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December 2012
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Part VI, Astrology of Gender Preference—23 More Charts
Examples of the Astrology of
Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Bisexuality
With One Example Each of
Homosexual-Identified Male in Preferential Heterosexual Marriage and
Intersex/Transgender (Female to Male)
by Sandra Weidner

As can be seen by the number of links above, I have written other papers on the subject of sexual preference. It is possible to read this one without reading them. But this one will make better sense if those are read first. Their links are given again below in the section covering their preference.

In this paper the complete and precise astrological significators for each condition are spelled out before each group of individuals—homosexual significators for homosexuals, lesbian significators for lesbians, bisexual significators for bisexuals.

However, this paper is really an Addendum to previous papers. The astrological explanation for the planets involved in defining significators for each condition, along with the path they describe, should be read in the papers on those subjects, links above and below. For example, the paper on homosexuality contains the explanation for why mars and neptune together influencing an Angle and 5th house are part of the significator for male homosexuality. It is not in this paper.

Those earlier papers also contain the discussion about which charts significators can occur in. Since the subject of all these papers is relationships and sexual preferences, charts they typically fall in are the 5th of sexuality and 7th charts of relationships. But they can and do occur in charts other than the 5th and 7th. When that happens, if we have sufficient biographical material on the individual, the atypical chart makes sense. Often an atypical significator chart is the center-of-gravity (COG) chart of the individual. For instance, several famous individuals below have their 10th chart of career and social standing as apparent COG charts which also contain their sexual preference significators.

The 7th chart of "significant others" is the "main" chart, also called "center of gravity" (COG) chart, of this method simply because we humans have our identity intricately wrapped up in the identity of others, and also because the 7th contains a tremendous amount of information about each individual. When the significator-bearing chart is different from the 7th chart, it is often because that chart is more benevolent than the 7th, in which case it becomes the COG chart. So it makes sense that we operate our consciousness primarily out of that area of our lives. People don’t “move their emphasis” to their atypical COG chart because they know it contains better astrology for their lives. They move there because they discover that area of life is rewarding them most. Then they stay there if they can. Sometimes, as was the case with the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjöld, they switch because conditions of their lives invite them to. Hammarskjöld switched from his 7th (plus perhaps 10th) chart to his 6th when he was asked to be Secretary-General. Did he do that on purpose? No, he didn't even know he was doing it. It just happened. Here is the link to the paper about his experience of it: Paper on Hammarskjöld .

I should mention that just because we have COG charts does not mean the other charts do not function. They do. We are just not operating mainly out of them.

Incidence of significators in the various charts was tallied in earlier papers, but is not done in this paper. Since they are clearly labeled, any one wishing to see them can do their own tally. One really needs hundreds of charts for each group for the tally to be most meaningful.

For me personally several charts stood out. They taught me something new. They are presented last in the series under the title “Atypical and Mixed Significators.”

The different operating principles of this astrological method are described below. If you are not an astrologer, or not interested, you can move on to the charts.

Astrological Method
This method is not the traditional Western one. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. Here is how it is formed and some of its empirically-derived operating principles:

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. The practical differences between sidereal (Eastern) and tropical (Western) zodiacs is discussed in an earlier paper. Here is the link: Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology--A Discussion.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method,” is used. This is also the paper which contains a link to the discussion about the formula for finding conception. Here it is: About This Method.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules any Angle, it also acts like a light, and then and only then it has the same orb as the other lights-- 5°, with 5° being very weak. Always, the closer to the upper limit of the allowable orb, the weaker the astrology. The MC or Asc also acts like a light (with only a 2° orb) because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active. Planets with lights on Angles increase the orb to something more than 1° but never more than 2°. The orb for planets progressed to Angles and vice versa is 1°. But return Angles use a 2° orb, that is, an Angle of a return can function close to the same as any birth/conception Angle or their progressions during the period of the return.
Returns used with this method occur exactly every 40° from conception and birth (which are 80° from each other). Only sets on those Angles are interpreted, not planets in return houses, but return planets may fall on birth or progressed Angles. In that case, their orb can only be the same 1° already in use for planets on progressed Angles. The return moon and it harmonic act just like moons found in birth/conception and progressed sets--they show forms of consciousness that register negative when with malefics and positive when with benefics and are sensitive to transits. But, of course, they register that consciousness for only a limited time during the return time.
Locality Angles and their progressed positions have nearly as much sensitivity to birth/conception planets and their progressions as do the Angles of birth/conception chart and their progressions. Thus, when an individual moves to a locality which puts his more benevolent astrology on his locality Angles, that is a more positive locality for him, but it does not wipe out birth/locality afflictions to Angles.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. (There is a table in the paper on Chartrules which shows which traditional aspects--e.g., semi-square, trine, quincunx, etc.--in the sidereal are converted to conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in the harmonics and which charts they occur in.) Again, orbs for static (not progressed) planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs.
Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and hardly register when without one, except, of course, when with lights provided by returns, progressions, transits and synastry.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” Sometimes house overlaps are very significant if for no other reason than when they contain a lighted malefic, that set occurs simultaneously in both those houses. Throughout my papers when writing of house overlaps the convention is used of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st overlap" refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of the empirically-derived rules for reading these charts, refer to the following: Chart Reading Rules
In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, t = transiting, and p = progressed. The harmonic used to derive harmonic planets for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number. So, the harmonic used to create the 5th chart is 5 + 2 = 7th harmonic. However, to avoid confusion for readers of these papers, I have adopted the convention in writing of matching the harmonic number to the chart it identifies. For example, the 5th chart is created by using the 7th harmonic. But it quickly gets confusing if, for example, its birth harmonic mars is written as "b7 mars." It begins to be read as the harmonic mars for the 7th chart. So using the convention of writing about birth harmonic mars for the 5th chart as "b5 mars," keeps one's attention on the fact one is looking at data for the 5th chart. Then the only thing necessary is to remember, when creating charts, that the harmonic used to do so is always the number of the chart plus 2.
Thus, in papers "pc3 neptune" refers to the harmonic of progressed neptune in a 3rd chart. And return3 venus refers to the harmonic of return venus when it is used to work with the 3rd chart. The actual harmonic used to find both figures is the 5th.

Now we can start looking at charts, starting with significators for lesbianism followed by five examples.


The First Part of the Significator for Lesbianism
The planetary part of the significator for lesbianism is a lighted venus in the same set with neptune. The path they describe involves influence at least to one Angle, 5th, and generally, 7th house.

As a kind of shorthand tag I write it this way:Angle/light/venus/neptune/5th/(7th). The use of parentheses around “7th” as part of the path symbolizes that the 7th influence occurs very frequently but not 100 per cent of the time. So, the core path is Asc/5th The significator may lack 7th house influence, but not the 5th because the 5th is the part that describes it as “sexual.” If the 5th house influence is missing, the set is not a valid significator.

Below are further considerations about ways this set can appear in charts, and what works, and what does not

Comparing this significator set for lesbianism with what the same set might mean in the chart of a man who is not a homosexual, we see that he has powerful attractions, to women, which are filled with an allure that makes sober (saturnine, practical) discrimination difficult. Or, he elevates them in his imagination to “princess status.” Or finally, he adores his wife. Either way, it can work out well for individuals with charts with benefic support for relationship, and not so well in those lacking it.

The Second Part of the Significator for Lesbianism
The second part of the significator for lesbianism is abbreviated “venus/Desc,” with “moon/Desc” being a lesser (in frequency) alternative. When venus is conjunct the Descendant (7th house cusp of partners) it directs the individuals attention to female (venus) partners (7th). The same occurs when mars (or the sun) is conjunct the Descendant in homosexual charts—it makes his most natural partner (Desc) male (mars).

The same directing of consciousness occurs when the "lesbian" first parts of the significator occur in the charts of heterosexual women. For her to be heterosexual, the second part of the significator then directs her attention to heterosexuality as “sun/Desc,” (though occasionally it appears as “mars/Desc.") There are examples of this in the paper on bisexuality. Here is the link again: Paper on Bisexuality.

That being the case, I suspect there is also a second part of the significator for heterosexual men who have the first part of the significator the same as do homosexual men. Then either nothing/Desc is the default or “venus/Desc” or “moon/Desc” are required. But I have not yet looked. There is one example of that in the paper on bisexuality with the chart of anonymous heterosexual male.

The second part of the significator for lesbianism can be achieved astrologically several other ways than just “venus/ or moon/Desc.” Here they are spelled out

In all of the above cases, it can be seen that venus (or moon) is always Angular and it is always connected in some way to a 5th or 7th house. The Angularity is what directs consciousness (Angular) to women (venus or moon). A non-Angular venus (or moon) in a 5th or 7th house does not work for the significator (though you will see plenty moon/venus and venus/nodes in the astrology of lesbianism). The 5th and 7th identify intimate relationships.

Neither of these two significators by themselves constitute the astrology for lesbianism. They work together.

Please note that I have often excerpted biographical material to make it shorter than the original.

Also, in doing this work I usually do not cast all twelve charts for each individual. I don’t because if the significator occurs in the 5th or 7th charts—the preponderant charts they occur in—then I need look no further. The 5th and 7th charts are about intimate relationships, so this practice makes sense. If it does not occur in those charts, then I follow a somewhat typical order of looking for it in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 10th charts. If I still have not found it, then I investigate the remaining charts. Therefore, just because this report shows the significator in a 5th or 7th chart does not mean it has not occurred in other charts. Sometimes completely valid significators occur in several charts.

We can now start looking at charts.

Melissa Ferrick
Picture from

Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Ferrick: American singer/songwriter, she has attained a cult following since her 1991 debut as an opening act for Morrissey. Her first album made its debut in 1994. She is the founder of Right On Records which she runs out of her home in Newburyport, MA and in 2004 has a new CD out. One critic said she writes "perfectly soulful folk rock songs and makes one acclaimed record after another."

Melissa Ferrick
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 1st House (aka 1st Chart) of Mind

Placidus: c11—1Tau, c12—8Gem, c2—29Can, c3—23Leo b11—15Ari, b12—25Tau, b2—17Can, b3—10Leo

Set (3) above, the first part of her significator, includes sun/venus/jupiter/2neptune. B1 neptune rules B MC. C1 neptune rules C MC. The defining lighted conjunction of venus to neptune occurs in both 5th houses, so we do not need the set to otherwise influence a 5th house.

The second part of the significator is shown in Set (4) which shows b1 venus, ruler of b 5th house, at 23 Virgo 00 made Angular by C MC at 23 Pisces 54

Melissa Sue Etheridge
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Etheridge:American musician, a singer, songwriter and rock superstar, nominated for a Grammy early 2000 in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category for "Angels Would Fall." Her early work had periodic hits, but since 1988 she's been solid on the charts.

Melissa began playing the guitar and writing her own songs as a kid but did not leave Kansas until she was 21. By then she had a little more awareness of who she was and wanted to be, and her first gigs in California were in lesbian bars. In 1986 she was discovered by Island Records and cut her first album. At age 17, Melissa had her first romantic relationship with a woman and life changed forever. Her hits include "Yes I Am," 1993 and "Your Little Secret," 1995, in which she acknowledges her sexual orientation.

In 1988, Melissa met 22-year old video and film director Julie Cypher, who divorced Lou Diamond Philips the following year. Her record company asked that she not go public with their relationship for the sake of her career, and it was not until January 1993 at Clinton's inauguration ball that she and Julie came out publicly as a couple and she openly acknowledged her homosexuality.

In February 1997, they had a baby girl, Bailey Jean. The couple refused for several years to make any comment on the father until March 2000 when they revealed that their good friend, musician David Crosby had fathered both Bailey and recently born Beckett, their son. Julie is the natural mother of both kids and Melissa has adopted them.

In 1999 Etheridge put out "Breakdown," a heartfelt collection of songs that includes "Scarecrow," a tribute to gay-bashing victim Matthew Shepard.

After a ten-year relationship, Etheridge announced on 9/19/2000, that she and Julie were parting. The couple said in a joint statement, "Though elements of our lives will change, our family will always remain intact." Giving it more than lip-service, they took homes that were next-door to each other so that their kids could share time with both moms. Their friend, David Crosby, acknowledges his paternal role and drops around to visit the kids periodically.

For her 40th birthday bash in 2001, she introduced her new girlfriend, 14-year-younger actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. Her autobiography, "The Truth Is...." arrived in stores in June 2001, a pull-no-punches book that includes an account of childhood sexual abuse between the ages of seven and ten by her older sister, Jennifer . Etheridge says that she realized that she was lesbian as an adolescent and began seeing a therapist at 22.

At age 42, on September 20, 2003, the musician united with…Tammy Lynn Michaels, in a commitment ceremony…

…The singer and her partner Tammy Lynn Michaels had twins on October 17, 2006 in Los Angeles, a boy named Miller Steven and a girl named Johnnie Rose. Michaels conceived the children via an anonymous sperm donor...

She won a 2007 Academy Award for her song “I Need to Wake Up,” written for the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”

Melissa Etheridge
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (aka 3rd Chart) of Mind

Placidus: c11—19Aqu, c12—29Pis, c2—6Gem, c3—27Gem b11—1Can, b12—2Leo, b2—24Vir, b3—24Lib

Set (1) above includes sun/venus/mars/neptune, with c3 sun ruling C 5th house. C mars rules c 7th house and c venus rules C Asc. This set gives us the necessary Angle/light/venus/neptune/5th influence for the first part of the significator.

Set (2) shows c3 venus at 11 Scorpio 30 conjunct conception Desc. At 12 Scorpio 39—the second part of the significator.

Singing shares part of its significator with poetry—Angle/light/mercury/venus/3rd (singing does not require the light in Pisces that poetry seems to). Melissa’s following set in her 10th chart is about “beautiful speaking”: c10 mercury, ruler of c 3rd house, in 18 Aquarius 59 in the same set with c NN, c mars, and c venus shown in Set (1) above. If we didn’t like the opposition of mercury to venus as a significator, we can find in her 7th chart a second one. B venus, ruler of B MC and b 3rd house, at 0 Aries 19 is conjunct b7 SN at 1 Aries 22 conjunct b7 mercury, co-ruler (30 of 34°) of b 10th house, at 3 Aries 23. The SN is the light in the set.

Rosie O’Donnell
Picture from

Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on O’Donnell: American actress, comedienne and talk show host, immensely popular. Rosie earned two Emmy awards in 1998 for "Outstanding Talk Show" and "Outstanding Talk Show Host" (the latter for which she illustriously tied with established talk show great, Oprah Winfrey).

Rosie’s dad designed cameras for spy satellites and her mom was a homemaker. When she was ten years old, her mom died of cancer, leaving Rosie and her four brothers and sisters to fend for themselves emotionally. The girl often escaped into the imaginary world of film and TV. She caught the acting bug while doing a high school skit and studied comedy by imitation. Soon using her own material, she honed her presentation. Already outgoing by high school, Rosie was elected prom queen, homecoming queen, most school-spirited student, and class president. After graduation, she took it upon herself to make a grand tour of the U.S., appearing in 49 states over a five-year period. She learned about applause – and also about the underbelly of working nights, eating junk food, drugs and drinking, and the sexist climate.

In 1984, she landed in Los Angeles where she began TV gigs on cable…In 1995, she accepted a post as host of a variety talk show for NBC, "The Rosie O’Donnell Show," featuring such attractions as celebrity guests and Broadway performances. The show quickly became one of the most popular in daytime television, and O’Donnell was hailed as the "Queen of Nice" due to her down-to-earth frankness and eye-to-eye sense of humor…In late 1999, she adopted a third child, Blake Christopher.

In the November 2000 issue of Ladies' Home Journal, O'Donnell admitted that she is planning to leave her talk show after her contract expires in 2002 in order to spend more time on her nonprofit organization, Rosie Adoptions. The organization helps facilitate the process of adoption between birth mothers and adoptive families.

Rosie’s memoir, "Find Me," was released on 4/23/2002, in which she comes out as a lesbian, talking about her relationship with women and having a steady companion, Kelli Carpenter. In May 2002, comedian Caroline Rhea is taking over Rosie’s revamped show

…On February 26, 2004, Rosie O’Donnell married her longtime partner Kelli Carpenter in San Francisco, proclaiming that she was taking a proud stand for gay civil rights…

Rosie O’Donnell
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 4th House (aka 4th Chart) of Home, Foundation and Father Relationship

Placidus: c11—1Can, c12—2Leo, c2—24Vir, c3—24Lib b11—6Pis, b12—18Ari, b2—19Gem, b3—10Can

Set (5) above serves as both 1st and 2nd part significators. It includes C MC, B Asc, C Asc and sun/venus/jupiter/saturn/neptune. The three Angles act as smaller orb (2°) lights along with c sun (5°). The resulting acceptable orb is not one of simple addition, that is, it is not an acceptable orb of 11°. The Angles simply increase the orb by a degree or two, enough to include all the planets in this set.

B4 venus at 25 Leo 49 rules B Asc and co-rules (18 of 42°) b 5th house, giving the set its 5th house influence.

I am not a fan of talk shows, so have not personally observed anything about O’Donnell, but I suspect this chart, her 4th, is her center of gravity chart. It puts venus and jupiter on Angles, the indicators of success. b4 jupiter on birth Descendant is also very helpful for hosts of any variety—giving them tolerance toward others (jupiter) while at the same time bringing important (jupiter) others (7th) into their lives.

This chart is stronger than either her 7th or 10th in terms of reflecting an internationally known public figure. But even if we discount this as her COG chart, then B MC at 3 Aquarius 58 conjunct b jupiter, ruler of b 8th and co-ruler of b 7th, at 4 Aquarius 52 conjunct C SN at 5 Aquarius 38 goes a long way toward establishing her success. The SN there adds an occasional tone of some one lacking balance or otherwise being a bit “off center,” sponsoring some disapproval, but it does not overcome the benefic power of the jupiter. So, she gets criticized, but she doesn’t fade into obscurity.

Samantha Judith Ronson
Picture from

Wikipedia has the following biographic material on Ronson under the Titles “Life and Career” and “Personal Life”:Ronson was born in St John's Wood, London to writer/socialite Ann Dexter-Jones and one time music executive and real estate entrepreneur Laurence Ronson. When she was six years old her parents divorced and she moved with her siblings, mother and her mother's new partner, Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, to New York City, where her mother later married Jones. Her parents are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, with ancestors from Austria, Russia, and Lithuania, and Ronson was brought up in Conservative Judaism. Ronson's family name was originally Aaronson, but her grandfather Henry Ronson changed it to Ronson….

Ronson was educated at the private day school Chapin School on Manhattan's Upper East Side. She later attended New York University (NYU). At the age of sixteen Ronson was in a rap group called the Low Lifes. Ronson has stated that she fell into DJing by chance. "I got a call one night from a club that I used to hang out at and they were like, 'Do you want to DJ?' "Ronson remembered. "I was like, 'No way,' [but] my friends were like, 'Come on, just do it.' I was always in the club; [I figured I] might as well make money of it. Samantha took the gig and she quickly started to make a name for herself and eventually DJing became a full time job. Today she spins at some of the most high profile gigs around the world…

…In 2008 media outlets began commenting on Ronson and media personality/actress Lindsay Lohan, who were regularly seen being affectionate in public… Lohan long refrained from commenting on the exact nature of their relationship… In September 2008, it was widely reported that Lohan confirmed on the syndicated radio program, Loveline, that she was, in fact, dating Ronson… Lohan opened up about her relationship with Ronson in the December 2008 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine…They later broke up. Ronson stated, in a July 2010 interview with The Times, that she loves Lohan as a human bing, but the paparazzi attention grew to be too much.

In June 2011, Ronson was pictured with music producer David Foster' s daughter, actress/writer, Erin Foster, several media outlets reported that Ronson and Foster were a couple...

Samantha Ronson
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 5th House (aka 5th Chart) of Sexuality and Children

Placidus: c11—19Can, c12—18Leo, c2—6Lib, c3—7Sco b11—29Leo, b12—24Vir, b2—11Sco, b3—17Sag

Ronson’s significator of the 1st part is shown above in Set (6). It contains C MC/C Asc/sun/venus/neptune. B venus rules B Asc. B5 neptune co-rules (24 of 25°) b 5th house.

Her significator of the 2nd part is in her 7th chart. C7 venus at 11 Pisces 54 is conjunct conception Descendant at 11 Pisces 27

Note that b saturn (unnumbered, above), ruler of b 4th house, at 25 Cancer 14 progressing to a conjunction of her B MC. Her parents split when she “was 6 years old.” On her 6th birthday, it had moved 26 Cancer 00, no doubt making it presence felt. By the time she was ten it had arrived at 26 Cancer 31, just having passed beyond B MC. Quite likely it shows the difficulty—darkness, depression, sense of loss—she experienced with her parents separation. It is possibly also reflective of the move to New York City. For a child, moves sometimes mean a sense of loss of those left behind, and a period of difficulty becoming connected to those in the new environment.

Jools and Lynda Topp
Picture from

Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Jools: New Zealand twins and entertainers. The sisters are gay and are musicians, song-writers, and performers switching from satire to country-western, from male to female identity on stage.

Jools’ astrology is shown below. Lynda’s B MC is at 25 Virgo 24, B Asc at 7 Capricorn 40, C MC at 14 Taurus 03, and C Asc at 29 Cancer 06. As can be seen, these are not great differences, and every other part of their astrology is nearly identical until we get to the later harmonics represented by the 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. Even there, the differences are small.

Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations with Significant Others

Placidus: c11—5Gem, c12—27Gem, c2—13Vir, c3—18Lib b11—0Sco, b12—6Sag, b2—28Cap, b3—23Aqu

Set (7) contains the first part of the significator. It is comprised of moon/venus/jupiter/neptune/2pluto. C7 moon rules C Asc. B venus rules b 5th house.

The second part of the significator occurs in their 5th charts. B5 moon, at 15 Taurus 23, is conjunct C MC at 12 Taurus 51 in b 5th house. (Lynda’s b5 moon is at 15 Taurus 40 with her C MC at 14 Taurus 03.)


The Significators Found So Far For Bisexuality
The significator for bisexuality occurs as a second part significator in charts which appear heterosexual, homosexual, or lesbian. That is, it identifies gender preference. It can occur as the only second part of the significator, or it can occur in conjunction with second parts (discussed above) suggesting male or female partners. Then it appears to increase degrees of choice in sexuality of the partner, but does not cancel out the other significator which suggested either male or female. The paper on lesbianism clearly shows some women with two second parts (one even shows three--venus/sun/mercury, one of which is "lesbian," one bisexual, and one male).

Number of examples here are limited to three, but there are more in the main paper on bisexuality as well as its addendum. Here are those links: Addendum to Paper on Bisexuality and Paper on Bisexuality.

The significator for bisexuality is written as mercury/Desc. In fact it occurs as mercury, ruling either a 5th, 7th, or 8th house (I don't know why 8th is included in this significator but not in the other second parts), conjunct the Descendant, or mercury ruling a 5th, 7th or 8th house and made Angular by any one of the four Angles of the chart. Or, mercury in a 5th or 7th (8th?) house and made Angular by any of the four Angles of this method. The acceptable orb for mercury/Angle, again, is 4°, rather than the standard 2°, because these charts are un-rectified and we need to add a bit to the orb to account for error in time..

In establishing that the mercury must rule either 5th, 7th, or 8th houses, I examined how it occurred in the thirteen charts in the original paper on bisexuality. The mercury in the Desc/mercury/7th part of the set influenced the following houses: 7 of them influenced a 5th house: 3 of them influenced an 8th house, and 1 of them influenced a 7th house. House influences are yet to be completely confirmed.

Historically, mercury has a certain place in astrology and mythology. In support of mercury as the main planetary significator for bisexuality, we have the following excerpt. It is from Comments on Mercury. Underlines are mine:

Mercurius – Hermes (with affinities to Gemini and Virgo)

To medieval alchemists Mercury was the metal symbolizing duality. Metallic yet liquid, matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery…

Mercury was the metal uniting all the opposites…Trickster, Journeyer, Guide of Souls…known to the Greeks as Hermes, the messenger god…The Greek god Hermes was the protector of athletes, thieves, journeyers, and merchants…

In her book, The Gods in Everyman, archetypal author Jean Bolen points out that the physical substance of Mercury only adheres to precious metals... Metaphorically speaking - Mercury (Hermes) is the god that can (in the long run) lead us to spiritual gold...

Mercury/Hermes and Synchronicity
Short Quote by Arianna Stassinopoulos, The Gods of Greece:

…"Hermes is the god of the unexpected, of luck, of coincidence, of 'synchronicity.' The ancient Greeks would say: 'Hermes has entered our midst,' whenever a sudden silence had entered the room, descended on conversation and introduced into the meeting another dimension.

Whenever things seem fixed, rigid, 'stuck,' Hermes introduces fluidity, motion, new beginnings - as well as the confusion which inevitably precedes new beginnings."

In this form of astrology mercury has quite an impressive number of ways it functions as a significator or anti-significator. What it means depends on its placement, chart it is in, planets it is with, and so on, demonstrating its “fluidity.”

Since the 2nd part bisexual significator can occur with any 1st part sexual significator, for this group of people it is necessary only to show that bisexual significator exists.

Marlene Dietrich
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Dietrich:German-American actress and singer who achieved 62 years of international fame as an immortal screen goddess in German and American films. She received the U.S. Medal of Freedom, the French Legion of Honor, and the Belgium Knight of the Order of Leopold for her war efforts in entertaining Allied troops in WWII. In 1954, she began her cabaret performances appearing on stages worldwide. Her private life was legendary for her love affairs with famous men and women of her time.

Her father, Louis Otto Dietrich, was a Prussian Calvary major who died in WW I when she was nine. Her mother, Josephine, was the daughter of wealthy watch merchant. Growing up in an upper middle class Prussian home in the Weimar Republic, Dietrich lived a privileged life of private schools, violin, dance and French lessons. She excelled at school with a love for poetry, literature and music. She became serious about her violin playing and considered a concert career. Her first job was playing in a small combo for silent movies. At 16, she had her first affair with her violin instructor.

A hand injury at 18 forced the young woman to change career paths and study drama. She enrolled at the Max Reinhardt acting school and appeared on stage in small roles. Her enthusiastic, lively personality attracted supporting and starring movie roles to the young beauty. She met and married a casting director, Rudolf Sieber on 5/17/1924 and her only child, Maria was born the following year.

It was as a young wife and mother she met the man who would change her life from German actress to international star. Film director Josef von Sternberg was casting for his movie "The Blue Angel" and he was captivated by the young Dietrich. He set out to present her on the screen as a movie goddess with expert lighting and camera angles…"Blue Angel" premiered in Berlin to standing ovations. Dietrich took her bows and left the theatre to the boat train to Bremen to set sail for America still wearing her premiere evening gown and leaving behind her husband and daughter.

In Hollywood, Dietrich's career flourished as the film industry's best directors such as Billy Wilder, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock, Raoul Walsh, and Ernst Lubitsch clamored to work with her. She understood the technical side of movie-making and following her mentor, Josef von Sternberg's expertise by insisting on the best camera angles and lighting techniques to show off her beautiful face. She made 35 American films with "Witness for the Prosecution", 1958 and "Judgment at Nuremberg", 1961 considered to be her finest.

Her husband, Rudolf and six-year-old daughter, Maria joined Marlene in Hollywood in 1931. While Marlene was married to Rudolf all of her life, they stopped having sexual relations before Maria was born. They lived as a happily married couple for the Hollywood press but in reality they both sought other love partners. Marlene was visited by many of her Hollywood leading men and her daughter became used to her mother's revolving door of love relationships. Cary Grant, Kirk Douglas, John Wayne, Jean Gabin, Frank Sinatra, Yul Brynner; writers Mercedes de Acosta, Colette, Gertrude Stein; politicians Adlai Stevenson and John F. Kennedy were a few of her many lovers. She was a free spirit, aggressively bi-sexual and one of the most famous cross-dressers of her time…Her daughter, Maria, saw her mother as self-absorbed and narcissistic. Her four grandsons loved their "Massie" and remember her expertise as a cook and nurturing presence in their lives…

Entertaining soldiers in WW II was one of her proudest accomplishments in her life. She was made an Honorary Colonel in the U.S. Army.

Because she refused Hitler's invitation to go back to Berlin and be the "queen" of German films on 4/01/1933, she became a U.S. citizen in 1939. She supported Allied troops in Europe performing in Italy, France, and Algeria, while Germans viewed her as a traitor to her country. Her films were banned during the war and it was with trepidation that she returned to Berlin in 1960 to perform her cabaret act. Her fears subsided as the audience welcomed her home.

Dietrich’s…last 13 years were spent reclusively in her Paris apartment overlooking a courtyard garden. She preferred not to see her friends, wishing them to remember her when she was beautiful. She kept in contact with people by telephone, talking to her daughter in New York City every day. Confined to bed the last five years of her life, she awoke at six and read the newspapers in three languages… She had a stroke in March 1992…died at 90, still mentally alert, on 5/06/1992…

Marlene Dietrich
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 5th House (aka 5th Chart) of Sexuality and Children

Placidus: c11—30Gem, c12—1Leo, c2—18Vir, c3—17Lib b11—10Gem, b12—14Can, b2—1Vir, b3—27Vir

Dietrich’s significator for bisexuality in this chart is shown in Set (8) above. It includes C MC/node/mercury/mars/saturn. The mercury is on an Angle with B MC, and it is influencing a 5th house through c5 saturn, co-ruler (30 of 31°) of c 5th house, at 12 Scorpio 01. I wouldn’t think MC/mars/saturn normally shows an active sex life, but in this case, the saturn connect the bisexual mercury to the 5th house. In her 7th chart that same B MC/node is in the same set with venus conjunction mars in Leo—showing Angular planets of sexuality (venus/mars), which even without a 5th influence end up representing some one known for a very active sex life.

Her 10th chart of career contains a stunning golden benefic:

Set (9)b10 sun24 Virgo 31ruler of B Asc
b10 venus 24 Pisces 33ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
b10 jupiter 24 Pisces 47ruler of b 5th house

Set (9) influences two Angles. The 5th house influence adds sexual charisma to her fame.

Elton John
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Wikipedia had the following biographic material under the heading Personal Life on Sir John:In the late 1960s, John was engaged to be married to his first lover, secretary Linda Woodrow, who is mentioned in the song "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". He married German recording engineer Renate Blauel on 14 February 1984, in Darling Point, Sydney, with speculation that the marriage was a cover for his homosexuality. John had come out as bisexual in a 1976 interview with Rolling Stone, but after his divorce from Blauel in 1988 he told the magazine that he was "comfortable" being gay.

In 1993, John began a relationship with David Furnish, a former advertising executive and now filmmaker. John and Furnish entered a civil partnership on 21 December 2005. They held a low-key ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall... Their son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, was born to a surrogate mother on 25 December 2010 in California...

In September 2009, John announced his intention to adopt a 14-month-old boy, Lev, from an AIDS orphanage in Ukraine, but he was denied due to his age and marital status. Furnish stated they would continue to financially support Lev and his brother and would campaign for a change in Ukrainian law...

…John is an art collector, and is believed to have one of the largest private photography collections in the world.

… Every year since 2004, John has opened a shop called "Elton's Closet" in which he sells his second-hand clothes.

Elton John
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 5th House (aka 5th Chart) of Sexuality and Children

Placidus: c11—3Sco, c12—20Sco, c2—24Cap, c3—11Pis b11—4Gem, b12—9Can, b2—26Leo, b3—22Vir

Elton John has a number of 2nd part significators. Both his 5th and his 7th charts contain the homosexual significator for the 1st part (Angle/light/mars/neptune/5th).

Instead of the typical mercury/Desc significator for bisexuality, John’s astrology does it the another way.

Set (10) above contains a combination of a female partner (venus) and male partner (sun)/Desc set. This is his bisexual significator., It allows him to have a partner of either sex, but would work better with the sun/Desc one because it goes with his 1st part homosexual significator.

With respect to the larger orb accorded John’s bisexual significators, his birth was given as 4:00 p.m.—likely to the nearest quarter hour. So B Asc could easily be earlier in Leo. Minus that consideration, the three lights on birth Descendant (sun/sun/node) help bring themselves and venus into relationship with the Descendant.

John’s homosexual significator in his 10th chart also contains the golden benefic which sponsors his social success and wealth. The 5th house influences are dual sponsors, linking the set to homosexuality and at the same time, combined with the golden benefic, giving him sexual charisma. Here is what the set looks like:

Set (11)b sun10 Pisces 08ruler b 2nd house (good for money)
c10 venus 8 Gemini 53ruler of C MC and c 5th house
b10 jupiter 10 Gemini 30ruler of b 5th house
c10 mars 11 Gemini 54
c neptune 11 Virgo 51ruler of c 3rd house

The 2nd house part is, of course, good for income.

Ram Dass
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Ram Dass:American educator and author, fired as a Harvard professor for early experiments with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs, who became a follower of the path of Eastern philosophy. His books included "Be Here Now," 1971, "How Can I Help," 1985, and "Journey of Awakening," 1990.

Ram Dass was born Richard Alpert into a wealthy family. His father, George Alpert, was a Boston attorney who helped found Brandeis University, then took control of the New Haven Railroad in 1956. Though encouraged by his father to seek a medical career, Ram Dass collected degrees from Tufts, Wesleyan and Stanford, then became a psychology professor at Harvard. Immersed in sports cars, antiques and even an air plane, Ram Dass pursued the "middle-class bachelor" life until the early '60s, when hallucinogens changed his world view.

With his friend, Timothy Leary, he allowed undergraduates to participate in drug experiments, for which both he and Leary were fired from Harvard in 1963. The pair moved to Mexico to open up a "psychedelic training center," and were expelled from Mexico also, eventually settling into a 63-room mansion in Millbrook, N Y, owned by heirs to the Mellon fortune.

Ram Dass soon tired of Leary's confrontational style with authority, and the pair split though remaining friends. Ram Dass traveled to India where he met a guru who changed his life and eventually, his name. Ram Dass means "servant of God" in Hindi. Dass began to see hallucinogens as shallow and artificial. He became a Guru himself, a leader to those on the spiritual quest. He reportedly struggled with relationship issues, including sex, alternating between celibacy and bisexuality.

When his dad fell ill, Ram Dass became his personal caretaker. During the '80s he urged people to engage in selfless service as he himself was working with the homeless, setting up a hospice for dying people and helping to start the Seva Foundation to treat the blind in third-world countries. In the late '80s, he became an activist for the Seva Foundation, a Michigan-based charitable group he co-founded. Seva has helped fund reforestation projects in Latin America and health education for Native Americans in South Dakota. Its principal goal is to fight blindness in India and Nepal and it has funded cataract operations as well as training for local doctors. Ram Dass raised $500,000 during a 60-city lecture tour.

… On 2/19/1997 he had a stoke, leaving his left side partly paralyzed. His book, "Still Here" was published that year…He said the stroke had taught him to appreciate silence… After the stroke, his friends said "He became much sweeter and softer."

Ram Dass
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 5th House (aka 5th Chart) of Sexuality and Children

Placidus: c11—17Aqu, c12—27Pis, c2—6Gem, c3—26Gem b11—10Ari, b12—20Tau, b2—14Can, b3—26Leo

Set (12) above shows c5 mercury, co-ruler (27 of 40°) of c 5th house, at 17 Libra 55 made Angular by C MC at 18 Capricorn 18. This set would work even without mercury co-ruling c 5th because the mercury is in b 5th house (and made Angular by C MC).


We want to spell out exactly the first part of the significator.

Homosexuality--The First Part of the Significator
The first part of the significator for homosexuality contained in all the charts below is a lighted mars in the same set (aspect, see below for definition in Astrological Method)) with neptune and influencing an Angle, 5th, and generally, 7th house.

Planets plus path is written thus: Angle/light/mars/neptune/5th/(7th). (The use of parentheses around “7th” in the path above symbolizes that the 7th house occurs frequently in the path, but not 100 per cent of the time.) These are the planets and the houses they influence. So far, prevalent charts containing them are the 1st, 5th, 7th and 10th charts. But this first part of the significator can occur in any one of the 12 charts of this method.

Defining further:

  • If mars/neptune is on an Angle, the set does not need a light because the Angle itself acts like a light (one with a 2° orb).

  • If mars/neptune is not on an Angle, then the set must have a light in order to be active in the life. This is because our lights represent our consciousness, and planets need lights in order to reach a degree of activity such that they have to express themselves.

  • The set that is not on an Angle also needs a planet which rules an Angle because sets which influence Angles—either at birth, or through progression—show the astrology which form the major influences of our lives. Those on Angles are strongest. Those influence Angles come next. Homosexuality is a major life influence, therefore any set representing it has to have Angular influence.

Comparing this significator set with what it means in the chart of a female (who does not have the significators for lesbianism), we see that she has charged attractions, also to men, which are filled with an allure that makes sober (saturnine, practical) discrimination difficult. It provides the drive to keep finding a partner.

We now need to see the significance of the second part of the significator.

Homosexuality--The Second Part of the Significator
Apropos the astrology of homosexuality, with the Angle/light/mars/neptune/5th first part of the significator, we have highly charged sexuality, but it can go into either heterosexual or homosexual expression. It is the second part of the significator which determines which way it will go.

For homosexuality, the second part of the significator demands that a masculine planet be on an Angle and influencing either the 5th or 7th house. The 5th and/or 7th houses represent sexuality and partners, respectively. The mars (or sun) part designate "male." The Angularity part makes it prominent (or, if you like, dominant) in the individual's consciousness. Whatever is dominant is normal for that individual.

Some similarity exists between this astrological differentiation of sex preference and the morphological development of the gonads in the foetus. Up to a certain point, the foetus can go either way--develop into a girl or a boy. After that point, sexuality is fixed. But even then, we all retain the hormones of the opposite sex, just in much smaller proportion. See: "Human Sexual Differentiation by P.C. Sizonenko, Division of Biology of Growth and Reproduction, Department of Pediatrics, University Cantonal Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland.

I use shorthand for writing about second parts of the significators. For homosexuality it is written "mars/Desc." But "mars/Desc" actually takes several forms, all of which express the same thing astrologically:

  • mars (sometimes the sun---see the sun as a masculine tag in the paper on twins where the male twin is autistic, and the female one is not: Male Twin is Autistic, Female Twin is Not) is conjunct a Descendant. Orb for all planet/Angles is 4° for these un-rectified charts and normally 2° for rectified for static conditions. Both sun and mars are male planets. When the mars occurs on the Desc with a light (sun, moon, or node), the orb naturally extends a bit--± 5° or a bit more on either side of the Descendant

  • Many readers of these papers on medical, psychological and sexual conditions read only about that condition, or perhaps one other. They thus have no idea how well this very different astrological method works. To get some idea of that, read some of the sixteen (with more to come!) papers on twins on this site. In traditional astrology, twins are hard to differentiate. This astrology demonstrates the differences in astrology which account for their life differences. Here is a link to one of the twin papers:The Silent Twins. Links to the other twin papers are found in each paper.

  • mars (or sun) is conjunct an Angle which falls in one of the two 5th or 7th houses.

  • mars (or sun) is anywhere in a 5th or 7th house and is in the same set with any one of the four Angles of this method (birth and conception Midheavens and their Ascendants). In the same set means the mars is in a relationship of conjunction, square, or opposition the Angle (2° orb) (with that orb of 4° for these unrectified charts). This is also referred to as mars (sun) being “on an Angle" or mars (sun) is "made Angular."

  • mars (or sun) is on any Angle and also rules or co-rules (1/3 of house required) a 5th or 7th house.
  • mars (or sun) is on an Angle but does not influence either a 5th or 7th house, but is in the same set with another planet (also on that Angle) which does.

As can be seen, all of the above conditions have mars on an Angle, and one way or another it influences a 5th or 7th house.

Note that this second part of the significator appears necessary even when the first part of the significator (in whichever chart it falls) shows a lighted mars/neptune influence to a 5th and/or 7th house. The latter situation can still occur in the charts of heterosexual men.

In the original paper on homosexuality, of the fifty individuals, forty-seven of their first part significators showed influence to a 5th house, with the remaining three being special cases. Forty-two had the 7th house influence.

But all,depending on if we accepted several weak ones, fifty charts show the second part of the significator discussed just above.

Neither significator by itself yields an astrology of homosexuality. They work together.

It follows that heterosexual males whose charts contain the first part of the significator for homosexuality are men who either (1) lack the second part of the significator for homosexuality (their consciousness is not actively directed to a male partner), or (2) they have a second part of the significator which actively directs their consciousness to female partners, the latter of which is either venus/Desc or moon/Desc. We have an example of this below, but this individual openly defines himself homosexual while committed to marriage and fatherhood. His case, however, shows us that such individuals do (or at least can) have a homosexual identity even while not practicing it. That is, the female 2nd part significator does not completely cancel the 1st part homosexual one.

Richard Chamberlain
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Chamberlain: American actor seen on TV and film. He played the lead in the popular TV series "Dr. Kildare" in the '60s. Chamberlain's films include "Petulia," 1968; "Julius Caesar," 1969; "The Three Musketeers," 1973; "The Towering Inferno," 1974; "The Last Wave," 1977. He became known for increasingly prestigious stage roles to fine reviews in the 1970s that included Shakespeare. The TV miniseries "Shogun" and "The Thornbirds" were memorable.

Chamberlain is the second of two sons of a California alcoholic businessman and an amateur pianist mom. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School and from Pomona College in 1956 where he majored in art and history and where he had his first performances. Determined to be an actor he turned down an offer to join his father's business. He served in the infantry in Korea for two years, completing his service as a sergeant. Following his military stint he studied with Jeff Corey, a leading acting teacher. His first break was his starring role in the popular television series, "Dr. Kildare," 1961, which made him an instant heartthrob…

Chamberlain's…body of work includes his stage performances of Shakespeare and television epics. During the '70s and '80s he was considered "king of the miniseries," with the huge success of "Shogun" [and] "The Thorn Birds"… He has immersed himself in metaphysical disciplines such as Dr. Brugh Joy's "energy transformation seminars," gestalt therapy, Rolfing and meditation techniques. He maintains a quiet, private life in preference of a glitzy lifestyle.

…Unmarried, he has had a close relationship for years with actor and former ballet dancer Martin Rabbett. They share [a]…home on Oahu with joint ownership… Rabbett is openly gay, but will not speak for Chamberlain, who claims he is heterosexual…

In 2003, he released his memoir, "Shattered Loves" [sic] and admitted publicly for the first time that he is gay. At the time of his admission, Rabbett and he had been in a committed relationship for 26 years. Chamberlain cited fear of damage to his career as his reason for not admitting his sexuality earlier.

The name of his biography isn’t “Shattered Loves as stated above, but “Shattered Love,” a reference to a way of seeing us/Creation in relation to Creation/God—that God shattered His own Self (Love) in order to create us. The title is happily misleading since it is not about Chamberlain’s disastrous experiences as a lover.

Richard Chamberlain
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 1sts House (aka 1st Chart) of Identity Formed in Childhood

Placidus: c11—11Ari, c12—18Tau, c2—12Can, c3—6Leo b11—23Can, b12—23Leo, b2—17Lib, b3—18Sco

Set (13) contains both 1st and 2nd part significators. It is comprised of B MC, B Asc, C Asc and 2sun/venus/mars/neptune. So it is clearly Angular. C venus rules c 5th house. It can be included in the set because of b1 sun in Gemini plus the three Angles increases orb past the usual 2° orb of a planet to only one Angle.

There are actually three 2nd part significators shown above. Sun and mars in Pisces on B Desc comprise two of them. B1 sun at 20 Sagittarius 33 is also conjunct C Desc at 20 Sagittarius 56. All three are male planets on one or the other Descendant.

Chamberlain’s 10th chart golden benefic looks like this:

Set (14)b mercury19 Aquarius 04ruler B MC and B Asc
b10 NN 20 Aquarius 42
b10 venus 18 Taurus 46
c10 moon 19 Taurus 11ruler of c 2nd house
b neptune16 Leo 24ruler of b 7th house
c jupiter22 Leo 07ruler of c 7th house
b10 sun 22 Scorpio 11

He also has b10 jupiter, ruler of b 4th, at 5 Pisces 37 conjunct C MC at 5 Pisces 47, showing his good fortune will extend right up to the end of his life (4th) as well as adds to the likelihood he will have lovely homes.

Set (14) influences two Angles and includes three lights (sun, moon, b mercury which rules B Angles and acts like a light). The 2nd house influence includes money in the good fortune. B neptune is not only on the low side of the set, it is moving retrograde. (His b10 neptune is at 16 Scorpio 48—same problem). It is the difference between neptune and jupiter (5° 43’) that bothers me, but two of the lights—b mercury and c10 moon, fall between them, both at 19° of the respective signs. Neptune should belong to the set because it is the significator of movies and other forms of illusion which have served Chamberlain so well.

Alvin Ailey
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Ailey:American black gay choreographer, dancer and director, the founder of the famous Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Ailey combined African American movement with his own feelings and experience with spirituals, jazz and contemporary music in a unique fashion. He sought to reach a mass audience rather than those accustomed to one form of dance. He performed extensively in musical comedies and dramatic shows, in films, and on television and was recognized as a major creative artist of his time.

Alvin was born to a 17-year-old girl and was six months old when his dad abandoned them. She moved across country, picking cotton and doing domestic work before landing up in Los Angeles in 1942.

He was a moody boy who was devastated when his mom remarried. The boy drew pictures through his childhood and as a teenager, discovered dance on a school field trip to see the Ballet Russe. He took dance training from Katherine Dunham and choreographer Lester Horton in 1949, to whom he was introduced by his friend, Carmen de Lavallade. In 1953, the year Ailey made his performance debut, Horton died and Ailey took over the company.

He made a Broadway debut the following year in Capote’s "House of Flowers." When the play closed, Ailey stayed in New York to study ballet, modern dance and acting. He studied with every choreographer on the burgeoning scene: Hanya Holm, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Katherine Dunham, Charles Weidman, Karel Shook. After his show closed he lived on unemployment and the proceeds from teaching, soaking up the city's resources: films, poetry readings, new music, and dance and drama. Over the next ten years, he appeared on and off Broadway and on film as a dancer, choreographer, actor, and director. In 1958 Ailey formed his own company, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, of which he served as artistic director from its founding to 1980. He started with seven dancers and has since grown to over 30 members for whom he created 75 dances, as well as representing many other contemporary choreographers.

… He racially integrated his formerly all-black dance company in 1963 after encountering reverse racism. As a performer Ailey's dancing was strong, seamless, and passionate but in 1965, he left the stage to concentrate on choreographing and running his company. It became the first American dance company to tour the USSR in fifty years. The Leningrad performance in 1970 received an ovation lasting more than twenty minutes.

Ailey won every award that the dance field and the country offers its artists, but his health began to decline. Diagnosed with cytomegalovirus and suffering from an esophageal ulcer, he spent months in the hospital, dying of complications from AIDS on December 1, 1989 (almost age 58), New York City.

Alvin Ailey
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations to Significant Others

Placidus: c11—14Cap, c12—15Aqu, c2—0Tau, c3—26Tau b11—5Lib, b12—0Sco, b2—25Sag, b3—1Aqu

Set (15) contains 2sun/venus/mars/saturn/neptune. C neptune rules C Asc. B venus rules b 7th. B7 mars rules b 5th. C7 sun co-rules (15 of 31°) c 5th house. This is his 1st part of the significator.

Set (16) contains the 2nd part. It shows c7 mars at 24 Taurus 39 conjunct birth Descendant at 22 Taurus 17. (Ailey’s birth was given as 5:30 a.m.).

Note his all-charts golden benefic comprised of sun/mercury/saturn in Sagittarius with c venus in Pisces and b jupiter in Gemini, shown above. B mercury rules B MC, b jupiter b 2nd house, b saturn co-rules b 2nd house, c venus rules c 3rd and 2nd .

That c saturn at 17 Sagittarius 32 looks like it is going to cross over his C MC (above) when he is very young, but it doesn’t. It turns stationary-retrograde at 18 Sagittarius 07 around April, 1930 when Ailey is (conception age) 36. On the date of his death from complications from AIDS, December 1, 1989, his progressed B MC was at 4 Scorpio 23 in the same set with his b7 saturn at 4 Aquarius 15 and his pb saturn was at 26 Sagittarius 44 in the same set with his C Asc at 26 Pisces 13. Both these values are “late” and support the notion that his birth occurred earlier, about two to three minutes earlier. Which then implies his pc saturn did station on his C MC, and that when it did those were the years he was working at many other things in order to build enough resources to start his own company.

The paper on homosexuality, link in the section on Homosexuality, discusses the astrological link between homosexuality and AIDS.

Daniel Matthews
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Matthews:American global animal rights activist, notable vegetarian, and openly gay media figure. A dedicated animal-rights activist known for his radical press statements in the name of animal liberation, media-savvy Dan Mathews established himself as the Director of International Campaigns for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), after volunteering for the fledgling group as an organizer of colorful political campaigns.

After his restaurateur father and Aunty Mame-type mother separated when he was seven, Mathews and his two brothers were raised by their mom working as a blackjack dealer in Reno. As a teenager…by 16 had given up meat entirely…

…Dark blond, attractive and six-foot five-inches tall, Mathews [while living in Rome] landed a role in a Fiat commercial, acted in music videos, and played a break-dancing albino Indian in a spaghetti western. He also came out as gay.

Returning to the USA, Mathews began at PETA as a volunteer receptionist, working his way up to director of international campaigns. Nowadays he stages various actions around the world (such as throwing red paint over fur coats to symbolize the bloody suffering animals endure for food and fashion). A pin-up boy for the PETA cause, Mathews also gained the support of famous people like Chrissie Hynde who says, "He's able to create an incredible sense of joy in life." Hanging out with pals like New York drag queens Lady Bunny and Lypsinka, Mathews enjoys collecting offbeat and camp vinyl records and playing them extremely loud.

Daniel Mathews
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Significant Relations with Others

Placidus: c11—17Tau, c12—20Gem, c2—12Leo, c3—10Vir b11—22Tau, b12—24Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—15Vir

Set (17) contains both 1st and 2nd part significators. It is comprised of B Asc with mars/jupiter/uranus/2neptune. Since it is on an Angle, no light is necessary. B7 mars rules B MC and b 5th house. B7 jupiter co-rules (23 of 32°) b 5th house. B7 uranus co-rules (17 of 23°) b 7th house. This is 1st part.

Since b7 mars is made Angular by B Asc and it also rules b 5th house, it constitutes the 2nd part of the significator.

The same set more or less repeats in his 5th chart. Here is what it looks like there:

Set (18)B Asc23 Cancer 31
c5 moon 26 Cancer 10ruler of C Asc
b neptune22 Libra 45
c neptune23 Libra 14
b5 mars 25 Capricorn 41ruler of B MC and b 5th house
b5 jupiter 24 Aries 59co-ruler (24 of 32°) of b 5th house

With the moon as part of Set (18), we could make an argument for b5 mars being conjunct birth Descendant, making it a 2nd part significator. At any rate, it is definitely a 1st part significator.

Matthew Mitcham
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Wikipedia has the following biographic material on Mitcham:Matthew Mitcham…is an Australian diver. He is the 2008 Olympic champion in the 10 m platform, having received the highest single-dive score in Olympic history. He is the first Australian male to win an Olympic gold medal in diving since Dick Eve at the 1924 Summer Olympics.

…Mitcham was born in Brisbane but lives and trains in Sydney. He publicly came out as gay in 2008 to the Sydney Morning Herald when they were profiling Olympic hopefuls. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, he was also featured on the cover of the international gay publication The Advocate …as well as [2009] the cover of Australian gay publication DNA…

Mitcham gained media coverage in Australia as reporters thought he was the first Australian to compete at the Olympic Games as an openly gay man at the time of his competition. However, Mathew Helm, the Australian diver who won the silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in the men's 10m platform, had publicly announced he was gay before the Olympics began. Other notable gay Australian Olympians include Ji Wallace, who competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics…

…Mitcham has said when asked to comment on his coming out: "I don’t see sexuality as influencing my beliefs or opinions or perceptions of anybody, whether they’re gay, straight, bi, trans, experimental, I don’t care. I see it as a very uninfluential factor in people." Mitcham has said that after the Beijing Olympics, he received many letters from gay teenagers, "and that was really nice, really humbling".

In 2009 and 2010, Mitcham was selected by readers of as one of the most influential gay Australians.

Matthew Mitcham
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations with Significant Others

Placidus: c11—17Pis, c12—14Ari, c2—8Gem, c3—11Can b11—29Vir, b12—5Sco, b2—1Capr, b3—26Cap

Set (19) shows us Mitcham’s significator of the 1st part. It contains B Asc with 2moon/mars/jupiter/neptune, with b mars co-ruling (30 of 36°) b 5th house. Saturn and uranus could be included in the set (as could some harmonic planets in Gemini), but this much of the set serves the purpose to show his significator.

The significator for the 2nd part is shown as Set (20) with b7 mars at 8 Scorpio 26 conjunct C Desc at 7 Scorpio 34.

Is that conjunction of moon to jupiter to B Desc at 8 Gemini 19 a female significator, showing that Mitcham can be bisexual, or at least live with a woman?

Vicky Gene Robinson
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Robinson:American clergy, Bishop V. Gene Robinson, is the first openly gay, non-celibate man to be elected bishop of any Christian sect in the 2,000 year history of Christianity. He was elected head of the New Hampshire Episcopal diocese on June 7, 2003 in Concord, NH, and…confirmed at a convention in Minneapolis, MN on August 5 amidst applause and protests…the Rt. Reverend Vicky Gene Robinson has so far transcended criticism and attacks, claiming that God called him "to acknowledge myself as a gay man" and adding that the Almighty isn’t unhappy with gays and lesbians. "God loves me and them just the way we are"…

Robinson is no stranger to hardship. Born to a tenant tobacco farmer and his homemaker wife, Robinson’s parents were told at his birth that he would die or be severely impaired mentally and physically… His father was told to sign the birth and death certificates and in his anguish gave the dying baby the name he and his wife had chosen for a girl: Vicky…

Robinson’s parents were devoutly church-going, and one night, during a revival in August 1959, Robinson claimed he gave his life to Christ. Declining an offer to attend Princeton University, he instead accepted a scholarship from the University of the South, an all-boys Episcopal college in Sewanee, Tennessee and embraced the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Robinson graduated in 1969 with a degree in American Studies and History. In 1973, he completed his Masters in Divinity at General Theological Seminary in New York. Ordained on June 9, 1973, he became Curate of Christ Church in Ridgewood, NJ…

From 1978-1985, he worked in a variety of youth programs and was one of the original designers of national Episcopal Youth Event. He also founded Concord Outright, a support group of teens who are questioning their sexuality or who are gay or lesbian.

…Early in his life he began to question his sexuality, struggling with his church’s teaching that homosexuality was sinful. Convinced that he wanted to marry and have children, he sought counseling while he was a student at the theological seminary. When he met Isabella Martin, he felt ready to commit to a heterosexual marriage, and shared with her his concerns around his sexuality. They believed that therapy had helped. They married before he took the position of curate in New Jersey, and the couple had two daughters, Jamee and Ella. However, in 1985, he again sought counseling and the couple separated. Their divorce was amicable, with Isabella re-marrying 18 months later. Robinson began dating Mark Andrew, the man who would become his partner. Together, they moved to New Hampshire, remaining close to Gene’s two daughters and ex-wife. Beloved by his congregation, for his spirituality, honesty, and humanity, Bishop Coadjutor Robinson attributes the support he received from his family and diocese for helping him weather the storm surrounding his nomination as Bishop.

He formally assumed leadership as Bishop in an investiture ceremony on March 7, 2004.

Vicky Gene Robinson
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations with Significant Others
Placidus: c11—24Sag, c12—20Cap, c2—11Ari, c3—9Tau b11—11Tau, b12—16Gem, b2—7Leo, b3—4Vir

Set (21) contains the significator for the 1st part. It is comprised of moon/mars/2neptune, with b moon ruling B Asc in c 5th house. It is in c 7th house.

The significator for the 2nd part is shown in Set (22). Not only is c7 mars, at 29 Leo 38, conjunct c Desc at 28 Leo 52, but it is also conjunct 2sun/neptune. We saw sun/mars/neptune conjunct the Descendant in the 1st chart of Richard Chamberlain, astrology above.

As might be expected from the fact that he married, Robinson has a bisexual significator. It is shown in the drawing above with c mercury, ruler of c 5th house, at 14 Cancer 55 and in c 5th house conjunct B Asc at 15 Cancer 41. That is, his mercury, 5th ruler and in a 5th house, has been made Angular by B Asc.

Peter Gary Tatchell
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There was no section entitled “Personal Life.” Wikipedia has the following biographic material on Tatchell: Peter Gary Tatchell…is an Australian-born British political campaigner best known for his work with LGBT social movements.

Tatchell was selected as Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Bermondsey in 1981, and was then denounced by party leader Michael Foot for supporting extra-parliamentary action against the Thatcher government…allowed his selection to stand… In the 1990s he became an LGBT campaigner through the direct action group OutRage!, which he co-founded. He has worked on various campaigns, such as Stop Murder Music against music lyrics inciting violence against LGBT people, and writes and broadcasts on human rights and social justice issues. In 2006, New Statesman readers voted him sixth on their list of "Heroes of our time"…

In April 2007 he joined the Green Party of England and Wales as prospective parliamentary candidate in the constituency of Oxford East, but in December 2009 announced he was standing down…

Since 2009, he has been an Ambassador for the penal reform group, Make Justice Work.

In 2011, he was appointed the Director (unsalaried) of the human rights organisation, the Peter Tatchell Foundation…

Peter Tatchell
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations with Significant Others

Placidus: c11—8Leo, c12—16Vir, c2—27Sco, c3—18Sag b11—13Vir, b12—23Lib, b2—22Sag, b3—14Cap

Set (23) contains both 1st and 2nd part significators. It includes C MC with sun/2moon/3mars/neptune. B sun rules B MC. C moon rules C MC. B mars and its harmonic co-rule (23 of 40°) b 5th house. C mars rules C Asc. B7 neptune rules b 5th house. This set influences two Angles and a 5th house. There is no 7th influence.

The 2nd part significator is comprised of b7 mars, co-ruler of b 5th house, at 12 Aries 14 and b mars, also co-ruler of b 5th house, at 8 Libra 02 made Angular by C MC at 10 Cancer 41. B7 mars is also in b 5th and made Angular by C MC.

Nathan Lane
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from Astrodatabank:American actor, a Hollywood, television and Broadway star known for his outrageous scene-stealing comedy roles. The youngest of three boys, Nathan Lane was born Joseph Lane in 1956 in Jersey City. His mother worked as a secretary and his father was a truck driver and aspiring tenor singer who died of alcoholism when Lane was 11. Lane fell in love with acting in the 6th grade after a role in "Around the World in 80 Days" secured his first laugh from an audience. After graduating in 1974, he won a scholarship to a university in Philadelphia, but had to return to Jersey City and take a job at the county clerk's office because the scholarship didn't provide enough money to live on. He also worked as a singing messenger and stand-up comedian.

At 22, he changed his stage name to Nathan so he could join the Actors Guild inasmuch as the name Joseph Lane was already taken. He chose this moniker because his favorite character was Nathan Detroit from the Broadway classic, "Guys and Dolls" (and coincidentally, a character he would later play to acclaim in the 1992 Broadway version of the play). Lane made his film debut in 1987's "Ironweed," and he spent the rest of the 1980s and early 1990s playing secondary film roles as he struggled with alcoholism, beginning to sober up in 1993. In addition to his celebrated performance in "Guys and Dolls," for which he won a Tony nomination, he appeared in a number of plays…In between, his profile increased when he co-starred as Robin Williams' hysterically-flamboyant, limp-wristed, cross-dressing lover in "The Birdcage," 1996, a remake of "La Cage aux Folles."

Few were surprised when Lane came out publicly as gay via a cover story in "The Advocate" magazine in February 1999, quipping, "I'm single, I'm 40, and I love musical theater -- you do the math." He added about his sexuality, "It's never been something I kept secret."

Nathan Lane
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 8th House (aka 8th Chart) of Shared Assets and Transformations

Placidus: c11—26Can, c12—26Leo, c2—18Lib, c3—19Sco b11—2Ari, b12—12Tau, b2—7Can, b3—29Can

The 1st part of the significator is shown above as Set (24). It is comprised of node/mercury/mars/uranus/neptune. Since mercury rules B Asc in Gemini, it also acts like a light and this set, therefore, contains two lights (the other is the node). The 5th house influence comes from the fact that the (lighted—which could be either in the set or out of it, here there are both) mars conjunction neptune is in b 5th house.

His 2nd part of the significator is in his 7th chart. C7 mars, co-ruler (18 of 28) of c 7th house, at 17 Virgo 29 is made Angular by B Asc at 17 Gemini 22.

Rock Hudson
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Hudson: American actor, a matinee idol whose name stood for the Hollywood Golden Age of wholesome heroics and light hearted romance. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in "Giant" in 1957 and won the Golden Globe for Favorite Film Male four times.

Born above a Walgreen's drug store in a quiet mid-western town, he was the son of an auto mechanic and his mom, Kay, a housewife. His parents divorced when he was small and his mom remarried when he was seven. Roy took his step-dad's name, Fitzgerald, when he was eight although the man beat and verbally abused him. His relationship with his mom was very close; he loved her deeply and she was a major figure in his life. His mother is quoted as telling him, "Never make a fool of yourself and more importantly, never embarrass me." His schoolmates at New Trier High School saw him as a quiet young man having difficulty making friends and when he left to join the Navy he kept very few ties to his home town. He served in the Philippines as an aircraft mechanic in World War II and moved to Los Angeles in 1946 to be with his dad. He wanted to be an actor and while waiting to be discovered he drove a delivery truck.

Having had some homosexual contact while he was in the Navy, when he moved to Southern California he was happy to find an area where he could practice his chosen lifestyle in relative obscurity. His first lover in Los Angeles was Ken Hodge, a staff member of the Lux Radio Theater. They moved into a Hollywood apartment in 1948 and from that time on whenever he had a male roommate he had two phone lines and was the only one to answer them. He was always careful not to be photographed with another man. At a party Hudson met agent Henry Wilson, a notorious homosexual who was a shrewd judge of talent and brilliant at launching careers. As a novice actor he was a frequent target of ridicule. His unsuccessful first screen test was a standing Hollywood joke that became an instruction reel at 20th Century Fox, "How Not To Act." Due to his appealing dark good looks and his 6'4" frame he was signed by Universal in 1947 to do small parts. The studio changed his name to Rock Hudson, which at first he hated, but he grew to tolerate it and later named his production company Gibraltar. He promptly started lessons in acting, singing, dancing, horseback riding and fencing. His first film was "Fighter Squadron" in 1948.

Hudson was not merely a survivor of the studio system, he was a master of it. Universal had invested a lot in him and when the scandal sheet "Confidential" threatened to print a story about his sexual orientation, the company made a deal with them, Hudson stayed out of their magazine, but George Nader, a close friend of Hudson's, was "ousted."[sic] His career was always his determining factor. Hudson appeared on the cover of Life Magazine in the early 1950's with the story, "The Simple Life of a Busy Bachelor" and his popularity soared as women loved him and men envied him. A very romantic man, he enjoyed flirting with women and occasionally had affairs with them. One of his gay friends said he had fewer feminine traits and mannerisms than anyone he knew, even in private. A shallow man, despising introspection, he never grew emotionally past childhood. In four years Universal used his talents in 22 feature films. His big break came in 1954 when he played opposite Jane Wyman in "Magnificent Obsession." He took his mother to the premier. This film proved his talent and he was suddenly a star. In 1956 he was awarded the lead in "Giant," for which he received his only Oscar nomination. A hard worker and a master of illusion, he walled off his emotions and became a heavy drinker and smoker. Many said he lied on a regular basis. At the height of his career he was receiving 3000 pieces of fan mail per week playing macho parts on screen, but hiding his homosexuality by cracking jokes about "fairies" and "sissies." He could be very generous at times and at other times utterly heartless.

During the 60's he displayed a surprising gift for comedy playing opposite Doris Day in several films. He won four Golden Globe Awards… His mother had a stroke in 1977, at age 77, and he refused to see her after that and she died soon after…

He was diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome June 1984…and hid this fact from all but a few close friends. By November 1984 his appearance had changed drastically, but he never missed a day of work. His biography, "Rock Hudson: His Story" by Rock Hudson and Sara Davidson paint a picture of a man who hid his true self from the world for so long that toward the end of his life there was little of substance left. Hudson had an unfailing sense of humor and loved his home and his four dogs; he was above all a private man. In his career he made over 62 films.

Hudson married Phyllis Gates, his agent's secretary, on 11/09/1955. Some say the marriage took place because the press was closing in again, but Phyllis said she married for love. Attracted to women but preferring to be with men, especially those who had slept with women, Hudson was drawn to blond, blue eyed men in their 20's…[He and Phyllis] lived together a little more than a year, separated and divorced…

Tom Clark, a publicist whose birthday was September 6, moved in and the two battled their way through a ten-year relationship, visiting their families on a regular basis…Hudson dropped Clark in November 1983 and moved in a younger man, Marc Christian, who had the blond good looks and vitality that Hudson admired… While Hudson was filming "The Ambassador" in Israel in early 1984, he wrote love letters to Christian never mentioning his diagnosis. Hudson had made a will in 1981 and amended it in 1984. Christian was left out of Hudson's will, the bulk of the estate, an estimated $27 million, going to Hudson's friends…When Hudson finally announced the news of his health, close friends George Nader, Mark Miller and Tom Clark, who bonded with Hudson once again, shielded him from the media blitz.

.. By August 1983 he was suffering from fatigue and weight loss so he cut his drinks from 15 to two a day. On 5/24/84 Hudson was diagnosed with Kaposi's sarcoma, a skin lesion associated with AIDS. In November 1984 he flew to Paris for experimental drug treatments which he continued until his collapse 6/23/1985…Hudson was raised a Roman Catholic but had come to regard himself as an atheist. On 9/25/1985 a priest came to his home, heard his confession, gave him communion and last rites. He died of lymph cancer, a complication of AIDS, on 10/2/1985, 9:00AM, Hollywood, CA. …

Rock Hudson
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th Chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—5Pis, c12—17Ari, c2—19Gem, c3—9Can b11—12Can, b12—12Leo, b2—4Lib, b3—4Sco

Hudson has two 1st part significators in his 10th chart. Set (25) includes 2node/mercury/venus/mars/saturn/neptune. B10 mars rules b 7th house. C venus rules C Asc and co-rules (17 of 42°) c 5th house. C mercury rules c 5th house.

Set (26) shows us moon/mercury/venus/mars/neptune, with c10 mercury ruling c 5th house. C10 venus rules C Asc and co-rules (17 of 42°) c 5th house.

Hudson’s significator for the 2nd part is in his 7th chart and is atypical but valid. In that chart his b7 saturn at 7 Virgo 52 is conjunct his B Asc at 7 Virgo 47 in c 5th house. This is the first time I have ever used saturn for this part. But in astrology saturn is considered male. Here is one link that discusses it: Polarity of Saturn . One would think that it would also imply “older” (saturn) partners, but I was once in the same restaurant as Hudson. There must have been seven or eight men at the table with him and they were all about his age.

Gus Green Van Sant, Jr.
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Van Sant: American filmmaker. Van Sant's 1986 movie, "Mala Noche, "gained him critical attention.. In 1989, he released "Drugstore Cowboy, about drug addicts, and the film won Best Picture and Best Director awards from the National Society of Film Critics. In 1991, his movie, "My Own Private Idaho" starring Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix, clinched his reputation as someone who could effectively capture on film the fringes of society. In 1994, his "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and his "To Die For" in 1995 were less successful. In addition to his movies, he also directed a Red Hot Chili Peppers movie video. His mainstream breakthrough was "Good Will Hunting" in 1997.

The son of a traveling salesman, Van Sant moved quite a lot during his childhood. Interested in filmmaking and painting as a young man, he attended Rhode Island School of Design in 1970 and was introduced to avant-garde directors such as Andy Warhol. He moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and became production assistant to writer-director Ken Shapiro. In 1983, he moved to New York to work in an advertising agency, saving $25,000 with which he financed "Mala Noche." The film won the year's "Best Independent Film" citation from the Los Angeles Times. When he couldn't get approval from major film studios, he moved to Portland Oregon where he became associated with an independent production company, Avenue, and made "Drugstore Cowboy.' In 1997, he achieved mainstream acceptance with his award-winning film "Good Will Hunting," starring and writt4n by friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as well as Robin Williams.

Van Sant is openly gay.

Gus Van Sant
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th Chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—13Leo, c12—11Vir, c2—3Sco, c3—5Sag b11—18Pis, b12—28Ari, b2—27Gem, b3—18Can

Van Sant’s significator of the 1st and 2nd parts work together in this chart.

Set (27) includes node2sun/mercury/mars/uranus/neptune/pluto. It has plenty of 5th house influence: the SN/sun/mars/neptune are in b 5th house, c10 uranus rules c 5th house and c neptune co-rules (11 of 28°) c 5th. But it completely lacks influence to an Angle!

Set (28) shows the Angle/light/mars/neptune which is a combination of 1st and 2nd significators. It is already on an Angle. The 5th influence is only through c10 neptune, which co-rules (11 of 28) c 5th house, which might be considered somewhat weak because of the lesser 5th influence. But he has that additional very powerful 5th influence shown in Set (27).

The significator of the 2nd part is shown by b10 mars at 4 Sagittarius 18 conjunction B Asc at 5 Sagittarius 54, which is a part of Set (28).

Julian Clary
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Clary: British comedian, film actor, and TV host, best known for his camp television comporting in outrageous costumes and his endless stream of sexual double entendres and puns. He provided the British public with an image of a gay man who was also upfront about sex and sexuality.

Brought up in Teddington, London, Julian has two older sisters. His dad was a traffic policeman and his mom a probation officer. Julian went to a strict Catholic school in Ealing, London. His campy affectations may have been influenced early by his sister, who began her career as a Tiller girl when Julian was 13. He studied drama at Goldsmith's College in south London, then had a variety of jobs including that of a guard on the London Underground and a singing telegram emissary.

At the age of 19 he had a girlfriend but after she left him he started a relationship with a barman at the Old Vic. He started on the London comedy circuit as "Gillian Pie-Face," wearing a caftan, beads, and pink wig. His début television appearance was on Channel 4 in Cabaret at the Jongleurs in 1988 as "The Joan Collins Fan Club" with his pet, Fanny the Wonderdog. Fanny retired in 1988.

In 1989, he began hosting "Sticky Moments with Julian Clary," a TV quiz show series in which he wore costumes that were over the top. In 1993 he was the host M.C. of the British Comedy Awards which was being broadcast live on TV. A sexual joke involving Norman Lamont, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, received uproarious laughter from the celebrity audience. Although there were only 12 complaints from a viewing audience of three million, the next day's press was indignant and called for him to be banned from television. As a result, Julian Clary went on tour in Australia.

He returned to Britain in 1995 and took up acting and hosting again...

Julia Clary
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (aka 12th Chart) of Hidden Matters

Placidus: c11—16Gem, c12—19Can, c2—6Vir, c3—4Lib b11—5Lib, b12—25Lib, b2—16Sag, b3—0Aqu

Set (29) contains the significator of the 1st part. It contains node/2moon/mars/neptune. B10 mars rules B Asc and b 5th house.The 2nd part significator is in all charts and is shown in Set (30). B sun at 9 Taurus 41 is conjunct b Desc at 11 Taurus 04.

Johnny Mathis
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Wikipedia has the following biographic material under the Titles “Early Life” and Personal Life” on Mathis : Mathis was born in Gilmer, Texas, the fourth of seven children of Clem Mathis and his wife, Mildred Boyd. This family moved to San Francisco, California, settling on 32nd Ave. in the Richmond District, where young Johnny grew up. His father had worked in vaudeville, and when he saw his son's talent, he bought an old upright piano for $25.00 and encouraged his efforts. Mathis began learning songs and routines from his father. His first known song was "My Blue Heaven." Mathis started singing and dancing for visitors at home, and at school and church functions.

When Johnny was age 13, a voice teacher…accepted him as her student in exchange for doing work around her house. Johnny studied with [her] for six years, learning vocal scales and exercises, voice production, classical, and operatic singing. He is one of the few popular singers who received years of professional voice training that included opera….

Johnny Mathis was also a star athlete at George Washington High School in San Francisco. He was a high jumper and a hurdler, and he played on the basketball team. In 1954, he enrolled at the San Francisco State University on an athletic scholarship intending to become an English teacher and a physical education teacher.

…In a 1982 Us Magazine article, Mathis was quoted as having said, "Homosexuality is a way of life that I've grown accustomed to." Us Magazine later retracted the statement. After more than 20 years of silence on the subject, Mathis revealed in an interview, in 2006, that his silence was due to death threats he received as a result of that 1982 article. On April 13, 2006, Mathis granted a podcast interview with The Strip in which he talked about the subject once again, and how some of his reticence to speak on the subject was partially generational…

…Since 1985 he has been hosting a charity golf tournament in Belfast sponsored by Shell corporation, and the annual Johnny Mathis Invitational Track & Field Meet has continued at San Francisco State University since it started in 1982.

In 1982 he published a cookbook, Cooking for You Alone


Mathis has undergone rehabilitation for both alcohol and prescription drug addictions.

He has supported many organizations through the years, including the American Cancer Society, the March of Dimes, the YWCA and YMCA, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the NAACP.

Johnny Mathis
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 12th House (aka 12th Chart) of Hidden Matters

Placidus: c11—18Sag, c12—13Cap, c2—30Pis, c3—7Tau b11—12Ari, b12—21Tau, b2—15Can, b3—10Leo

Set (31) contains Mathis’ signature of the 1st part. It is comprised of moon/mars/2neptune. C12 moon co-rules (13 of 25°) c 5th house. C12 mars rules C MC. B neptune rules B MC.

I didn’t know which section to put Mathis’ astrology in. He actually has two signatures of the 2nd part. Set (32) shows sun (male) on an Angle in c 5th house so it is a homosexual second part. But Set (33) , which shows c mercury, ruler of c 5th house, at 25 Scorpio 23 made Angular by C MC in Scorpio at 25 Scorpio 06, is a bisexual significator.

Symbolic of his singing, Mathis’ 10th chart contains C MC at 25 Scorpio 06 conjunct c mercury at 25 Scorpio 23 in the same set with b10 SN at 24 Leo 32 and c10 venus at 24 Leo 23. As mentioned above, Angle/mercury/venus is pleasing or sweet speech, which includes singing. His 7th chart also contains an Angular mercury/venus involving C MC/mercury. B7 venus is at 24 Scorpio 45.

His 10th chart golden benefic looks like this:

Set (34)c10 jupiter7 Capricorn 32co-ruler (18 of 23°) c 10th house
c NN 7 Capricorn 43
c10 neptune8 Capricorn 55ruler of c 2nd house
b10 venus2 Libra 59ruler of b 5th house
b mercury7 Libra 09ruler of B Asc and b 4th house

Since b mercury rules an Angle, it acts like a light, so there are two lights in this set—mercury and the node.

Atypical or Mixed Significators
The following four charts have something different about them. Either the significator is mixed, or at least part of it is new.

Personally Identifies Himself as Homosexual (and NOT Bisexual), But Chooses Marriage and Children:

Tom Robinson
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Robinson:British rock star and broadcasting personality, the singer famous for the "Glad to Be Gay" song who later came out as bisexual, married a woman and had two children. Although his career had pretty much flamed out by the start of the '80s, there were few punk-era major-label performers as intensely controversial as Tom Robinson…

What was remarkable about this was that Robinson was the kind of politically conscious, confrontational performer that major labels generally ignored: he was openly gay and sang about it, vociferous in his hatred for then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, helped form Rock Against Racism, and generally spoke in favor of any leftist political tract that would embarrass the ruling ultraconservative Tory government. His debut album, 1978's Power in the Darkness, was an occasionally stunning piece of punk/hard rock agitprop that, along with being ferociously direct, was politicized rock that focused more on songs than slogans. However, by the release of the second album, the Todd Rundgren-produced TRB Two, the songs were getting weaker and Robinson began sounding like a boring ideologue. Similarly, the band, even terrific guitarist Danny Kustow, sounded as if on automatic pilot.

By the end of the '70s, Robinson had been dropped by EMI and signed to maverick-major IRS as a solo act. In a wise move, he ditched the hard rock polemics of TRB for a more sophisticated pop/rock sound, but found his audience dwindling...

By 2000, Robinson was married and raising a family in South London. He's still writing songs and occasionally performing, running his own video and website production company. Tom's relaxed confidence about his bisexuality suggests that he's come to know himself well, reflecting the fact that, like many gays, he's been through the mill in the past. At age 16 he attempted suicide and spent years recovering from the breakdown. At age 23, he said "F--- it, I’m queer," and stopped pretending." When he fell in love with a woman, he was not trying to prove anything but accepting a further dimension of himself…

While other subjects of these papers on sexual preference have shown a homosexual first part significator with something different--female or bisexual—for the second part, this is the only one I have seen which clearly states that the individual first (and for a long time) saw himself as homosexual. This has implications about other, similar variations. Up until now, I have been assuming that a contrary 2nd part significator canceled the implications of the 1st part. Robinson’s life implies the 1st part is not canceled altogether. He still sees himself as homosexual. Then he saw himself as bisexual. But he does not have a bisexual significator.. To go with his 1st part homosexual significator Robinson has three valid 2nd part female significators.

Actually, in the paper on pedophilia, which identifies 1st, 2nd, and 3rd parts of significators (sexuality, gender preference, age preference which for pedophiles is young), it has been more clear that a contrary 2nd part significator does not completely cancel a—in the case of pedophiles, a 3rd part one. For instance Lewis Carroll had a 3rd part pedophile signature that was “canceled” by a non-pedophile venus (that is, one not in Gemini) on an Angle and influencing a 5th house. There is absolutely no evidence that Carroll was a pedophile in the sense of seeking sex with children, but he had an absorbing and lifelong fascination with little girls, including seeing and photographing them naked.

And Adolf Hitler had a 3rd part pedophile signature in his 7th chart of significant others, but his 3rd chart of mind carried a set which created an aversion to sexuality altogether. He was not a pedophile, but the woman he chose to have his longest relationship with (and marry for one day), Eva Braun, was reported to have been childlike.

This helps us understand how, for instance, some of the men (I assume not all) with this astrological condition—having a homosexual 1st part signature and a heterosexual 2nd part—engage in covert, extra-marital homosexual acts, but insist they are not homosexuals and are happily married men. They are not “in the closet” because their astrology is lacking the part of the homosexual signature which completes identification with male partnership.

Tom Robinson
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th Chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—27Scoo, c12—14Sag, c2—9Pis, c3—17Ari b11—26Ari, b12—8Gem, b2—26Can, b3—17Leo

Set (35) shows us Robinson’s 1st part significator for homosexuality. It contains moon/mercury/venus/mars/neptune. C venus rules c 5th house. B moon rules B Asc in c 7th house. B10 mars co-ruler (30 of 42°) b 5th house. C mercury co-rules (14 of 17°) c 5th house.

Actually, Set (35) also contains a female 2nd part significator. B10 venus at 7 Cancer 55 is conjunct c Desc at 7 Cancer 22. It is also conjunct B Asc in c 7th house.

Robinson’s 5th and 7th charts also contain female 2nd part significators. In his 7th chart b7 moon at 8 Cancer 13 is on C Desc and simultaneously conjunct B Asc in c 7th house. In his 5th chart b5 venus, ruler of b 5th house, is at 9 Scorpio 37 conjunct C MC at 9 Scorpio 29 in b 5th house.

Bisexual But Lacking Bisexual Significators:

Carol Ann Duffy
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Personal life biographical material on Duffy is scant. Wikipedia has the following :Carol Ann Duffy was born to a Roman Catholic family in the Gorbals, a very poor part of Glasgow, the first child of Frank Duffy, an electrical fitter, and Mary Black. The couple went on to have another four children, all boys, the family moving to Stafford, England, when Duffy was six years old. Her father worked for English Electric. He was also a trade unionist, and stood unsuccessfully as a parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in 1983; he also managed Stafford Rangers football club in his spare time. Duffy was educated in Stafford at Saint Austin's RC Primary School (1962–1967), St. Joseph's Convent School (1967–1970), and Stafford Girls' High School (1970–1974), her literary talent encouraged by two English teachers... She was a passionate reader from an early age, and always wanted to be a writer, producing poems from the age of 11…

Carol Ann Duffy
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Relations with Significant Others

Placidus: c11—23Gem, c12—25Can, c2—11Vir, c3—8Lib b11—6Can, b12—6Leo, b2—22Vir, b3—21Lib

Duffy’s 1st part significator for lesbianism is shown in Set (37). It is also a golden benefic. It is comprised of 2sun/venus/jupiter/uranus/neptune—all very close by degree except for the saturn. C7 sun rules C Asc. B venus rules B MC. C7 saturn co-rules (25 of 32°) c 5th house.

On Sy’s Scholfield’s website she is listed as bisexual. That would also be a reasonable conclusion based on the fact she has had long-term intimate relationships with both a man and a woman. But Duffy’s astrology does not contain mercury/Desc as the significator for bisexual. Nor does it contain venus/Desc and mars/Desc which is the second way this astrology can show bisexuality.

Her astrology also does not show a 2nd part female significator--venus/Desc or moon/Desc, normally found in charts of lesbians.

What does she have? Her astrology shows the 2nd part male significator that is shown in Set (38). It contains c sun at 27 Aquarius 15 in c 7th house and made Angular by B MC at 27 Taurus 48. In fact, c sun can also be considered on “the dark side” of B Desc at 0 Pisces 03.

The above combinations of 1st and 2nd significators make sense in terms of her long term heterosexual relationship because this 2nd part one converts the apparent lesbian 1st part to functionally heterosexual. They do not support her long-term lesbian relationship.

There are, however, some progressions that would have given her a progressed 2nd part female significator. Below are the dates each occurred:

Table IDateProgressed Planet PositionSignificance
Nov. 1984 pc venus20 Aquarius 02 conjunct C Desc
March 1992 pb venus20 Aquarius 02 conjunct C Desc
April 1993pc venus0 Pisces 03 conjunct B Desc in c 7th house
June 2000pb venus0 Pisces 03 conjunct B Desc in c 7th house

I looked for, but could not find the date her relationship with Ms. Kay started. If it was close to one of the above four dates, then we could reasonably conclude that even though her astrology lacks a bisexual significator and it also lacks a 2nd part lesbian one, she entered a lesbian relationship on a progression which provided the latter. This is also a new consideration in looking at the astrology of sexual preference. Prior to now, I have been operating on the assumption that both 1st and 2nd part significators had to be present at birth. That one (and perhaps it can only be the 2nd part one) could progress into position is a new possibility.

Duffy also at various points had progression of Angles to her very close sun/venus/neptune Set (37) above. Those progressions would also have put a 5th-house influence venus temporarily (months) on an Angle, thereby completing a 2nd part lesbian significator. I did not show those dates because either they were too early for supposed inception of her relationship to Ms. Kay, or they were too late.

There is one more possibility. It would be unusual (I assume), but given the closeness of Duffy’s 1st part lesbian significator, it might have been in play for her relationship with Jackie Kay. It would occur if Kay provided an Angle for Duffy’s Set (37). In that sense, it would also have constituted an Angular, 5th-influencing 2nd part lesbian significator. That would be a very strong connection which would most likely only be broken by other, negative synastry between them.

Female-to-Male Individual:

Raven Kaldera
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The following biographical information was provided by Kaldera himself, found on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Religious Archives Network at Kaldera Biography: Raven Kaldera is a queer northern-tradition shaman and a pansexual FTM transgendered intersexual. That complicated string of titles translates to someone who was born with an intersex condition, raised female, transitioned to being socially and physically male, and became a transgender/intersex activist…

…He has been with his wife Bella, a social worker and MTF transsexual activist, for 13 years. Together they bought and began Cauldron Farm, a pagan homestead, intentional community, and sacred space. His lover Joshua came into his life 4 years ago, starting as an intern on their homestead and falling in love with Raven, his farm, and his goals. The three of them live together at Cauldron Farm, along with Raven's daughter and various queer refugees.

He has provided much more information than I show here, where the main information needed for this paper was the status of his sexuality and his sexual preferences. Please refer to the above website for his full biographical sketch.

This is the first chart I have ever done of someone who was born dual-sexed as well as some one who was raised female and changed to male later. The astrology that makes sense of it to me can, therefore, only be a guess. Nonetheless, what was found (shown below) is very appropriate.. There may be more to it, but there is no point going further into it until more examples are available.

Raven Kaldera
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th Chart) of Significant Relations with Others

Placidus: c11—12Sag, c12—6Cap, c2—25Pis, c3—27Ari b11—29Ari, b12—6Gem, b2—27Can, b3—22Leo

Set (40) shows, for one thing, as a bisexual significator. C mercury, ruler of c 5th house, is made Angular by its conjunction to C Asc. Its location in 8th/1st houses is also interesting. Conjunct the Asc it suggests something occurring since birth (Asc), that the person was born bisexual even physically. In b 8th house (of transformations), it suggests either on-going transformation (male to female and back) and/or a later transformation with regard to this condition.

Set (39) suggests the desire to go male. It shows three male planets—both harmonic suns in Aquarius conjunct mars in Aquarius. It is a forefront set affecting sexuality because c mars rules C MC in b 5th house.

We see sun conjunct mars all the time in both male and female charts without them suggesting any sexual transformations. But this conjunction is also conjunct b7 NN (spiritual growth) through masculinity (sun/sun/mars) and even humanitarianism (Aquarius). Then the placement of this conjunction in b 8th house suggests—should there be any ambiguity—that it is the transformation to male that is spiritually desired.

Kaldera’s hosting of various retreats at his home is suggested by the overlap of b 11th house of groups with c 4th house of his home. Jupiter. ruler of c 11th house, therein suggests such retreats will be well received and emotionally rewarding—unnumbered set above.

Not Any of Those Things:

Jackie Curtis
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Astrodatabank has the following biographic material on Curtis: American drag performer, Warholian superstar, actor, playwright, poet, and cabaret singer. A resident of Manhattan's Lower East Side, Jackie lived and performed - sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman. He was celebrated as a genius and became a legend, even before his tragic death. Jackie lived with his grandmother above her bar for much of his life.

His friendship and professional association with Andy Warhol began in the mid-1960s. He appeared in Director Paul Morrissey's "Women in Revolt" with Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn and "Flesh" with Joe Dallesandro and Candy Darling, presented by Andy Warhol. For these unique films, director Morrissey gave the actors information about their character, the scene and suggested lines. The camera (frequently manned by Warhol) rolled and everyone improvised much of the content in a single take. After his death in 1985, a friend found a note Jackie had written reading: "You are not truly a Warhol superstar unless you are dead."

Jackie loved being on stage…His talent transcended gender and he reveled in melodramatic female roles. For some of his best roles, Jackie was his own playwright. He began writing plays in the late 1960's in which he usually appeared as the female lead… A prolific writer, Jackie was a published poet.

In 1970, Jackie Curtis auditioned in drag for Busby Berkeley's revival of the 1920s musical "No, No, Nanette" - but was ahead of his time to be part of the chorus line. His cabaret performances were stunning. In 1973 he appeared at the New York Cultural Center in "Cabaret in the Sky - an Evening with Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis," an event attended by gay New York and "cafe society" alike. His production of "Vain Victory" appeared at La Mama in 1971. It was an immediate smash hit and ran all summer long to packed houses.

Jackie’s last two productions were "I Died Yesterday" (the Frances Farmer story) in 1984, and "Champagne" in 1985.

Jackie died of an accidental heroin overdose on May 15, 1985. He was just 38 years old.

Quotes from Curtis himself stated that he did not consider himself either gay, or bisexual, or transgender. He considered himself “just Jackie.”

They are not shown here, but Curtis has homosexual significators of the 1st part in his 2nd chart of personal finances and possessions and his 11th chart of groups. So far I have shied away from using the 2nd chart to represent a sexual significator, but there really is no reason to. Some one whose consciousness is centered on possessions and money might have the 2nd chart as their COG chart. Thus, it could contain sexual significators. But that doesn’t sound like it fits Jackie.

His 11th chart shows more possibility. When one acts it is almost always with a group with whom a special bond is created for the duration of the movie or play, and some times much longer.

Curtis also has an all-charts homosexual significator of the 2nd part. It is shown by b mars, ruler of b 5th house, at 25 Capricorn 36 and made Angular by C MC at 26 Aries 26. That mars is also in b 7th house.

In addition, Jackie has a bisexual significator shown in his 5th chart B5 mercury at 20 Capricorn 51 is conjunct B Desc at 20 Capricorn 42.

Ultimately we are interested in why Jackie did not identify either as a homosexual or a bisexual, or even as a transvestite. For the possible explanation for this, we need to look at his 3rd chart..

Jackie Curtis
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (aka 3rd Chart) of Mind

Placidus: c11—2Gem, c12—4Can, c2—26Leo, c3—23Vir b11—17Tau, b12—21Gem, b2—12Leo, b3—8Vir

Set (41) shows that Jackie has his c3 sun in Aries conjunct B MC. It also rules C Asc at 2 Leo 50.

Set (42) shows an all-charts conjunction of c sun in Aries to C MC. C sun also rules C Asc.

In this chart, then, Jackie’s c sun in Aries influences three of his four Angles. Sun in Aries sees itself as unique and self-defining. (It is Libra, the opposite sign, which always defines itself with regard to others.) On Angles, sun in Aries is very “Aries.”

Since the Aries suns are male, and he has a homosexual 2nd part significator along with a bisexual one, what we have not seen so far is anything that suggests Jackie’s fondness for playing female roles. I did not see any female 2nd part significators in his 5th or 7th charts. It is, I think, in his 3rd chart represented by the following set :

Set (43)b venus20 Sagittarius 55
b3 moon 22 Sagittarius 54ruler of B Asc
b3 neptune22 Pisces 04
c jupiter 25 Virgo 09in both 3rd houses; ruler of c 5th

C jupiter turned SD on his 34th birthday at 23 Virgo 28. Set (43) contains two female planets for sure—moon and venus. Some people would identify neptune as also female since it is so receptive and diffuse—the opposite of the drive of testosterone and mars. Others would identify jupiter as female since it is on the right pillar of the Tree of Life (along with venus) At any rate, Set (43) is a golden benefic with influence to an Angle and at least two planets expressing as female. It does not influence 3rd houses (only the c jupiter does because it is in them). It does influence a 5th house. So it suggests a feminine sexuality which is sponsored mentally. You can’t play a part well unless you have some feeling for it. In addition, since this set is a golden benefic increased in intensity by the presence of neptune taking feelings to rapt and mystical, playing female roles would bring Jackie joy nearing ecstasy (as well as accolades from others).

I think it important to point out that he could not have pursued the joyful abandonment of these female roles had he not had the suns in Aries conjunct his MCs. They are the sets which underwrote his“ cutting his own path.” Quite likely many men have sets like Set (43) who would not dream—at least in public—of acting like a woman, let alone an ecstatic one.

The return for the date of his death, May 15, 1985, from a drug overdose had return3 moon at 10 Capricorn 04 and return3 pluto at 11 Cancer 38, fitting into his node/MC/sun/mars/saturn in Set (41) above. It may represent his death. It may also represent the darkness and depression he was experiencing prior to his death.

Set (42)—MC/sun/mars—picks up saturn in several charts, in particular at 25 Capricorn 46 in his 7th chart. His return MC was at 25 Aries 03, providing a second Angle for his MC/sun/mars/saturn. Both these Angle/sun/mars/saturn sets had influence to his 4th houses through b mars, co-ruler (17 of 21°) b 4th house. The suggestion is he will die young.

The significators shown in this paper continue to support those originally identified as those for lesbianism, homosexuality, and bisexuality in earlier papers. In this paper, however, there is clearer information on how the 1st and 2nd signficators can create variations from the "norm" for each group.

Red Trillium, a member of the lily family (cropped)
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments
Letters preceding the individual's name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. As memory serves me, (AA) means verified by birth record on hand, (A) means something similar but slightly less reliable, B means from a biography, C means reasonably okay but not from verified public records, (DD) stands for "dirty data," i.e., not at all verified or verifiable, therefore unreliable. Below are acknowledgments in the order of their presentation in the paper:

(AA) Melissa Parsons Ferrick
Birth: 9/21/1970, 12:56 a.m. EDT, Haverhill, MA. From Pat Tagliatelo quotes the birth certificate.
Conception:12/9/69, 7:37:16 p.m. EST, Haverhill, MA.

(B) Melissa Sue Etheridge
Birth: 5/29/1961, 1:15 p.m. CST, Leavenworth, KS. Scholfield quotes Joyce Luck, "Melissa Etheridge: Our Little Secret," 1997, p.9. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Conception:8/20/1960, 11:26:25 p.m. CST, Leavenworth, KS.

(A) Roseanne Teresa O’Donnell
Birth: 3/21/1962, 10:00 a.m. EST, Commack, NY. From Donna Cunningham quotes her for the date, given on her show 3/21/1997; time unknown; On March 31, 2009 Shelley Ackerman obtained the time given from O'Donnell at a revival of "Hair."
Conception:6/11/1961, 11:57:36 a.m. EST, Commack, NY.

(AA) Samantha Judith Ronson
Birth: 8/7/1977, 3:00 p.m. GMT, Camden, England. Sy Scholfield [copyright] cites data (including time of birth) from birth certificate (a twin), courtesy of Frank Clifford. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:10/28/1976, 4:06:58 a.m. GMT, Colliers, SC.

(B) Jools (and Lynda) Topp (twins)
Birth: 5/14/195827, 10:00 (and 10:05) p.m. NZT (-12), Huntly, New Zealand. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes Jools and Lynda Topp's The Topp Twins Book (Auckland, NZ: Penguin, 2003), p. 10. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:8/6/1957, 7:43:41 a.m. NZT, Huntly, New Zealand.

(AA) Marlene Dietrich
Birth: 12/27/1901, 9:15 p.m. CET, Berlin-Schoenberg, Germany. From Birth certificate in hand from Luc De Marre.
Conception:3/16/1901, 5:31:09 a.m. CET, Colliers, Berlin-Schoenberg, Germany.

(A) Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight)
Birth: 3/25/1947, 4:00 p.m. GDT, Pinner, England. Scholfield [copyright] . In his British Entertainers, Frank C. Clifford quotes Ruth Dewey, "confirmed by him". From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:6/15/1946, 9:42:17 p.m. BST, Pinner, England.

(B) Ram Dass (Richard Alpert)
Birth: 4/6/1931, 10:40 a.m. EST, Boston, MA. From LMR quotes his autobiography "The Only Dance There Is".
Conception:6/28/1930, 2:19:42 a.m. EST, Boston, MA.

(AA) George Richard Chamberlain
Birth: 3/31/1934, 6:20 p.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA. From Contemporary American Horoscopes quotes BR/BC.
Conception:6/22/1933, 5:50:23 a.m. PST, Los Angeles, CA.

(B) Alvin Ailey, Jr.
Birth: 1/5/1931, 5:30 a.m. CST, Rogers, TX. Sy Scholfield quotes Ailey’s mother, Lula Elizabeth Cooper, who gave his data in "Revelations: The Autobiography of Alvin Ailey," by Alvin Ailey with A. Peter Bailey, Secaucus, NJ, Carol Pub Group, 1995, p.166-167. "Alvin was born at home... They started boiling water and getting towels. About five-thirty in the morning on the fifth of January there was Alvin Ailey... We lived in Rogers...," no specification is given of which Rogers, TX (there's at least three). From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Other biographical references state his birth place as Rogers, Bell County, TX, including Ed Steinbrecher who gives same date and place from "Oxford Dictionary of Ballet," no time}.
Biography: Elizabeth Zimmer, "The Art of Belief: The Life of Alvin Ailey."
Biography, Jennifer Dunning, "Alvin Ailey: A Life in Dance."From LMR quotes her by letter, 4/3/78, from her birth certificate. [This was apparently for a different time than 5:30 a.m.--auth]
Conception:3/25/1930, 7:14:43 a.m. CST, Rogers, TX.

(B) Daniel Mathews
Birth: 10/251964, 1:15 a.m. PDT, Newport Beach, CA. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes date, year, place (and time of birth for chart) from Mathews via email in February, 2001. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:1/12/1964, 6:42:42 a.m. PST, Newport Beach, CA.

(A) Matthew Mitcham
Birth: 3/2/1988, 12:36 a.m. AEST (10 hrs. E), Brisbane, Australia. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes name, date, year and place of birth from Mitcham's profile at the official Site of the 2008 Australian Olympic Team; time of birth from Mitcham himself on his official Facebook page on 5 April 2010 ["12.36am :O)"] in answer to my request for his time of birth. Please note that I could not find a birth notice for Mitcham in Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper). From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:5/236/1987, 6:33:20 a.m. AEST, Brisbane, Australia.

(AA) Vicky Gene Robinson
Birth: 5/29/1947, 9:03 a.m. CST, Lexington, KY. Sy Scholfield quotes the birth certificate. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:8/20/1946, 7:25:34 p.m. CST, Lexington, KY.

(A) Peter Gary Tatchell
Birth: 1/25/1952, 2:30 a.m. AEST (10 hr. E), Melbourne, Australia. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from him. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:4/14/1951, 7:21:31 p.m. AEST, Melbourne, Australia

(AA) Nathan Lane
Birth:2/3/1956, 2:29 p.m. EST, Jersey City, NJ. From Birth certificate in hand, LMR.
Conception:4/24/1955, 5:00:54 p.m. EST, Jersey City, NJ.

(AA) Rock Hudson (Leroy Harold Scherer, Jr.)
Birth: 11/17/1925, 2:15 a.m. CST, Winnetta, IL. From Birth certificate in hand from the Wilsons.
Conception:2/3/1925, 12:54:8 p.m. CST, Winnetta, IL.

(AA) Gus Green Van Sant, Jr.
Birth:7/24/1952, 3:15 a.m. CDT, Louisville, KY. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes full name, date, year, place (and time of birth for chart) from birth certificate in hand. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:10/15/1951, 7:33:55. a.m. CDT, Louisville, KY.

(A) Julian Clary
Birth: 5/25/1959, 9:00 p.m. GDT, Surbiton, England. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from Clary in person. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Conception:8/17/1958, 7:22:47 a.m. GDT, Surbiton, England.

(AA) Johnny Mathis
Birth: 9/30/1935, 12:00 midnight CST, Gilmore, TX. From Birth record in hand from Steinbrecher.
Conception:12/18/1934, 11:45:07 a.m. CST, Gilmore, TX.

(A) Tom Robinson
Birth: 6/1/1950, 9:00 a.m. BST, Cambridge, England. Sy Scholfield quotes him by email from his official website (, 6/06/2002. "He confirms on his official website (and in an email to me) that he was born June 1st, not July 1st." From the website of Sy Scholfield at Queer Stars.
Conception:8/23/1949, 6:58:43 p.m. BST, Cambridge, England.

(AA) Carol Ann Duffy
Birth: 12/23/1954, Glasgow, Scotland. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes date, year, place and time of birth for chart from Caroline Gerard via birth certificate. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Conception:3/12/1955, 5:23:03 p.m. GMT, Glasgow, Scotland.

(A) Raven Kaldera
Birth: 1/28/1966, 8:50 p.m. EST, Silver Spring, MD. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from Raven (via the RainbowStars mailing List. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Conception:2/15/1966, 7:29:38 a.m. EST, Silver Spring, MD.

(A) Jackie Curtis
Birth: 2/19/1947, 4:10 p.m. EST, New York City, NY. Sy Scholfield [copyright] quotes data from Raven (via the RainbowStars mailing List).after his birth. From the website of Sy Scholfield at Astroqueer.
Conception:5/11/1946, 11:52:24 a.m. EST, New York City, NY.

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