Appendix 3
7th Chart Astrology for Interest in Astrology

Here was her most significant set in her 7th chart:

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 7th House

Placidus: c1114Tau, c1220Gem, c210Leo, c35Vir b118Tau, b1214Gem, b25Leo, b329Leo

All I wanted to show with Set (2) is that she has lighted neptune in b 3rd house, giving her some psychic abilities, especially since she also has moon in Pisces (see paper on Psychics, here is the link: The Astrology of Psychic Ability.

But both her 3rd houses are also under the influence of saturn/uranus (a different indicator of possible interest in astrology) and mercury/uranus (very bright, very innovative).

Set (1) includes MC/2sun/2mercury/saturn/uranus in which c1 mercury rules c 3rd, b mercury co-rules b 3rd, b7 rules b 3rd, and c uranus rules c 8th house. With both lighted neptune and lighted uranus ruling at least one 3rd house, her interest in occult matters is not surprising. With their connection to an Angle, she should have been able to parlay that interest into an astrology clientele.

Significators for an interest in astrology can also occur in the 3rd chart.

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