.

So far we have venus/jupiter influence to an Angle and 2nd houses. Set (2) gives our venus influence to an 8th house because c2 saturn rules c 8th house. Set (2) also contains influence to b 2nd house (moon ruler) and B MC (uranus ruler). The malefic saturn in this case is contributing 8th house influence of lighted venus. It gives him a lighted saturn in c 2nd house, but his 2nd houses are so benefic saturn’s influence is not going to predominate.

Clark has unlighted c2 jupiter in c 8th house. It does not pick up a light for the lottery.

On November 16, 1991 his progressed B Asc was at 17 Cancer 42 conjunct pc jupiter at 17 Cancer 39 in b 2nd house. Return (occurring November 5, 1991) Asc was at 16 Cancer 30. Return MC was at 4 Aries 27, fitting into Set (1) along with pb NN at 5 Cancer 01 and return2 jupiter at 2 Cancer 25.

Also on November 16, 1991 Clark’s pC MC was at 4 Taurus 29, giving Angular influence to his SN/venus set in Leo in c 2nd house. Return2 neptune was at 4 Scorpio 36, and transiting (8 p.m. EST) NN was at 5 Scorpio 23.

Both 8th houses are ruled by saturn, with 8th co-ruled by uranus. It is hard for them to gain benefic influence through rulers. This is especially so because both shell (non-harmonic) jupiters are in 2nd houses which are serially next to each other. Neither shell jupiter will progress as far as either 8th house. Perhaps a very benefic 8th chart could compensate somewhat his 2nd chart jupiter/8th “deficiencies” If so, it would work for Clark because his 8th chart contains a lighted conjunction of venus and jupiter in Pisces, where both are well placed, with influence to an Angle, 2nd, and 8th houses.

I put Clark’s B Asc conjunction mars in the diagram above. When he won the lottery, pb2 saturn, ruler of b 8th house, at 13 Virgo 21 was joining its set. This is clearly an 8th house malefic influence in his 2nd chart, but it was not enough to cancel his win.

Let’s look at one more lottery winner, then move on to other types.

Shirley May
Mrs. May , mother of two children, won $3.3 million in the lottery on December 26, 1991, the same day the 30-day foreclosure notice on the family home expired.

Shirley May
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—17Sag, c12—11Cap, c2—5Ari, c3—5Tau b11—2Vir, b12—28Vir, b2—19Sco, b3—23Sag

Set (1) above shows Asc/node/mars/venus/jupiter, with mars ruling b 2nd, and venus ruling B Asc (in c 8th house) and b 8th. Set (1) is a golden benefic. Set (2) contains a venus/jupiter conjunction in Pisces, with influence to the same houses as Set (1). Set (2), however, is unlighted. Set (3) shows C Asc/venus/uranus, with uranus ruling C Asc and venus ruling c 8th house. B jupiter is at 23 Aries 45 in b 2nd house. She has another set with b2 jupiter, co-ruling b 2nd house, at 5 Aries 02 and c2 venus, ruler of c 8th house, at 6 Cancer 25.

On December 26, 1991 Mrs. May had pB MC at 7 Virgo 16 and pb venus (ruler of B Asc and b 8th) at 6 Virgo 57. Pc mars, ruler of C MC and c 2nd house, joined them at 7 Virgo 32. Progressed B Asc was at 16 Scorpio 59 in a set with c venus, ruler of c 8th house, at 16 Leo 36. C Asc is at 18 Aquarius 11, pb moon at 18 Aquarius 00, return jupiter at 18 Leo 13, and transiting (8 p.m. EST) t2 moon at 17 Leo 56. T2 jupiter was at 19 Cancer 51, fitting into Set (1) above. T2 venus was at 29 Aries 23 conjunct pC Asc at 29 Aries 42.

Nancy Dionne
Ms. Dionne, an astrologer, experienced a lucky period when she won $30,000 on the California lottery Big-Spin on November 4, 1989. Around the same time she won $1,000 playing the slots in Las Vegas.

Nancy Dionne
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—20Can, c12—20Leo, c2—14Lib, c3—15Sco b11—2Vir, b12—29Vir, b2—22Sco, b3—25Sag

Set (1), a golden benefic, shows node/venus/mars/jupiter/neptune with venus ruling c 2nd house and co-ruling (15 of 31°) c 8th, mars ruling c 8th house, and jupiter lighted (by the node in Pisces) in b 8th house. Set (2) is more powerful than its simplicity suggests. First, venus (as in Set 1) is exalted in Pisces. Work with this form of astrology appears to confirm it. I write “appears” because I cannot start with an intention to test venus and jupiter in Pisces. I have to find them first. Second, venus rules B Asc and b 8th house. It influences c 2nd house through venus’ rulership of B Asc in c 2nd.

Set (3) is not as good as it appears. I did not put in all the planets. It also includes an additional sun/moon/mercury/saturn. Altogether they influence an Angle, 2nd and 8th houses, So this set, with its lighted jupiter (co-ruler of b 2nd house, 25 of 33°) is benefic. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. But it is malefic because the mars/saturn also influences all of those houses. Not so lucky for her that they are there, but lucky for her the benefic jupiter is there to offset them.

I included B MC and mars shown above because mars rules b 2nd house, putting emphasis on money forefront from birth. Mars is “malefic, “but in Capricorn it suggests controlled pursuit (and spending?) of money, usually a good quality.

We are not looking for as powerful progressions for Ms. Dionne’s win of $30,000. Possibly her pb2 jupiter (co-ruler of b 2nd house) at 15 Pisces 23 and pc NN at 15 Pisces 37 are in a set with C Asc at 16 Virgo 32 (these are all un-rectified charts). Her return jupiter was at 16 Gemini 09. Return moon was at 22 Gemini 01, picking up Set (1) above. Pb NN had moved to 2 Pisces 02, entering a set with progressing c venus (ruler of c 2nd house) at 1 Gemini 09. Return2 jupiter was at 4 Scorpio 36 conjunct pC Asc at 3 Scorpio 35. Neptune was on both return Angles. Neptune coupled with that much benefic influences indicates the high of winning.

I have not seen charts of other winning gamblers. With Ken Uston, below, we do not have exact dates of wins. We have a general time period. Some individuals—Uston is one of them—believe any one can win if they have the right method/approach/plan. Others believe any one can be rich as long as they think (sometimes with feeling) the right thoughts. (Some of them are doing all right with the proceeds from their books on these “thought laws”). I grew up in a culture which contained the idea any one could become rich if he/she worked hard enough. We want to look at Uston’s 2nd chart with a few questions in mind. I assume his method is plausible and his intentions entirely sincere. Still, first we want to know, is his 2nd chart lucky? Second, we want to know, was his timing contributing to his wins?

Ken Uston
Quoting exactly from my data source, “American gambler and executive in a stock broking firm who, by 1978, was not admitted to any casinos after winning $3.3 million with his black jack counting system. In 1977, along with Roger Rapaport, he wrote his biography, The Big Player. In addition, Uston produced an instructional videotape in March, 1979 entitled Beat the Game, produced by Al Fast.”

Ken Uston
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—16Pis, c12—27Ari, c2—26Gem, c3—17Can b11—13Vir, b12—8Lib, b2—29Sco, b3—5Cap

Set (1) isn’t much to start with. It consists of B Asc, b2 NN, and c2 moon. B jupiter is only loosely connected to it. But that jupiter is progressing toward B Asc and it co-rules (30 of 36°) b 2nd house. On January 1, 1978 it is at 29 Libra 10. The report said that “by 1978 “ he was excluded from casinos, so he had been doing his gambling while jupiter approached and crossed over his Asc. (For reference, on 1-1-1976, two years before, it was at 29 Libra 04; on 1-1-1974, at 28 Libra 58, and on 1-1-1970, at 28 Libra 43. So it was forefront for many years, prior to 1970 through 1978, of his casino gambling.)

Set (2) above is a forefront golden benefic. It contains moon/venus/jupiter/uranus/uranus. B venus rules b 8th house, b2 jupiter co-rules (30 of 36°) b 2nd house, and c2 uranus rules C MC. Lighted b venus is in c 8th house.

So, the answer to the question, does he have a lucky 2nd chart? Yes, he does. The answer to the question, was he under the influence of good astrological timing when he won his money? He certainly was.

Uston’s economic universe is skewed toward accumulating money. Could just anybody win at black jack using his system? Even some one with a much less fortunate 2nd chart?

I wish I had more successful gamblers to present here, but I do not.

We move on to a “lucky” thief. Since the 2nd house and 2nd chart relate to money and moveable possessions, his 2nd chart should tell us something about his “ability” move the possessions of others into his own personal universe.

Thief 3595 (that’s the way he is listed in the data base)
Again, quoting exactly from my data source, “American professional thief [I presume in Hollywood since that is where he was born] from youth who, at the time of his interview with the Church of Light, had never been arrested. He was known as a “Robin Hood” type who robbed from the rich so that he could be helpful to street people and his friends. His thieving was so lucrative, that he was able to buy his parents a home.”

Unfortunately, I do not have a date for his interview with the Church of Light. Wit that, we could determine approximately how long he had been stealing without being caught.

Thief 3595
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—2Leo, c12—1Vir, c2—25Lib, c3—26Sco b11—6Tau, b12—10Gem, b2—2Leo, b3—29Leo

Set (1) is favorable for something financial because it is in the 2nd chart, but we do not know what. Its path is only MC/6th, with jupiter in 12th/10th houses. It might have reference to his “professional” (10th house) thievery (12th house, hidden activities), but I’ve never checked enough thieves to know.

Set (2) above contains node/mercury/venus/jupiter. C2 mercury rules C MC, so it acts both as ruler of an Angle and a light. C jupiter is in c 2nd house, and b venus in is b 2nd house. So, even though the whole set does not influence 2nd or 8th houses (it does not contain their rulers), it contains lighted venus and lighted jupiter 2nd house influences.

Set (3) contains only B Asc/c venus, but c venus rules c 2nd house and co-rules (26 of 31°) c 8th house. It has lighted venus influence to 2nd and 8th houses.

Set (4) contains node/venus/jupiter/uranus. The node/venus is in b 8th house (in Aquarius, which shows a kind a free attitude [Aquarius] to others possessions [8th] and even to his own). The jupiter conjunct uranus is in b 2nd house, in Scorpio, the natural sign of the 8th house of “shared” possessions! Ditto c jupiter conjunct b NN in Scorpio in the same c 2nd house.

Is it any wonder he has an attitude that what is theirs is his, and moreover, many times, even what is his is theirs?

Does Thief 3595 have a lucky 2nd chart? Yes, he does. He is also charming with c venus on B Desc. And he is shrewd, with b sun at 26 Virgo 10 conjunct C Asc at 26 Virgo 54. But his 2nd chart does not give us information on why he never got caught. His 10th chart does:

Set (6)b10 moon11 Taurus 50ruler of B Asc in c 10th house
b venus11 Leo 54ruler of b 4th and b 11th houses
c10 sun13 Scorpio 56ruler of c 11th house
b10 mars14 Scorpio 06ruler of B MC and b 5th house
b jupiter15 Scorpio 26ruler of b 6th house

Set (6) is a golden benefic with influence to two Angles. It influences 10th houses twice. This chart does not mars or saturn on Angles (I did not check through rulers. None of his mars and saturns were in the same set.) With benefic support like that in his 10th chart, and so little affliction, his perpetual freedom from the law is not surprising.

His venus in Leo in Set (6) falls in 2nd/11th houses. Venus likes to give, and Leo likes to shine. The 11th house refer to light friendships.

We have three more charts to look at. Next is that of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We are going to look at his 2nd chart for money. He inherited $1 million on his 21st birthday, on May 29, 1938 (when $1 million meant a lot more than it does today in 2007) and we want to see progressions for that date.

John F. Kennedy
JFK, president of the United States from January, 1961 to November, 1963, was also the son of multi-millionaire Joseph P. Kennedy. We are interested in his inheritance from Dad.

John F. Kennedy
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—2Ari, c12—13Tau, c2—8Can, c3—29Can b11—4Leo, b12—3Vir, b2—24Lib, b3—25Sco

Set (1) contains C Asc/moon/venus all in Gemini. Moon rules c 2nd house. Set (2) shows lighted (by b mercury, ruler of B Asc) b2 jupiter in b 8th house. Set (3) contains sun/moon/venus, all in Leo, in a wide-orb set with b jupiter at 29 Aries 27. B2 moon rules B MC and b2 venus rules b 2nd and co-rules (25 of 31°) b 8th house. Not shown is c2 venus at 22 Scorpio 45 in b 2nd house and b venus (ruler of b 2nd and co-ruler of b 8th houses) at 23 Taurus 10 in b 8th house and lighted by b moon, ruler of B MC, at 23 Leo 37.

On May 29, 1938 progressed b venus, ruler of b 2nd house and co-ruler of b 8th house, was at 18 Gemini 55 conjunct his C Asc at 18 Gemini 52. Progressed b jupiter was at 4 Taurus 13 in the same set as his conception sun and b2 moon in Leo, with moon ruling B MC. Progressed c2 mercury, ruler of C Asc, was conjunct c venus at 20 Gemini 41 without reference to 2nd or 8th houses. Progressed B MC was at 20 Cancer 16, conjunct c2 SN in c 2nd house.

Also on May 29,. 1938, he had the following set:

pb2 venus15 Scorpio 39ruler of b 2nd house and co-ruler (25 of 31°) houses, in b 2nd house
pc2 jupiter15 Aquarius 12
b sun14 Taurus 15
c2 sun17 Taurus 01

The mid-point of the two suns above is 15 Taurus 38.

The return which covers his inheritance occurred on May 30, 1938 (it usually moves a day late than our birthday as we age). Its moon was at 23 Taurus 07, picking up his moon/venus/venus unnumbered Set above. Return Asc was at 6 Aquarius 57, return jupiter at 7 Aquarius 35, return 2 neptune at 7 Leo 54, and pc2 venus at 7 Aquarius 28. Return2 moon was at 2 Leo 29, fitting into his pb jupiter/c sun/bs venus/be moon.

Rupert Murdoch
While listening to the news on NPR the other day, there was a short discussion (didn’t catch who was talking) about Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to buy out the Wall Street Journal. Murdoch, a multi-billionaire, has a penchant for media ownership. We want to look at Murdoch’s chart to see if it lucky for money. Will it show us anything about his love affair with media possession?

Rupert Murdoch
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—9Leo, c12—17Vir, c2—28Sco, c3—19Sag b11—22Vir, b12—2Sco, b2—29Sag, b3—21Cap

Set (1) shows an unlighted conjunction of venus and jupiter in Gemini [there we go—Gemini—communication…media…3rd house…venus (love of)…jupiter (expanding!)]. It is in c 8th house. Jupiter rules B Asc in c 2nd house. C venus rules c 8th house. I didn’t show it, but c saturn, at 16 Sagittarius 51 is also in this set. C saturn rules c 4th and co-rules (12 of 23°) c 3rd house. This “malefic” adds 3rd house emphasis to the path. In addition to toning down the beneficence of the set, saturn would give him patience in his approach to acquisitions. Its position in Sagittarius in 1st/2nd houses says something about his modest-to-poor early life, perhaps something he is trying to “escape from” through its opposition to his venus/jupiter conjunction in Gemini.

Set (2) shows moon/moon/jupiter/jupiter. The two c jupiters co-rule (19 of 21°) c 2nd house. B moon co-rules (21 of 22°) b 8th house.

Set (3) isn’t about money, but it is about getting above and beyond normal getting. C mercury and c2 mercury are in Taurus, the sign of “having,” and are forefront because they are in a set with C Asc/c2 nodes. They co-rule (19 of 21°) c 8th house.

My demonstration of 2nd charts ends with the 2nd chart of an individual who really wanted to be an entrepreneur, but somehow it never worked out.

Entrepreneur 7560
Quoting the data source exactly, “American aspiring entrepreneur, great drive for self-achievement and to not work for anyone else. Always into multi-million-dollar deals that go bust.”

Entrepreneur 7560
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House, Sets (1), (2) and (3)

Placidus: c11—11Sco, c12—2Sag, c2—7Aqu, c3—18Pis b11—28Ari, b12—5Gem, b2—27Can, b3—21Leo

Set (1) shows B Asc/node/moon/mercury/uranus/uranus. Mercury co-rules (18 of 30°) c 8th house, c uranus rules c 2nd, b moon rules b 2nd, and b uranus co-rules (21 of 24°) b 8th house. This is a great set for showing (even very innovative) ideas about money, but it does not show anything about actually getting it (lacks benefics).

Set (2) shows B MC in a set with c jupiter. There are no 2nd or 8th rulers. Unlike several other charts in this paper, Set (2) is not “developed” by the addition of harmonics, which would have given it some promise of money. Jupiter rules c 12th house. That could mean anything from his aspirations will prove his undoing (12th) to his finding himself frequently bailed out at the end (4th house jupiter) by unsuspecting benefactors (12th/jupiter).

Set (3) shows C Asc/node/mars/pluto. There are no 2nd or 8th rulers. Mars/pluto would be good for flushing something out—his success? Or, it could be interpreted as an intensely unconscious (pluto) drive (mars) to “be somebody” (mars co-rules, 28 of 36°, most of b 10th house) through acquisition of wealth (2nd chart).

So far the sets that have 2nd and 8th house rulers do not contain venus or jupiter. The set that contains jupiter does not have any reference to 2nd or 8th houses.

Entrepreneur’s great drive for “self-achievement and independence” is easy to understand The following planets all fall in 10th/3rd houses:

Even non-astrologers know about the high correlation between (especially lights in) Aries and the desire for independence. Aries is also known for it one-pointed pursuit of goals. Aries is about being, not about having (Taurus) or even about the sharing of partnerships (Scorpio). Ruler of the 3rd house (ordinary interests) often gives us suggestions about career interests. This 10th/3rd overlap combines career and interests powerfully into Aries. His drive would have been like that of the Energizer bunny. Venus through Taurus is also related to having, but he has no venus in this 10th/3rd. And he does not have either venus or jupiter in Taurus (either of which is favorable for money). In fact, he has both harmonic saturns in Taurus (both unlighted, with b2 saturn ruling b 8th house), which is unfavorable for money.

This gentleman is quite smart. His conjunction of mercury and uranus in Aries in c 3rd house is innovative and creative. But the emphasis, again, is all on innovation and creativity, not, as is, on having.

Note by summing sets (2) and (3) he has Angle/mars plus Angle/jupiter. That shows the aggressive (mars) pursuit of expansion (jupiter). Mars/jupiter is frequent in the charts of gamblers, be they gamblers on the stock market or in the casino. By itself, this sum does not lead to wealth, just ambition.

So far with Entrepreneur 7560 we see a man keenly interested in being “self-made (Aries/uranus),” but none his paths involving “self-made” indicated anything about having. What else does he have?

I almost missed his golden benefic because the sun in it is out-of-sign with the benefics. Here it is:

Set (4)c2 venus28 Leo 54ruler of C MC
c2 jupiter27 Scorpio 27ruler of c 12th house
c venus29 Aquarius 44ruler of C MC
c2 sun1 Pisces 42ruler of c 8th house

Set (4) gives him an Angle/8th path for his benefics, venus and jupiter. Theoretically, all he would need would be an Angle/2nd path for venus/jupiter in order to “qualify” for success with his big deals. Since b moons and b suns rule and co-rule b 2nd house, and because suns and moons, particularly harmonic ones, move relatively fast, one would think in time this aspiring entrepreneur would hit big-enough time.

In order to understand 7560’s predicament a little better, we need to look at other parts of his 2nd chart.

Using Bill Gates 2nd chart for comparison, let’s look at all the sets in both their charts which contain 2nd and 8th house rulers. I am not going to put in signs or degrees. We want to look at just planets (irrespective or whether they are shell or harmonic) to see what, if anything, that shows us. For this table form, I am not going to repeat planets (takes too much room from the table), but will put a number in front of each planet that is repeated. For instance, if the set contains jupiter/jupiter, I will write it as “2 jupiter” rather than jupiter/jupiter.

Bill Gates, 2nd Chart Paths by Rulers and Co-rulers:

Ruler and Co-rulerB 2nd House
Path 1b moon moon/mars
Path 2b2 moon moon/venus/2 saturn
Path 3b sun sun/mercury/saturn/uranus
Path 4b2 sun sun/venus/jupiter/pluto

Ruler and Co-rulerB 8th House
Path 5b saturnsame as Path 2
Path 6b2 saturn mercury/saturn/2 neptune
Path 7b uranus same as Path 3
Path 8b2 uranusnode/mars/jupiter/uranus/pluto

Ruler and Co-rulerC 2nd House
Path 9c mercury mercury/venus/uranus/2 neptune
Path 10c2 mercury node/mercury/venus
Path 11c moonAsc/2 moon/2 sun /venus/2 jupiter/uranus/2 neptune
Path 12c2 moonsame as Path 11

Ruler and Co-rulerC 8th House
Path 13c jupitersame as Path 11
Path 14c2 jupiter same as Path 11
Path 15c saturn same as Path 2
Path 16c2 saturnsame as Path 3

If I have counted correctly:

Path (2) repeats 3 times. It contains one benefic.
Path (3) repeats 3 times. It contains no benefics.
Path (11) repeats 4 times. It contains a conjunction of both benefics

Entrepreneur 7560, 2nd Chart Paths by Rulers and Co-rulers:

Ruler and Co-rulerB 2nd House
Path 1b moon B Asc/node/moon/mercury/mars/2 uranus
Path 2b2 moon 2 node/sun/2 moon/jupiter
Path 3b sun same as Path 2
Path 4b2 sun sun

Ruler and Co-rulerB 8th House
Path 5b saturn saturn
Path 6b2 saturn saturn
Path 7b uranussame as Path 1
Path 8b2 uranusC MC/sun/2 uranus/neptune

Ruler and Co-rulerC 2nd House
Path 9c uranus same as Path 1
Path 10c2 uranus same as Path 8
Path 11c neptune venus/neptune
Path 12c2 neptunemercury/neptune/pluto

Ruler and Co-rulerC 8th House
Path 13c sun same as Path 8
Path 14c2 sun sun/2 venus/jupiter
Path 15c mercurysame as Path 12
Path 16c2 mercurysame as Path 1

Again, if I have counted correctly:

Path (1) repeats 4 times. It contains no benefics.
Path (8) repeats 2 times. It contains no benefics.
Path (12) repeats 2 times. It contains no benefics.

An astrological separating the wheat from the chaff has occurred. Gates’ golden benefic, containing a much-prized conjunction of venus and jupiter with influence to three Angles and both 2nd and 8th houses, is emphasized four times through rulers.

Entrepreneur 6570’s golden benefic, which influences only one Angle and only an 8th house, has no repeated emphasis through rulers. And the paths which do show repeated emphasis—paths (1), (8), and (12)—contain no benefics.

We can do another comparison using all the charts in this paper. Since mars can combine with jupiter favorably in a money chart, it is less a malefic than it can be, for instance, with saturn. Saturn is still a malefic. It may be toned down with venus, or with jupiter it may lead to financial cautiousness, but it is still primarily a malefic when it comes to acquiring money. We want to look at the distribution of shell (i.e., non-harmonic) saturn in 2nd or 8th houses in each chart. (Each individual has the same shell saturns in all charts.)

Individuals with shell saturn in 2nd and/or 8th houses:
J. McLaughlin has b saturn in b 2nd house.
Bowser has c saturn in b 8th house.
Murdoch has c saturn in c 2nd house.
Entrepreneur 7560 has b and c saturn in b 8th house. He has b saturn on the cusp (1-1/2°) c 2nd house.

The above shows it is possible for an individual who has saturn in a 2nd or 8th house to become rich. Entrepreneur, however, has 3 times as many saturn/2nd/8th emphases as the others.

Continuing, we want to look at the occurrence of shell venus and/or jupiter in 2nd and 8th houses.

Individuals with shell venus and/or jupiter in 2nd and/or 8th houses :
Gates has c jupiter in c 2nd.
Gates has b jupiter in b 2nd.

Wozniak has b venus in c 2nd.
Wozniak has c jupiter in c 2nd.

Milken has c jupiter in c 8th.
Milken has c jupiter in c 2nd.
Milken has b jupiter in c 2nd.

K. McLaughlin has b jupiter in c 8th.

J. McLaughlin has b jupiter in c 8th.
J. McLaughlin has b venus in b 2nd.

Brown has neither venus nor jupiter in 2nd or 8th houses.

Bowser has neither venus nor jupiter in 2nd or 8th houses.

Clark has c jupiter in b 2nd.
Clark has b jupiter in c 2nd (right on cusp).
Clark has c venus in c 2nd.

May has b jupiter in c 2nd.

Dionne has c jupiter in c 8th.

Uston has b venus in c 8th.

JFK has b jupiter in b 8th.

Murdoch has b venus in b 2nd.
Murdoch has c venus in c 8th.
Murdoch has b jupiter in c 8th.

Entrepreneur has b venus in b 8th.
Entrepreneur has b venus in c 2nd. <.p>

All of the above (ten of fourteen individuals) except Brown, Bowser, Uston, and Entrepreneur have a shell jupiter—the greater benefic—in a 2nd or 8th house.

Six of the above fourteen individuals have a shell venus—the lesser benefic—in a 2nd or 8th house.

Brown and Bowser won money, i.e., their wealth occurred through one event, without having venus or jupiter in 2nd or 8th houses. Bowser additionally had saturn in an 8th house!

Combining saturn/2nd/8th and venus/jupiter/2nd/8th information:

2nd charts of “winners” in this paper demonstrate strong benefic—often golden benefic—influence to Angles, 2nd, and 8th houses at birth. The same charts demonstrate new, additional benefic—usually venus and jupiter—influence to Angles, 2nd, and 8th houses at the time each individual experiences his “win.”

There is a direct correlation between wealth and 2nd chart benefic influence both qualitatively and quantitatively. Path is qualitative. With wealth it involves influence of venus and jupiter to Angles, 2nd and 8th houses (all at once or summed). Repeated influence of benefic paths is quantitative. Once the qualitative condition is met, its repetition through more, rather than fewer, of the 16 possible rulers and co-rulers increases the likelihood wealth will occur.

Taking into consideration birth and conception charts and their houses, many of the individuals who become rich have jupiter in or ruling 2nd or 8th houses. Sharon Brown’s 2nd chart was a powerful exception worth discussing:

Fourteen charts—actually thirteen successes and one loss—are not much on which to base an astrology of financial good fortune. Before 2002, when all my charts were destroyed, I had more. I probably had about twenty on this subject, twenty being the usual number I use to start looking at any condition. I have also followed my own astrology, as well as that of those close to me, for years. The significators for financial good fortune are easy to comprehend, but they are not simple, and they are quite specific. These charts are rich in demonstrating that.

One illustration of the opposite situation—financial hemorrhaging—is available on this site in the paper about O.J. Simpson’s finances during his trial for the murder of his wife, Nicole. I have more examples, but they will be the subject of a later paper. With it I hope to demonstrate the astrological difference between financial sieges, when much more money is going out than is coming in, and swindles, in which individuals lose their life savings (or more) when they are scammed.

I want to add one other individual’s 2nd chart, that of Marianne Williamson. Since she comes too late to be included in the counts above, her chart will is in the Appendix A for this paper.

Author of A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles, (March, 1992), Williamson’s life was rocky enough to find her, at age 31 (1983), jobless with $1000 to her name. After that, she moved to Los Angeles, and began lecturing about the subject matter of A Coarse in Miracles at the Philosophical Research Society. Shortly thereafter, her audiences grew, attracting the rich and famous, including Hollywood. Her book became a bestseller. While I do not have figures regarding her income post-1983, with an environment like that it is reasonable to presume her income increased proportionate to her popularity.

Go to Appendix A, Williamson’s 2nd Chart

This paper only covers the 2nd chart, but that does not mean I believe it the only chart to consult regarding finances. Finances show up in 2nd, 7th, and 8th charts. The 2nd chart is crucial to understanding personal finances.

Other charts can be linked with wealth. People who gain their wealth through business usually have benefic 2nd (personal money) and 10th charts (career, social standing). This happy combination is symbolic of the fact that our captains of industry are also some of our wealthiest and most prominent citizens. Other than business, it is possible to be rich and not so respected, but even previously socially neutral lottery winners gain prestige when they win a big lottery. I suspect that shows up in their 10th charts.

Other aspects of wealth are worth mentioning here:

While timing is important for all wealth, it is crucial for lottery winners. They win big only once in a lifetime. More than once is not inconceivable, but each time they play they are competing against other players. Some of those players have winning charts whose timing may have improved. Timing is also important for gamblers. Uston’s wins through gambling occurred during a long period when he had a winning astrology. Even after he was barred, however, he had maturing astrological sets with further potential for winning. It is difficult to come to any conclusion about his fool-proof method for gambling. Which was first cause—his method or his astrology? Indeed, would he have come up with his method without his winning astrology? If his astrology was first cause, his method would have failed when his astrological luck changed. He did not get the chance for that experience. Considering he published his method, how could the casinos have kept out the wave of winners it produced? On the other hand, if it was his astrology rather than his method that was responsible for his winning (which I endorse), why would they want to? His book would have brought in numbers of individuals not likely to have at the time winnning astrology, so they would end up contributing to the coffers of the casinos just like others who gamble and lose. Unfortunately, I do not have charts of individuals who read his book and tried his method.
Wealth in business is not independent of product. Some one like Bill Gates is going to become more wealthy marketing a product half(?) the world wants. His wealth increases even more when most of them can afford it. Even an individual with a 2nd chart like Gates’ is not going to become nearly as wealthy if he is selling an expensive product few individuals can afford.
Slowly increasing wealth is surely influenced by responsible use of assets as well as having grown up in a culture of plenty.
Many people like to drop their eggs in one basket. Confronted with astrological truth, they see it as the fate pole of fate-vs.-free will. It is not that simple. Industry, character, will, planning, and perseverance are some times factors in wealth. And some times they are not.

Some individuals reading this paper will be experienced enough astrologers to use the formula and description of chart reading rules posted on this site to try to use their astrology to aid them in winning at lottery or gambling.

That is a good idea. It will accomplish several things:
First, it will show them if they are starting out with enough benefic 2nd chart astrology to conceivably be a winner.
Second, it will show them if they currently have progressions which also support winning.
Third, they can and should use their new knowledge to look into their astrology for times in the past when they have been financially lucky. That will show them exactly what it looks like in their astrology.

Of course, their investigation may also show them they lack even the starting astrology for winning. As can seen above, that takes powerful benefic support. With thousands of people participating, that support plus timing has to be superb even to have a chance of winning.

If they don't have it, they should seriously consider giving up games of chance--and especially the fantasy life connected with them--and get down to the business of making the best living they can, meahwhile looking into investing and savings. For some gamblers, if they just had the money they have already lost on games of chance they would have considerable nest eggs with which they could have done that. Even if all money that is now lost, more loss can be prevented by simply stopping a behavior which will never lead to rewards.

Of course, to do that they would have to believe this method truly shows chances of winning. As for myself, I have no doubt about it whatsoever. So, I do not waste my money or my time on gambling.

Star Flower, a rare 7-petaled flower
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments
Data are in order of presentation. Letters following each name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time.

Bill Gates (A)
Birth: 10/28/1955, 10:00 p.m. PST, Seattle, WA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. “Cindy Rempel quotes him, given at a Microsoft function in Seattle; he was sure that it was ‘right on 20:00 p.m. or within the minute.’ Formerly, Getulio Bittencourt quoted biographers James Wallace and Jim Erickson, Hard Drive, Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire, John Wiley and Sons Inc., NY, 1992, p. 10, for ‘shortly after 9:00 PM.’”.)
Conception:1/15/1955, 2:53:02 p.m. PST, Seattle, WA.

Steve Wozniak (AA)
Birth: 8/11/1950, 9:45 a.m. PDT, San Jose, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rodden quotes announcement in CA magazine 7/1982. Same in Contemporary American Horoscopes.
Conception:10/31/1949, 8:21:53 p.m. PST, San Jose, CA.

Michael Milken (AA)
Birth: 7/4/1946, 7:31 a.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand by Dana Holliday.
Conception:9/25/1945, 3:23:41 a.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

Warren Edward Buffett (A)
Birth: 8/20/1930, 3:00 p.m. CST, Omaha, NE. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Paul Hewitt collection for the date and place; a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote to Pat Taglitello that a friend of his obtained the data (time) from Buffett himself.
Conception:11/09/1929, 5:05:11 p.m. CST, Omaha, NE.

Kathleen McLaughlin (AA)
Birth: 2/17/1957, 6:35 a.m. EST, Boston, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quote B.C. in NCGR Newsletter, 3/1992. (The first drawing of the Massachusetts lottery took place on April 6, 1972 at Annuli Hall in Boston.)
Conception:5/9/1956, 12:04:15 a.m. Boston, MA.

James McLaughlin (AA)
Birth: 12/31/1954, 12:52 a.m. EST, Boston, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes B.C. in NCGR Newsletter, 3/1992.
Conception:3/19/1954, 11:00:35 p.m. EST, Boston, MA.

Sharon Brown (AA)
Birth: 4/24/1950, 4:45 a.m. EST, Methuen, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes B.C. , 11/1996.
Conception:7/16/1949, 7:56:09 a.m. EST, Boston, MA.

Rosemarie Bowser (AA)
Birth: 9/5/1947, 1:16 p.m. EDT, Boston, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes B.C..
Conception:11/24/1946, 10:46:17 p.m. EST, Boston, MA.

Russell Clark (AA)
Birth: 4/12/1944, 9:21 a.m. EWT, Weymouth, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes B.C.
Conception:7/5/1943, 5:38:13 a.m. EST, Weymouth, MA.

Shirley May (AA)
Birth:7/26/1952, 2:10 p.m. EDT, Cambridge, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes B.C. in NCGR Newsletter 3/1992.
Conception:10/17/1951, 4:22:25 p.m. EDT, Cambridge, MA.

Nancy Dionne (AA)
Birth: 2/15/1932, 11:55 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rodden quotes her 2/1994.
Conception:5/7/1931, 3:42:30 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

Thief 3593 (A)
Birth: 10/12/1900, 11:56 p.m. PST, Hollywood, CA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Church of Light quotes him.
Conception:10/31/1949, 8:21:53 p.m. PST, San Jose, CA.

Ken Uston (A)
Birth: 1/12/1935, 3:00 a.m. EST, New York, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rodden quotes him, 3/1979; he called him mom to check the time.
Conception:4/1/1934, 9:49:48 a.m. EST, New York, NY.

John F. Kennedy (A)
Birth: 5/29/1917, 3:00 p.m. EST, Brookline, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Garth Allen quotes his mom in American Astrology 5/60. Same data by Doris Kearns Goodwin, The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys. (Simon & Schuster, NY 1984, p. 274. Biography, Nigel Hamilton, JFK;Reckless Youth, 1992. Biography, Michael R. Beschloss, The Crisis Years, Kennedy and Kruschev, 1960-1963, Edward Burlingame Books/Harper Collins, 1991. Biography, Thomas C. Reeves, A Questions of Character, The Free Press, 1991.
Conception:8/21/1916, 1:11:15 a.m. EST, Brookline, MA.

Rupert Murdoch (B)
Birth: 3/11/1931, 11:59 p.m. AEST, Melbourne, Australia. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Gwen Stoney quotes a newspaper announcement given in A Paper Prince for “midnight ending the day, as the Australians calculate it,” sent to Rodden 4/1987. (Dennis Sutton rectifies the time to 11:52 PM, given in Sutton’s 50 Australian charts, published 1996.)
Conception:6/1/1930, 4:15:30 p.m. AEST, Melbourne, Australia.

Entrepreneur 7560(AA)
Birth: 2/8/1935, 3:45 p.m. MST, Denver, CO. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Rodden quotes him, a client.
Conception:4/30/1934, 12:07:50 a.m. MST, Denver, CO.

Marianne Williamson(A)
Birth: 7/8/1952, 3:53 a.m. CST, Houston, TX. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. From memory.
Conception:9/29/1951, 8:55:55 p.m. CST, Houston, TX.

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