August, 2002
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Please note: The astrology used in this and all papers on this site is sidereal or, in the case of harmonics, derived from the sidereal. It makes a difference in sign. For instance, up to about 25° of sun or moon in Aries in traditional Western astrology will go into Pisces in this astrology. Psychic is very much about lights in Pisces, or lighted neptune (ruler of Pisces) in or influencing the 3rd house of ordinary mind for psychics. And, I suspect, influencing the 8th house of shared assets and transformations as contributing toward mediumship. More on this below. If you do not know the difference between sidereal astrology and traditional, Western, tropical astrology, I suggest you read the paper The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs: A Discussion. Its link: The Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.

The Astrology of Psychic Ability: Six Individuals
Peter Hurkos, Cheiro, Jeanne Dixon
Jane Roberts, Sylvia Brown, and Arthur Ford
by Sandra Weidner

Have you heard, “we are all psychic?”

Many years ago I went to a psychic. He referred, among other things, to my psychic abilities. I think now he was “glamour sharing.” I do not have psychic abilities. Now that I know the astrology of it, I can confirm it.

Notwithstanding that with certain kinds of growth individuals acquire greater psychic sensitivity, in general psychic abilities are inborn. Inborn, they sometimes start functioning in childhood. Sometimes they ripen only with cultivation. And sometimes their appearance depends on timing factors in the chart. But sprouting early, cultivated later, or automatically brought into existence by timed astrological factors, psychic abilities--because they show up in our birth charts--are inborn.

Their inborn nature is illustrated in all six charts in this paper. Their occurrence based on timing is demonstrated with the chart of Jane Roberts, also known as “Seth,” the name given to the entity who dictated books through her.

Combining these six individuals--Hurkos, Cheiro, Dixon, Ford, Roberts, and Brown--does not imply they are all the same. Hurkos was (is?) known for his telekinesis, and was called psychometric; Cheiro, successful primarily as a palmist; Dixon, as a psychic (dreams and visions); Ford, as a medium and clairvoyant, and Roberts, as a medium. I do not know how Brown describes herself other than as a psychic. The quality they share in common is the psychic foundation of their abilities. That astrology is being examined in this paper.

Pisces Lights and Neptune Sponsor Psychic Abilities
Through planets of personality--sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, and jupiter--we share the identity we call “myself” with others. The three transcendental planets--uranus, neptune, and pluto--do not really contribute to personality per se. They work through the planets of personality to bend, exaggerate, waffle, squash, shatter, diminish, and otherwise distend and amend our ideas of ourselves.

In writing about neptune, it becomes useful--and hard to avoid--to write as if it were really the planet neptune which “rules” or “sponsors” qualities. It is really the other way around. The planet neptune--especially its order and relevance in this solar system--is a crystallization of a principle in the order of creation. Its occurrence in our charts is symbolic of how we use and mis-use that principle, and it is that about which I write when stating things like, “neptune sponsors.”.

The qualities of neptune sponsor those of Pisces, so, we say neptune “rules” Pisces. Therefore, Pisces and neptune share certain qualities. Since neptune is the ruler, what are its qualities?

The planet neptune is next to last in our solar system. Energies it sponsors are transcendental because neptune was created before personality. Each time in creating a human being, its energies exist before the human being does. So, the way it operates in us (or we operate those energies) does not fit smoothly into our egotistical schedules. One way or another, neptune and planets in Pisces will command, and ultimately get, some ego sacrifice. Sometimes it is permanent. Most often it is not. Often it is painful. Sometimes, paradoxically, it leads us some place better than we imagined. But we cannot plan it that way.

Even though more inner in terms of its order in the planets, neptune, not pluto, sponsors energies most similar to Creation energy. Through it we share something in common--however infinitesimally smaller--with our Creator. Through capacities it enables in us, neptune allows us to “play creator,”--to imagine and fantasize--on our own little stage in our own little time. So, neptune sponsors fantasy, illusion--”unreality.” After all, what is fantasy but “not-reality?”

Neptune’s sponsorship of man’s ability to “mock up” reality makes it the author of his heaven and his hell. It works through flight of the imagination, through seduction and fantasy. “How high can you fly?” it asks. It is the third of the three planets of charisma. The first two are venus and jupiter. They sponsor good things, but not the imaginative flights of neptune.

The ability to mock up reality is good. Some times with our imaginations we create realities--if not entirely, relatively--new to general experience. Something which never existed before. When first debuted, people did not like Beethoven’s symphonies (or was it just his 9th?). What they heard was harsh, unpleasant, cacophonous. They held their hands over their ears to block out the “noise.”. They were outraged. Beethoven’s creativity, however, prevailed over their idea of reality.

Many times the reality we create through imagination is simply a re-hash of old stuff, a continuing last ditch effort to satisfy an unsatisfied desire or improve our self-image. Then it stays in us as usually harmless, if not wasteful, fantasy.

The ability to mock up realities is also bad. Neptune only sponsors creativity. It does not censor it. It does not say to us, “this reality you mocked up is bad...or dangerous....or so unreal sooner or later you are going to have a rude awakening.” Other people censor our creative impulses. We do, too, if we are well-grounded and our imagination becomes too fantastic. We censor it too much if we are too rigid, giving ourselves a dull life. Creativity itself, however, is indifferent to its practical outcomes. It not only does not tell us about the soundness of our own fantasies, it does not always inform us about the soundness of other’s. If some one’s fantasy shares borders with our own, and his is stronger, we may join his fantasy.

So, for example, Adolf Hitler had conception moon in Leo conjunct harmonic pluto in the 10th house of his 7th chart (relationships). That made him a successful demagogue. He had the same moon conjunct harmonic neptune in his 10th chart. That made him a successful creator (neptune) of himself as great (Leo) leader of the masses (moon) through his career (10th)--a least for a while, at least in the sense of number of followers. A lot of people died because of his creative imagination.

Astrologers have correlated neptune and lights in Pisces with psychic abilities for centuries. So what, you might ask, do these qualities of neptune and lights in Pisces have to do with being psychic? I wish I could give an air-tight answer, but I cannot. I can suggest.

Neptune’s sponsorship of psychic abilities has something to do with the fineness of energy neptune gives us to work with. The same energy with which we imagine--the building blocks are so flexible!--is the same energy, the same open-ended malleability that allows individuals to “read between the lines.”

Our suns and moon are our consciousness. Planets with them give us different experiences of planetary consciousness. The signs they are in, however, mold our perception of value. “This,” we say, “is what is important, interesting, and worth pursuing.” Moon in Leo interests us in creating, drama, and grandeur. Moon in Cancer?--interest in nurturing and growing things. Moon in Gemini?--fascination with words, ideas, language, information, and writing. The same is true of signs the sun is in, except we take qualities of our sun signs more for granted because we are more master of them.

In Pisces, suns and moons are in the most fluid sign. Because suns and moons in Pisces cannot nail down egocentricity, they are more open to, more comfortable with, and more familiar with relinquishing it. Since the attention of such individuals is not completely taken up with either promoting or bewailing their identities, it is free for other experiences. When it is free, it can receive information that--I’ve heard--has been there all along.

The same is true for neptune in a house. Once it is lighted by a sun, moon, or node, it is activated. Activated, it can create, hesitate, or remain quiet because all those qualities are elements of creativity. When it remains quiet, it receives instead of sending.

So, what do psychic abilities look like in a chart?

The 7th Chart Signature for Psychic Abilities
Inborn psychic abilities are characterized by the following conditions which occur in the 7th chart of the individual. Why the 7th chart? That chart shows our relationship to others. Psychic sensitivities are sensitivities to others. Conditions are given in the order of prevalence of their occurrence.

Returning to general statements about psychic abilities:

Strong benefic support (venus and/or jupiter on or influencing Angles) and emotional maturity enable the psychic to use his talents wisely. In benefic charts neptunian traits become “creative, talented, psychic, receptive.”

Individuals without strong benefic support, or with charts heavily afflicted by mars and saturn on Angles, are not known as psychic. They are known as bizarre, unfortunate, air-headed, unrealistic, living in a fantasy world, or “psycho.” They are subject to receiving information they cannot properly process, creating more turbulence in an already difficult life. Because of this, some individuals born with psychic abilities make considerable effort to turn them off.

I should point out that this astrology is sidereally based. Individuals in western countries who know their moons (or suns) to be in Pisces are usually referring to tropical moons (and suns). Sidereally, these moons (and suns)--up to the first 25° out of 30° of them--are in Aquarius, not Pisces. Only the last 5° would remain in Pisces. Individuals who tropically have moon (or sun) in the first 25° of Aries have them in sidereally in Pisces. Moreover, in this method each chart--including the 7th chart where psychic abilities are found--produces four moons (and suns), any one of which can be in Pisces and satisfying the conditions listed above. In traditional, tropical astrology each individual has only one chart, and only one moon.

Neptune and Pisces give us information about the talent, but they do not sponsor its success. Success--as always in this method--comes from the forefront influence of the benefics, venus and jupiter, as will be illustrated below with several charts. Benefics forefront generally indicate a successful--in the sense of correlation of reward with effort--life, regardless of what the individual does for a living. Success otherwise, of course, depends on how it is defined by each individual.

Finally, some astrologers are psychic. Most I have examined--over 120 charts--are not. Being psychic can help the astrologer. Success, however, still comes from forefront venus and, especially jupiter, the greater benefic. Successful astrologers must also have the necessary astrological indications they will be rewarded for “doing astrology.”

In spite of the fact most astrologers are not psychic, when an individual receives astrological information he always has forefront jupiter and neptune in his chart, his progressed chart, or his current return. The same occurs for individuals who visit psychics. It means the public views information from astrology as “psychic” information. Most of it is not. Astrology is based on principles and patterns which astrologers translate into ordinary language.

Note October 2010: I am in the process of sorting out the differences between psychics and mediums. When I wrote this paper I was not differentiating them--as can be seen by the fact that I included both groups in a paper about psychics. After I started collecting data on mediums, I noted a very high incidence of lights in Pisces in the 8th house. A present spot check of the above six individuals shows that in addition to the Pisces/3rd influence, most have a Pisces/8th influence. They are: Roberts--sun in Pisces in 3rd/8th houses, Dixon--sun in Pisces in conception 8th, and Ford--3 suns in Pisces in c 8th. Hurkos has a Pisces moon influencing an 8th house, and Brown has lighted neptune influencing an 8th house. It may be that both 3rd and 8th influences occur for psychics and mediums. Mediums--here I am thinking of some one like Edgar Cayce--however, have an additional astrology. It shows a strong ability to shut off their ordinary, associative minds, and is represented by a mercury/saturn influence. Mercury/saturn is also part of the astrology of Alzheimer's individuals, but their minds are permanently turned off. The difference depends on path and other supporting or lacking astrology.

Note January, 2012:Several problems crop up when investigating paranormal abilities. (1) We do not have good, standardized definitions of the various abilities (psychic, medium, clairvoyant, channeler, etc.). (2) Or, if they are available and I just have not found them, then we have the problem of who has named the individual "psychic" or "medium" or whatever label they have had affixed to themselves. Was it the individual herself? Was it the data collector? Maybe even a book or newspaper editor? And, is the individual a good, indifferent, or simply a wannabe psychic? Answers to all these question make a difference in how good their astrology matches their assigned category. We cannot get a clear differentiation of the various paranormal abilities without clear and dependable definitions and identifications. So, every time I return to research in this area, I am eventually put off by the fact that I cannot depend on the categories.

Before showing example charts for psychics, I must first insert a few paragraphs about this astrological approach.

About This Method
The material below is blocked to make it easier to refer back to.

The charts shown below are all partial charts. In them, all birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. All conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. An easier way to differentiate them is: blue planets inside the circle are birth planets; if they are not blue, they are birth harmonic planets. Red planets outside the circle are conception planets; if they are not red; then they are conception harmonic planets. Birth planets and their harmonics rule birth houses. Conception planets and their harmonics rule conception houses.
For an explanation of the whole system, go to “About This Method” on the Home Page. There is also a link to it at the bottom of this page. For those who do not want to do that, a reminder: this system uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Planets so related to each other are called “sets.” The orb when they include lights is 5°, with 5° considered very wide. Orbs for planets in sets without lights is about 2°. The orb for progression of Angles to planets, or vice versa, is 1°.
By “lights” I mean sun, moon, and moon’s nodes. Seen from the point of view of the activated planet, Angles also act as lights (all are involved in increasing the influence of planets.). Planets in sets with lights are “lighted” by them.
Abbreviations used are: b=birth, c=conception, p= progressed, and t=transiting. A number following any of them, for instance, b7 saturn, identifies birth harmonic saturn for the 7th chart.
Here are papers discussing this method:
The Sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs: A Discussion
Chart Rules
The Home Page also contains information about this particular astrological approach. The background for its discovery, as well as an explanation of the Egyptian harmonic, are found in the paper on method:
About This Method

Examples of Known Psychic Individuals
These examples will be followed by a more general analysis of the charts of additional psychics.

Peter Hurkos
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--22Lib, c12--13Sco, c2--10Cap, c3--22SAqu b11--23Aqu, b12--10Ari, b2--17Gem, b3--124Can
Hurkos’ b moon is in Pisces is in b 3rd house and also rules it. I do not know what difference its conjunction to pluto makes. His C MC is square both c neptune and b neptune conjunct his b7 south node, giving him Angle/node/neputne. C neptune also co-rules (see Footnote 1, below) c 3rd house (26 of 36°), giving him more 3rd/neptune influence.

Hurkos successful set has not been included because it needs a difference in time of birth of about 3-4 minutes earlier to work. Possibly he was born earlier.

Cheiro (Count Louis Hamlin)
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--25Leo, c12--20Vir, c2--6Sco, c3--11Sag b11--26Lib, b12--12Sco, b2--10Cap, b3--29Aqu
Cheiro (Count Louis Hamlin) was a palmist and numerologist, seeing about 6,000 clients a year, one-third of them for free. Palmistry has its own rules. However, his chart shows he was aided by his psychic abilities. His c7 moon is in Pisces in b 3rd house and rules C MC, which gives him both 3rd and Angle influence. Also, b neptune is conjunct c south node in b 3rd house and co-rules b 3rd house (30 of 34°).

One of his sets for success was:

B MC2 Libra 46
b jupiter2 Capricorn 30
c sun5 Capricorn 57co-ruler of c 10th house (25 of 34°)
c7 venus0 Aries 56ruler of C Asc and c 8th house

In his 10th chart, it is his b venus (ruler B MC) which is at 1 Aries 17 .

Jeanne Dixon
Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House

Placidus: c11--14Gem, c12--16Can, c2--6Vir, c3--4Lib b11--16Aqu, b12--27Pis, b2--7Gem, b3--27Gem
Ms. Dixon has the apparent weakest 3rd house/neptune influence: b mercury squares c venus and c7 neptune, which is in a weak square (4° 13’) to b moon, co-ruler of b 3rd house (18 of 21°) However, adding in her b7 north node--another light--at 5 Cancer 58 firms up this set. In it, also, b mercury rules b 3rd and c venus rules c 3rd houses, so her lighted neptune has multiple influence to 3rd houses. Her b7 venus rules B Asc, giving her lighted neptune influence to an Angle. She also two lights in Pisces--c moon and b sun, the latter conjunct her b south node, implying a strong tendency to neptunian receptivity. B7 neptune is conjunct her C MC, giving her another Angle/neptune influence. So, their is nothing “weak” about her indications for psychic abilities.

Her benefic influences show that Dixon’s B Asc and C Asc are both aspecting c jupiter at 14 Aquarius 23, while C MC is in a set with both harmonic suns and venus.

Jane Roberts
Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House

Placidus: c11--10Gem, c12--12Can, c2--3Vir, c3--1Lib b11--27Lib, b12--18Sco, b2--17Cap, b3--29Aqu
Roberts has c7 and b7 suns in Pisces conjunct her c7 south node in b 3rd house. B Asc is square c7 node which is conjunct b7 neptune, co-ruler of b 3rd house (30 of 34°). C MC is also conjunct moon and square the non-harmonic version of that same neptune, giving her two Angle/neptunes.

Roberts’ did not experience her psychic abilities until September 9, 1963, when “an incredible inner world burst through her senses in a flash” (from data source.) On that date her major progressions were:

pB MC5 Scorpio 36
pb moon5 Leo 14(provides timing)
pb neptune5 Leo 09co-ruler of b 3rd house (30 of 34°)
pc neptune5 Leo 41ruler of c 8th house

pC MC8 Gemini 28
pC Asc8 Virgo 08
c7 sun8 Pisces 23ruler of C Asc in b 8th house
b7 sun8 Pisces 23ruler of b 9th house and co-ruler of b 8th (29 of 46°)

Roberts has more mars and saturn to Angles than the others, but she still has a “successful” benefic set comprised of:

b7 venus12 Cancer 12ruler of B MC
c sun14 Cancer 16ruler of C Asc
b7 jupiter 13 Aries 52
c jupiter15 Aries 15

In her 10th chart, the set involving her C MC is b10 moon at 2 Aquarius 49, c10 venus (ruler of C MC) at 0 Aquarius 30, and c10 jupiter at 3 Scorpio 03.

Arthur Ford
Harmonic Chart for His 7th House

Placidus: c11--15Gem, c12--15Can, c2--11Vir, c3--11Lib b11--5Cap, b12--4Aqu, b2--19Ari, b3--17Tau
The set involving moon/venus/mars/neptune all in Scorpio squares jupiter, also part of the set. Neptune rules B Asc, jupiter rules B MC, venus rules c 3rd house and C MC, and mars rules b 9th and co-rules b 8th house (17 of 28°). Ford has B Asc--in c 8th house--conjunct both harmonic suns, c sun, and c7 jupiter, all in Pisces. His two c suns rules his C Asc. His two harmonic suns are also square B MC.

Arthur Ford was a medium. He claimed “no major psychic experiences until he was age 22 (from data source). I did not find major progressions I believed responsible. That year, however, pluto was transiting in conjunction and square to his B MC and B Asc/sun/sun/sun/jupiter in Pisces, respectively. Since pluto is involved in transformations--for that reason some astrologers believe it rules the 8th house--it may have acted as the switch to fully activate Ford’s psychic ability.

Below is one of Ford’s sets indicating success:

c venus12 Aries 41ruler of C MC and c 3rd house
c moon12 Aries 50
b7 moon13 Aries 31
b jupiter12 Cancer 54ruler of B MC
c saturn12 Libra 33

True, saturn is part of this set, but saturn works well with jupiter, solidifying and conserving jupiter’s gains.

Sylvia Brown
Harmonic Chart for Her 7th House

Placidus: c11--26Sag, c12--22Cap, c2--14Ari, c3--12Tau b11--24Sco, b12--15Sag, b2--26Aqu, b3--5Ari
Brown has no light in Pisces in this, her 7th chart. The set showing her psychic abilities, however, has multiple influence to Angles and a 3rd house and includes three out of her four neptunes. Her c neptunes rule C Asc. Her b saturns rule B Asc. Jupiter rules C MC, and mars, b 3rd house.

Note Brown’s conjunction of moon/venus/jupiter in Scorpio is in her c 9th/b 10th house, indicating she will be known (10th) and successful (lighted venus/jupiter) for her philosophy (9th) about occult (Scorpio) matters.

In order for that to be true, it should be backed up by a basically benevolent 9th chart. Let’s look at her partial 9th chart--the harmonic chart which is a magnification of her 9th house (higher, or not-mundane, mind).

Sylvia Brown
Harmonic Chart for Her 9th House

Placidus: c11--26Sag, c12--22Cap, c2--14Ari, c3--12Tau b11--24Sco, b12--15Sag, b2--26Aqu, b3--5Ari
In this partial chart she has C MC/north node/mercury/C Asc/venus/jupiter/jupiter. C9 jupiter rules C MC. In her 9th house, Ms. Brown has the same conjunction of moon, venus, and jupiter in Scorpio, but this time, with b9 venus, which occurs a little later in Scorpio. It rules her b 9th house. B MC is conjunct b venus, also ruler of b 9th house.

A mars/saturn afflicted 8th house in the 7th chart represents an emotional disconnection from others (as was the case with Vivienne, who also had harmonic mars and saturn to Angles in her 8th chart). It probably also indicates a negative relationship to “occult” matters. A highly afflicted 9th chart represents, therefore, a disconnection from, or at least difficult relation to, higher mind. So, a benefic 9th chart is one of the indications the individual has a strong, positive comprehension of laws (9th) and a benevolent relationship to them. This, however, is speculative, needing further investigation.

As long as we are in the area of additional influences, let’s look into the possibility of extending the signature for psychics.

A Tentative Extended 7th Chart Signature for Psychic Abilities
The six psychics written about above also have lighted neptune, or light in Pisces, influencing their 8th houses. A neptune/8th influence may be a part of the general signature for psychic abilities. The 8th house deals with shared resources and transformations. Transformations do not have to be occult, but are part of what the occult is about. So, the 8th is also seen as an “occult” house.

Those six psychics also have lighted neptune, or light in Pisces, influencing their 9th house (higher mind). A neptune/9th influence may also be a part of the general signature for psychic abilities. It would mean both their ordinary (3rd house) and higher minds (9th house) are receptive (neptune).

Below is a table showing incidence of lighted neptune influence to 8th and 9th houses for 18 additional psychics (in addition to the original 6 = 24). Also included is incidence of sun or moon in Pisces without regard to house influence.

Name8th Influence?9th Influence?Sun/moon in Pisces?
José SilvaYesYes2 moons
Kelly QuinnYesYesNo
Elsie WheelerNoYesmoon
Zöe WellsYesYessun
William WinfieldNoYessun
Lotte von StrahlYesYessun
Ronald CulhaneYesYesNo
Lucille van TasselYesYessun and moon
B. CrenshawYesNoNo
Ronald Lee WarmouthYesYessun
Patricia HoughNoYesmoon
Laura Martin-SmithYesYes2 moons
June GibbonsYesYessun
Leona ArmstrongYesYes2 moons
W. Brugh JoyYesYesNo
Sylvia BrownYesYesNo
JZ KnightYesYessun and moon
Peter HurkosYesYesmoon
Arthur FordYesYes3 suns
Jane RobertsYesYes2 suns
Jeanne DixonYesYessun and moon
CheiroYesYesmoo n
TOTALS 202217

Many years ago “X” was a friend’s psychic. She gave me her information personally. More on her chart below.

Total number of psychics is 24. All of them have either sun or moon in Pisces or lighted neptune influencing a 3rd house. 83.3% of them have lighted neptune influencing an 8th house. 92% of them have lighted neptune influencing a 9th house. 70.8% of them have either sun or moon in Pisces any where in the chart.

Among the 17 psychics who have sun or moon in Pisces, their total is 25 suns and moons in Pisces, meaning some have more than one light in Pisces.

The six subjects in this paper, very famous, account for 11 of the suns and moons in Pisces--44% of the total number. Do the extra lights in Pisces make them “more” psychic than the others? Or, is it just they have less choice about their profession? Or what?

Considering we are entertaining the idea that the signature for psychics might include--in addition to the 3rd house--lighted neptune’s influence to 8th and 9th houses, we ought to take a look at the frequency of 3rd /8th and 3rd/9th house overlap:

Name3rd/8th Overlap?3rd/9th Overlap?
José SilvaNoNo
Kelly QuinnNoNo
Elsie WheelerYesNo
Zöe WellsNoNo
William WinfieldNoNo
Lotte von StrahlNoNo
Ronald CulhaneNoNo
Lucille van TasselNoNo
B. CrenshawNoYes
Ronald Lee WarmouthNoNo
Patricia HoughNoNo
Laura Martin-SmithNoNo
June GibbonsNoNo
Leona ArmstrongYesNo
W. Brugh JoyNoNo
Sylvia BrownNoNo
JZ KnightNoNo
Peter HurkosYesNo
Arthur FordYesNo
Jane RobertsYesNo
Jeanne DixonNoNo

I had a sense before making this table not much overlap of 3rd/8th and 3rd/9th houses occurred. The low totals were still surprising. After all, one of the two ways Pisces lights can influence two houses simultaneously would be through house overlaps. The other is, they can be in one house and ruling the other. The former is not happening here. Of the overlaps, only Roberts has a light (both harmonic suns) in Pisces in her b3rd/c 8th house. All the rest of the overlaps do not contain lights in Pisces.

These 24 known psychics--all with neptune influencing 3rd houses and who have a high incidence of neptune influencing 8th and 9th houses--have very low incidence of lights in Pisces which occupy either 3rd/8th or 3rd/9th houses. Maybe the question should be, who are the individuals who do? Or rather, what do they do with that energy?

Before concluding, let’s return to “X”, the psychic who personally gave me her data. Looking at the table above (two tables up), she has "No" in all three columns. Either she is not psychic, or else she has different significator sets for psychic than those I have so far described. X was very nice. It was unlikely she would have been lying about being psychic. She even gave me the data on another psychic she said was “really good.” (He’s included above.)

Exceptions to rules often turn out to be interesting. With significator sets, exceptions can change, or even invalidate, established sets. Looking again at X’s 7th chart, she has the following condition worth noting:

c moon24 Gemini 54ruler of c 3rd house
B MC28 Gemini 07
c jupiter0 Cancer 58ruler of c 8th house
b7 neptune4 Cancer 39ruler of b 7th house

Note this set gives her a loose (orbs are beyond what I define as acceptable) set involving MC/moon/jupiter/neptune, with moon ruling a 3rd house. If the orb between moon and neptune were smaller, it contains everything defining 3rd house psychic abilities and being known as psychic. She has nothing square or opposition this set except B Asc at 24 Virgo 48. B Asc would help increase c moon’s orb a degree or so. B MC would also help bridge that too big orb between moon and neptune--one of 10.° Her psychic abilities appear “weak.”

It was around 1985 when she gave me her data. She has another potentially psychic condition:

b neptune7 Virgo 11
c neptune7 Virgo 43
b7 mercury12 Virgo 36ruler of B MC and B Asc
c7 north node13 Virgo 48
b7 uranus13 Virgo 57
c moon14 Virgo 06ruler of c 3rd house
b mercury14 Virgo 44ruler of B MC and B Asc

Note this set includes several Angle rulers and one for the 3rd house. B neptune is too far (7°. Five degrees or less is the acceptable orb) from the moon. C neptune is a little closer--only 17’ over 6°. However, her two lights--north node and moon--in this set increase orb. On January 1, 1985 her progressed b neptune (pc neptune turned retrograde) was at 8 Virgo 42, then only 5° 23’ away from her c moon.

“X” has a slowly maturing psychic ability, with indications (north node conjunct moon/neptune, with influence to Angles and a 3rd house) it is right for her to pursue this talent. Its exact right use she has to establish herself.

In this paper I have shown the incidence of lights in Pisces and forefront neptune influence in the charts of psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants. It occurs in their 7th charts. The 3rd house within that chart is clearly--with these examples and others I have seen--primary in demonstrating psychic sensitivities.

Tables showing influence of lighted neptune to 8th and 9th houses OR lights in Pisces were included, and results were suggestive that such influences also count as part of the significator for psychic abilities.

Although not included in this paper, mercury in Pisces is also quite receptive. By itself it does not appear to represent psychics.

Most of the suns and moons in Pisces in this study were not conjunct a planet of personality. I saw one conjunct jupiter. Two were conjunct outer planets--one was conjunct pluto, another, uranus in Pisces. The likely effect of conjunctions in Pisces of planets of personality to the sun or moon in Pisces is to retard or complicate, but not destroy psychic ability. They would do this because they would tie up energy in the desires and aversions represented by the planet.

Several of the individuals in this study had their Pisces sun or moon conjunct south node. Conjunctions to south nodes generally have a negative connotation (saturnine), but they also can indicate talents. These individuals would have had to use their north nodes in Virgo (service) to positively use their psychic talents.

Except for X (who I only talked with over the phone), I have never met any of the psychics in this study. In writing about them I am not promoting that individuals should consult psychics. Neither am I warning against going to them. In actual fact, results individuals get from psychics are based on two charts--their own and the psychic's. If either chart is heavily afflicted (at the time) results can be negative. If both are benefic (at the time), results can be helpful, indeed. Moreover, from birth some individuals are meant, astrologically, to receive such information, whereas others, astrologically, are being steered to avoid all occult matters (see footnote 2). The thrust of this paper is to point out that astrologically, at least, psychic abilities exist. And...not every one has them.

(1) A planet must co-rule at least one-third of a house to be considered a viable co-ruler.

(2) Over the years I have noticed that south node in Scorpio in the 7th chart (and perhaps in some other charts, e.g., the 12th) is a sign the individual distrusts, or even finds repulsive, occult matters. Of course, if it is afflicted that only increases their distaste. These individuals have "over-developed" (in the sense that all south nodes represent a skew or non-objectivity in consciousness) Scorpio consciousness (including occult consciousness). By having north node in Taurus this lifetime they are trying to emphasize the material (Taurus) over the occult. A heavily afflicted south node in Scorpio could mean the individual mis-used occult energies in past lives. It could also mean he adopted that signature this lifetime to "force" himself to become more material. By "material" I imply all the qualities of Taurus, including individual having (a good thing--where would we be without it?), personal aesthetics, personal values, and so on.

Data Acknowledgments
Sylvia Brown (B)
Birth: 10/19/1936, 2:00 p.m. CST., Kansas City, KS. From Data News by Lois Rodden. Rodden quotes her autobiography, Adventures of a Psychic.
Conception:1/07/1936, 11:04:23 a.m. CST, Kansas City, KS.

Cheiro (Count Louis Hamlin)(A)
Birth: 11/01/1866, 10:53 a.m. LMT., Dublin, Ireland. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Constellations 77 quotes Kraum, from him.
Conception:1/19/1866, 1:11:52 a.m. LMT, Dublin, Ireland.

Jeanne Dixon (AA)
Birth: 1/05/1904, 2:00 p.m. CST., Medford, WI. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand, Steinbrecher.
Conception:3/25/1903, 3:48:30 p.m. CST, Medford, WI.

Arthur Ford (B)
Birth: 1/8/1896, 10:30 a.m. CST., Titusville, FL. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Howard Hammitt quotes Allen Spraggett, Arthur Ford, The Man Who Talked with the Dead.
Conception:3/28/1895, 3:15:32 p.m. CST, Titusville, FL.

Peter Hurkos (AA)
Birth: 5/21/1911, 5:10 a.m. GMT, Dordrecht, Netherlands. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Birth certificate in hand, Steinbrecher. (5:30 a.m. Amersterdam time.)
Conception:8/12/1910, 3:32:14 p.m. GMT, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Jane Roberts (A)
Birth: 5/08/1929, 11:27 p.m. EDT, Albany, NY. From Astrodatabank by Lois Rodden and Mark McDonough. Philip Lucas quotes her letter, “11:20 or 11:35 p.m.” in Mercury Hour.
Conception:7/31/1928, 8:04:13 a.m. EDT, Albany, NY.

Since I used charts of the other psychics only for tables, I have not included their birth data here.

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