Appendix 2a
7th Chart Astrology Showing Interest in Astrology

JR has significators in her 7th chart that are particularly good for being a psychic astrologer, but she started her study of the subject on progressed significators for (non-psychic) astrologers. Let’s look first at the appropriate sets in her 7th chart:

Partial Harmonic Chart for the 1st House

Placidus: c11—16Sco, c12—6Sag, c2—16Aqu, c3—26Pis b11—15Lib, b12—6Sco, b2—2Cap, b3—13Aqu

Sets (1) and (2) are what I call standard “astrological significators.” They involve:

JR started her study of astrology in March of 1985. I did not do transits or a return, but On March 15, 1985 her progressions showed:

Set (a)b mercury5 Aquarius 08ruler of B MC
pb saturn4 Taurus 45
pb uranus5 Taurus 07ruler of b 3rd house

JR’s psychic abilities are shown by her two lights:

Set (3)b sun1 Pisces 07ruler of b 9th house
c7 venus4 Pisces 30ruler of C MC, co-ruler of c 9th
c SN4 Pisces 46
c7 moon5 Pisces
c7 uranus0 Gemini 38
c neptune0 Virgo 59ruler of c 3rd house

B sun and c1 moon in Pisces are in b 3rd house. Just that represents psychic ability (see paper on psychics--here is the link: Paper on Psychics
on Home Page), but there is more. B sun rules b 9th house, so she possibly has some clairvoyance. C7 venus also co-rules c 9th house, adding to indications of potential clairvoyance. C7 venus rules C MC, too, so her psychic abilities can be used in her career. She is probably using astrology as the point from which to develop her psychic insights. B sun in Pisces is in the same set with c neptune, ruler of c 3rd house (and b1 uranus, ruler of b 3rd house, at 28 Taurus 13).

Set (3) shows a lot of lighted neptune/Pisces influence to 3rd and 9th houses,

She even has b7 mercury, ruler of B MC, at 16 Pisces 10. More psychic.

And, she has b7 neptune [co-ruler (19 of 36°) at 12 Gemini 03, c7 NN at 12 Gemini 55, c7 mercury [ruler of c 9th and co-ruler (26 of 40)] at 13 Gemini 42, and c mercury at 14 Gemini 51, possibly indicating a talent with something like automatic writing.

JR came into this life with these abilities (conjunction to SN in Pisces), though conjunctions of lights to South Nodes are also a problem. We all dwell in the consciousness of our South Nodes because that is where we are coming from (past lives, if you like). Whether we know it or not, we all tend to dwell near the “familiar,” which is what a South Node represents. When a SN is conjunct a moon, then the tendency to dwell there is significantly greater. If we dwell there too much, we are, so to speak, too anchored in the past and are not developing God-given talents, represented by North Node behavior. The development of new talents that, astrologically, oppose the old ones, has the effect of pulling our consciousness to center, that is, into the present moment—the preferred place to be.

JR would be avoiding sinking into a “consciousness pothole” if she were using those talents in the service of the development of 9th house consciousness—clairvoyance, religious and philosophical insights and activities, and whatever they imply to her about her best relationship with others.

In her 10th chart JR has b12 venus at 18 Sagittarius 49 in the same set with B MC at 18 Virgo 44, that is, an Angle/venus.

She also has b12 jupiter at 28 Sagittarius 23, C Asc at 28 Sagittarius 30, c12 SN at 27 Sagittarius 13, and b12 neptune at 26 Gemini 04, that is, Angle/node/jupiter/neptune.

JR’s 10th chart confirms what her 7th chart showed: she can be very successful (Angle/venus/jupiter summed) in a career or social practice that emphasizes her psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

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