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September 29, 2016
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“No man is an island entire of itself”
(The remainder of this John Donne quote can be found at the bottom of this page.)

Once again I have erred in predicting an election winner. This time, however, I have gone back to the drawing board (I am a scientist, not a psychic) and found the right approach and put the new results in a second paper. The specifications for winning are much more rigorous than in this paper, and the results are fascinating, as are their implications. Here is the link to that paper: No Democrat Could Have Won the 2016 Presidential Election: PROOF

Astrology of
The 2016 Presidential Election
Including the Incumbencies of McCain and Ryan
by Sandra Weidner

This paper is comprised of astrology for winning a contest, in this case in the national elections in the United States in 2016. In that sense, it has nothing to do with what kind of contest it is. The premise is that a winner always has the better astrology and that it specifically shows by timing in one chart in particular. What constitutes “better” as well as “timing” is spelled out below along with comments on the chart being used.

It follows from the above that the choice of the winner is not a matter of my personal preference. It is a function of who I judge to have the better astrology for winning. Personal preferences have no place in astrological prediction, and indeed, are in its way.

Polls also have no place in astrological predictions.

In covering the presidential election of 2012, I erred and predicted Mitt Romney the winner. I did not then know that an incumbent can have far less benefic (positive) astrology for office than a newbie must have in order to win. Specifically, Romney had a far better 10th (career) chart than did Obama. But getting down to the actual time the winner was known, Obama had the right short-term astrology for the elation of winning whereas Romney had the opposite. The “drag” on Obama’s career chart was the obstreperous Republican congress he had been dealing with for some time and would for some time to come. All this is covered in the 2012 election paper still on this site at Astrology for 2012 Election.

This form of astrology originated with me. I am the only one doing it, and the only one who uncovers mistaken presumptions. After the 2012 election, I went back through everything in that paper to see if I could discover my mistake. I did, and came up with another part of winner/loser astrology dependable in predicting outcomes. Then I added many more examples from presidential elections of earlier years. The original and updated astrology are shown for each case.

That paper got excessively wordy. This one is much simpler. Its approach to the prediction of outcomes is also unique to presidential astrology. It is discussed in the next several sections which precede the section "About This Method." Those not interested in the actual astrology can search for “tally” and arrive at a table below showing election results. But those who want to see presentation of the new approach need to read the next several sections.

The best charts for distinguishing winning/losing results with this method are the 3rd (of mind), 7th (significant others), and 10th (career and social image), with the 7th being the main chart of this method. It contains an immense amount of information. Below, however, results presented are primarily those of the 3rd chart for November 9, 2:00 a.m. EST (see note below on date and time used for election).

Why only the 3rd chart? Because every one's feelings, including non-candidates emotionally attached to candidate outcomes, show in their astrology at the time the winner is known. Our planet, Earth, is a planet of pronounced desires. Situated between venus (love, attraction, receptivity) and mars (hate, repulsion, action) it is the ground through which those dualities continuously express themselves through the medium of human beings. Our 2016 national election is highly charged and its outcome is of international interest.

The fact that one of two candidates (or their loved ones, or their enemies or allies, or simply those who have a strong attraction to one of them) has won has a specific, highly benefic (positive) astrology. The same is true if they lose—but specific and discordant. So far the 3rd chart of mind, and the feelings generated from the thoughts it represents, is most consistent in showing that. Since the whole of our astrology is really a map of our consciousness and what it attracts, the 3rd chart is not at all the sole index of our thoughts. But it is turning out to be best for our purposes.

There is an order of importance for the astrology “on election day.” I will list them, but keep in mind it is an over-simplification. Most important are transits—positions of the planets in the sky at the time relative to each individual’s astrology. They can be moving rather slowly, such as transiting saturn. Nonetheless, its exact position with regard to sensitive moons makes a difference.. Transiting harmonic planets can appear more like shooting stars, e.g., transiting harmonic (for the 3rd chart) venus or mars move into and out of sensitive spots in individuals’ astrology rather fast. Next, progressed harmonic moons and return moons move quickly (they are moving 5 times faster than the sidereal planet which sponsors them) and planets moving into their sets are sensitive “timers.” Finally, progressed birth and conception planets, in general, have less importance. Except for candidates themselves, aspects of planets to birth and conception Angles as well as their progressions usually have least importance.

In order, really, to judge all of the above one has to have a relatively good idea of how fast planets usually move and how fast they are moving by progression and transit. Even experienced astrologers can fail at times to see them correctly.

There are a number of ways use of the 3rd chart to judge election results can go wrong. Here are some of them:

The assumption, however, is that the more charged any individual's feeling about election outcomes, the more his/her feelings will be represented by their 3rd chart astrology on election day Therefore, when looking at larger groups from each camp (Trump or Clinton), the majority of the results should reflect who won and who lost.

The problem of accurate birth date and time is always a problem in predictive astrology. If, for instance, time is unknowingly off by just four minutes, that error continues to replicate through progressionand return Angles. These throw off interpretation.

Ultimately I ended up with 14 individuals representing the Trump camp, and 17 the Clinton camp. They range from the candidate himself/herself to their political allies, to various citizens. There is no significance to the difference in numbers. I just found it easier to find birth data on Clinton camp individuals than Trump.

Ivana Trump was Donald's first wife and she has remarried, so is ostensibly less concerned with whether Donald wins or loses. But her adult children with Trump are the ones helping with the campaign. And she has endorsed him.

Rodden reliability of birth data for everyone can be found in Data Acknowledgments below.

Here is the note on the date and time of the election. Election day 2016 falls on Tuesday, November 8. Since it is usually early the next day when we have a projected winner, I used 2:00 a.m. EST on November 9 as the date and time to look at all the astrology, including transits (position of planets in the sky at the time). For the purposes of this paper, that is "election day." Aside from the Bush v. Gore contest (which, as a matter of fact, did not show a winner on election day), results of most elections are known by 2 a.m. on election day + one.

Before going any further, for those interested below are comments on the nature of this very different form of astrology.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis:

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. Here is the link to my paper which discusses the practical differences between sidereal (Eastern) and tropical (Western) zodiacs: Paper on Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology/
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for static planets with lights is about 2.5°; without lights, about 1°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2° in the static, pre=progressed chart and 1 degree or less in the progressed chart . Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
The reason the word "about" is used in defining acceptable orbs in the paragraph above is that this method is so much different than other methods. For one thing, it has many more lights (suns, moons, and moon's nodes). They include birth and conception planets and their harmonics (for each harmonic chart) and their progressions. As well, lights in current returns function the same as the birth/conception lights for as long as the return lasts (40 days). Here I am having to introduce a change from past working rules discussed in the paper on "Chartrules." It lists larger orbs than those above which with less experienced astrologers end up creating too large, not valid sets. As well, orbs have to be changed in all previous papers. This is because when there is more than one light in a set, orbs are extended a little bit more than stated above.
Further, in terms of interactions with others, we can and do unconsciously, without effort, temporarily "borrow" the lights of others in our immediate environment. This is especially true, for instance, in long-term relationships such as occurs with parents, siblings, marriage partners, and long-term bosses and friends. Within those relationships planets--ones without lights in our own charts and therefore expressing little--pick up excitation from the suns, moons, and nodes of those other individuals and we start experiencing their expression in ourselves. We live in an ocean of energy, including each other's, and that is symbolically represented by such "borrowing" of the lights (consciousness, which is a form of energy)of others.
Stating fixed and inelastic orbs is also endlessly complicated by the fact that most of the charts used here and in the work of all astrologers are not rectified so that we are not absolutely sure time of birth is correct. If it is off by only four minutes, Midheavens are off by approximately one whole degree, and that affects reliability of orbs with lights when only 1 to 3 degrees is the allowable orb.
So "acceptable orbs" is a very dynamic process. I am still learning something about them. Yet, with 33 years experience with research with this method, I state unequivocally that when it comes to relationships between planets, "closer is always stronger" and keeping orbs stringent is not only important, it is the way things work empirically. Doing that "reasonably" with this method so different than standard astrology can only really be accomplished through increasing experience with the method for each astrologer. That takes time and much work, usually research.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” I did not discuss them in this paper, but they can be significant. The convention used when writing about house overlaps is to put the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts

Because returns prior to the event in question play such a vital part in assessing the outcome, more should be said about them.

This method uses a return that occurs every time the sun in the sky reaches exactly 40° 00’ 00” from the individual’s birth sun, then 40° 00’ 00” from that sun, then 40° 00’ 00” more from that sun. This results in nine harmonic solar returns per year per individual throughout his lifetime. Their Angles (Midheaven and Ascendant) and their planets relative to the individual’s birth, conception and progressed planets have proven invaluable. All work together to demonstrate the astrology of an event.

The difficulty of doing returns for elections is that most of the time it is unknowable where individuals were for the return covering the election. Therefore, very few return Angles can be used in evaluating results. That is a loss, because return Angles are just as important as progressed ones. For instance, I resorted to using Paul Ryan's return Angles to come to conclusion. But where Paul Ryan lives, and where he will likely be during the election, is a well known fact--Janesville, WI. For all the other individduals in this paper, every part of the return, other than the Angles, is usable no matter where each individual was. In those cases, the return was done for the place of birth.

Only planets falling within 2° of return Angles are valid. Any planets in the return which fall within 1° of the individual’s birth, conception, progressed birth, and progressed conception Angles are also effective. Houses within returns are not interpreted. Whatever falls on Angles and into sets with lights (return, birth, conception, and progressed) are primary.

Each candidate has one harmonic solar return prior to the election which is in effect for the date of the election. Each will also have different returns occurring prior to the inauguration. I did check inauguration astrology for Trump and Clinton, but have not included it in this paper. Inauguration results were consistent with election results.

So, how with this method do we judge what, actually, is “winning” (and losing) 3rd chart astrology?

The Significators For Winning and Losing Events
There are two planets which sponsor much of our bad fortune—physically, mentally, and materially, depending on which chart they fall in and which houses they influence.

And two different planets sponsor much of our success, joy, and good fortune.

The planetary authors of most of our good feelings are venus and jupiter, known to traditional astrology as the lesser and greater benefics, respectively.

venus and jupiter together with a light (sun, moon, or moon's node) on or influencing an Angle, they create a golden benefic. Golden benefics are in evidence in almost all instances of success, winning, joy, in all areas of human experience.

To see the golden benefic (a conjunction of venus to jupiter) on his 4th house cusp (that is, on an Angle, in the same set with the Midheaven) for President George Bush for his stunning victory in 2004, do a search for his name in the paper on Eastern spiritual teachers: Paper on Gurus. His was one of several pieces of astrology included in that paper to show the power of golden benefics in charts of people other than spiritual teachers.

In excess they can and do sponsor difficulties, especially when some other part of the individual feels "deficient." Then, the bounty that jupiter sponsors is used to compensate for lacks in other areas of the individual's lives. People get greedy, substituting acquisition of money for love and self-acceptance. They eat too much.. They engage in excess sexuality, becoming addicts, and so on. Then venus/jupiter are “too much of a good thing,” that is, their influence is not balanced by the prudence sponsored by the pitfalls of mars and saturn.

The planetary authors of many of our difficult feelings and experiences are mars and saturn, known to traditional astrology as the lesser and greater malefics, respectively.

When not in excess, mars and saturn work well, as they should, to sponsor meaningful and productive lives. In moderation they represent that our aims are not always easily achieved, but perseverance and struggle brings them about. Even when forefront, if they are also accompanied by forefront benefics like venus and jupiter, they have their useful place in human experience.

For instance, mars and saturn are often forefront in the charts of explorers, boxers, extreme sportsmen. They show the difficulty of that particular lifestyle, its physical arduousness. They are famous and successful explorers (or sportsmen) if they also have 7th or 10th charts which contain forefront--often golden--benefics. Otherwise they remain anonymous. Without those accompanying benefics mars and saturn experiences are hard for all of us. Even then they have their place, if but a harsh one. For instance, ultimately our experiences of saturn--assuming they are not so severe as to bury us--sponsor some of our deepest, most individual, most humble, but genuine, learning experiences.

saturn is also one of the planets that is predominant in the abstract part of intellect, especially good for comprehending symbols and patterns. So, for instance, it plays a part in being good at mathematics.

From the above discussion, it should now be clear how we are going to identify the winners of the election:

The individual with venus and jupiter on or influencing Angles in his 3rd chart on the date of the election identifies the potential winner. The one with Angle/light/venus/jupiter, or just light/venus/jupiter—all together or summed--specifically functioning by timing close to the time the winner is projected is the winner.
Conversely, the loser of the same contest at that time will show an excess of Angle/light/mars/saturn in those two astrological forms, but especially the latter one—the faster-forming set.
To make the prevalence of these two sets of planets more obvious in their astrology for election day, throughout this paper I have coded venus and jupiter in an aqua blue, while mars and saturn are coded red. The usefulness of this practice becomes obvious when looking at actual election results for each candidate.

Because presidential elections involve their candidates in long-term, arduous campaigning, clearly both will have a certain amount of Angle/light/mars/saturn in various combinations late in the campaign as a reflection of just that. The question is, then, do they also have the necessary benefic influence?

Charts Used
This election uses primarily the 3rd chart (of mind), though I occasionally comment on sets in 7th and 10th charts.

Here is a reminder of conventions used in this astrological method:

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used below are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven. Asc = Ascendant. B-Loc MC, for instance, stands for the birth Midheaven for a given locality. And pB-Loc MC, for instance, represents a progressed birth Midheaven for a given date and place. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but to avoid worse confusion I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Something like “pc10 venus” is translated the harmonic of progressed conception venus for the 10th chart, while “t7 venus” stands for the harmonic of transiting venus for the 7th chart.
Worth repeating: the acceptable orb for progression of a planet to an Angle and vice versa is no more than 1°. If it is with a light, orb is extended by about one-half degree. Return Angles, however, have an allowable orb of 2°, with 2° being the weakest acceptable.

All of the individuals are well-known, so biographical information is kept to a bare minimum.

FYI: the cycle of the moon in the skies is approximately 27 and ½ days—during which time period it goes through all 360 degrees of the zodiac. That equals about 13 degrees per day. Therefore, sidereally, in the secondary progressions (used here) where a day’s movement in a daily ephemeris equals one year, the progressing moon moves 13 degrees per year (ca. plus or minus 1 degree), or around 1 degree per month. So its harmonic for the 3rd chart (which uses the 5th harmonic), moves around 5-7 degrees per month, or about one degree every six days, or ca. 10 minutes per day. The harmonic moons are the fastest moving lights in all progressions. The lights which surpass them are transiting suns and moons. Transiting sidereal suns move ca. 1 degree per day, with their 3rd chart harmonic moving ca. 5 degrees per day. Transiting sidereal moons move that whopping 13 degrees per day, and in the harmonic for the 3rd chart, approximately 5x13=45 degrees per 24-hour day. These latter moons, however, cannot be used in elections because we are not certain of the exact time the election/contest will be decided.

We have three individuals for this category. Donald J. Trump is running for the presidency of the United States. [Because his methods are so controversial, in late October I added much more on Donald Trump than on any other individual written about in this paper. For almost all others, the astrology and biography are the bare bones necessary for identifying them and whether or not they won or lost.]

Donald J. Trump
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Donald Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—19Sco2—c12--9Sag, c2—19 Aqu. c3—29Pis b11—4Gem, b12—6Can, b2—27Leo, b3—25Vir

Notice that Trump has a dual overlap between 3rd and 9th houses which produces a kind of identity between lower and higher mind, the result depending on exactly what he thinks. So, religiosity (9th) can usurp practicality (3rd), but narrow thinking (mostly 3rd) can also usurp broader viewpoints (9th).

Set (1) shows an MC/jupiter set. Set (2) shows a set with Angle/sun/mercury. And Set (3) shows a wide Angle/venus. Summed, then, he has Angle/venus/jupiter in is 3rd chart, showing a bright mind. Mercury directly on an Angle concurs.

He has been having progressed b sun crossing over B Asc, being at 6 Leo 16 on election day. That shows an individual projecting seriousness and dignity, especially in the sign Leo. His “narcissistic” component comes from his c moon, ruler of c 7th house, at 11 Leo 01 in 1st/8th houses. Moon, not sun, in Leo has a strong tendency to self-aggrandizement. It is also poor at apologizing, apparently because apologizing makes one smaller. Being right all the time doesn't.

Trump's life philosophy of not only attacking back, but doing it much harder, any one he perceives to be attacking him is suggested astrologically by his set comprised of b moon, ruler of b 12th house, at 27 Scorpio 13 conjunct b SN at 26 Scorpio 29. His b sun, ruler of B Asc (making the set forefront and likely to express throughout his life), is also in the set, These--none are harmonic--are in all charts. Sun or moon conjunct a South Node is always a problem. Both are lights. The SN represents consciousness from past lives (or ingrained ones in this one, depending on your preference). Belonging to past life consciousness it is not appropriate for this one--"the present." With the moon, which represents automatic consciousness in this lifetime, together they represent a strong ongoing pull toward expressing the sign and houses the conjunction is in. Our lunar North Nodes represent consciousness we should seek in this lifetime as a means of bringing our thinking to a middle between the two--to noumena, to lack of attachment, to the golden mean. So Trump's North Node in Taurus represents moving toward the peace and materiality (luxury, beauty, aesthetics) of this world. Dwelling on that much of his life, he has had success--a good enough reputation for Trump to develop a brand of his name.

South Node conjunct moon in Scorpio shows a consciousness focused too much on struggle and fighting. It also shows up in the chart of a man diagnosed as schizophrenia (paranoid). That man had temporary progressions fitting the diagnosis, but since they were temporary, he was not really schizophrenic. He was paranoid, involved in the consciousness this life is fighting and struggle from some past life.

Trump's conjunction of non-harmonic SN/moon in Scorpio shows another node--harmonic c7 SN at 27 Scorpio 40 in his 7th chart. It significantly increases his tendency to manifest this consciousness with others (7th). In his 4th chart, which besides our relationship to home and real estates shows the influence of the father. harmonic c4 mars, ruler of c 4th and c 11th, and co-ruler of c 3rd house (of mind) and c 10th (social image, career) at 29 Scorpio 03. Its presence in this chart suggests two things. One, that it was his father (4th chart) who re-stressed this form of consciousness so that it would show up in this lifetime. And two, that it will show up strongly and publicly toward the end of this life (4th house).

The sets in this chart that show affliction on November 9 are as follows:

All of the above point to losing a contest.

In his 10th chart Trump has an interesting set worthy of comment. Here it is in table form:

Date PC MoonPC10 venusC jupiter
10/26/168 Pisces 338 Virgo 238 Virgo 26
11/02/168 Pisces 508 Virgo 418 Virgo 26
11/09/169 Pisces 098 Virgo 588 Virgo 26

Since pc10 venus rules C MC, the above set s hows a progressed golden benefic—a powerful set for success. But it is closest in orb on October 26. By November 9 progressed c moon has passed one-half degree beyond that c jupiter. And there are no other lights involved that would extend orb. So I interpret it to mean that Trump will get a surge in the polls about two weeks before election day which will incline people to believe he is going to win. It may be that he has an ace up his sleeve, perhaps a steady stance, that he will be disclosing just prior to that time. By election day, however, this golden benefic has become "late," having already expressed its fullest potential. Add to that the fact that he has other afflictions in his 10th chart. One of the latter is transiting10 saturn at 3 Capricorn 36 conjunct his C Asc. Combined with his 3rd chart astrology for election day, his 10th chart does not support a win.

[October 17, 2016] Actually,, the position of the above three planets is excellent for the 3rd presidential dabate on October 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here they are for that date

Date PC MoonPC10 venusC jupiter
10/26/168 Pisces 168 Virgo 068 Virgo 26

This implies that his polls will get a considerable boost from this debate. Up to this date, though still able to win by a long shot, many of the poll stats have shown him considerably behind Clinton.

Since Trump has been running on his prowess as a business man, and his "brand" plays a large part in that prowess, a look at his 2nd chart (personal finances) in general and for election day should be interesting.

Donald Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 2nd House (a.k.a. 2d chart) of Personal Finances

Placidus: c11—19Sco2—c12--9Sag, c2—19 Aqu. c3—29Pis b11—4Gem, b12—6Can, b2—27Leo, b3—25Vir

Set (3a) shows Trump has an Angular golden benefic in this chart. venus and jupiter are in the same set with C Asc. The venus is a little wide (2° is the allowable orb), but each time it picks up a progressed or return moon will form a stronger set.

Set (3b) shows another angle/venus influence, with b2 sun ruling B Asc while c uranus rules c 2nd house and b uranus rules b 8th house. The 2nd/8th overlap is helpful in that c jupiter at 8 Virgo 26 is in b 2nd house and simultaneously in c 8th. C2 venus is in b 8th while simultaneously (through a house ruler) influencing c 2md.

The mercury in Leo is NOT on B Asc, but it is angular with B MC at 0 Taurus 23.

All of the above give Trump—except for really difficult progressions—a lifelong benevolent astrology for making money.

On the day of the election he has two sets which are worth comment. Progressed C Asc at 28 Aries 27 is in the same set with pc2 mars at 28 Capricorn 07. I did not check to see which was moving faster, but imagine it is the progressing harmonic mars, so this set is not yet exact. Progressed c2 saturn at 3 Capricorn 22 is conjunct C Asc at 3 Capricorn 20. Both suggest he suffers financially. Progressed c2 mercury at 13 Pisces 08 in c 2nd house is in the same set with c NN at 13 Gemini 04. A progressed mercury in Pisces in this instance suggests a sense of suffering and loss.

On the other hand, these are temporary, progressed sets. His 2nd chart starts out at birth--its major emphasis--with both venus and jupiter on Angles. That is, it is a golden benefic. So, he will recover from this. In particular, if he starts a media company with the following of deeply dedicated individuals he has gained from running for president, he will not only recover, he will recoup his losses and go on to make lots of money—maybe more than he had before he ran for the U.S. presidency.

In pursuing devoted followers rather than the presidency, he will be using his Scorpio consciousness, discussed above, in the service of building on his Taurus consciousness. That is, through Trump media he will employ alt- right commentaries in the service of further developing his own wealth (Taurus is natural sign of the 2nd house of money). He presently has 13 million followers in the United States.. [This part and that above on his Scorpio consciousness is being written on October 23,2016.] If only a sizeable fraction of them subscribe to his network at $10 per month times 12 months per year, he will perhaps have arrived at his ultimate branding. Only 10 million subscribers yields him $120 million per year.

The above make sense of his having a campaign CEO in Stephen Bannon, former CEO of Breitbart, an alt-right news outlet.. It makes sense of his growing emphasis that everything, including the election, is rigged. His followers will believe that and stick with him. It makes sense of his continual doubling down on offensive remarks loved by his followers but which cost him so many votes of others. All these behaviors imply that by doing so he is not really “melting down” at the thought of losing the election. He is acting purposefully. Because of the meaning of his Scorpio South Node, I do not doubt that losing anything will not be fun for him. However, doing it intentionally in order to set up an almost “up-and-running” media empire—with potential subscribers worldwide—would compensate any pain and embarrassment at losing. True, he will have made serious enemies among Republicans. True, some followers will be turned off by his loss. But others will not fail to be impressed—not the least turned off—with how astutely he used the presidential elections to create an empire.

Tiffany Ariana Trump
picture from
Tiffany is Trump's daughter with Marla Maples.

Tiffany Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—29Cap, c12—3Pis, c2—13Tau, c3—8Gem b11—20Lib, b12—14Sco, b2—11Cap, b3—17Aqu

Combining her Sets (4) and (5) Tiffany has Angle/mercury,venus/jupiter in this chart. Along with her b sun at 25 Virgo 42, all show a fine and discriminating intellect.

However, the unnumbered set above showing c3 NN in Pisces conjunct c moon in Pisces opposed by b3 mercury in Virgo conjunct the Virgo South Node suggest in this lifetime much of Tiffany's growth will come through faith and feeling the oneness of all life (Pisces), not through the sense of separation promoted by the Virgo part.

She has a preponderance of difficult sets in this chart for November 9:

  • pC MC at 25 Capricorn 59 is conjunct b3 saturn at 25 Capricorn 45.

  • pc3 mars, ruler of C Asc, at 25 Sagittarius 21R is in the same set with her b sun at 25 Virgo 42 and pc neptune at 24 Sagittarius 36—an Angle/sun/mars/neptune influence. It can go either way, but combined with the other afflictions, represents upset, shock. T3 mars is at 25 Virgo 23.

  • pc10 saturn, ruler of C MC, at 1 Capricorn 50 is sitting on and canceling her C MC /moon/jupiter shown in Set (5) above.

  • her return moon is at 20 Aquarius 05, Return saturn at 17 Scorpio 39 is widely in the set, but on election day it has arrived at 20 Scorpio 18—a strong light/saturn.

  • return3 saturn, at 11 Aquarius 30, is in the same set with pC Asc at 11 Taurus 36.

All of the above point to losing a contest. In this case, it points to the loss by someone she is identified with, her father.

Ivana Trump
picture from

Ivana was Donald's first wife. She has since remarried. Their three adult children—Donald, Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are all apparently participating in the father's campaign.

Ivana Trump
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—12Lib, c12—2Sco, c2—25Sag, c3—9Aqu b11—21Vir, b12—13Lib, b2—2Sag, b3—12Cap

Set (6) shows an Angle/jupiter. Since c3 mercury rules C MC and therefore acts like alight, Set &) is a golden benefic for her 3rd chart, with the Sagittarius representing anything from an aspiration, spiritual, international, optimistic and/or philosophical turn of mind. She also has her c moon in Gemini conjunct uranus, suggesting progressiveness and mental flexibility.

Significant sets for the election are:

  • pC Asc at 3 Aquarius 30 is in the same set with c mars, ruler of C Asc, at 3 Leo 15, return3 saturn at 3 Aquarius 30, and return moon at 3 Leo 56.

  • return saturn at 18 Scorpio 43 is conjunct her C Asc at 18 Scorpio 23.

  • Assuming she is dwelling in W. Palm Beach, Florida for her return, she does have a benefic Angle comprised of return Asc at 18 Aries 25, c3 jupiter at 19 Aries 13, pb moon at 18 Aries 13, and pb venus at 17 Aries 08, however,

  • t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 is in the same set with her B MC at 20 Leo 48

  • t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30 is in the same set with c mercury, ruler of C MC and a light, at 11 Taurus 15.

All of the above suggest Trump's loss of the election.

For the additional supporters on both sides I am going to abbreviate elaboration of winning or losing sets, limiting them “most decisive ones.” That means if there are strong sets (or even just one) involving transits, which emphasize conditions at 2 a.m. on November 9, they may be the only ones shown. If there are no strong transits, then pertinent sets involving progressions and return will be those shown. This will cut down on the amount of astrology that needs to be presented.

For our purposes, a strong negative transit can outweigh positive progressions/ and return combinations because the latter are not as time specific as the former. We are trying to catch the moment and are supposing that moment to be the one in which the presidential winner has been established..

Dick Cheney
picture from

Cheney was Vice President under George W. Bush and an ex CEO of Haliburton.

Dick Cheney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—18Leo, c12—16Vir, c2—7Sco, c3—10Sag b11—9Gem, b12—11Can, b2—2Vir, b3—1Lib

Note that C MC and C Asc are both involved with sun/saturn sets. All are non-harmonc, so occur in all charts. They are the likely progenitors of his heart condition, shown in some other chart.

  • Set (31) above has picked up return3 moon at 14 Libra 41 and pb mars at 15 Capricorn 58. While the mars is late for C MC, the sun and return moon are making relevant to the set.

  • t uranus at 26 Pisces 34 R is in the same set with pc3 moon at 25 Pisces 57 conjunct c SN at 26 Pisces 06, return3 sun at 24 Pisces 25, and t mars at 25 Virgo 23.

The second set above points to a sense of upset. With no positive sets to offset both sets, they suggest Trump's loss.

Donald Rumsfeld
picture from

Rumsfeld served as Secretary of Defense under both Gerald Ford and Gearge W. Bush..

Donald Rumsfeld
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—9Vir, c12—5Lib, c2—26Sco, c3—1Cap b11—19Lib, b12—10Sco, b2—6Cap, b3—18Aqu

Sets (32) and (33) show that c saturn, ruler of c 3rd house, is Angular in both. They would represent considerable depression except that each set also contains jupiter (for optimism). Set (33) also shows an Angular golden benefic. He has a third interesting set involving B Asc at 29 Scorpio 13 with c3 moon at 2 Gemini 0, b3 mercury at 0 Gemini 13, and c mercury at 0 Virgo 35. With two mercuries on an Angle and a chart golden benefic, he probably did very well on tests.

Rumsfeld has two positive transits. T sun at 22 Libra 20 is highlighting his c jupiter, co-ruler of c 2nd house, at 22 Cancer 06, and t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 is approaching his c3 moon at 2 Gemini 02.

In terms of the presidential outcome, however, those are outweighed by the following sets:

  • t uranus at 26 Pisces 34R is in the same set with pb3 mercury at 26 Pisces 55 and pc3 mercury at 26 Pisces 25.

  • t3 NN at 16 Libra 6 is in the same set with c mars at 15 Libra 55 and pb3 neptune at 15 Libra 21 all in 10th/12th houses.

  • t3 sun at 21 Virgo 41 and t3 moon (moving much faster) at 21 Pisces 04 are in the same set with pb3 saturn at 21 Virgo 34R.

  • pb3 NN at 26 Taurus 04 is in the same set with pc3 saturn, ruler of c 3rd house, at 26 Leo 1, suggestinng depression.

All the above suggest loss.

Rudy Giuliani
picture from

Giuliani rose to the occasion as mayor of New York City when the Twin Towers were demolished on September 11, 2001. He has been a prominent surrogate for Trump.

Rudy Giuliani
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—1Pis, c12—12Ari, c2—15Gem, c3—6Can b11—9Can, b12—9Leo, b2—2Lib, b3—2Sco

Note that b saturn in Set (34) progressing toward both birth Angles at 5 Gemini and 5 Virgo. Since is will hit both Angles at the same time, it represents a heavey Angular saturn emphasis, representing and time of darkness and struggles. Progressing b saturn was at 5 Gemini 43 when he was 20 years old. But because each Angle acts like a light (with a small orb of ca. ½ degree), it would have been felt sooner than age 20. Progressing b saturn was at 4 Gemini 20 at age 10. So about half way between around age 15, things got really rough and lasted for around the next 5-7 years. This is based on a 2:30 birth, so time may be a bit off, but it was New York City, so time may be right on. Since the mercury, b3 mercury at 4 Pisces 26, also acts like a light because it rules both B Angles, during the progression of saturn over those Angles he would have had two progressed Angle/light/saturns—dark.

Set (35) would have helped him during that time as it is an optimistic set. While that jupiter is out of orb to be affecting C MC, the two moons in the set bring it into orb.

Relevant sets for the election are:

  • return sun at 13 Virgo 19 and return moon at 13 Virgo 41 are in the same set with pb saturn at 12 Gemini 13, and return3 moon at 8 Pisces 26 is in the same set with return mars at 7 Sagittarius 29.

  • pb3 mars at 27 Scorpio 21 is in the same set with pc3 NN at 27 Taurus 07, and t mars at 5 Capricorn 05 is conjunct B3 SN at 5 Capricorn 00.

  • t NN at 16 Libra 16 is in the same set with b3 saturn at 15 Libra 47, c moon at 15 Aries 37, and pc sun at 15 Libra 10. There are four lights in this set.

    Giuliani does have one nicely positive set in the form of pb3 mercury, ruler of B MC and B Asc and light, at 9 8corpio 20 is in the same set with pb jupiter at 9 Leo 00, but it is not as good a timer as the sets above involving transits.

The above sets represent a loss.

Rupert Murdoch
picture from

Murdoch is an Australian born, wealthy American media mogul,

Rupert Murdoch
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—7Aqu, c12—6Pis, c2—29Ari, c3—0Gem b11—18Pis, b12—14Ari, b2—6Gem, b3—11Can

Murdoch's interest in media is shown by the conjunction of c venus at 14 Geini 09 to b jupiter at 16 Gemini 41—in c 3rd house—lighted by c3 moon at 16 Pisces 00. He also has c jupiter and b3 sun in Gemini. Set (36) also shows he has mercury on an Angle.

Set (37) shows an Angle/jupiter.

Relevant sets for the elections are as follows:

  • return3 saturn at 24 Capricorn 11 is in the same set with pB Asc at 24 Cancer 02.

  • return3 sun at 18 Pisces 48 is in the same set with pb NN at 18 Pisces 33 and b3 mars at 18 Pisces 29.

  • return NN at 17 Leo 31 is in Set (36) shown above.
  • t uranus at 26 Pisces 34 is on pC MC at 26 Pisces 42 and pc pluto at 26 Gemini 30.

Murdoch does have pc NN at 1 Aries 08 emphasizing Angle/jupiter shown above in Set (37) and nothing more (by progression, return, and transits) which is positive.

The above sets suggest Murdoch loses in his choice for president.

Rush Limbaugh
picture from

Rush Limbaugh is a flamboyant right-wing radio show host.

Rush Limbaugh
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (a.k.a. 10th chart)

Placidus: c11—1Gem, c12—3Can, c2—25Leo, c3—23Vir b11—20Sco, b12—12Sag, b2—21Aqu, b3—29Pis

Note the above is about the 10th chart. Limbaugh's 3rd chart did was not good enough to make any conclusions about the election. His 10th chart is. We can use it even though it represents his career and not Trump's because as a well-known public figure, when he backs Trump he takes on some of the luster of Trump's success, and vice versa, loses some prestige if Trump loses.

The surprising thing for me in Limbaugh's astrology is his conjunction of venus and jupiter in Aquarius on C Descendant, shown in Set (38). Considering his ongoing success, the venus/jupiter is not surprising. But I usually associate Aquarius with progressive attitudes. Mercury's presence in that set contributes to his success as a talk show host. In his 7th chart it picks up a saturn in Aquarius. Set (39) shows an Angular mars in Aries in b 3rd house, an aggressive set demonstrating perhaps rash or less-than-factual statements.

Sets suggesting Trump's loss in Limbaugh's 10th chart are as follows:

  • return moon at 9 Leo 12 is conjunct b10 saturn at 9 Leo 35.

  • return10 moon at 20 Leo 29 is conjunct c saturn at 20 Leo 04 and in the same set with return10 NN at 20 Scorpio 29 and t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18.

  • t10 mars at 0 Cancer 56 is in the same set with pC MC at 0 Cancer 41 and c10 saturn at 0 Capricorn 62.

Limbaugh's astrology does not evidence that much positive astrology on election day in this chart, so the above sets suggest loss.

Jack Nicklaus
picture from

Nicklaus is an American golfer who won the U.S. Open in 1962 and 1967, and the Master's in 1962, 1963, 1964, smf 1972.

Jack Nicklaus
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—6Can, c12—6Leo, c2—29Vir, c3—29Lib b11—15Vir, b12—10Lib, b2--1Sag, b3—7Ca

Nicklaus' astrology is dual, but his positive sets outweigh his negative one. His main negative one is strong because it influences both conception Angles. It is comprised of:

  • pc mercury at 1 Cancer 42 in the same set with b3 sun at 1 Libra 12, bs NN at 0 Libra 21, and return mars at 0 Capricorn 39. The two lights (mercury, node) bind these planets together into one set.

  • pb3 oon at 18 Virgo 08 is in the same set with pb3 mars, ruler of B Asc, at 18 Gemini 15.

  • return uranus at 13 Scorpio 56 is in the same set with c3 NN at 13 Leo 20 and B MC at 13 Leo 27.

  • t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30 is hitting c3 sun at 11 Scorpio 12.

His positive sets consist of the following:

  • t3 uranus at 26 Pisces 34 is on his c sun at 26 Pisces 14. That would normally be negative, but he has pb jupiter at 27 Pisces 47—late to the sun by about ½ degree, possibly too late.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is in the same set with c moon at 17 Sagittarius 54, b mars at 17 Pisces 54, and b3 venus at 17 Pisces 26. B mars rulesB Asc within c 3rd house so this is a golden benefic.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is in the same set with b3 mars at 29 Virgo 29 and c3 moon at 29 Gemini 30. Again, b3 mars rules B Asc in c 3rd house.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 has entered Set (39a) above, to a node and both C Angles.

Because transits are for the most part not affecting Nicklaus' negative sets and they are his positive ones, I have to interpret this astrology as a win for Trump.

Sean Hannity
picture from

Hannity is a cable newsman on Fox News, a conservative program. In mid-September Fox News announced Hannity would no longer support Trump on the news show. It was not stated he had stopped supporting Trump for president.

Sean Hannity
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—29Cap, c12—6Pis, c2—21Tau, c3—12Gem b11—15Sag, b12—9Cap, b2--1Ari, b3—2Tau

Set (40) shows that Hannity has a 3rd-chart golden benefic (with saturn). The nodes make it stronger. Set (41) shows b3 mercury on an Angle with C Asc at 23 Aries 23 with .three lights, a highly active set for speech and communication..

Hannity's sets for the election are mixed:

  • pc3 mars at 20 Aries 21 is in the same set with pB MC at 20 Capricorn 08, while pb mars, ruler of B MC, at 22 Capricorn 36 is lighted by c3 sun at 22 Cancer 31. pc3 mars, ruler of C Asc, is in the same set with pc3 moon at 23 Pisces 25.

  • Pc3 saturn at 28 Virgo 13R is in the same set with pb3 NN at 28 Gemini 43 and pc3 NN at 12 Virgo 39 is in the same set with c3 mars, ruler of C Asc, at 11 Sagittarius 52.

  • t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30 is conjunct c SN at 11 Aquarius 53.

  • Finally, transiting neptune at 14 Aquarius 19is conjunct t SN at 15 Aquarius 15 and in the same set with pB Asc at 14 Taurus 23. The last set takes on a tone of being deceived or overly hopeful when combined with all the negative sets.

But he also has:

  • pc3 venus at 23 Aries 48 falling in Set (41) above. Return moon at 3 Aquaius 02 is in the same set with pc3 jupiter at 3 Scoprio 47.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 is in the same set with return Angles (for place of birth, Franklin Square, NY) at 1 Gemini 20 and 1 Virgo 50. We do not know if these Angles are true because we have no idea where Hannity now resides.

  • More plausible, t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is conjunct c3 Sn at 29 Pisces 33.

In sum, it looks like the negative sets outweigh the positive ones, but the latter are not negligible. Noteworthy is the fact that t10 saturn at 3 Capricorn 36 falling in Set (40) above. That gives the set two saturns, pulling down the normal good fortune of the set. So I am going to judge this a loss for Trump.

David Duke
picture from

Duke is a nationally known white supremacist in support of Trump, who has disavowed his support. Duke is also running for the U.S. Senate as the member from Louisiana. That confuses interpretation of his election astrology.

David Duke
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—25Leo, c12—23Vir, c2—15Sco, c3—18Sag b11—6Can, b12—7Leo, b2--1Lib, b3—1Sco

Note his b mercury in Gemini in the same set with both B Angles and c sun shown in Set (41a). It is not surprising he is a spokesman for a certain segment of our nation.

Duke has one major negative set for the election, but it does not pick up a 2 AM transit. Here it is, pc moon, ruler of C MC, at 27 Aquarius 18 is in the same set with pb saturn at 27 Leo 23 and pc3 mars at 27 Scorpio 41,

His positive sets are:

  • pb3 saturn at 16 Sagittarius 55 is in the same set with pc3 moon, ruler of C MC, at 16 Gemini 28, with return jupiter at 16 Virgo 28. That is, return jupiter has entered a moon/saturn set and elevated it to positive.

  • pb3 mercury, ruler of both B Angles and a light, is in the same set with b venus at 11 Taurus 00.

  • pC MC at 29 Virgo 01 is in the same set pc venus , ruler of C Asc, at 29 Sagittarius 07 and with transiting3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24. This is a timed golden benefic with influence to two Angles.

The above results are mixed. I looked at Duke's 10th chart results, which were more positive than negative. My interpretation of these results is that Trump loses but David Duke wins his election as a U.S. Senator--a first, I think, for him.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
picture from

Falwell, Jr. is the son of Reverend Jerry Falwell. He has been president of Liberty University, a Christian University in Lynchburg, VA since his father’s death in 2007. In Wikipedia (10/13/16) we find this quote: In an August 19, 2016 editorial in the Washington Post, Falwell compared Trump to Winston Churchill: "We need a leader with qualities that resemble those of Winston Churchill, and I believe that leader is Donald Trump.”

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—15Ari, c12—22Tau, c2—15Can, c3—9Leo b11—26Cap, b12—0Pis, b2--15Tau, b3—8Gem

Sets (42) and (43) show that Falwell has ,b>saturn on two Angles, creating obstacles in life along with sobriety and hard work necessary to succeed. Saturn is anti-charismatic. Set (42), already on an Angle with a node, also influence C MC through c neptune. While saturn is good at establishing boundaries (in whichever area of life), neptune does just the opposite. It dissolves and obscures boundaries, making Set (42) one which describes a sense of vulnerability as well as deflation.

C 3rd house shows a lighted neptune in it. Along with his neptune on an Angle, it suggests a certain amount of grandiosity (in Leo, neptune, make believe) along with a tendency to be deluded. I would include his calling Trump a modern Churchill in the latter category.

Falwell’s mind is helped by the set—Set (43a)-- which includes c3 mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 3rd house,, at 2 Pisces 11 in the same set with b sun at 2 Gemini 07, c3 venus at 2 Gemini 21, and b moon at 1 Sagittarius 42.

Falwell’s sets for election day are mixed in the implications.

Among his benefic ones are the following:

  • pc mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 3rd house and a light, at 28 Virgo 45 in the same set with pc3 jupiter at 28 Virgo 38.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 falls in Set (43a) above.

  • return3 jupiter at 8 Pisces 46 is conjunct C MC at 8 Pisces 35.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 falls in Set (43) above, alleviating its negative implications.

The above are strong positive implications for a win for Trump. But let’s look at his negative ones:

  • pc saturn at 0 Capricorn 08 is still in late conjunction with B MC at 29 Sagittarius 57. If we had any doubts about that, it is highlighted by pb3 sun at 0 Cancer 21.

  • return moon at 26 Taurus 45 is in the same set with c3 saturn at 26 Leo 34.

  • return3 moon s 13 Virgo 47 is in the same set with pc3 moon at 13 Pisces 15, with c mercury, ruler of C Asc in b 3rd house, at 12 Virgo 26, and b3 mars, ruler of B Asc, at 13 Pisces 10.

  • t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 is conjunct c3 sun, ruler of c 3rd house, at 20 Scorpio 37.

  • t3 NN at 16 Libra 16 has entered set (42) above with Asc/node/saturn/neptune with its influence both B Asc and C MC and its implication of deflation.

  • t3 saturn is at 11 Aquarius 30 beginning to oppose his c moon at 12 Leo 46.

Which do we count predominant? Most of the time in this particular paper, I have not payed that much attention to which houses are ruled. For instance, a set influencing a 3rd house of mind will be stronger for positive when with benefics like venus and jupiter, and more strongly negative when with malefics like mars and saturn. I know, for instance, that just venus transiting a moon—regardless of what house that moon rules, is a powerful indicator of a temporary sense of victory.

Above, Falwell has the venus transit to a moon, and it even influence an Angle and a 3rd house. Moreover, he has venus on an Angle, t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 is bearing down on his c3 sun (ruler of c 3rd house) at 20 Scorpio 37, and t3 NN at 16 Libra 16 is bringing even more forefront his Angle/node/saturn/neptune with influence to two Angles.

So, if I look just a little further in his astrology—past 2 AM EST on 11/9/2016, to 7 PM on that date, we will see that t venus at 2 Sagittarius 24 has passed out of Set (43a) and its influence to C Asc in b 3rd house. Likewise, t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 53 has moved into closer opposition to c moon at 12 Leo 46, and t saturn, at 20 Scorpio 23 has gotten even closer in its conjunction to c3 sun, ruler of c 3rd house, at 20 Scorpio 37.

I am going to list Falwell’s astrology as Ambiguous in the table below, but I think the paragraph above points to a loss for Trump.

Bobby Knight
picture from

Now retired, Knight was an accomplished basketball player then famous coach at Indiana University.

Bobby Knight
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—4Vir, c12—1Lib, c2—21Sco, c3—26Sag b11—14Vir, b12—9Lib, b2—30Sco, b3—6Cap

Set (44) shows us another Angle/mercury, this one with uranus. It means he is a spokesman, and really smart and intuitive about something—probably basketball. His other Angles show an Angle/venus and an Angle/pluto. The Angle/venus picked up a jupiter for the election—doesn't get much better. And he has other beneific directions at the time of the election. Nonetheless, as an official Trump supporter we want to look at his astrology for 2 a.m.:

  • t sun at 22 Libra 20 and return 2 moon at 22 Libra 18 are in the same set with C Asc at 21 Libra 52 and b3 pluto at 22 Aries 01.

  • t3 mars at 25 Virgo 23 is in the same set with pb sun at 25 Sagitarius 09 and pc NN at 26 Virgo 10.

  • t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30 and t3 uranus at 12 Scorpio 49 are in the same set with B MC at 12 Leo 09.

  • t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 is in the same set with c3 sun, ruler of C MC, at 20 Leo 24. This last one is the strongest.

The above suggest Knight's candidate loses in spite of Knight's strong positive astrology during the period of the election.

Steven Seagal
picture from

Seagal is a famous martial artist and actor.

Steven Seagal
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—29Tau, c12—2Can c2—23Leo, c3—20Vir b11—23Tau, b12—27Gem, b2—17Leo, b3—14Vir

Set (45) shows an Angle/mars/neptune. Combined with the Asc/pluto, Seagal has a summed Angle/mars/neptune/pluto. It seems good for martial arts though more astrology may be involved.

Seagal's sets for election date are:

  • t sun at 22 Libra 20 is in the same set with the Angle/mars/neptune in Set (45) above.

  • t3 mars at 25 Virgo 23 is conjunct pb3 sun at 25 Virgo 44 and b neptune at 26 Virgo 15. Both of these sets would be good energy if one were fighting, but there is nowhere to go with it in watching election results. So, they represent feelings of upset.

  • pc3 saturn at 13 Aquarius 19D is in the same set with c3 moon at 13 Scorpio 08 and b3 sun at 13 Scorpio 49. These represent a longer-term depressive effect, and can contribute to election results.

  • t uranus at 26 Pisces 34R is conjunct b sun at 26 Pisces 46. If this were with jupiter, it would be positive. As it is, it also represents upset.

The above sets represent a presidential loss for Seagal.

Caitlyn Jenner
picture from

A famous athlete, Jenner is also a famous transgender female.

Caitlyn Jenner
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—20Can, c12—20Leo c2—12Lib, c3—13Sco b11—18Leo, b12—16Vir, b2—7Sco, b3—10Sag

Set (46) shows another Angle/mars/neptune in an athlete's chart (they don't all have it). It provides excitement and energy. The other set involved B Asc in the same set with three lights and jupiter, which rules c 4th house and co-rules c 3rd, provides mental optimism. It also provides support in the later years (4th).

Jenner's astrology for election night is as follows:

  • he does have a positive for 2:00 AM in t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 conjunct return3 moon at 29 Pisces 28. It is not enough to outweigh the following sets.

  • t3 mars at 25 Virgo 23 is in the same set with b mercury at 25 Virgo 47.

  • t sun at 22 Libra 20 is in the same set with b3 NN at 22 Libra 32 and c pluto at 21 Cancer 49.

  • t3 sun at 21 Virgo 41 and t3 moon at 21 Pisces 04 are on his c neptune at 21 Virgo 09 and b neptune at 21 Virgo 37 and c3 moon at 20 Pisces 32. Too much neptune/Pisces.

  • t saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 is conjunct his b3 saturn at 20 Scorpio 24 and pc mercury—ruler of both C Angles and therefore also acts like a light, at 20 Aquarius 48. In effect, his progressed mercury was moving beyond his b3 saturn, but transiting saturn brought it back to prominence for influence to two Angles.

The above sets suggest Jenner's candidate—Trump—loses.

We have six individuals for this category. Bernie Sanders was originally included until I realized his birth data was entirely unreliable as to time.

Hillary Clinton
picture from

Mrs. Clinton is running for the office of president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—0Vir, c12—27Vir, c2—18Sco, c3—22Sag b11—12Vir, b12—7Lib, b2—28Sco, b3—4Cap

Note that Secretary Clinton has two mercuries on Angles—on both Ascendants. Set (8) shows jupiter and saturn both on B Asc and C MC in all charts. One of the interpretations of Angle/mercury/saturn in this set is “bad press” (mercury=press, speech, saturn=bad), Trump has one in his 10th chart discussed above, I just did not mention that particular interpretation of it. Set (9), I believe, represents a capacity for extensive research, a wish and efforts to get to the bottom of things, hence research. B3 saturn can also be included in it, with mercury/saturn/pluto representing an ability to concentrate of details.

Not in the drawing, but important to the chart is the conjunction of b venus, ruler of B Asc at 22 Libra 14 to c3 jupiter, ruler of c 3rd house in the same set with c3 SN at 24 Capricorn 40—a golden benefic.

Her 10th chart also has b10 jupiter in that set with Angle/pluto, with jupiter at 18 Cancer 15. Also in that chart, b10 venus at 26 Capricorn 52 gives her a golden benefic for ongoing social prestige.

Sets pertinent to the day of the election are as follows:

  • pb venus, ruler of B Asc, at 18 Capricorn has entered Set (9) above.

  • pc venus, ruler of C Asc, at 28 Capricorn 02 has entered Set (8) above giving her a progressed golden benefic with influence to two Angles (of course, still with saturn, which, in this set helps make her practical rather than being a pie-in-the-sky individual.

  • pB MC at 20 Libra 26 is in the same set with pc3 venus, ruler of C Asc, at 20 Capricorn 11.

    Her return for New York City shows return MC at 6 Taurus 34 in the same set with b jupiter at 6 Scorpio 31 and return moon at 5 Scorpio 49; return Asc at 10 Leo 58 in the same set with c venus at 13 Scorpio 24; return3 NN is at 23 Libra 25 conjunct her conjunction of venus and jupiter in Libra with influence to B Asc through venus. Transiting sun is at 22 Libra 23, highlighting it.

  • t3 sun at 21 Virgo 53 is conjunct b3 venus, ruler of B Asc, at 21 Virgo 12.

All of the above sets point to the experience of being a winner on election day--Clinton wins.

Timothy Michael Kaine
picture from

Mr. Kaine is Clinton's running mate as her vice president.

Tim Kaine
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—22Tau, c12—27Gem, c2—16Leo, c3—12Vir b11—29Sag, b12—26Cap, b2—23Ari, b3—18Tau

Tim Kaine has some really interesting 3rd chart astrology.

Set (10) shows C MC in Aries conjunct mercury and uranus. The b uranus in Cancer is also part of the set. C mercury rules c 3rd house. This is the set of a brilliant (mercury/uranus/3rd), innovative (uranus in Aries), progressive mind. It is great for coming up with new ideas in old places.

Set (11) seals the deal in terms of his next job as Vice President with a job of bringing people together. It is a golden benefic with two sets of venus and jupiter. The two nodes in the set act as the lights. venus/jupiter/NN in Libra is superb for successfully (NN) influencing others. Influence to Angles occurs to B MC through the two b jupiters and to B Asc through b neptune. B 3rd house is ruled by the two b venuses. This part of the set ensures that his brilliance and mediating abilities will be successful and recognized.

I did not work out the exact dates, but Set (11) will suffer some loss of benefic potency at a point in the future when pc3 saturn enters it for several years. On November 9, 2020 it is at 9 Capricorn 29R. On November 9, 2024 it is at 8 Capricorn 52R. It is moving approximately 37 minutes per year and its influence will be strongest as it passes through those two nodes at 7 and 8 Libra.

For the election his 10th chart shows pb10 venus, ruler of b 3rd and 8th houses, at 10 Pisces 36 conjunct B Asc. His return picks up affliction around its Angles, but it is done for Washington, DC, so these Angles are in question. 3rd chart sets demonstrative of successful results are as follows:

  • pb NN is at 7 Libra 05 in closer aspect to the jupiter (ruler of B MC) of the set, with return3 venus being at 7 Aries 45.

  • pb3 venus, ruler of b 3rd house, at 9 Gemini 25 and pb3 jupiter, ruler of B MC, at 7 Gemini 25 surround B MC at 8 Sagittarius 11. Return3 moon at 6 Virgo 59 ensures the sets works as a whole set.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 has entered the set comprised of b saturn at 0 Sagittarius 25 and c3 moon, ruler of C Asc, at 0 Virgo 57. Pc3 sun is at 9 Pisces 51.

  • t3 jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is entering the set comprised of pb3 moon at 18 Pisces 28.

All of the above suggest a successful election outcome.

William Jefferson Clinton
picture from

Bill Clinton successfully ran for the presidency of the United States in 1992 and 1996.

Bill Clinton
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—19Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—19Aqu, c3—27Pis b11—14Can, b12—15Leo, b2—9Lib, b3—10Sco

Set (12) shows us what is almost, but not quite, a golden benefic. With mercury/venus/jupiter/saturn in it, it lacks a light. The 3rd house influence is through mercury, which is naturally associated with the 3rd house. Influence to an Angle is through c saturn, rule of C Asc. Set (13) has the light, but lacks Angular influence. It is, however, a lighted conjunction of venus and jupiter, and it is in Virgo, the sign prominent in charts of generals (as tacticians). It is also in Clinton's c 8th house, where it works well to discern and influence the motives of others.

Also noteworthy in President Clinton's 3rd chart is that conjunction of mars and neptune in Virgo to B Asc—also in the same set with B MC (which acts like a light with 2° orb for the set on the Asc). Both the b mars and the c neptune influence 3rd houses, In Virgo, again, it is highly analytical, with the mars/neptune providing a wilyness—“now you see me, now you don't.” Normally Angle/mars/neptune/3rd in a 3rd chart tends to paranoid schizophrenia. But this does NOT because none of the planets are harmonic—this set is in all charts and there is nothing specifically 3rd chart about it. The strong benefic influence to a 3rd house (Set 12) also counters mental illness.

Sets in this chart germane to election outcome are:

  • pb jupiter at 13 Libra 09 is in the same set with b mercury, ruler of B Angles and a light, at 13 Cancer 37. (all charts)

  • pb venus at 8 Scorpio 30 is in the same set with b3 mercury, ruler of B Angles and a light, at 8 Taurus 07.

    pb3 venus at 12 Sagittarius 30 and pc3 jupiter at 12 Gemini 39 are in the same sets with B Asc at 11 Virgo 31 and B MC at 11 Gemini 59, with each Angle acting like a small-orbed light for the other Angle.
  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 49 is conjunct b venus at 17 Virgo 08, though there is no light for it.

All of the above suggest an outcome of winning.

Chelsea Victoria Clinton
picture from

Chelsea is the daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—12Cap, c12—14Aqu, c2—1Tau, c3—26Tau b11—2Vir, b12—27Vir, b2—21Sco, b3—24Sag

Chelsea's 3rd chart golden benefic is shown in Set (14). In it b moon rules B MC and c venus rules c 3rd house. Set (15) shows mercury on an Angle. With pluto it tends to intense focus, research. Since that mercury co-rules (18 of 22°) c 3rd house and also co-rules (26 of 42°) c 6th house, it shows a potential interest in health matters.

Chelsea's pertinent sets for this chart for election day are:

  • pC Asc at 14 Taurus 11 is in the same set with b sun at 14 Aquarius 19 and b3 venus at 14 Scorpio 38. T neptune is at 14 Aquarius 16.

  • pb venus, ruler of B Asc, at 6 Taurus 38 and pb jupiter, ruler of b 3rd house, at 6 Leo 29 are in the same set with return3 moon at 6 Scorpio 27.

  • pb3 sun at 14 Libra 07 is in the same set with c3 jupiter, ruler of C MC, at 18 Sagittarius 05.

  • pc jupiter, ruler of C MC, at 15 Cancer 30 is conjunct b moon, ruler of B MC, at 15 Cancer 17.

  • pB Asc at 20 Scorpio 11 is in the same set with c NN at 20 Leo 06 and return3 venus at 19 Aquarius 45. T saturn at 20 Scorpio 18 in this set appears to sow some mixed feelings, perhaps in the area of her third 4-year term as a child of a president and all the concerns and complications that will introduce into her life and that of her nuclear family. With all the positive sets here, the t saturn is not enough of an affliction to change the positive outcome.

  • t sun at 22 Libra 20 is conjunct B Asc at 21 Libra 53.

  • t jupiter, at 17 Virgo 59, is in the same set with C MC at 18 Sagittarius 05.

  • t3 venus at 7 Aries 45 is in the same set with pc moon at 7 Cancer 01.

  • t3 sun at 21 Virgo 41 and t3 moon at 21 Pisces 04 are in the same set with b3 jupiter at 21 Virgo 50.

All of the above sets verify Chelsea's participation emotionally in her mother's election as President of the United States.

Barack Hussein Obama
picture from

Barack Obama successfully ran for President of the United States in 2008 and 2012.

Barack Obama
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—17Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—15Aqu, c3—21Pis b11—30Sco, b12—25Sag, b2—2Pis, b3—6Ari

Set (16) shows an Angle/sun/mercury/jupiter. The jupiter is too far from C Asc, but the sun in the set increases orb, and every time a progressed or return light enters the set it also acts to include jupiter.

Set (17) shows a lighted venus, with c venus ruling C MC. Summed, Sets (16) and (17) show a 3rd-chart golden benefic. Neither set influences 3rd houses except that the mercury in the first set on an Angle already refers to an excellent intelligence.

B MC in the above drawing Is in the same set with c3 uranus and b NN. That NN/uranus conjunction favors change as well as the use of the word “change,” as was the case in his 2008 election.

Sets in this chart which bear on the outcome on election day are as follows:

  • pc3 NN at 11 Leo 17 is in the same set with c venus, ruler of C MC at 11 Scorpio.

  • pc venus, ruler of C MC, at 18 Capricorn 22 is in the same set with b sun, the light in the set, at 18 Cancer 21.

  • pb3 jupiter at 15 Virgo 54 and return jupiter at 15 Virgo 04 are in the same set with b3 moon at 15 Gemini 47.

  • pc3 venus, ruler of C MC, at 1 Sagittarius 51 is in the same set with b sun at 1 Gemini 44.

  • return3 moon at 8 Scorpio 39 is conjunct b3 venus at 7 Scorpio 59.

  • pB Asc at 6 Aries 51 is in the same set with b jupiter at 6 Capricorn 40. T3 venus is at 7 Aries 45—late in the set, but this is for 2 a.m. November 9, At 10 p.m. on November 8 it is at 6 Aries 45—a progressed golden benefic by timing. 10 p.m. is probably late enough on November 8 to know whether or not Hillary won the toss-up states of Pennsylvania and Ohio (and I forget the other ones right now).

All of the above speak astrologically of Obama having a feeling of winning on election day 2016.

Worth mentioning is the fact that he also has a return-oriented dark malefic (Angle/mars/saturn). His B MC at 4 Scorpio 41 is in the same set with return3 saturn at 4 Aquarius 13 and return3 mars at 4 Leo 47. This return occurs on October 26, 2016 and I was uncertain where he would be at the time. I wonder if it is not a reflection of his reaction to Trump's apparent ascend-ency—discussed above under Trump;s astrology—in the second week prior to the election. Something else that would agree with that is that return moon at 19 Leo 44 was in the same set with return saturn at 18 Scorpio 51, i.e., saturn is under the moon. During the next two weeks it crosses into exact aspect with it, then beyond it, ending up at 20 Scorpio 18 on November 8/9. In passing beyond it, the pressure and uncertainty—actually, depression—dissolves and that progressed Angular golden benefic with pB Asc in Aries then comes into play at 10 p.m. November 8, He goes from fear and depression, or perhaps for Obama, I should just say grave concern, to joy.

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
picture from

Biden was Obama's running mate as Vice President in 2008 and 2012.

Joe Biden
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—3Gem, c12—6Can, c2—27Leo, c3—24Vir b11—26Vor, b12—20Lib, b2—11Sag, b3—19Cap

Set (18) shows us Angle/sun/venus, with b sun ruling B MC.

Set (19) includes Angle/jupiter/saturn/neptune. Summed, the two sets show a golden benefic in this chart. True, it includes saturn (as it does for several other individuals written about here)--if there is enough benefic support, the saturn then serves to bring delays or learning experiences which promote wisdom. Biden's birth time was given as 8:30 a.m.--probably a good estimate. Birth about four minutes later would also put his c mercury, ruler of c 3rd house, at 29 Capricorn 58 and his c3 mercury, at 29 Capricorn 52, in Set (19). Mercury/jupiter/neptune is expansive and religious/spiritual. The mercury/saturn part in his 5th chart worked through the early death of his daughter (and wife) in an auto accident, while in his 10th is works out as him sometimes “saying what is one his mind” and getting into political hot waiter because of it. Notice how it works differently for him, Hillary, and Trump.

Biden's sets in this chart germane to election day are as follows:

  • pc jupiter at 25 Taurus 44 is in the same set with B MC at 25 Leo 58.

  • his return was done for Wilmington, DE and occurred on October 11. Its Asc at 0 Libra 23 is in the same set with c moon at 2 Libra 11 and b jupiter at 1 Cancer 12. 7 p.m. November 9 gives us t3 jupiter at 0 Aries 06.

  • return venus at 26 Libra 48 falls into Set (19) above, giving him an Angular golden benefic. Retirm3 sun at 28 Aries 06, and return3 saturn at 27 Capricorn 23., making this a complex set.

  • t3 venus at 7 Aries 45 is in the same set with b moon at 7 Aries 03.

All of the above refer to the feeling of winning.

Some of the following individuals were outright Clinton supperters, and some were only deduced from their behavior in public life.

Pope Francis I
picture from

Of course it is not the business of Popes to endorse U.S. Presidential candidates. However, it is not hard to deduce Pope Francis prefers Clinton. He held a prayer service with Mexicans on the U.S./Mexican border following Trump's pronouncement that Mexican's were “rapists and murderers.” In response to the Pope's prayer service, Trump essentially told the Pope to mind his own business. He has. From his actions, it is clear he belongs more in the progressive camp than the conservative one. All of those add up to a Clinton preference.

Pope Francis I
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—12Pis, c12—8Ari c2—1Gem, c3—5Can b11—2Tau, b12—24Tau, b2—24Can, b3—4Vir

This is a a 9:00 PM birth, so even though the time is from the birth certificate, the on-the-hour time suggests it was approximate. So, we are uncomfortable using any Angles.

Noteworthy in his chart is the conjunction of B Asc with c SN in Gemini, Set (47) above. T he Pope has a tendency to to being head heavy, but the conjunction of the NN to mercury in Sagittarius in 7/8th houses encourages higher mind and spirituality in his relations with others and rewards him for same.

The above is not his only Sagittarian (9th house, religious, spiritual) influence: he has b NN at 0 Sagittarius 24, b sun at 2 Sagittarius 03, b3 moon at 3 Sagiitarius 25, b3 neptune at 5 Sagittarius 28—all of those lighted and with a NN showing growth through spirituality. His b jupiter is also at 9 Sagittarius 41, and c3 venus at 23 Sagittarius 18 is conjunct c3 SN at 24 Sagittarius 13. C3 venus rules C Asc.

2 a.m. EST equals 8 a.m. MET, a time the Pope has likely already been up for some time. His election results are as follows::

  • return3 moon is at 1 Pisces 22 in the same set with return venus at 1 Sagittarius 12. The latter is at 1 Sagittarius 33 as a transit, and probably still influencing that moon.

  • pc3 saturn is in the same set with b3 mercury, ruler of B Asc and b 3rd house, and also a light. This is hit by tranisiting jupiter at 17 Virgo 53.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is in the same set with b3 mercury, ruler of B Asc and b 3rd house and a light, at 29 Gemini 46.

All of the above suggest a win.

Al Gore
picture from

Vice President under Bill Clinton and 2000 presidential candidate, Gore has supported Hillary for this election.

Al Gore
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—0Cap, c12—28Cap c2—20Ari, c3—16Tau b11—4Tau, b12—10Gem, b2—1Leo, b3—26Leo

The set—number (48) around both C Angles also includes three lights, so that jupiter in Sagittarius has an influence on those Angles that its large orb from them would normally disqualify. (Acceptable orb to Angles is 2°). Light/jupiter/neptune is an aspect with several interpretations—mystical, religious, philosophical.

Gore's transiting astrology for the election is minimal, but it is also all there is. There are no negative transits. Here, including some plain progressions, are the benefic ones:

  • pB MC at 4 Gemini 23 and pB Asc at 4 Virgo 34 are in the same set with pb moon, ruler of B Asc, at 4 Gemini 16 and pb3 mercury, co-ruler of b 3rd house, at 4 Sagittarius 27.

  • pc3 moon, at 1 Aries 48, is in the same set with c3 jupiter, ruler of B MC, at 2 Libra 19 and pc3 venus at 2 Libra 39—a golden benefic.

  • return3 NN at 23 Libra 20 is in the same set with b3 jupiter at 23 Aries 02. Tramsiting sun at 22 Libra 20 has joined the set.

The above suggests Gore's candidate wins.

Jimmy Carter
picture from

Former President Jimmy Carter has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy Carter
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—11Pis—28, c12—20Ari, c2—20Gem. c3--12Can b11—23Can, b12—23Leo, b2—18Lib, b3—18Sco

Set (49) shows C Asc in the same set with mercury,venus/mars/uranus.

Carter has a serious transiting malefic set with t3 saturn at 1 Aquarius 30 conjunct c SN at 11 Aquarius 04, b3 mars at 11 Aquarius 01, and with pc3 sun at 11Leo 07. Although it shows a timed light/mars/saturn set for 2 a.m., none of its planets rules an Angle, so its effect is not as strong as the positive ones below:

  • pc3 venus at 8 Aquarius 36 conjunct C MC and in the same set with pc NN at 8 Leo 14.
  • pc venus, ruler of C Asc, at 21 Aries 32 is lighted by c3 sun at 21 Aries 40.

  • return3 NN is at 28 Libra 06 in the same set with b3 venus at 28 Cancer 03, b neptune at 28 Cancer 07, and b NN at 28 Cancer 20 in c 3rd house.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 52 is in the same set with pb sun at 17 Sagittarius 01, b3 mercury, ruler of both B Angles, at 17 Sagittarius 17, and pc3 venus, ruler of C Asc, at 17 Pisces 39. The opposition of venus to jupiter is still a benefic and not as difficult a problem as happens when in the birth/conception chart.

The above sets ultimately suggest a win for Carter's candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Jeb Bush
picture from

Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush dropped out of the 2016 presidential primaries when it was clear Trump had won. He has endorsed Clinton for President.

Jeb Bush
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—16Pis—28, c12—24Ari, c2—23Gem. C3—16Can b11—1Can, b12—1Leo, b2—26Vir, b3—27Lib

Since c mercury rules C Asc, it also acts like a light, and Set (50) shows (light)/mercury/venus/uranus influence to an Angle. Bush's B Angles in the same set with neptune show an influence to gentleness.

He has a node/mars/saturn in his return astrology, but none of them rules an Angle. His pertinent benefic sets for the election are:

  • return venus at 3 Scorpio 34 is in the same set with c NN at 3 Aquarius 24 and pB Asc at 3 Taurus 04.

  • return moon at 18 Capricorn 53 is in the same set with c sun at 19 Aries 01 and b jupiter at 19 Aries 14.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 is conjunct b3 NN at 1 Sagittarius 29 and widely involved with C Asc at 0 Gemini 34.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is in the same set with return MC at 17 Sagittarius 36. (His return was done for his home, Coral Gables, Florida, and occurred on 10/16/16.)

The above sets culminate in suggesting a Clinton win.

Walter Mondale
picture from

Vice President under Jimmy Carter, former candidate for the president, Mondale endorsed Clinton.

Walter Mondale
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—13Ari—28, c12—23Tau, c2—15Can. C3—7Leo b11—14Sag, b12—8Cap, b2—1Ari, b3—2Tau

Set (51) shows B Asc in Aquarius as Angle/node/mercury/2 saturn. With mercury rules C Asc this set influences two Angles. It produces a heavier thinker good with details and perseverance. It would help offset a tendency to flights of fancy with that b3 neptune in Leo in c 3rd house on an Angle with B MC and b SN in Scorpio.

Mondale's astrology for the election is dual. For serious negative sets he has:

  • return moon at 0 Taurus 38 in the same set with return3 saturn at 0 Aquarius 23. and return3 moon at 3 Taurus 11 in the same set with pb mars at 3 Aquarius 10.

  • More serious is transiting3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30, fitting into Set (51) above and influencing two Angles.

On the positive side he has:

  • pb3 jupiter at 20 Libra 25 in the same set with pc3 NN at 20 Libra 54 and pc jupiter at 8 Pisces 17 in the ame set with c NN at 8 Gemini 27.

  • pc3 mercury, ruler of C Asc and a light, at 11 Pisces 18 is in the same set with b3 venus at 11 Sagittarius 21.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 in lighted by return3 sun at 1 Gemini 53 and c moon at 1 sagittarius 44.

  • t3 venus at 7 Aries 45 is in the same set with (though a bit early) c3 moon at 8 Aries 41.

Of the two, the negative saturn transit in Aquarius is strongest because of its influence to two Angles and it is lighted. Who knows? Perhaps the fact that he already has saturn there considerably lessens this set's negative implications--”been there, done that, t'is nothing new.”

It is not that he does not have some nicely positive sets for 2 AM, with no information I have no explanation for his “nicely negative” t saturn set. I have to declare this astrology ambiguous for announcing a winner.

Tony Blair
picture from

Blair was Prime Minister of England from 1997 to 2007.

Tony Blair
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—23Leo, c12—18Vir, c2—3Sco. C3—8Sag b11—23Cap, b12—2Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—16Gem

Set (52) just shows Blair has an Angular uranus. Combined with his lighted c uranus in b 3rd house, he appears progresive, innovative, intuitive, and flexible. Set (53) show us, again in this paper, an Angular mercury.

Blair has a progressed sun/mars/saturn, with pb sun at 22 Gemini 08, pb mars at 22 Gemini 11, and pc saturn at 22 Virgo 35. Although they pick up emphasis for 2 AM through t3 sun at 21 Virgo 41 and t3 moon at 21 Pisces 04, none of the planets in the set rules an Angle. He has other return negative sets.

Blair's birth time was given as 6:10 am GDT. Since European births are traditionally recorded to the nearest quarter hour, the suggestion here is that Blair's birth time was either exact or to the nearest 5 minutes. Hope so, because here I have to use his progressed Angles.

Blair's benefic sets for the election are:

  • return3 moon at 11 Cancer 33 is conjunct c sun at 11 Cancer 17 and bs SN at 12 Cancer 48. Its progression is at 9 Cancer 12, pc3 jupiter at 10 Aries 49, and pc venus, ruler of C Asc, is at 9 Libra 43.

  • pc3 sun at 7 Pisces 28 is in the same set with c3 jupiter at 7 Pisces 53.
  • pC MC at 21 Virgo 03 is in the same set as b venus, ruler of B Asc, at 20 Pisces 56, and the same t3 sun and moon that played into the above negative set, may play into this one with t3 sun at 21 Virgo 41 and t3 moon at 21 Pisces 04

  • pB MC at 2 Pisces 49 is in the same set with pc3 moon at 2 Pisces 10 and being approached by t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33.

While the above sets do not necessarily make astrological comment on Clinton's win, they do provide enough positive astrology to record it possibility for this endorser.

Here I will just state I have omitted the astrology for Dianne Feinstein. Her 3rd-chart workup is complex, but in the end is negative. That is, while she has two strong lighted <jupiter sets for election day, the transits are both powerful and all negative. According to the way I have been interpreting such situations, then, her astrology does not confirm Clinton's election.

It is possible that her positive astrology confirms Clinton, and her more closely timed negative astrology reflects either losses in the tate of California, or the Senate being unable to achieve a Democratic majority. At any rate, I will include her in the table as a loss for Clinton.

Jerry Brown
picture from

Brown is the current governor of California and was also governor from 1975 to 1983.

Jerry Brown
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—7Ari, c12—16Tau, c2—10Can. C3—3Leo b11—5Tau, b12—10Gem, b2—2Leo, b3—28Leo

Set (54) shows us our Angle/mercury/uranus seen so often in the paper. This one also includes jupiter—an excellent set for intuition (uranus), ideas (mercury/Gemini) and intricate details (Virgo jupiter). Since the mercury in the set rules C Asc, it also acts like a light and further strengthens the benevolence of this set.

Set (55) shows another Angle with lighted/jupiter—a strong, sound mind.

Brown's relevant astrology for the election is:

  • pc3 venus at 11 Cancer 01 is conjunct B Asc at 10 Cancer 50.

  • t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 fits into Set (54) above and yields an Angular golden benefic.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is conjunction B MC at 29 Pisces 23.

The above sets, not accompanied by much that is malefic, suggest Clinton wins.

Michael Bloomberg
picture from

Bloomberg was mayor of New York City from 1/1/2002 to 12/31/2013. He is a wealthy businessman and philanthropist, starting the Bloomberg Foundation.

Mike Bloomberg
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—6Aqu, c12—14Pis, c2—27Tau. C3—18Gem b11—22Ari, b12—0Gem, b2—22Can, b3—15Leo

Sets (56) and (57) summed show Angle/mercury/jupiter/uranus.

Sets relevant to the elections are:

  • return3 moon at 2 Leo 29 is with Set (57) above—Angle/jupiter/uranus.
  • pc3 moon at 2 Virgo 01 is in the same set with return3 venus at 2 Sagittarius 33 and t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is lighted bu c3 sun at 17 Pisces 49.

  • t3 venus at 7 Aries 45 is in the same set with C pC Asc at 7 Cancer 10.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is in the same set with b3 moon at 29 Sagittarius 14.

Just for a kicker, his 10th chart (the prestige he gains from having picked the winning candidate, though he hardly needs it) in his 10th chart Bloomberg had the following set: t3 venus at 18 Taurus 37 in the same set with pc jupiter at 18 Taurus 19 and return moon at 18 Taurus 30 and return10 sun at 18 Taurus 46. B jupiter is at 17 Taurus 36. Return saturn at 18 Scorpio 11 is also in the set, but by 2 AM has passed on to 20 Scorpio 48, which I am reading as having lost its influence on this golden benefic set.

So the above astrology interprets as a win for Bloomberg's choice, Clinton.

Bill de Blasio
picture from

de Blasio is current mayor of New York City.

Bill de Blasio
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—28Pis, c12—9Tau, c2—5Can. C3—26Can b11—24Leo, b12—22Vir, b2—13Sco, b3—16Sag

Set (58) describes an Angle/sun/jupiter/uranus. He does not have an Angle/mercury, but a Gemini Angle is a powerful representative for mercury since with this method its two rulers—sidereal and harmonic, are already lights, so whereever they are, they are influential.

de Blasio does have a significant negative set in the form of:

  • t3 saturn at 11 Aquarius 30 sitting on
    b moon at 10 Aquarius 53
    pc3 sun at 11 Aquarius 34
    c mercury at 12 Aquarius 05 (ruler of C Asc and a light)
    b pluto at 11 Leo 22,
    pb3 mercury at 11 Scorpio 18 and
    b3 mercury at 10 Taurus 59.

That is an Angle-influencing sun/moon/mercury/mercury/mercury/pluto set with three lights being hit by transiting saturn. It is very powerful. It has to represent something quite unpleasant. But is it Clinton losing? Or is it some other political outcome? It is so powerful that if it applied only to Clinton it could easily be chosen as the deciding set representing her loss.

His positive sets for elections day are:

  • return jupiter at 14 Virgo 08 is in the same set with C Asc at 14 Gemini 08 and pB MC at 14 Virgo 49 and b3 NN at 15 Virgo 13.

  • return sun at 3 Libra 54 is in the same set with pc venus at 3 Libra 50.

  • pb3 venus at 9 Taurus 42 is conjunct c3 sun at 9 Taurus 28 in the same set with return venus at 9 Scorpio 21 ad bs NN at 9 Leo 03.

  • pc3 moon at 0 Sagittarius 42 is in the same set with the midpoint of c jupiter at o Sagittarius 14 and pc jupiter at 1 Sagittarius 33. (t venus at 1 Sagittarius 33 is conjunct the latter jupiter, but it has passed beyond the pc3 moon by 45 minutes—too late.

  • t3 jupiter at 29 Pisces 24 is conjunct b3 sun, co-ruler (24 of 32°) of b 10th house.

The above two sets point to ambiguiity with regard to whether de Blasio's endorsement of Clinton wins.

Bill Bradley
picture from

Bradley is a former accomplished basketball player who later served three terms, from 1979 to 1997, as the U.S. Senator from New Jersey.

Bill Bradley
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—24Lib, c12—15Sco, c2—13Cap. C3—24Aqu b11—23Aqu, b12—22Leo, b2—15Lib, b3—16Sco

We are back to the often-seen Angle/mercury/uranus, but this one also includes a NN and a saturn. saturn/uranus together imply an ability to work innovatively (uranus) with the status quo (saturn).

Bradley's pertinent election sets are:

  • return3 sun at 3 Gemini 51 and retuirn3 moon at 3 Gemini 03 are in the same set with pb mercury, ruler of B Angles and a light, at 3 Virgo 54, as well as b moon at 2 Gemini 50, and c3 sun at 3 Gemini 51 (the return3 sun just happened to also be there). Pb saturn is at 2 Gemini 41R sitting on that b moon. With this many lights (five), I believe the set picks up the earlier c3 jupiter, ruler of C Asc, at 1 Pisces 29 and t3 venus at 1 Sagittarius 33, with the venus brightening the saturn part of the set.

  • pc moon at 27 Virgo 53 is in the same set with C MC at 27 Virgo 40, pc jupiter at 27 Gemini 38, and return uranus at 27 pisces 24. That moon has already passed the jupiter, but the C MC also acts like a light with a small orb, bringing all of them into one set.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is in the same set with B Asc at 17 Virgo 48, pC Asc at 17 Pisces 37, and pc3 sun at 17 Gemini 43.

The above sets suggest an election win for Bradley's candidate.

Rachel Maddow
picture from

As far as I know Maddow has not endorsed either candidate. As far as I know her job forbids it. She is host of MSNBC's “The Rachel Maddow Show,” a cable news show. Her choice of candidates can be deduced from watching her show.

Rachel Maddow
Partial Harmonic Chart for Her 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—2Cap, c12—0Aqu, c2—21Ari. C3—17Tau b11—27Ari, b12—3Gem, b2—25Can, b3—20Leo

Set (60) is just an interesting illustration of her Gemini lights on an Angle and in the same set with C MC/node/jupiter/pluto—surely a well-known communicator. While she does not have mercury/uranus on an Angle, she does have them in two sets, one of which influences b 3rd house and the other which influences—a sign of high intelligence.

Maddow's pertinent sets for the election are:

  • return3 moon at 22 Virgo 07 is in the same set with c3 venus at 23 Virgo 22.

  • return3 NN at 23 Libra 24 is in the same set with pc3 jupiter, ruler of C MC, at 23 Aries 20. T sun at 22 Libra 20 is approaching it.

  • t jupiter at 17 Virgo 53 is in the same set, but a bit late, with b sun at 17 Pisces 36.

  • return3 jupiter at 14 Pisces 31 is in the same set with b venus at 15 Pisces 34 and pb NN at 14 Sagittarius 04. The node is the light that ties the venus and jupiter together.

The above astrology points to a win for Maddow's apparent choice of President.


John S. McCain
picture from

McCain is running for re-election as the Senator from Arizona..

John McCain
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—27Gem, c12—27Can, c2—28Vir, c3—29Lib b11—22Can, b12—23Leo, b2—24Lib, b3—24Sco

Set (22) include moon/venus/jupiter in winch c venus rules C MC and c 3rd house as well as most of c 9th. It constitutes a golden benefic. Also in this set, not shown, are c3 venus at 17 Pisces 28, c3 pluto at 7 Pisces 20, and c3 saturn at 18 Pisces 51. I did not want to try to interpret them. They may have something to do with his years as a POW.

Set (23) shows b venus in the same set with C MC and C Asc.

McCain's sets active on election day that predict his attitude toward the outcome are as follows:

  • pB MC at 11 Virgo 42 in the same set with return (Phoenix) Asc at 11 Pisces 42 and return jupiter at 11 Virgo 37. Pb moon is at 10 Sagittarius 58.

    >li>return3 jupiter, at 28 Aquarius 05 is in the same set with C MC at 28 Taurus 03, C Asc at 27 Leo 13, and b venus at 28 Leo 57 constituting a progressed/return golden benefic influencing two Angles with no afflictions that might reduce their benevolence.

All the above sets, unchallenged by any serious affliction, spell out John McCain's successful re-election as Senator.

Paul Davis Ryan
picture from

Congressman Ryan is running for re-election in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is from Wisconsin.

I confess Ryan's astrology for the election is so complex that a decision of whether he won or lost was quite difficult. Ultimately I resorted to two other charts. This method has two moons—birth and conception—which can be used to do lunar returns, both of which last about one month. His birth lunar return occurred on October 29, 2016 at 9:34:58 a.m. CST. His conception lunar return occurred on October 18, 2016 at 6:07:05 a.m. CST. Both were erected for Janesville.

First, let's look at his 3rd chart astrology.

Paul Ryan
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (a.k.a. 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—4Sco, c12—24Sco, c2—26Cap, c3—9Pis b11—23Vir, b12—17Lib, b2—8Sag, b3—16Cap

Set (24) shows jupiter and saturn in the same set with C MC, with jupiter closest to C MC. The jupiter occurs in all charts, whereas the saturn is peculiar to this 3rd chart alone. Whereas saturn/Angle is usually most difficult, jupiter and saturn work well together to check and sober (saturn) his enthusiasm (jupiter).

Set (24) shows an Angle/uranus. Since this kind of set occurs in many of the political charts I have looked at, I suspect it helpful in creating the flexibility needed to be in politics, on committees, and in endless discussions.

Set (25) is Ryan's golden benefic for his 3rd chart. It shows a conjunction of sun/venus/jupiter/pluto in Capricorn (with mercuries in Aries and Cancer). It shows good fortune (venus/jupiter) in areas connected to power, structure, and function—i.e., governing. In it b3 sun rules B MC, c3 jupiter rules C Asc, and b3 mercury co-rules (23 of 30°) b 10th house, with that mercury being the only reference to a 3rd house within the chart. It also suggests conservative because saturn and Capricorn have relevance to conservative interpretations.

Ryan's 3rd chart could make a paper all by itself because its implications are so interesting. Here are the sets in his 3rd chart relevant to the election:

Set (27)C MC10 Libra 16
pB MC10 Libra 11
pb jupiter10 Libra 40R
b jupiter10 Libra 56
pc3 mars9 Capricorn 41 R
pc3 jupiter10 Capricorn 18ruler of C Asc
pc saturn10 Aries 04

The above set influences three Angles. Normally I would not include the two jupiters in Libra in this as a progressed set because they are over half a degree away from the two Angles in Libra and there is no light. However, those two Angles act like lights to each other, so I do include them, yielding a set showing 2 Angle/3jupiter/mars/saturn. (The Capricorn saturn is too far away to be in this progressed set.) The progressed saturn is especially ominous because it is closest to both Angles in Libra. Angle/saturn usually means loss. But Ryan is an incumbent. As I learned from Obama's 10th chart astrology for the 2012 election, progressed saturn opposite a Midheaven (and moving very slowly, so there a long time) can have other meanings. In both cases it appears to have relevance to both men's heavy task with congress/the House. This is late August. Ryan's can also interpret—if it keeps happening—as the attack on his reputation by Breitbart, i.e., Steve Bannon.

So I can interpret Set (27) as essentially positive. But it is longer term, so not decisive for election day.

Set (28)pB Asc13 Sagittarius 55
C Asc14 Sagittarius
pb venus14 Pisces 17

Set (28) is an unalloyed benefic (venus) set with influence to two Angles. Although important, it is also a longer-term set.

What else?

Set (29)c3 mars20 Aquarius 15
c3 mercury20 Aquarius 19
pc sun20 Taurus 38co-ruler c 8th house
t saturn20 Scorpio 18
return3 uranus20 Scorpio 16

Sun/mars/saturn is a hefty negative. But this set does not influence any Angles, so even though it involves a transiting saturn—a short-term timer, I count it as less effective than this next set in which the return is cast for Janesville.

Set (30)return MC2 Gemini 45
return3 moon3 Gemini 32
pc jupiter2 Virgo 04ruler of C Asc
return Asc3 Virgo 06
t venus1 Sagittarius 33
pb sun1 Pisces 48ruler of B MC

Transiting venus in the above set reaches 2 Sagittarius 24 by 7 p.m. EST November 9. In both positions it is part of Set (29) which shows a golden benefic completed as a golden benefic around the important time of confirming election results. The reason I am uncomfortable using this set to convince me he has won is that the Anglles are those of his return, with no guarnatee he is in that locality on election day. We do know, however, that that is where his family is and that is where he was born and that is where he returns when Congress recesses, so it is a good bet, but still just that.

So I added lunar returns into my decision-making.

Ryan's birth lunar return is just as mixed a message as some of the sets above. But his conception lunar return has MC at 3 Cancer 06 in the same set as c3 venus at 2 Libra 02. Return venus is at 5 Scorpio 18 within conjunction to B Asc at 6 Scorpio 19 and return jupiter at 13 Virgo 25 is in the same set with C Asc at 14 Sagittarius 00 and pB Asc at 13 Sagittarius 55. There were no afflictions to Angles.

All of the above eventually translate into a predicted win for Paul Ryan.

Discussion and Tally
It remains to be seen whether, as believed, these 3rd chart results turn out to be good indicators our response to some one winning or losing.

Results in table form are as follows:


The above table shows supporters of Clinton experiencing mostly a feeling of winning on "election day," whereas those of Trump show mostly feelings of losing. That leads to the conclusion that it is Clinton who wins the election.

Here we are measuring an essentially two-person contest (unless you want to include Vice Presidents since their win or loss is locked to their President's, then we have a two-two contest). We could actually do this kind of work-up for three or four or more candidates in any contest. We could even do it for the jockeys (and, I presume, their horses had we their correct birth time) in a horse race. Or we could do the jockey, the caretakers and trainers, and the owner(s) of each horse and compare and eliminate them by groups. But the difficulty of deciding the winner increases with the increase in number of contestants. That is why for something like a state lottery, which often has millions of contenders, had we all the birth data finding the winner would involve finer and finer discrimination between contenders. Even though we presently know a number of fairly stringent parameters which define the winner of a lottery, with large numbers if contestants there are going to be a large number of individuals who appear to have won when, in fact, only one or several did. To handle cases like that the parameters for making the decision have to get more and more defined and exclusive. And that assumes there is not something outside astrology, e.g., a moral or ethical weight in an ultimately moral universe, which also influences that outcome.

Here are the two Senate race results:


Data Acknowledgments
Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. As memory serves me, (AA) means verified by birth record on hand, (A) means something similar but slightly less reliable, B means from a biography, C means reasonably okay but not from verified public records, (DD) stands for "dirty data," i.e., not at all verified or verifiable, therefore unreliable. Birth dates are listed in the same order as presented in the paper.

Donald John Trump (AA)
Birth: 6/14/1946, 10:54 a..m. EDT. Jamaica, NY. From Astrodatabank, PT quotes birth certificate found online. Since the document was evidently posted by Trump, some caution is advised even though there is no evidence that the document was altered. Previously this entry was rated "A" (from memory) and had a birth time of 9:51 AM with the following source notes: LMR quotes a private source who obtained the data from his mother, confirmed by another astrologer who said, "He laughed, then called his mom."

Biography, “Trump, Donald John,” Microsoft (r) Encarta, Copyright 1994 Microsoft Corporation, Copyright (c) 1994 Funk and Wagnalls Corporation.

Biography: Trump, Donald J. and Tony Schwartz, "Trump, The Art of The Deal," Random House, Inc., 1987

Biography: Trump, Donald J. and Chester Leerhsen, "Trump, The Art of Survival," Random House, Inc., 1990

Conception:9/05/1945, 5:10:06 p.m. EDT, Jamaica, NY.

Tiffany Ariana Trump (A)
Birth: 10/13/1993, 12:50 p.m. EDT, West Palm Beach, FL From Astrodatabank, LMR quotes a newscast given less than 8 hours earlier.
Sy Scholfield quotes “The Donald Becomes a Dad Again, Maples Gives Birth at St. Mary's” by Mitch McKinney, Palm Beach Post, 14 Oct 1993, p. 18 “Tiffany Ariana Trump arrived at 12:50 p.m. Wednesday at St. Mary's Hospital after a labor that began more than 10 hours earlier.”
Concepti0n:12/31/1992, 1:31:54 p.m. EST, W. Palm Beach, FL.

Ivana Trump (AA)
Birth: 12/20/1949. 12:25 a.m. MET, Gottwaldov, Czech Republic. From Astrodatabank, LMR quotes a colleague, from her 6/1992. Lynne Palmer confirms the birth date, as on her passport, as in a tabloid.
Conception:5/11/1948, 9:08:22 p.m. MET, Gottwaldov, Czech Republic..

Richard Bruce Cheney (AA)
Birth: 1/30/1941, 7:30 p.m. CST, Lincoln, NE. Paul, MN. From Astrodatabank, Ste[jem {rzunu;pwsol qiptes data read frp, the B.C. 3/2001
Conception:4/20/1940, 7:17:36 p.m. CST, Lincoln, NE.

Donald Henry Rumsfeld (AA)
Birth: 7/9/1932, 5:40 p.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From Astrodatabank, B.C. in hand from the Wilsons. PT has on file a note (August 2005) from Victoria Williams of the Illinois records office stating that all births up until 1959 were entered in CST. Rumsfeld's record in ADB is therefore correct.
Conception:10/1/1931, 9:26:09 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Rudy Giuliani (A)
Birth: 5/28/1944, 2:30 p.m. EWT, Brooklyn, NY. From Astrodatabank, October 2005 a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote to PT that the time used here was provided by Giuliani's mother. Previously source notes said “Date given on the Internet with a time of 11:52:56 AM EWT, no source. On Claudia Dikinis' site, she thanks Mary Louise Bateman for this data but Bateman has no source. On ACT, Liane Thomas Wade gave 6:00 AM, no source. Dorothy Kovach rectifies to 9:20 AM.
Conception:8/21/1943, 12:43:21 a.m. EWT, Brooklyn, NY.

Keith Rupert Murdoch (B)
Birth: 3/11/1933, 11:59 p.m. AEST, Melbourne, Australia. From Astrodatabank, Gwen Stoney quotes a newspaper annuncement given in “A Paper Prince,” for “midnight ending the day, as the Australians calculate it.” sent to LMR 4/1987.
Conception:6/01/1930, 3:34:38 am AEST, Melbourne, Australia.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. (A)
Birth: 6/17/1962, 9:13 PM EDT, Lynchburg, VA. From Astrodatabank, LMR quotes a correspondent from news.
Conception:9/9/1961, 2L14;30 EDT, Lynchburg, VA.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh (AA)
Birth: 1/12/1951, 7:50 a.m. CST, Cape Girardeau, MO. From Astrodatabank, Eve de Alberich reported on 1/12/1999 that Limbaugh's mom had called the radio show to wish him Happy Birthday, and read the B.C. over the air, 7:50 AM during a conversation between him and his mom. Beth Koch reported that two other astrologers gave the 7:50 AM time.
Conception:4/1/1950, 2:30:24 PM CST, Cape Girardeau, MO..

Sean Hannity (A)
Birth: 12/30/1961, 10:30 AM EST, Franklin Square, NY. From Astrodatabank, Shelley Ackerman cites data from Hannity via a mutual contact.
Conception:3/19/1961, 8:06:32 AM EST, Franklin Square, NY.

David Ernest Duke (AA)
Birth:, July 1, 1950, 11:37 AM CST, Tulsa, OK. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand from Buell Huggins.
Conception: 9/22/1949, 9:33:37 AM CST, Tulsa, OK.

Jack William Nicklaus(AA)
Birth: 1/21/1940, 3:10 AM EST, Columbus, OH. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand from Frank C. Clifford (same in Contemporary Sidereal Horoscopes, Gauquelin Book of American Charts).
Conception: 4/10/1959, 5:02:38 PM EST, Columbus, OH.

Bobby Knight (AA)
Birth: 10/25/1940, 8:42 AN EST, Masillon, OH. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand from Frank Clifford.
Conception: 1/13/1940, 2:52:08 AM EST, Masillon, OH.

Steven Seagal (AA)
Birth: 4/10/1952, 1:54 PM EST, Lansing, MI. From Astrodatabank, Tashi Grady quotes him, BC.
Conception: 7/3/1951, 8:54:10 AM EST, Lansing, MI.

Caitlyn Jenner (William Bruce Jenner) (AA)
Birth: 10/28/1949, 6:16 AM EST, Mt. Kisco, NY. From Astrodatabank, BR in hand from Steinbrecher.
Conception: 1/14/1949, 11:03:58 PM EST, Mt. Kisko, NY.

Hillary Clinton (AA??)
Birth: 10/26/1949, 8:00 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL. From Astrodatabank, Celeste Longacre quotes her for 8 PM. Kt Boehrer writes (ACT online 11/2000), " I can confirm the 8:00 PM data. I have used this data for years (since before Bill became the presidential candidate the first time) and I received it from a very dear friend and good client who knew them well whose identity I cannot reveal."

(Jaume Martín, editor Rev. Astr. MERCURIO-3 (Spain) quotes recently deceased Swiss astrologer Alexander Marr for a rectified time of 7:58 PM CST.)

However Eileen Applegate quotes an article from the Chicago Sun Times stating, "Her mother went into Edgewater hospital after midnight and Hillary was born early on the morning of October 26th."

In an article in "Horoscope" magazine, November 1998, by Frances C. McEvoy: "Mother states in article to 'Chicago Sun Times' in 1992 that Hillary was "born in time for breakfast."

Basil Fearrington relates in January 2001, "A musician friend of mine played in the Democratic fund raiser for Al Gore in Manhattan this past summer. Afterwards he got a chance to talk to Hillary. Knowing my on-going love affair with astrological data (he is a student of mine), he asked Hillary what time she was born. Her exact words were, " I know it was very close to 8 AM, 4-5 minutes before or after."

Webuser writes that she was born in Park Ridge, IL. Pasmanabh rectifies to 10:45 AM, sidereal, submitted to AstroDatabank 7/2001. Alice Mason called on January 16, 2003 to report that she had talked to the Clinton Democratic Office in NY and was told by a helpful associate (who wished to remain nameless) that Hillary Clinton was born at a recorded 8:02 AM.

Biography: Laura Ingraham, "The Hillary Trap: Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places," 2000. In August 2005, a source who wishes to remain anonymous wrote: "I had asked Hillary Clinton whether she was born at 8 PM; she replied " I think so". Earlier I had asked her, her time of birth and she kept mum].• Dana Haynes reports that one website lists "Born at the stroke of midnight (12 AM CST" but no source was given. The AstroDatabank website comments on her chart include an unverified claim from Zayin Cohen claiming to be quoting from birth certificate saying "I can say that I have the correct Birth Time. 26 OCT 1947 2:18 AM Chicago,IL." A poster on Noel Tyl's website gives a rectified time of 01.29.37 AM.

In early Feb 2008 Arlan Wise wrote to the ISAR e-zine vol. 477 the following: "HILLARY CLINTON >from Arlan Wise to Marguerite dar Boggia.:I know this is hearsay, but, my chiropractor has treated Bill and Hillary when they come here (Martha's Vineyard) in the summer. She told me she had a conversation with Hillary about how they have the same astrology-both Scorpios with Pisces moons and both Leo rising. I haven't seen a time that gives Hillary a Leo ascendant but that's what she says she has. It definitely negates the 8:02 am time and adds to the confusion."

Estadella rectified to 8.05.40 CST. Starkman rectified to 01.55.40 CST Asc 10Vir31'
Conception:1/13/1947, 1:59:42 a.m. CST, Chicago, IL.

Tim Kaine (AA)
Birth: 2/26/1958, 7:59 a.m. CST, St. Paul, MN. From Astrodatabank, the source of this data is an uncertified copy of his birth certificate from the Minnesota Department of Health purchased by Patrick Watson. Watson possesses a PDF of the scanned image of the birth certificate.
Conception:5/18/1957, 10:55:12 a.m. CST, St/ Paul, MN.

William Jefferson Clinton (A??)
Birth: 8/19/1946, 8:51 a.m. CST, Hope, AK. From Astrodatabank, note in hand from Mrs. Virginia Kelley, Clinton's mom, to Shelley Ackerman with the time hand-written. She gave the same data in an interview with "Family Circle" magazine of 2/02/1993, p.23.

(Virginia Miller quoted Clinton for the time of 7:30 AM given without hesitation.

(David Maraniss "First in his Class" stated that Clinton was born one hour after dawn, "Details of his birth from Edith Cassidy's records, in possession of her niece, Myra Irvin. As his grandmother was a nurse who worked at the local hospital, she would probably have taken her daughter into the hospital for the birth." (Source detailed in the Notes section of the biography.) (Dawn is 5:24 AM)

(Kathy Forrest called 10/13/96 to relate that she had talked to Clinton's mom about four years back and that she had said he was born at 7:30 AM. Kathy asked "Are you sure?" and the mom said "I should be, I'm his mother." Virginia Kelley relates in the Maraniss biography that her Bill was an eight-month baby, despite his birth weight of nearly 8 1/2 lbs. Her husband, Blythe, returned from Italy where he was stationed eight months before Bill was born.

(Edith Custer sent a long letter from Rowena Wall dated 6/121/95 in which she related that when Clinton began his campaign she asked her mom, who lives in Pine Bluff, AR, to see if she could get his birth data. Her mom replied that she found the data in a book in the library that had the birth certificate in it, giving 3:44 AM. When this information was printed in AFA DX No.104 (5/02/92), both Mark Lerner and Ken Irving called the library but were told that no such book was there. When Rowena Wall asked her mom to double-check, the alleged biography could not be found, making the quote impossible to verify.)

Conception:11/08/1945, 12:13:28 a.m. CST, Hope, AK.

Chelsea Clinton (A)
Birth: 2/27/1980, 11:24 p.m. CST, Little Rock, AK. From Astrodatabank, news clipping in hand from Little Rock Newspaper dated 3/05/1980, stating the daughter was "a week old today," with the time of 11:24 PM. They had not considered the extra day of leap year; February 27 was confirmed by Cornelia Hansen through a letter from the White House. Judith Warner "Hillary Clinton" (Paperback Signet publication, 1/93) "Hillary went into labor 2/27/1980, 7:45 PM. After nearly four painful hours . . . . decided to perform a C-section." In July 2016, Sy Scholfield submitted her birth announcement card stating 11:24pm, posted on Twitter by Robert Yoon, CNN Director of Political Research [1]. Michelle Young emailed media information regarding the birth date and time of daughter Charlotte.
Conception:5/20/1979, 3:13:53 a.m. CST, Little Rock, AK.

Barack Obama (AA)
Birth: 8/4/1961, 7:24 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii. From Astrodatabank, from a photo of his birth certificate posted on his campaign website, 2008.
Conception:10/25/1960, 1:06:43 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Joe Biden (A)
Birth: 11/201942, 8:30 a.m. EWT, Scranton, PA. From Astrodatabank, Marion March quotes Celeste Longacre from him in, “Welcome to Planet Earth,” 4/1987
Conception:2/06/1942, 7:12:48 p.m. EWT, Scramton, PA.

Pope Francis I (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)(AA)
Birth: 12-17-1936, 9:00 PM ADT, Buenos Aires, Argentina. From Astrodatabank, On 21 March 2013 Argentina astrloger Claudia Rizzi sent a copy of the original birth certifiace, which gives “veinte una” (21h) as birth time.
Conception: 3/6/1936, 11:19;31 AM AST, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Albert Arnold Gore (AA)
Birth: 3/31/1948, 12:53 PM EST, Washington, DC. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand, Marion March.
Conception: 6/23/1947, 12:14:50 AM EST, Washington, DC..

James Earl Carter (AA)
Birth: 10/1/1924, 7:00 AM EST, Plains, GA. From Astrodatabank, Marion March quotes BC. CAO Times states that the time (normally CST) was set to EST for business reasons.
Conception: 12/20/1923, 5:00:24 PM EST, Plains, GA.

Jeb Bush (John Ellis Pierce Bush) (AA)
Birth: 2/11/1953, 8:50 PM CST, Midland, TX. From Astrodatabank, Richard Nolle quotes him b email. He first responded “in the morning” and when pressed to please look at his BC, changed the time to 8:50 PM/ (Formerly, LMR quoted a colleague for 7:00 AM from his wife, some years ago. Who's Who gives a birthplace of Houston, TX. Starkman rectified to 2:28:16 CST.).
Conception: 5.3.1952, 8:36:40 AM CST, Midland, TX..

Walter Frederick Mondale (AA)
Birth: 1/5/1928, 10:30 AM CST, Ceylon, MN. From Astrodatabank, Contemporary American Horoscopes, Gauquelin Book of American Charts.
Conception: 3/25/1927, 12:08:10 PM CST, Ceylon, MN..

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (AA)
Birth: 5/6/1953, 6:10 AM GDT, Edinburgh, Scotland. From Astrodatabank, Caroline Gerard quotes BC.
Conception: 7/28/1952, 1:49:56 PM BST, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Diane Feinstein (AA)
Birth: 6/22/1933, 12:44 AM PST, San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand, Jack Fertig.
Conception: 9/13/1932, 3:28:25 AM PST, San Francisco, CA.

Edmond Gerald Brown (AA)
Birth: 4/7/1938, 12:34 PM PST, San Francisco, CA. From Astrodatabank, John Daniel quotes BC. (Same Gauquelin Book of American Charts.)
Conception:. 6/29/1937, 5:24:00 AM PST, San Francisco, CA

Michael Rubens Bloomberg (AA)
Birth: 2/14/1942, 3:40 PM EWT, Brighton, MA. From Astrodatabank, Frances McEvoy quotes BC, Vol. 13, p. 30 of the Massachusetts birth records for 1942.
Conception: 5/6/1941, 5:09:59 AM EST, Brighton, MA.

Bill de Blasio (Warren Wilhelm, JR.) (A)
Birth: 5/8/1961, 7:03 PM EDT, Manhattan, NY. From Astrodatabank, Shelly Ackerman writes per email 19312013 “May 8, 1961 @ 7:03 PM, Manhattan, My request to high level campaign staffer who asked him directly.
Conception: 7/31/1960, 3:33:41 AM EDT, Manhattan, NY.

William Warren Bradley (AA)
Birth: July 28, 1943, 11:37 AM CWT, St. Louis, MO. From Astrodatabank, BC in hand from Janice Mackay (Gauquelin Book of American Charts gave 11:20 AM, Crystal City MO in error.)
Conception: 10/18/1942, 12:34:23 PM CWT, St. Louis, MO.

Rachel Anne Maddow (AA)
Birth: 4/1/1973, 12:23 PM PST, Hayward, CA. From Astrodatabank, PT quotes BC in hand.
Conception: 6/23/1972, 1:18:33 AM PST, Hayward, CA.

John McCain (A)
Birth: 8/29/1936, 9:00 a.m. EST, Coco Solo Air Base, Panama Canal. From Astrodatabank. Mark McDonough called both the election office and Senator McCain's political office and was told that they had no copy of the medical records on hand. McCain's deputy press secretary said she had many astrologers call and had called his mother. Mom said “about 9 AM.” (On the Internet quotes Rowena Wall for 9:00 AM “from two staffers in McCain's election office citing the medical records.” (Frances Rainbolt, who is a family friend of the McCain's, rectified his chart to 8:55:47 AM.)
Conception:11/19/1935, 1:54:46 a.m. EST, Coco Solo Air Base, Panama Canal.

Paul Ryan (AA)
Birth: 1/29/1970, 2:37 a.m. CST, Janesville, WI. From Astrodatabank, Patrick Watson quotes birth certificate, copy in hand, first reported in a blog,
Conception:4/19/1969, 12:16:36 a.m. CST, Janesville, WI.

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

Above by John Donne (1572-1631). It appears in “Devotions upon emergent occasions and seuerall steps in my sicknes” - Meditation XVII, 1624

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