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August 2011

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Gerald Amirault
Astrological Exoneration of the Pedophilia Charge
by Sandra Weidner

Gerald Amirault was thirty years old January 22, 1985 when he was indicted for rape involving thirteen of the children at the Fells Acre Day Care Center in Malden, Massachusetts where he worked as an all-around handyman. Run by his mother, Violet, Fells Acre also employed Gerald’s sister, Cheryl LaFave. All three were eventually indicted, convicted, and sent to prison. I am not sure of the exact conviction for Mrs. Amirault and her daughter. They served eight years. Gerald was charged with rape. That is, he was arrested, charged, and eventually convicted of being a pedophile. He served eighteen years before he was released and exonerated of the charges.

It is difficult to write concisely about Gerald Amirault’s case. There are a number of Internet pages about his case, including reprints of newspaper articles. The dates, places, and exact charges are not presented consistently in any of them. We know the trouble started in 1984 (on a spring day) with an apparently harmless incident in which he helped one of the young boys change from wet pants to dry ones. The parents of that boy later became one of his first accusers. Amirault was indicted in early 1985 (January 22) and convicted in 1986 (no month or day found). He entered prison (exact location not given, just “Massachusetts”) in 1987 (no date given). He was released from prison on April 30, 2004 at 10 o’clock.

Quoting from the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal writing about Amirault's release from prison, It is also a happy day for The Wall Street Journal. Readers of this page will be familiar with Dorothy Rabinowitz’s accounts of judicial abuse of the Amirault family and others falsely convicted of child sex abuse during a wave of irrational cases that swept the courts in the 1980s.

…Mr. Amirault’s prosecution was driven by the passions of the times—in this case, the belief that child predators lurked everywhere and that the child “victims” must be believed at all costs. (From the Wall Street Journal Article.)

Over the years following his imprisonment, it became more and more clear that the children who testified were coached, even subtly coerced, to tell the story wanted by those involved in Amirault’s prosecution.

I would like to have included the astrology for John Stoll in this paper. Stoll was another man convicted of child sexual abuse. He served twenty years and was then exonerated and released. Tried in Kern County, California along with number of other individuals, he was accused of satanic ritual abuse. As many as 60 children testified (and were coached). Stoll and various co-defendants were accused of sodomy, group sex, and pornographic pictures (none was ever found) of the children.

In 2004 Stoll was released, among other things following the testimony of four of the children, now adults, who stated Stoll had never touched them. A film, “Witch Hunt,” was produced about the affair. MSNBC also did a documentary focused primarily on Stoll, which interviewed those four recanting adults. In spite of the fact they were young and coerced, clearly, they, too, had paid a high price for their false testimony.

Stoll’s case was helped considerably by legal representation by the Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara University. In 2009 Stoll sued Kern County and was awarded $5 million dollars.

Unfortunately, Stoll’s birth data is not available. So, in this paper, we are examining only the astrology of Gerald Amirault.

It is possible to read this paper without reading the one on pedophilia. However, the material in the latter helps build the case that the significators for pedophilia are correct since they occur in all the charts of twenty-five pedophiles--all that I had available. The conviction that they are correct helps in coming to the conclusion in this paper that Amirault’s astrology resembles, but lacks, an important, absolutlely necessary, part of the significator. With that lack, the significator is not valid, and Gerald Amirault is not, and was not, a pedophile.

Here is the link for that paper about the twenty-five pedophiles: Paper on Pedophilia.

I have written other papers covering the subject of sexuality and sexual orientation. They identify the astrology for degree of sexuality as well as gender preference. Links to each are found at the top of this page.

I want to keep this paper straightforward and simple as possible so I am not going to repeat some things here which are already adequately covered in other papers on sexuality. Below is the gist of them:

I have already written about the traditional astrological assignment of sexuality to planets and signs. For instance, like the author wrote, “men are from mars, and women are from venus.” My discussion of such sexual assignments can be found in the Introduction to the paper on homosexuality, link above.
Just about every one has “sexuality in general,” independent of gender and age preference. It varies by degree. Some people are highly sexed, some average, some virtually asexual. I have written about identification of that form of astrology, especially the higher end of it, in the paper on bisexuality, link above. In my papers I have identified this part of sexuality as the “sexual significator of the first part.”
Gender preference shows in this astrology as a rather simple form of “tag” solely representing preference for male, female, or bisexual partners. Gender preference, however, can get a bit more complicated than a simple identifying tag because an individual can have two such tags. Some times one of them nullifies, or over-rides, the other. Gender preference is covered in all four papers, with links above, on homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and pedophilia. In all the papers, gender preference is identified as the “sexual significator of the second part.”
The gender preference shown in all sexual categories—homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, and pedophile--is the same. It is a gender-identifying tag. (Sorry, I don’t have anything on omni- or trans-sexuals). My only disclaimer to this categorical statement is that it appears that heterosexuality does not always show such a significator. Heterosexuality may be a “default setting,” with the individual assumed heterosexual if no other gender preference significator exists. It will take thousands upon thousands of charts to actually validate same.
The astrology of pedophilia, it turns out, gives us another significator, which I have called the “sexual significator of the third part.” Further, individuals who have charts in which this significator appears a valid identification of a pedophile may have a second third part significator which, in effect cancels out the pedophilia. I have called it “the second third part significator,” perhaps better expressed as “the second of two third part significators.”

This paper focuses primarily on third part significators as they are germane to establishing that Gerald Amirault is not a pedophile.

General Statements About the Significators for Pedophilia
I don’t know the percentages. Some pedophiles prefer boys; some, girls. Some who prefer boys appear “homosexual” pedophiles because their charts contain the two main—first and second part—significators for homosexuality. But that astrology just makes them homosexuals. It has nothing to do with sexual attraction to children. The moment that third, pedophile significator is added, the individual becomes a pedophile. He may prefer boys, but he is no longer a homosexual, which I understand to apply to an adult male who prefers adult male partners. He is a pedophile who prefers boys. The same is true of the other sexual categories. They may start out heterosexual, or bisexual. When that third significator is added, they are pedophiles with differing gender preferences.

Pedophilia, it appears, “trumps” all other forms of sexuality because it has its own, unique significator which dominates each and every one of the others (except for "the second of two third part significators.").

But that is not the only reason pedophilia is different. Homosexuality, lesbianism, heterosexuality, and bisexuality are adult forms of sexuality occurring between two consenting adults. Pedophilia occurs between an adult and a child, with the pedophile always dominant. The child has no choice. This astrology recognizes the validity of a pedophile significator. So, pedophiles are not just inventing their condition out of whimsy, boredom, or even depravity. This astrology, however, does not include pedophilia among the other forms of adult sexuality. Pedophilia involves a radical departure from normal sexual practices. Furthermore, the subject is so emotionally charged it is difficult to get any reading on the reality of pedophilia. We only know about the ones who are caught. Some pedophiles, I am sure, would argue that at some times, in some cultures, pedophilia was culturally acceptable and did little damage. Always hidden in this culture, it forms the basis for the untold grief of many children as well as their parents. And, although an unknown percentage of pedophiles either lack conscience or have very efficient and powerful rationalizations with regard to their effect on their sexual "partners," I believe the occasional TV story that portrays some pedophiles as tortured by that identity. So, too, would be those individuals who, while having the significator, spend a long life managing never to manifest that behavior. We have no idea who they might be. Pedophiles are one of the few remaining groups of people, certainly in this country, it is politically correct to denounce, even rabidly. That hardly encourages open discussion. With rabid reactions people can form an instant connection with other "anti-pedophiles," a forged bond of "belonging." While strong and vociferous reactions to pedophiles are understandable, they keep the subject matter in the dark, never improve our understanding, and feed into exactly the kind of thing that happened to Amirault--innocent people becoming victims to "waves of anti-pedophile paranoia"--legal, sanctioned witch hunts.

We want to get to the specifics of the significator for pedophilia. Once we have clearly identified it, we can then see how Amirault’s astrology departs from it.

The Third Part of Sexual Significators, That For Pedophilia
For those not familiar with this method, there is a section below entitled "Astrological Method" with a link to further discussion of this particular astrological approach.

The set that is essential in identifying a pedophile is the third part. It occurs as Angle/light/venus-in-Gemini/5th, with the venus always in Gemini. That is, the chart contains a venus in Gemini which is in the same set with a light or Angle, and which through rulership or placement influences a 5th house of sexuality. In the context of pedophilia, venus in Gemini represents love (venus) of children (Gemini).

When not associated with a 5th house, venus in Gemini can and does have other interpretations, none of them related to pedophilia. Some of those other interpretations are: love of (venus) learning (Gemini) or teaching (Gemini) or studying (Gemini also). Love of (venus) writing, reading, and books (Gemini). Love of (venus) a sibling (Gemini) or twin (Gemini). There are likely more, based on whatever falls under the domain of "Gemini."

There are two examples at the bottom of the paper on pedophilia of individuals known not to be pedophiles who have the venus in Gemini part of the significator [several more were added as I found them, and their links occur in the Introduction to the paper on pedophilia as an Addendum]. In one case it involves a perfectly legitimate alternate interpretation of the meaning of venus in Gemini. In the second case, a second third part of the significator occurred, called an "anti-significator," which canceled, or suppressed (not sure which) the drive toward pedophilia. The examples in the Addendum also either show the simple "tag" of an anti-significator to pedophilia (as occurred in the astrology of Lewis Carroll), or sexuality even more powerful than pedophilia (rare, the anonymous subject), and two whose sexuality was thwarted at the level of mind (3rd chart) even before it gets to usual sexual expression (5th chart).

Lewis Carroll's astrology is shown at thevery beginning of the paper on pedophilia. Carroll, who never married, had an intense, life-long love of children, especially little girls. He liked to photograph them nude, so his love, which dominated his life, included a keen appreciation of their physical charms. But there is absolutely no reference in Carroll’s biographies to any sexual behavior toward any of them. He adored little girls. He really only came alive in their company. He spent an enormous amount of energy and money creating special occasions for the ones he loved and was exceptionally talented in doing so. And, as occurs with pedophiles, he mostly lost touch with and lost interest in them when they matured sexually. But he never touched them sexually. Or in any way even implied to any one of them that he was interested in doing so. We know that because a number of them wrote of their fascinating relationship with him. And it isn't because people "in those days" were afraid to mention or were ignorant of such things. At least in Carroll's circles, they were very sophisticated about such possibilities.

Carroll’s astrology shows that second "third part significator,” the one which overrides the astrological indication he was a pedophile. Clearly, in his case, that did not stop his obsession. It appears, however, to have made it possible for him to stop short of a sexual interest. Indeed, there was no indication in the biography of Carroll which I read that he expressed any interest in sexuality, period.

The 3rd chart form of astrology which greatly mitigates against pedophilia0 occurred in the charts of Adolf Hitler and J. M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan).

Hitler had his own form of interest in children through sponsorship of the Hitler youth. I do not know that that meant he spent a lot of time with them. But his long-time girlfriend, Eva Braun, was reported to be rather childlike.

Barrie's form of non-sexual interest in children showed not only in his plays emphasizeing not growing up, but in his obsessive attachment to the five sons of Arthur and Sylvia Llewelyn Davies. Upon their separate but early deaths, he also became the boys' godfather, mentor, and sponsor of their whole economic well-being. There is considerable biographical material on Barrie in which the children, then grown up, stated outright or at least implied that Barrie was asexual. But here we are left guessing somewhat because one of the boys eventually committed suicide--undisclosed or undiscovered reason--in adulthood.

The list of "anti-pedophile" cancellers is subject to modification, mostly by addition. Unfortunately, new ones can only be found by accident over time because one cannot look for birth data on people who might have been pedophiles except for their cancellers. Objectively and socially they either look normal or they show an unusual, but not sexual, interest in children. Huge numbers of people have an interest in and love of children who are not at all pedophiles. Many of them are called teachers (though it is highly unlikely all teachers have venus in Gemini).

The Occurrence of a Second "Third Part Significator" Which Cancels Out the One for Pedophilia
As noted above, venus in Gemini can be either on an Angle, or influencing it though another of the planets in its set. “On an Angle” is always stronger than “influencing an Angle.” “On an Angle” is definitely stronger in directing consciousness. But both count in assessing the strength or validity of a pedophile significator.

As also noted, the 5th influence can occur either because the venus in Gemini is in a 5th house or one of the planets in its set influences a 5th house through ruling or co-ruling it. I am not sure which is stronger, it being in a 5th or influencing a 5th, but I am sure of the following:

This principle of one set being dominant over another when one of them is on an Angle has already been demonstrated in the chart of one twin who was retarded while his brother was not. Both twins had the full significator for mental retardation that influenced an Angle by one of the planets in the set ruling an Angle. But the twin who was not retarded had (non-harmonic) mercury on an Angle (less than 2°). Mercury can symbolize many different things, but in the context of a brain (thinking--mercury) that cannot funtion, mercury on an Angle symbolizes a brain (thinking-mercury) which functions well (on an Angle). That paper can be found at: One Twin Retarded, His Brother Bright Since writing that paper, I have seen several similar instances in which a planet on an Angle overrides the description produced by a set only influencing an Angle.

Different Charts May Contain the Significators for Pedophilia
My first experience with the phenomenon that a significator set could occur in a “non-typical” chart occurred while searching for significators for spiritually elevated individuals. In their astrology I started, and for a long time limited, my search for their significator either to the 9th chart (of higher mind) or to a set with influence to an Angle and 9th house within the 7th chart. These were typical places astrologers might look to find out about the individual's spiritual thrust. But the part of Mother Nature that sponsors astrology was not so limited in its choice of spelling out specifications. Eventually, I discovered--for me unequivocally--that the significators could occur in other charts. Here are papers on some of the spiritual giants whose significators occurred in one of these non-typical charts: Paper on Gurus, Paper on Catholic Saints, Paper on Dag Hammarskjöld, Paper on Osho, Paper on Vivekananda). They clearly showed the significators for spiritual elevation could occur in 3rd , 6th and 10th charts as well as 7th and 9th, with the latter two being the typical chart for them to occur in. No matter which chart they occurred in, the planet/path was the same in all of them. So, the planet/path is more important in describing the potentiality than the chart.

When the chart in which the significator for some condition or event is atypical, it will always make sense if we have enough biographical information to resort to. An atypical, significator-containing chart is referred to as the “center of gravity” (COG) chart of the individual. Normally, for most of us, that is our 7th chart, the one which describes best our identity with others. But sometimes people have their most active consciousness represented by a different chart than the 7th. In that case, that chart becomes their COG chart.

The COG chart does not mean the individual does not experience the astrology of his other charts. It just means he is focused primarily in that chart. Individuals can also change their COG chart. We have all seen this occur when we witness individuals who make radical, apparently permanent life changes. COG charts can occur in any of the twelve charts representing the twelve houses of the traditional chart. Some of those charts represent essentially private matters. It follows that we are not always aware of the individual’s COG chart. Nor are we always aware when she changes from one to another.

In the context of the significators for pedophilia, second (gender preference) and third parts (special sexual tags, also that for pedophilia) of significators can occur in 5th, 7th, or COG charts. When they do occur in a COG chart, they must be joined by the first parts in that chart. That is why it is considered a COG chart for that form of consciousness.

Before we look at Amirault’s astrology, we need some information about the astrological method used here.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses a birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis. :

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. Here is the address of the paper that discusses the practical difference between the tropical (Western) and sidereal (Eastern) zodiacs: Sidereal vs. Tropical Astrology: A Discussion. Today it is politically correct to say that both zodiacs "work," but there are important ways in which they both do not work equally.
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link below), is used. This particular harmonic has produced consistent results and cannot be replaced by the regular harmonic (though the latter surely involves less work).
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for static planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” As it turned out in this paper, house overlaps were not significant. They can be for some other conditions. Throughout this paper I use the convention when writing about house overlaps of putting the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Chart Reading Rules

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.”

Gerald Amirault
Amirault’s data acknowledgment can be found at the bottom of this paper. He had only one chart, besides his 7th, which produced a lighted venus in Gemini. It occurred in his 3rd chart as a conjunction of b3 venus (ruler of B MC in c 4th house and ruler of c 3rd house, co-ruler of c 9th and 12th houses) at 1 Gemini 15 to c3 sun (ruler of c 7th house) at 3 Gemini 40. These were the only two planets in the set. Since they have no 5th influence, they do not refer to anything involving sexuality and children and this chart does not contain a pedophile significator.

As it turned out, the astrology that made Amirault look like a pedophile for a certain period of time occurred in his 7th chart. Let’s take a look.

Gerald Amirault
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th Housethe Third Part of the Significator, Showing Apparent Sexual Attraction to Children

Placidian House Cusps: c11—9Sag, c12—2Cap, c2—23Pis, c3—25Ari b11—27Gem, b12—28Can, b2—20Vir, b3—19Lib

Set (1), shown in the drawing above, includes node/2venus/saturn/uranus/neptune. None of them influence an Angle or 5th house. Neither is the set on an Angle. The node/venus/uranus—that is, lighted venus in Gemini—is in conception 5th house, connecting sexuality and love of (venus) children (Gemini). That gives us the 5th house connection to the venus in Gemini. However, since this set is neither on an Angle nor influencing one, it does not meet the criteria for a pedophile significator.

Note that Set (1) also falls in birth 10th house. In fact, Set (1), when it gains forefront influence, gives us a good description of some one who is seen socially (10th house) as a pedophile (light/venus/Gemini/5th). What brought it forefront?

The precipitating progression in terms of the type of consciousness he was seen as having (that of pedophile) and that he himself was made brutally aware of occurred through his progressed birth South Node in Gemini. Note above that it started at 28 Gemini 56 at birth. By January 22, 1985 (the date of Amirault’s indictment) it had moved to 26 Gemini 14—very closely lighting that elevated venus in Gemini. Less than 1° seems to be the orb of influence for this type of progression. On January 22, 1985, the orb was 23 minutes from an exact conjunction. How did that bring it forefront since there were still no planets ruling an Angle on the set?

It has something to do with the timing power of the progressed moon’s nodes. When they progress from more distant to very close into a set, they act as timers for the manifestation of that set (or that planet). This is true even when the set lacks an Angular influence. For many astrologers, including me, the moon’s nodes are suggestive of forms of consciousness the individual “must” experience. Some people call those karmic forms of consciousness. I just don’t like the use of that word. In this particular instance, it suggests Amirault was accused of pedophilia because (in some past life) he had been one. We do not know why Amirault was accused of pedophilia. It may have occurred because that form of consciousness--being wrongfully accused of something that to non-pedophiles is heinous behavior and being incarcerated for a long time because of it, separated from wife and growing children—has to be an extremely painful experience. One of the things we know about extremely painful experiences, if they do not utterly crush the individual, is that they can be extremely fruitful for spiritual growth.

Such was the case with the Beirut, Lebanon captives. But often their enormous growth becomes clear only much later, in retrospect. These are not the kind of experiences an individual human being opts for. They are set up before he incarnates.

Note that one full cycle of the moon’s nodes occurs every 18.6 years. Amirault was incarcerated for 18 years. It suggests that the progressed node was instrumental in activating his lighted venus-in-Gemini/10th/5th set. And the duration of the “event” also appears influenced, but not totally defined, by this 18.6 year cycle. At the time of his release on April 30, 2004, progressed birth North Node was at 23 Gemini 42, having left the set long before his release. So, the length of time the node is actually closely in the set does not give us a clue to the duration of the experience suggested by the set.

I am absolutely no good at dealing with things involving spatial relationships. But, Dwight Ennis has a marvelous description--and many illustrations with moving parts--of the lunar nodes and eclipses at the following site: Article on Eclipses and Moon's Nodes. Meanings of the moon's nodes in astrology that I most subscribe to were described in a book written by George White (Samuel Weiser, 1975) in a book titled Moon's Nodes and Their Importance in Natal Astrology. It has been years since I had the book. Among other things, he saw the South Node on an Ascendant or elevated in the 9th/10th houses as symbolic of rejection and/or difficult experiences for the individual. People with North Nodes there were automatically favored and liked. Amirault's birth South Node is elevated in his birth 10th house. My research has refined my understanding of the moon's nodes, which I have written about in some other papers on this site.

At the time of Amirault's indictment, Amirault had other progressions that further defined the form his “pedophilia consciousness” would take. Interestingly, he had two progressed jupiters in the set with the node/venus-in-Gemini. Pb7 jupiter was at 25 Sagittarius 52, and pc7 jupiter at 25 Virgo 48. This is a progressed golden benefic (still without Angular influence), usually a very positive condition. In this context it represents Amirault’s instant “fame” as a child molester, just as famous assassins often have progressed Angle to jupiter at the time of their fame.

In Set (2) (shown in the diagram above) we see, however, Amirault's conception North Node in Capricorn in 5th/12th houses. NN in a 5th house shows growth (NN) from, among other things, work with children (5th) and/or sexuality. The 12th house part of it suggests this growth has a hidden or unforeseen component—his incarceration.

That conjunction of b jupiter, ruler of b 5th house and co-ruler (27 of 34°) of b 4th house to B MC in c 4th house suggests good fortune (jupiter on an Angle) in legal matters (jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, associated with the 9th house of law) regarding children (5th) at the “end phase” of his life (4th house).

Amirault’s Angular progressions yield the true tone for the event represented by progressed Set (1). At the time of his indictment He had progressed B MC at 23 Gemini 54 conjunct pc uranus, ruler of C Asc in b 6th house (work and service environment) elevated in 10th/5th houses, symbolizing something upsetting or some radical departure from normal in regard to career (10th) and sexuality (5th).

Progressed C Asc was at 0 Aries 58, in the same set with b7 mars, ruler of b 9th house (representing the law), both harmonic suns at 0 Cancer 36, and c7 pluto at 1 Cancer 07. He is stung to the quick (mars/pluto) by his indictment (9th).

The above progression of an Angle to 2sun/mars/pluto involves some of the planets (particularly the one influencing a 9th house of law) in the set which, in the first place, describes Amirault’s potential run-in with the law. Here is that set (which is also from his 7th chart):

Set (1a)c7 sun0 Cancer 36ruler of c 7th house
b7 sun0 Cancer 36ruler of B Asc in c 7th house, co-ruler b 12th
b neptune1 Libra 39
b moon4 Capricorn 13ruler of b 12th house
c7 saturn5 Capricorn 31Rruler of c 12th house
b7 mars17 Scorpio 33ruler of b 9thhouse

Set (1a) shows a toxic or emotionally intense (neptune with mars) dark malefic (light/mars/saturn) with influence to an Angle, 7th, 9th, and 12th houses, suggesting a truly unpleasant experience which could lead to legal troubles (9th) and incarceration (12th).

Set (1a) contains the necessary planets (Angle/light/mars/neptune) to be a significator of the first part for homosexuality, but it does not influence a 5th house, so it has nothing to do with homosexuality.

I would have thought Set (1a) would best precipitate his legal troubles when progressing c7 saturn reached 1 Capricorn 12 in exact square to b 9mars (12th/9th). With two suns in the set just below those degrees, it would have had Angular influence as a progressions. Pc7 saturn, however, reached 1 Capricorn 12 around March 22, 1965 about twenty years earlier than his indictment. At that time his progressed b SN was still only at 28 Gemini 07—still over 2° away from that venus in Gemini to be forming a “new” (tighter) set. So, his apparent “pedophile set” had not yet become an actuality. In 1965 he was only eleven years old. He probably experienced minor difficulties with authority figures at that time.

Amirault also had the following set formed through his return on January 27, 1985, the date of his indictment:

Set (1b)return Asc15 Scorpio 51
b mars16 Scorpio 48ruler of b 9th house
return7 saturn17 Scorpio 16
return7 uranus17 Scorpio 16
pc7 mercury17 Scorpio 33ruler of c 5th and 8th houses

Set (1b) suggests something truly unpleasant (lesser and greater malefics in Scorpio on an Angle) and emotionally wrenching (Scorpio and 8th influence) which could involve some 9th house matter (the law) and have something to do with children (mercury) and sexuality. (Note that mercury influencing a 5th is usually considered bisexual, but in the context of a return, it has nothing to do with bisexuality and has many other possible interpretations, one of which is “talk about,” another of which is “children.” More on this below.)

We need to review what we have learned so far. We have established, in the discussion of Set (1), above, that Amirault does not have a valid pedophile significator. Indeed, what he has is a valid significator for looking like a pedophile.

Set (1) is sufficient to demonstrate that Amirault is not a pedophile.

Amirault has, however, another set which identifies his sexual attraction to adult females instead of children. He has a potential “second third part significator” which would have over-ruled his first third part significator (venus/Gemini) had it been a pedophile one. Here is that set:

Gerald Amirault
Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th HouseShowing the Second Part of the Third Part of the Significator

Placidian House Cusps: c11—9Sag, c12—2Cap, c2—23Pis, c3—25Ari b11—27Gem, b12—28Can, b2—20Vir, b3—19Lib

In Set (3), above, we see venus, a significator for female (venus) partners (cusp of Desc—Angular). It is also in a set with both birth Angles and moon/venus/jupiter, with b7 jupiter ruling b 5th house. So this venus/Desc set has both 5th and 7th influence, aptly underscoring a loving (light/venus/jupiter/5th) relationship with his wife, the mother of his three children. But note I stated it was only a potential second part of a third part significator. Only potential because the venus in not on an Angle in a 5th house. Instead, this venus is on an Angle in a 7th house, with influence to a 5th house. Had Set (1a) been a homosexual part I significator, then Set (3) would have been the one which declared his gender preference heterosexual, not homosexual. Set (3) is very strong in defining his gender preference as female.

Since I have written a paper on bisexuality, I should also point out that Amirault appears to have a bisexual significator. In Set (4) above, c mercury, ruler of c 5th house, at 3 Taurus 53 is made Angular by C Asc at 3 Aquarius 35. That meets the criterion of a bisexual significator, the choice (mercury) of either gender as sexual (5th) partner. There is still much to learn in terms of which significators overrule which others. And, when they do, whether they wipe them out totally, or only push them into an available background. In this case, it is easy to see that Amirault’s Set (3), not his Set (4), is his most powerful gender significator. But right now we do not now have the astrological knowledge which would absolutely rule out Set (4) as a bisexual one (regardless of whether or not Amirault was aware of it). Since Amirault also worked with children, perhaps the mercury/Angle/5th of Set (4) represents the place of children (mercury and 5th) in his consciousness (forefront).

I looked at Amirault’s chart many times in the years before I figured out the significators for pedophilia. Then I said to myself, his astrology sure looks like it could be the astrology of a pedophile.

Sometimes one needs to know what something is before they can determine what it is not. In Amirault’s case, his astrology clearly shows that he is not a pedophile.

The same set [Set (1)] that shows that he is not a pedophile also suggests he may be considered one by others for some period of time.

Tall Bellflower (cropped)
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Victoria Through the Looking Glass: the Life of Lewis Carroll by Florence B. Lennon. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1945.

Lewis Carroll: A Biography by Morton N. Cohen. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1995.

The letter following Amirault’s name indicates the Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. “AA” represents it came from Amirault’s birth certificate—very reliable.

Gerald Amirault (AA)
Birth: 3/01/1954, 6:12 p.m. EST, Malden, MA. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Frances McEvoy quotes the birth certificate in “The Astrological Newsletter,” 4/97.
Conception:5/22/1953, 12:31:25 a.m. EST, Malden, MA.

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