December 2007
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Appendix A

Marianne Williamson
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 2nd House
by Sandra Weidner
Placidus: c11—20Aqu, c12—27Pis, c2—2Gem, c3—25Gem b11—17Pis, b12—24Ari, b2—23Gem, b3—16Can

Set (1) contains C MC/sun/moon/node/mercury/jupiter/pluto in which mercury rules b 2nd house and jupiter rules b 8th house.

Set (2) contains an un-afflicted golden benefic with influence to two Angles—sun/venus/jupiter/2 uranus/2 neptune. Venus rules B Asc, jupiter rules b 8th house, and b uranus rules B MC.

Golden benefics are comprised of light/venus/jupiter, with venus and jupiter being conjunction or square but not opposition. At least, when opposition they fight each other rather than cooperate for the "great good" they together can produce. When on an Angle, "Angle" can substitute for "light." Golden benefics are not truly golden unless they also influence an Angle, either being on it or influencing it through a ruler. When they do, they operate to produce luck and success throughout life in the areas and charts they influence.

Williamson has a second golden benefic in this chart, but this time it is afflicted by saturn. It is still a golden benefic, just less purely so, and, in this case, c saturn spreads influence of the set to an Angle, C MC:

Set (3)c saturn11 Virgo 29ruler of C MC
c sun12 Virgo 05ruler of c 5th house, co-ruler of c 4th (20 of 30°)
b saturn14 Virgo 45ruler of b 9th, co-ruler (16 of 23°) of b 8th house
b2 venus13 Sagittarius 14ruler of B Asc
c jupiter 15 Pisces 09ruler of c 8th and 9th houses

Set (3) has influence to two Angles and both 8th houses/

Williamson has one more set (4, not shown), one including moon/mercury/venus with influence to an Angle and 2nd house.

Altogether, she has lighted jupiter (Set 1) with influence to Angle/2nd/8th houses,
she has lighted venus/jupiter (Set 2) with influence to 2 Angles/8th house,
she has lighted venus/jupiter (Set 3) with influence to 2 Angles/8th/8th house,
and she has lighted venus (Set 4) with influence to Angle/2nd house.

Williamson has a powerfully benefic 2nd chart, one favoring wealth.

Note she has c NN in b 10th house and b NN in c 10th house. North nodes in the 10th house are about as good as having jupiter there—they favor success.

In her shell chart, Williamson has only one benefic, b venus, in b 2nd house. Jupiter rules both 8th houses. In Virgo, her shell saturns clearly are not on an Angle. C MC is in a set with b jupiter and C Asc is in a set with c venus, giving Williamson Angle/venus + Angle/jupiter (without saturn), also favoring success.

I understand Williamson’s book, which I have not read, is about love and forgiveness. To quote my data source, “the two-volume books on the subject retail(ed) at $110 each. The book is alleged to be a modern-age biblical tract or New Age Gospel, mysteriously dictated by an unidentified miracle voice that has mesmerized New Age followers since 1975.” I think love and forgiveness are easier for the rich and successful—in this context, those with a high degree of benefic influence to Angles. Selling those concepts as miracle-promoting to individuals not so astrologically favored is hardly an act of love. For them such ideas foster mind games: if one is not loved/at peace/wealthy/successful (option) it is because one has not tried hard enough, or tried purely enough, or, god forbid, has even slipped into negative thinking about the desired object/state. For those already afflicted individuals, buying into such ideas ultimately sponsors self-flagellation. It wastes their time on pursuing unrealities and retards placing their focus on and developing assets they do have.

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