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August 12, 2012 and March 14, 2013
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Astrology of
The 2012 Presidential Election
With Post-Election Update,
Including Numerous Examples from Other Presidential Elections
by Sandra Weidner

Introduction and Order of Presentation of the Update
My prediction for the winner of the 2012 U.S. presiential election was wrong. Even traditional astrologers some times have to find their very own markers for evaluating such winners. But I am the only individual who does this form of astrology, so it stands to reason that finding such correct markers might involve me in my own unique process of trial and error. At this point, I am confident the present markers will work about 95% of the time.

This update shows the astrology for how to judge when any one wins anything, not just an election. What they win depends on other charts, but that they win becomes clear with this new material.

It is still somewhat in draft form, but no major changes are anticipated. A new section has been added entitled Further Examples, containing the astrology of other presidential campaigns. The updated illustrations for Romney and Obama for the 2012 election are also complete. They include the addition of another chart—the 3rd chart (of mind). They make clear why Obama, and not Romney, won. This is in spite of the fact that Romney had the more benefic 7th (significant others) and 10th chart (career and social image) astrology than did Obama.

In accordance with my previous practice for papers on this site, I leave what I have written and update/correct by adding to the original. In this paper, all the updated material is written in purple, except, of course, tables, which are left black. Their position among the purple writing identifies them as updated material.

I have, however, removed some material from the original, including comments about 2012 Vice Presidential candidates, allusions to 7th and 10th chart astrology for the inauguration, and when possible, all references to progressed locality Angles. I removed this material because it has proven unnecessary (and therefore clutter) in the new effort to establish the winner of the election. All the rest of the material remains as was.

Over a period of years, not at all consistently, I had found the 7th chart of significant others and the 10th chart of career and social image the typical charts involved in showing social elevation, honors, and defeats. I never looked any further because I didn’t have to. These seemed to work. (Now I can see they did so imperfectly, but nonetheless, they did the job until I got to the Obama vs. Romney election.)

The additional chart, the 3rd, is crucial in identifying the winner of an election. There is more discussion on its general meaning—and its importance in judging winners and losers—in the section entitled “Charts Used” (to determine election results.)

Following the “Charts Used” section comes an updated, simple but significant astrology for 7th and 10th charts Romney and Obama. Though awkward (there really is no good place to put this material), I have placed it at the beginning of the discussion of each chart.

The major part of this update includes their new, 3rd chart astrology for the election. It is follows analyses of their 7th and 10th charts. Again, all new material is written in purple so it can be easily identified.

Following all astrology for Obama and Romney comes a longer section—new—called Further Examples. It includes the election astrology for seven earlier presidents and one vice president in chronological order to their occurrence.

Paying attention to the their astrology—which is given without much discussion since the necessary discussion has preceded these examples—could be tiresome. But it is the part that is truly convincing.

To reduce number of items shown, results for only their 3rd and 10th charts are shown. In fact, all three charts (3rd, 7th, 10th) should be examined before deciding election results. They may not all be necessary each election, but they all contain relevant material which should be part of the evaluation. In this Examples section, however, I am primarily interested in showing how each candidate’s 3rd charts clarified election outcomes. As occurred with Obama in 2012, sometimes it is the 3rd chart, and not the 10th, which shows the win. But the 3rd chart astrology for all winners of elections has to be positive.

Depending on which is more benevolent, in Further Examples I show the partial chart drawing of some times the 3rd, and sometimes the 10th chart. But their significant progressed and return astrology for the election is always shown.

Following the Further Examples comes the (original) Discussion and then the Updated Discussion. The latter includes further exploration on the revelation of the importance of the 3rd chart in determining winners and losers.

This combined paper likely contains some redundancy. Because this astrological method is so different from traditional, I found redundancy preferable to too little information. Recognized redundancy can, of course, be skipped over rapidly.

Reminders About Present-Day Limitations in Doing Any One’s Astrology, But Especially Presidential
I believe I discussed some of these limitations earlier. They are worth repeating because they cannot be repeated—as they should be—in the body of each example. They are:

To do any one’s astrology correctly, especially to make predictions, one must have correct birth data, including time of birth, which should be to the nearest minute. That kind of preciseness occurred rarely in recording past birth times. Even now accuracy differs from state to state and country to country. So much variation in dependability greatly hampers good research.
Of course, given enough events in any individual’s life, most astrologers can measure them against the given time of birth—rectify the chart—to come up with the actual time. But rectification, also, is a skill that not only varies from astrologer to astrologer, but within the work of each individual astrologer. It is a skill, and not every good astrologer has it. And even good ones err. Consulting the Data Source in a number of Astrodatabank birth examples readily shows that astrologers, too, differ in rectification results. So, nothing is better for arriving at dependable results than knowing that the birth time was recorded accurately.
The 40° return (which I often called the 40-day, but that is misleading because they are not all exactly 40 days long) of this method is exceptionally valuable when used with the individual’s original astrology and his progressions. So, we also want it to be accurate. But its accuracy is also a function of correct birth time.

Moreover, we need to know where the subject lives at the time of the return (there are nine of them per year.) Although the planets in the return remain the same no matter where on earth the individual is, the Angles vary with locality. This is a problem with presidential candidates. If one does not know where the candidate “lives,” the return Angles cannot be certain.

One can, of course, use Washington, D.C. for incumbents, but even that is somewhat of a presumption. Sometimes presidents spend a considerable time during their tenure in a favorite home which is not Washington. D.C. There can be several of these. Nonetheless, I think it best to always use Washington, D.C. for incumbent’s returns.
With challengers the problem is worse. If they are in some other office—say, Governor of Massachusetts or Senator from Illinois—when they start campaigning to become president, is their “home” where that office is, where their campaign office is located, where they live, or where their favorite or more permanent home is? Or should it be Washington D.C. because it, psychologically and symbolically, is the disputed area? All candidates spend so much time on the road in the year preceding the elections it is difficult to feel confident about any return location.
Accordingly, I have often used Washington D.C. for all of them, but occasionally discuss another, potential locality.
The fact that return Angles play an important part in this astrology can be seen by examining astrology of individual’s who live in the same place (other than birth) for considerable lengths of time. Their return Angles often play a strong role in showing their life outcomes.
Because we rarely know the winner of a presidential election (especially in earlier years like FDR’s time), on the actual day of the election, most of time, but probably not totally consistently, I have done progressions for all candidates for the day after the election. It makes no appreciable difference in the results presented which day is used. I just did it that way so I could match it to concession times. So I have not worried about consistency in this area. I mention this so no one will see that the progressions for the election are one day off and think the results are wrong. They are acceptable from either day.
It is useful to know the time of concession of the losing candidate, but we rarely know that ahead of time. In this era of such minute analysis of likely results, however, we are getting closer and closer to knowing that at least for typical elections (not Bush v. Gore), that time will be some time between 10 p.m. election eve and 2:00 a.m. the next day. If we actually know concession time, we can even use transits for the time. Transits show where planets (in the sky) are at any the given time. I found several slightly differing concession times on the Internet for Obama versus Romney. Longer research on the Internet can produce more concession times, but it is also time consuming. Known concession times, however, have proved that the actual time of concession often adds pertinent planetary placements for the astrology of both the winner and loser. So, when I can, I have included it.
The ideal for evaluating any election result is that the two candidate’s astrology should be compared. It is, however, hard to find dependable birth data on both, especially for earlier elections. It is hard enough just getting it on the fellow who won. Birth time is far too often what the candidate, or his office, “remembers.” Sometimes they remember correctly, and sometimes they don't. So, such comparisons, while preferable, are rare in this paper. I include them I can.

Now we return to the Introduction of the original paper.

I begin with a statement. I have political preferences. They are not in this paper. This paper is comprised strictly of astrology for Obama and Romney for the 2012 presidential election--that is, the astrology for winning a two-person contest. In that sense, it has nothing to do with what kind of contest it is. The focus is on the better astrology of the winner of a contest.

For this contest we have several valuable pieces of information which make trying to make a prediction a reasonable thing to do, at least for an astrologer.

First, we already know Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. Even more important, we have what appears his correct time of birth, from his own memory of what was on his birth certificate. That it is correct is crucial. It may be. It may have been intentionally falsified because some people feel their time of birth is no one else's business. Or it may have been remembered incorrectly. It could have been recorded in error—plus or minus the actual time—in the delivery room. A lot can happen in the delivery room that makes up-to-the-minute recording of time of birth less important.

And we definitely have Obama’s correct time of birth because we have on file a copy of his birth certificate (see Data Acknowledgments, at bottom of page). It is given to the minute. That is usually a good sign some one was actually looking at the clock when delivery occurred.

We have at hand, then, the material absolutely necessary for an astrological analysis.

Second, we have the dates of both the GOP convention and the national election. It is not as if these are variable and floating—they are fixed. It would be hard to do any predicting if the dates were not fixed.

Third, we have already seen Obama’s astrology for winning the 2008 presidential election, letting us know what it looked like for him the first time he ran and won. And we have seen his chart's validity for other events in his life. Given that we also have a copy of his birth certificate, we can be nearly certain we will be working with his true astrology. We are also going to look, below, at his 3rd chart astrology for that first presidential win.

Astrology has a method for checking accuracy of birth time. It is called rectifying the birth chart. To do that, we need dates of events in the individual's life. Biographies of Romney are not great in providing actual dates for events beyond the year. Month and day are necessary. For instance, for most of his children only the year of birth is readily available. One cannot test the correctness of the time of any one's birth knowing just the year something happened to him.

Fortunately, however, we do have several distinct dates for Romney. We have the date of his marriage to Ann, the dates of death of his mother and father, and the date he was elected governor of Massachusetts. Recently I also found the birth date of his oldest son, Tagg. These are enough to use to test his chart to see if the given time works with the events of his life. If they don't, then that time has to be incorrect. Then we must work with the chart to see what time of birth does fit the events of his life. It can be a lot of work. And one can still be wrong. Rectification works best when the error in the given time of birth is close—plus or minus ten minutes—of the actual time of birth.

I did the rectification work on Romney's stated time. Most readers are not interested in this material, so I have not included it in this paper. The time (reported below in Data Acknowledgments) used for this paper, then, works with all five Romney life events mentioned above.

Now that we are reasonably certain of Romney's time of birth, we can do his astrology for the GOP convention. Why? We already know he is the nominee, so we can use examining that date to make sure his astrology supports that result, helping confirm his time of birth. At the same time, it will give us a view of what such winning astrology looks like with his chart. We will also look, below, at his 3rd chart astrology for this winning event.

A few other things can go wrong in predicting outcomes of contests.

United States' history has given us a previously unimagined election snafu. It happened in 2000 in the race between George W. Bush and then Vice-President Al Gore. I remember being puzzled looking at their astrology. Even in races that look close astrologically, the winner usually picks up transits of venus and/or jupiter in the early morning hours of the day after the election. And the loser doesn't. Those transits of the moment represent his sense of elation and good fortune caused by winning. In the 2000 presidential race I not only did not see a winner, I did not see any applicable transits signifying any sense of winning. As it turned out, my vision wasn’t blurred, just not open enough to countenance a long-delayed victory. There was no winner on that date. Or even around that date. It was not until December 12, 2000 that the citizens of the United States knew the name of their next President. That could happen again, but that, too, is highly unlikely.

Candidates could die or otherwise withdraw between nomination and election day. I don’t know if that has ever happened. It seems highly unlikely.

A third party candidate could emerge late and win. So far as I know, no late emerging third party candidate has won election to the Presidency of the United States or come anywhere near it.

Before we look at election results--I refer to the astrology, not the votes--I need to make available information on this particular astrological method.

Astrological Method
This method is not traditional. It uses birth and conception planets and their harmonics and houses, all of which share the same axis:

This astrology uses the sidereal positions of the planets based on the Fagan-Bradley’s SVP. Here is the link to my paper which discusses the practical differences between sidereal (Eastern) and tropical (Western) zodiacs: Paper on Tropical vs. Sidereal Astrology/
Harmonics are taken from the sidereal position of the planets. The Egyptian harmonic, discussed in the paper “About This Method” (link below), is used.
”Lights” include suns, moons, and moons nodes. When mercury rules one or two Angles, it also acts like a light and has the same orb as the other lights. The MC or Asc also acts like a light, but one with only a 2° orb, because when a set is on an Angle it does not need a light to be active.
This method uses only conjunctions, applying and separating squares, and oppositions. Orbs for static planets with lights is 5°; without lights, about 2.5°. Orb for MC/planet or Asc/planet is 2°. Planets so related to each other are referred to as in the same “set.” A set, then, is two or more planets (or an Angle) connected to each other through conjunction, square, and opposition within the defined orbs. Sets without Angles are more active when they contain a light, and less active without one. Learning to look in terms of “crosses” can be helpful in rapidly finding planets that are in the same set.
Because this approach uses both a birth and conception chart and they share the same axis, birth houses usually overlap different houses of the conception chart. These are called “house overlaps.” I did not discuss them in this paper, but they can be significant. The convention used when writing about house overlaps is to put the birth house first, then the conception house. So, for instance, a “5th/1st” overlap refers to an overlap of birth 5th house with conception 1st house in that order.
Birth planets (including their harmonics) rule only birth houses. Conception planets (including their harmonics) rule only conception houses.
For a more thorough explanation of this astrological approach, refer to the following papers:

About This Method
Empirically-Derived Rules for Reading These Charts

Because returns prior to the event in question play such a vital part in assessing the outcome, more should be said about them. Like the astrology itself, the returns of this method are different from those of traditional astrology.

In traditional astrology returns are usually either solar and/or lunar. A solar return occurs when the sun in the sky reaches the exact same degree, minute, and second of longitude it occupied at the time of the individual’s birth. So, year after year, each individual has one solar return per year. That one solar return which occurred before the election would be the one traditional astrologers would look at. Lunar returns occur when the moon's position in the sky matches that of the individual's moon at birth. Each individual, then, has twelve lunar returns per year. The one used by the astrologer would be the one which encompasses the date of the event.

This astrological method uses a return that occurs every time the sun in the sky reaches exactly 40° 00’ 00” from the individual’s birth sun, then 40° 00’ 00” from that sun, then 40° 00’ 00” more from that sun. Keep adding 40° 00’ 00” until the sun reaches its original birth position, then the cycle starts all over again. Nine of these returns occur per year per individual throughout his lifetime. Their Angles (Midheaven and Ascendant, or approximately their chart's noon and sunrise positions) and the position of the planets in them relative to the individual’s birth/conception and progressed astrology have proven invaluable in understanding what is happening. All work together to demonstrate the astrology of an event.

These returns are also solar returns, but they are harmonic solar returns. Those recurring intervals of exactly 40° yield a ninth harmonic sun that is in the exact same degree and sign as the birth and conception harmonic suns (which are conjunct each other) in the 7th chart of every individual. Nine returns per year provide much more, and more current, information than just one.

This method also can use lunar returns, but they are for the moons of both birth and conception. Here we are not using them because they add more data than we need.

In reading returns, only planets falling within 2° of return Angles are valid plus any planets in the return which fall within 1° of the individual’s birth, conception, progressed birth, and progressed conception Angles. Unlike traditional astrology, with this method houses within returns are not interpreted. What falls on (all) Angles is primary. Influence to birth and conception houses through rulers (on Angles) may be used to infer meaning.

Each candidate will have one solar return prior to the election. Since we are also examining Romney's astrology for the convention, he will have an additional solar return for that period. Both also have returns which occur prior to the date of the inauguration.

[Here I removed some redundant material about returns.]

Charts Used
Both the 7th and 10th charts have proven relevant in assessing winners of such events as elections, boxing matches, golf tournaments, and other social honors. Our 7th charts are harmonic expansions of our 7th houses and are indexes of our relationships with marriage partners, close friends, and business partners. But, the 7th chart is the main chart of this method. The information it contains transcends those subject areas. It is just stock full of information, including one’s state at the time of winning a contest.

Our 10th charts are harmonic expansions of our 10th houses. They show our social status and careers. They also contain significant information on our relationship to our mothers—not who she was, but how we experienced her. This identity of interests in the 10th chart helps explain why most people who are very successful in their careers also had excellent relationships to their mothers.

Why Our 3rd Charts Are Also Necessary
If some one wins something so big as a U.S. presidential election, it is highly likely it will show in his 3rd chart of mind. He is, after all, mentally uplifted by winning. He experiences the rush that comes with the good fortune of “getting it right.” And, if he loses, no matter how good a sport he is, he likely feels deflated. [The exception to these general statements are accomplished students such as those of karma yoga and zen Buddhism, or any one who has accomplished the admirable goal of being able to experience good and bad fortune, health and illness, praise and blame, with the complete inner equilibrium.] All of these reactions should show in our 3rd chart of mind, particularly when we are looking at an much anticipated result on a fixed day. The same type of reaction to events shows all the time in our 7th charts with regard to our daily experiences of ups and downs, happy surprises, flattery, and so on. I have not done as much with establishing if this is true in the 10th chart. Here I write of it mainly with regard to the 3rd chart with regard to a particular anticipated event—the election.

Not really totally understanding the importance of this phenomenon was the source of my error in judging Obama the loser in this past election. Maybe the 3rd chart progressions of presidential candidates will not show their wins as strongly as does their 10th (career) chart, but it should be strong enough for us to discriminate their joy of winning or deflation at losing. And what it shows will be directly correlated with what actually happens.

Sometimes, especially when the individual is quite intellectual, his 3rd chart is his center of gravity chart (COG). Then it, not his 10th chart, will play a major role in recording his social (normally considered 10th chart) wins. That may be the case with Obama. Such was more certainly the case both times in President Nixon’s two election victories. His 3rd chart astrology was loaded with the benefic sets found in charts of winners. Why his 3rd chart was his COG chart is discussed below in the section covering his astrology. (The subject of COG charts is discussed much more in most of the papers on human sexuality because those varying conditions have significators which occur in charts other than the typical 5th (sexuality) and 7th (significant others). Here is a link: Paper on Homosexuality ).

3rd charts, along with 10th charts, also show timed beneficence for those whose intellectual works are socially recognized, such as the winner of a prestigious book award, or the winner of a prestigious academic honor. They show that the individual’s mental creations are being honored.

3rd charts, in general, show a great deal (but not all) about our mind and how it functions, its pathologies and compensations. It is highly benefic, along with other astrology pointing to a fine mind for those individuals whose high intelligence comes to our attention, be they scientists or gifted creative writers. One example is the 3rd chart of Nikola Tesla. He had lighted uranus in the 3rd house (as did Einstein) plus suns in Gemini and Virgo and two golden benefics, interestingly, influencing his 9th house of higher mind. In cases like his, the astrology is life-long, his astrological mental foundation. It is subject to additional influences through progressions and transits. It is not to be confused with 3rd chart event astrology aimed at looking for short-term negative or positive states, such as election wins or losses. In the latter case the 3rd chart astrology is always confined to a given, limited period of time. (Tesla’s 3rd chart is discussed in an Addendum to the paper on eastern gurus. Here is the link: Paper on Gurus, search for Tesla .)

For our shorter term, event astrology, we do not have to have progressed Angles to venus and jupiter (or influenced by them) as must be the case with individual’s whose intellectual works are recognized. Our short term events may have those sets. They may not. Progressions can also be completed by the return Angles and planets. When that happens, the sets take on the shorter term implications involved in the fact that returns cover only 40 days. Usually.

So how do we judge what, actually, is “winning” 3rd chart astrology? The answer to that is at the end of the section that discusses why the planets venus and jupiter, and mars and saturn, are respectively involved in “fortunate” and “unfortunate” outcomes.

That sections starts now.

The Significators For Winning and Losing Events
Somewhat over-simplifying, twenty-nine years research results with this method have clearly demonstrated that for conditions and events there are two planets which primarily sponsor all our ills and bad fortune. And there are two different ones that primarily sponsor our success, joy, and good fortune.

The planetary authors of almost all of our good feelings are venus and jupiter, known to older traditional astrology as the lesser and greater benefics, respectively.

Venus and jupiter together (square or conjunction, or on differing Angles of the same chart) with a light, on or influencing an Angle, create a golden benefic. Golden benefics are in evidence in almost all instances of success, winning, joy, in all areas of human experience. In the 2nd chart of money they represent winning the lottery, inheritances, or other fortunate windfalls. In the 10th house of career they represent very favorable social stature, and by timing, promotions, great new jobs, and other social honors.

To see the golden benefic (a conjunction of venus to jupiter) on his 4th house cusp (that is, on an Angle) for President George Bush for his stunning victory in 2004, do a search for his name in the paper on Eastern spiritual teachers: Paper on Gurus. His was one of several pieces of astrology included in that paper to show the power of golden benefics in charts of people other than spiritual teachers.

The planetary authors of almost all of our difficult feelings and experiences are mars and saturn, known to older traditional astrology as the lesser and greater malefics, respectively.

I stated above, “I somewhat over-simplify” because in order to exist at all at this level we need all the planets. They symbolize, and somehow promote, the material, emotional, psychological, and intellectual modes of existence we know as "our life." When not in excess, mars and saturn work well, as they should, to sponsor meaningful and productive lives. Even when forefront, if they are also accompanied by forefront benefics like venus and jupiter, they have their useful place in human experience. For instance, mars and saturn are often forefront in the charts of explorers, boxers, extreme sportsmen. They show the difficulty of that particular lifestyle, its physical arduousness. They are famous and successful explorers if they also have 7th or 10th charts which contain forefront--often golden--benefics. Otherwise they remain anonymous and “mars/saturn challenged." Without those accompanying benefics mars and saturn experiences are hard for all of us. Even then they have their place, if but a harsh one. For instance, ultimately our experiences of saturn--assuming they are not so severe as to bury us--sponsor some of our deepest, most individual, most humbling learning in life. Saturn is also one of the planets that is predominant in the abstract part of intellect, especially good for comprehending symbols and patterns. So, for instance, it plays a part in being good at mathematics.

Similarly for the planets of good fortune, venus and jupiter. In excess in certain ways they can and do sponsor difficulties, especially when some other part of the individual feels "deficient." Then, the good and bounty that jupiter sponsors is used to compensate for lacks sponsored by some other planet, often saturn. People get greedy, eat too much, engage in excess sexuality damaging to psyche and health, and so on. It ends up being "too much of a good thing," that is, not balanced by the prudence sponsored by the pitfalls of mars and saturn.

From the above discussion, it should now be clear how we are going to identify the winner of the two-person presidential contest. We are going to identify which individual has the most venus and jupiter on Angles in 7th and 10th charts on the date of the election. Conversely, the loser will show a predominance of mars and saturn on Angles, or at least far fewer of venus and jupiter.

The astrological recording of a feeling accompanying winning (or losing), happiness or unhappiness, is usually a very short-term astrological condition. The feeling happens within minutes on a certain day. The afterglow may last longer, but its spike is evident in a sharp sense of change emotionally.

In this paper we are interested in that time within the 24 hours following election eve. It is during that time, with rare exceptions, that each candidate finally knows he has either won or lost. It is, essentially, a moment in time.

As far as I have been able to determine, this feeling always shows up in his astrology as part of his astrological package indicating his victory. Unless pathological in some way, there is no such thing as a depressed winner. His state may show up in all three charts. As mentioned, it is usually in the 7th. As results below show, it is also almost always shown by 3rd chart astrology.

In Obama’s case, I did not accept, or hardly even see, such an indication of winning in his 7th chart because I judged its longer term, other astrology, plus that of his 10th chart, prohibited winning. More on this in the Updated Discussion.

In our event-oriented 3rd chart astrology we are primarily concerned with sets formed by progressed or return light/venus or light/jupiter. The light is usually the moon because it is the fastest moving planet in a progressing chart. That means its location on any one day is closer to actually representing that day than his longer-term astrology. And planets connected to it are going to correlate best with the, in this case, response to the event.

Also, since mercury is natural ruler of the 3rd house, and we are working with a harmonic expansion of a 3rd house into a 3rd chart, mercury/venus and mercury/jupiter sets record feelings of winning or losing.

Of course their preponderance counts. But even just one set of each—moon/venus and moon/jupiter—is enough to register that feeling known by every human being, that of victory. Astrology here varies because movement of planets vary, so it is not possible to categorically state what sets are absolutely best timers. Only checking the actual rate of movement of the planet in question for the individual for the event will tell us how fast it is moving. So, we have a general principle—moon/venus plus moon/jupiter records winning, but these still must be investigated on a case by case basis.

Besides the moon or mercury (even when not a light, which it is not unless it rules an Angle), of course, the light involved could be the sun or a node. All non-harmonic moons progress approximately 1° per month. In the 3rd chart, the harmonic moons progress about 5° per month; in the 7th chart, about 9° degrees, and in the 10th, about 12°. Compare that to the progressing harmonic sun in a 7th chart, which moves approximately ¾° per month. Big difference, with the moon being a far more sensitive timer.

For victory, we want to see those progressing moons in sets with venus or jupiter. However, longer term (say, pb venus to b moon, which could be in place for several months) light/venus and light/jupiter sets also play a part in event results. They may not be good timers by the day, but if they are in place for the event then they are functional and contribute to the outcome. Ultimately all of this is true because our lights are our forms of consciousness. They are always active, whether or not on an Angle (but of course, more active then). As lights they bring the modes of consciousness of the other planets into consciousness. A preponderance of those in place for any event produce event-oriented results. It is just that timing is best seen through the progressing moons and some of the other lights when moving fast or some other conditions.

The placement of planets in the return covering the period of the election covers only 40 “days.” But the actual return itself occurs in a brief moment of time (minutes and seconds) before the election, then stays that way for the 40 next days. The placement of those planets relative to the individual’s original chart and its progressions has turned out to be quite relevant to his life events. At that brief moment the return occurs, planets in it are in some way harmonically related to the individual’s reality through the numbers 7, 9, and 40 and work for all twelve charts. The non-harmonic return planets are the same for all twelve charts. But, of course, to find the harmonic of return planets for any chart one must use the harmonic used to get that chart. So, for the 3rd chart one must use the 5th harmonic, and those for the 10th, the 12th harmonic, and so on. Thus, venus and jupiter on return Angles or any moons—whether supplied by the return, or the original or progressed planets--are also “short-term” and therefore useful in identifying the individual’s reaction on election day.

Of course, the malefics mars and saturn to our short term lights are going to indicate the individual's reaction to losing (or other traumatic events). Light/mars can, among other things, register shock. But mars can go either way. Light/saturn, depression or deflation. With saturn, the pain of failure (saturn) or being a no-body (saturn literally—see the discussion of saturn’s placement on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, also called the Tree of Life when returning toward G-d, in the paper on autism. Here is the link: Paper on Autism, search for Tree of Life) . A similar, slightly more extensive discussion occurs in the paper about the suicide of Primo Levi. Here is the link: Paper on Levi, search for Tree of Life) . Light/jupiter registers the rapid expansive feeling that accompanies our experience of good fortune. Light/venus shows us, among other things, the conviviality we all feel when we are "winners."

Does every one always react to each such venus/jupiter or mars/saturn condition involving short-term lights? Judging by my own astrology, I would say no. Occasionally (I don't have any comparative data on this) one passes right through them without a ripple in consciousness. But it is also true that wins and losses almost always occur with such astrological configurations.

Just a few more notes that should precede views of charts:

In the partial charts shown below, birth planets and their harmonics are inside the circle. Conception planets and their harmonics are outside the circle. Conception sidereal planets are red; conception harmonic ones, black. Birth sidereal planets are blue; birth harmonic ones, green. Occasionally, because of space limitations, I have had to violate this inside/outside arrangement, but the color coding remains constant.
Abbreviations used below are b = birth, c = conception, and t = transiting. MC = Midheaven. Asc = Ascendant. B-Loc MC, for instance, stands for the birth Midheaven for a given locality. And pB-Loc MC, for instance, represents a progressed birth Midheaven for a given date and place. Even though the harmonic used for each chart is always two more than the chart’s number, in these papers—for ease of reading—I write the harmonic number the same as the chart number. For example, the 5th chart uses the 7th harmonic, but to avoid worse confusion I have established the convention of writing harmonic planets for the 5th chart as, e.g., c5 mars, which reads, “the harmonic for the 5th chart for conception mars.” Something like “pc10 venus” is translated the harmonic of progressed conception venus for the 10th chart, while “t7 venus” stands for the harmonic of transiting venus for the 7th chart.

Worth repeating is the fact that acceptable orb for progression of a planet to an Angle and vice versa is no more than 1°. It is affected by lights being in the set because they increase orb. It would be less than 1° if we could depend on time of birth. Return Angles, however, have an allowable orb of 2°, with 2° being weak.

The Republican Convention in August

Willard Mitt Romney
picture from

The Republican Convention in August
We can now look at Romney’s astrology plus his progressions for August 30, 2012, the last day of the convention. All the charts shown below are partial. That is, they contain only the information relevant to answering our questions.

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

The partial chart shown above shows us Romney’s basic benefic influences in his 7th chart before progressions. He was born with these sets and they continue in effect throughout his life. Progressions, transits, and returns for the convention are added to them.

Set (1) shows he was born with moon/jupiter/neptune on C MC. ("On" means conjunction, square, or opposition it.) If there is anything stronger than Angle/jupiter, it is Angle/moon/jupiter, showing a lifetime (Angle) of success (jupiter) and some considerable popularity with the masses (moon plus jupiter). The neptune part of it is mystical or religious. It shows he is serious about and known for his spirituality.

Set (2) shows a second influence of moon/jupiter to C MC, which c7 jupiter rules. B moon rules b 4th house, supporting Romney’s general success in the later years of his life. In Sagittarius, the natural sign of the 9th house of religion, it, too, has a religious, spiritual, or philosophic implication. He is a man of strong aspirations. They will serve him well as long as his vision doesn't get too narrow. This is not just "astrological small talk." Adolf Hitler also had a conjunction of moon to jupiter in Sagittarius. He, too, was a man of high aspirations. There cannot be any doubt about that. But they served a very narrow ideal. Outcomes of aspirations are functions of the wholeness of humanity of the man who has them.

Set (3) is a very weak conjunction of venus to Romney’s birth Midheaven. The orb is 1° 50’, just 10’ short of becoming totally ineffective at 2°. Actually, this set is effective when returns provide a light or Angle between (or square or opposition) this MC and venus. The light increases the orb.

Please keep in mind: in all the following progressions and returns below, when a planet is progressed to an Angle, the acceptable orb is only 1°. When we are judging whether or not a planet falls on one of the Angles of the return,, an orb of 2° is acceptable. Either way, we want it to be as close as possible--the greater the orb from exact, the weaker the effect.

What are his progression and return planets for the convention?

Set (4)pB MC16 Pisces 53
c venus17 Gemini 01

Set (4) shows a progressed Angle/venus. It is a little early, but effective. Since it contains no harmonics, it spreads its benefic influence throughout all twelve of his charts and other aspects of his life. Added to his original Angle/moon/jupiter, he now, for the nomination, has astrology of a "summed golden benefic." It is summed because we had to use two sets to get the result, Angle/venus/jupiter. What he has is really Angle/venus plus Angle/jupiter. I have never established if it is weaker than a single set. If it is, it is not weaker by much. Steve Jobs had a lifelong Angle/venus plus Angle/jupiter. The whole latter part of Einstein's life was accomplished under an Angle/venus plus Angle/jupiter. Compare them to Winston Churchill, who had a lifelong Angle/venus/jupiter. See any difference in terms of fame and overall success?

Set (4a) has progressed B Asc at 3 Cancer 55 in the same set with c7 venus at 3 Cancer 55. This is a second progressed Angle/venus, helping him connect to others. This one occurs only in his 7th chart because the venus is harmonic (c7 venus).

Progressed c7 sun is at 4 Taurus 07 giving extra light to his conjunction of b jupiter at 3 Scorpio 34 and his b moon at 3 Scorpio 37, giving him especial good fortune in making connections to others (greater benefic in Scorpio).

Set (5)return MC (Tampa Bay)14 Libra 20
b venus 14 Capricorn 33
pb7 jupiter 15 Libra 12R

Set (5) shows us a golden benefic formed around return MC.

Romney's 10th chart astrology for the convention is even better, which makes it really positive astrology. Here is his pertinent 10th chart astrology.

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

Set (6) above is familiar. In this chart his Angle/moon/jupiter has been joined by a harmonic node, making it seem his fame and fortune are fated (node). Note the harmonic neptune in this 10th chart set is from conception neptune, while in his 7th chart it was from birth neptune. With Angle/jupiter/neptune in both his 7th and 10th charts there was not much chance Romney would not be perceived as a religious man. I would use the word "mystic" which also applies to jupiter/neptune and is comfortably used in describing, for instance, Ralph Waldo Emerson, but mystic and politician creates a questionable image for a politician.

Set (7) shows a moon/venus set, but it is not on an Angle. It is moderately weak with an orb of almost 3°. It has influence because b10 venus rules B Asc. So in this chart he has a moon/venus influence to an Angle to add to his Angle/moon/jupiter/node. Before progressions, this chart is slightly more fortunate than his 7th, which is already quite fortunate.

This chart also has that all-charts progressed B MC to c venus at 17 Gemini 05. The most important additions are:

With the inclusion of the return moon in the above set, jupiter can be considered part of Set (4). Now he has a golden benefic formed around his progressed B MC.

Progressed C Asc at 18 Gemini 21 is in the same set with pc10 venus at 18 Gemini 47, giving him a second progressed Angle/venus.

His return MC at 14 Libra 20 is still in the same set with his b venus at 14 Capricorn 33, but there is no jupiter for it for this harmonic chart.

Progressed c10 jupiter at 29 Pisces 23 is in the same set with pc moon at 29 Sagittarius 51. Since pc jupiter rules C MC, this set influences an Angle and yields another moon/jupiter influence to an Angle for the election.

Return10 mercury at 21 Capricorn 40 and return10 venus at 20 Capricorn 46 are in the same set with progressed C-Loc MC at 20 Capricorn 08, another Angle/venus.

Here is Romney’s 3rd chart astrology.

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (aka 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

Romney still has his C MC in the same set with moon and jupiter in this chart as well as that b saturn in square to his C Asc. The latter is not as important as it might have been because it turns stationary direct at 7 Cancer 57, around his age 23, before it forms an exact square to his C Asc. If it had, it likely would have represented a dark period mentally, or at least a more challenging one. Otherwise, it represents serious thought which is offset by his more playful moon in Gemini.

Set (7a) shows at least c3 mercury on an Angle with B Asc at 7 Taurus 01, and b3 mercury at 9 Taurus 34 is pretty close. A progressing or return light will make both in the same set with B Asc. Mercury/Angle in a 3rd chart usually represents some one who mediates the world through his intellect (mercury), which is one of the reason it is also one of the significators which cancels retardation when the latter set only influences an Angle through rulership. We will see double mercury/Angle again in Obama’s 3rd chart.

Set 7(b) includes sun/2mercury/pluto. It does not influence an Angle, but does influence both 3rd houses. Influencing an Angle, it may well have sent him into research for making as a living. As it is, combined with his moon in Gemini and that NN conjunct saturn in Gemini in b 3rd house (shown above), it accounts for his well-known tendency to collect and analyze data.

Below is his pertinent astrology for the convention. I am not going to number the sets, just list them. He does not have a progressed or return Angle/saturn. Nor does he have a progressed Angle/venus or Angle/jupiter, though he does have them with his return Angles. His Angles for Tampa Bay, Florida and Washington, D.C. are shown. Throughout the rest of this paper, event-oriented light/venus and light/jupiter, or when appropriate, light/mars and light/saturn are placed in bold for easy identification.

return moon11 Scorpio 29
b SN 11 Scorpio 29
b3 venus 12 Scorpio 47

c moon 21 Gemini 49
return venus21 Gemini 44(this occurs in all charts)
C MC 11 22 Sagittarius 45

c3 venus25 Sagittarius 25
return Asc26 Sagittarius 55for Washington, D.C.
return3 moon27 Sagittarius 27
b3 SN 27 Sagittarius 27
c saturn28 Gemini 27
pc jupiter 27 Virgo 27

The return Angle and moon in the above set tie it all together into one set.

return3 venus18 Capricorn 39
c3 moon 18 Capricorn 04

b moon 3 Scorpio 37
return3 jupiter 4 Leo 18

return moon11 Scorpio 29
b SN 11 Scorpio 29
b3 venus 12 Scorpio 47

His return Angles for Tampa Bay were return MC at 14 Libra 20, in the same set with b venus at 14 Capricorn 33 and return Asc at 28 Sagittarius 04, it the same set with return3 moon at 27 Sagittarius 27 and pc jupiter at 27 Virgo 27. He did not have any progressed or return light/saturns.

RESULTS. Romney's astrology for the Republican convention is clearly the astrology of a winner, so there is a match between his astrology and the convention outcome. His 3rd chart astrology also confirms his win.

The Presidential Election on November 6, 2012
Since we are already familiar with Mitt Romney’s 7th and 10th charts, we will start with those, this time progressed to the date of the election in November and with a return covering that time period.

Please note: Election day 2012 falls on November 6. Since it is usually early the next day when we are all fairly sure who the winner is, I use 3:00 a.m. EST on November 7 as the date and time to look at all the astrology, including transits (position of planets in the sky at the time). For the purposes of this paper, that is "election day." Concession time was apparently around 12:52 a.m. on November 7.

The charts used for the election are the same as those used for his nomination, we are just looking at them for a different date. Therefore, I am going to use the same drawings of Romney's partial 7th and 10th charts as shown above. Here they are again.

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

His return and progressed moons for the elections show two with moon/neptune, one with moon/mercury, and one with moon/mercury which picks up transiting jupiter at 12:32 a.m.(which would have been good for earlier and later than that since jupiter moves slowly). The only moon/venus and moon/jupiter in this chart were formed in a wide set with return venus at 7 Leo 01, return moon at 5 Leo 16, and b jupiter at 3 Scorpio 34. Both the venus and the jupiter have to be closer to the moon to count as a timer for the event. So Romney’s 7th chart astrology, regardless of all the other benefic sets formed, lacks the all-important progressed/return light/venus and jupiter for the actual election day (and the day after). Refer to the next purple writing to see what happened with regard in his 10th chart.

For the election, Romney’s pB Asc is at 17 Pisces 04 even closer to c venus at 17 Gemini 05. So, for both his nomination and the election he has an Angle/moon/jupiter/neptune and a progressed Angle/venus. This progressed Angle/venus is very close by degree.

Progressed B Asc has moved to 4 Cancer 03, now a little late in making a set with c7 venus at 3 Cancer 45, and is probably not effective. He doesn't need it--he has the progressed Angle/venus above.

Set (7a)pc jupiter7 Capricorn 16
C Asc 7 Aries 27
pc7 pluto7 Aries 46

Set (7a) above shows another progressed Angle/jupiter. The inclusion of pluto, like the moon, magnifies the power of the set.

Note that, shown above, his return for his 7th chart for the election now also shows an Angle/venus and an Angle/jupiter for the election.

What does Romney’s 10th chart astrology look like? Here, again, is the drawing of his partial 10th chart:

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

For the election, Romney’s 10th chart shows the following light/venus and light/jupiter sets: 3 of his progressed moons are either un-aspected or alone with an Angle. The fourth is with mars. He has one light/venus when c10 venus, at 21 Gemini 17 entered the set with c moon at 21 Gemini 49. Statically that same moon is in a set with his c jupiter. But by timing it is too far from his c jupiter at 23 Virgo 42, so he has no moon/jupiter. Return moon is with saturn/pluto. So, his 10th chart shows one moon/venus, one moon/mars, and one moon/saturn. His preponderance of sets, then, show the loss associated with moon/mars and moon/saturn. He also had a combination sun/mars/saturn in this chart (as did I) at the time, and it, too, suggests loss.

Progressed c10 venus is at 21 Gemini 17 conjunct his c moon shown in Set (6a) above. Since there are two lights in Set (6), and a progressed locality Angle, we can consider this progressed set a progressed golden benefic. It is highly prognostic of winning. At this time, the neptune in the set shows his excitement. When one experiences golden benefics with neptune one feels like a superstar, like one’s fondest dreams have been realized, like nothing can ever go wrong again. Fortunately, Presidents have little luxury to stay in those states of consciousness.

This time Romney's return MC at 15 Sagittarius 40 is straddled by his b12 moon at 13 Gemini 24 and his c venus at 17 Gemini 05. Add to it return10 uranus at 16 Virgo 43 and b neptune at 15 Virgo 56 for an Angle/moon/venus/uranus/neptune.

Including some smaller sets: he has progressed b NN at 8 Taurus 35 (coming from 11 Taurus 29 at birth) in the same set with his c10 uranus at 8 Aquarius 18. With this he is ready to apply his consciousness in the direction of innovative (uranus) changes (uranus) for the people (Aquarius).

Here again is Romney’s 3rd chart, this time minus the comments made above.

W. Mitt Romney
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (aka 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—16Cap, c12—19Aqu, c2—10Tau, c3—2Gem b11—10Aqu, b12—19Pis, b2—1Gem, b3—21Gem

And following are his 3rd chart sets for election day. As a reminder, he does have the all-charts C MC with moon/jupiter and the progressed B MC at 17 Pisces 04 in the same set with c venus at 17 Gemini 09. It is a progressed, summed golden benefic. Here’s what his 3rd chart astrology does to it:

pb3 moon 0 Libra 33
b3 mars 1 Aries 18

pc moon 22 Scorpio 13
c3 saturn 22Aquarius 15

return mercury4 Libra 22
return saturn4 Libra 48

pb moon 18 Pisces 07
transiting3 mars 18 Pisces 22for 12:52 a.m. EST, November 7
pC Asc 18 Gemini 30

A progressed moon in Pisces on an Angle by itself suggests a bleak state. Coupled with the transiting mars in Pisces for the time of concession, it represents a definite sense of loss or powerlessness. As Romney stated, he was “stunned.” The movement of that transiting3 mars in Pisces was as follows: at 11:00 p.m. on November 6th it was at 18 Pisces 05. By 3:00 a.m. on November 7, it was at 18 Pisces 42, beginning to move out of range. So there was a period of between 4 and 5 hours during which it was in the same set with Romney’s Asc/moon in Pisces.

Romney did have a number of significant positive 3rd chart progressed/return sets. His pc jupiter, ruler of C MC, at 27 Virgo 45 is still in the same set with and lighted by b3 NN at 27 Sagittarius 27. His pb mercury, at 3 Taurus 03, was in the same set with b jupiter at 3 Scorpio 34 and b moon at 3 Scorpio 37. It doesn’t influence an Angle, but it does influence a 3rd house, and represents the optimism Romney usually feels about outcomes.

Pc3 jupiter, ruler of C MC, at 17 Taurus 22 is conjunction his c sun at 17 Taurus 12 and return3 jupiter at 17 Leo 16. That is a new light/jupiter, and represents the second progressed light/jupiter influencing an Angle.

He has a progressed set difficult to accept as belonging to the loser, especially when combined with his progressed Angle sets discussed above at the beginning of this 3rd chart section. His pb3 venus, ruler of his B Asc, was at 21 Gemini 39 conjunct his c moon in 21 Gemini 49. Since it is an all-charts set, it counts in his 7th and 10th charts, also, and was discussed above. And it influences two Angles! It is joined by return3 moon at 22 Gemini 55 and return3 mercury at 21 Gemini 49. So, they make at least a shorter term light/venus and light/jupiter for the event.

Pc3 moon was at 21 Aquarius 07 in the same set with return jupiter at 21 Taurus 27. This is his only progressing moon with one of the benefics, jupiter. Now he has two light/venus/ and two light/jupiter sets. They ought to be enough to win. But his 7th and 10th charts do not have such positive lunar sets. Obama's does (see below).

In the examples shown below involving other presidential elections, progressed and return Angle/venus and Angle/jupiter almost always predominate in the astrology of the winner. This was even true for Obama’s first election. But it was not for his second. At least not nearly as much as was Romney’s.

Even just in this chart, if one counts Romney’s progressed moon/mars and moon/saturn, it can be seen that three of his four progressing moons are either with mars or saturn. In fact, he has two with mars (one in Pisces, a transit) and one with saturn. Combined with his moon/saturn, that highly accurate Angle/moon-in-Pisces/mars-in-Pisces shows the astrology of deflation. Incredibly, they show us Romney’s loss in spite of his otherwise highly positive astrology. His highly positive astrology has to represent something other than winning the election.

Obama’s very positive 3rd chart astrology, combined with his 7th and 10th chart progressing moon/venus and moon/jupiter sets for the election helps clarify the 3rd chart’s influence.

We have now seen Mitt Romney’s astrology for the day of the election. It is superb. And it is directly contradicted by the sensitive timers, progressed and return moon/venus and moon/jupiter, that must be used to determine the outcome of the election.

So now we need to look at Obama’s astrology for the election, starting with his 7th chart.

President Barack Obama
picture from

President Barack Obama
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 7th House (aka 7th chart)

Placidus: c11—17Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—15Aqu, c3—21Pis b11—30Sco, b12—25Sag, b2—2Pis, b3—6Ari

The most significant astrology I missed in Obama’s 7th chart was the fact he had a progressed or return light/venus and light/jupiter in this chart. I know from experience over many years using my own astrology that that sense of joy, winning, and/or being blessed is always shown through these sets at the time of the event, especially in the 7th chart. When not in a contest, it really only takes one pair of them to represent those feelings. It is a definite emotional reaction. In this chart Obama’s pb moon at 21 Pisces 51 was in the same set with c7 jupiter at 22 Virgo 07. Pc7 moon was at 5 Aquarius 42 in the same set with return7 jupiter at 5 Scorpio 54. And he had an all-charts (therefore in his 10th chart, too) progressed c moon at 10 Scorpio 38 in the same set with c venus at 11 Scorpio. I failed to pay attention to these. They were my clue that on election eve he felt great. I could not believe that he could win with that—in this chart—pb7 saturn at 21 Aries 22 in close opposition to his C MC at 21 Aries 25, even if I discounted his other progressed Angle/saturn (which was late in the set).

Part of Obama’s problem in terms of winning any contest is that two of his Angles--B and C Ascendants--are in Capricorn, which is ruled by saturn, the greater malefic. His B MC in Scorpio is ruled by mars, the lesser malefic. Any time of mars or saturn in his charts acquire progressed or return lights, they are “lighted” and, since they rule an Angle, they become Angular influences, that is, potent. Their typical meaning is negative, especially when in preponderance. If not actually negative, they (usually) do not contribute to the formation of any golden benefics.

Romney, on the other hand, has no Angles in Capricorn, so none are ruled by saturn. And he has two Angles ruled by venus, and one by jupiter. These automatically skew his event astrology (actually, his lifelong astrology) in the direction of success and winning because every time the ruling venuses or jupiters pick up a light, they influence those Angles toward expressing good fortune.

Set (8) in Obama’s 7th chart astrology includes Asc/sun/mercury/venus/jupiter, but it is weak. It is weak because the jupiter in the set is slightly over 2° from B Asc. The presence of sun—a light—makes it possible to include the jupiter in spite of the fact it is over orb. So this set shows us a weak golden benefic but a strong Angle/sun/venus for the 7th. There are no progressions to it for the election. Return saturn at 7 Libra 32 and return7 saturn at 7 Aries 44 join the set, depressing its benevolence, during the time of the election. This is especially true since they are direct, that is, moving toward the set as the election culminates.

President Obama has a lot going on in this chart for the election. Here are the most important sets:

Set (9)pB Asc1 Aries 40
pb7 mars1 Libra 32ruler of B MC

B saturn is at 1 Capricorn 08, but it is too far from the pB Asc to be comfortably included in this set. It was likely in effect around June 1, 2012 when pB Asc was at 1 Aries 05 and b saturn at 1 Capricorn 08. At that time he also has pb7 saturn at 21 Aries 23 opposite his C MC at 21 Libra 25. On May 1, 2012, pc7 mercury was at 21 Aries 20 conjunct it. It looks like it is around this time--May or June 2012--when something happens that derails Obama's until then promising bid for re-election. Two progressed Angle/saturns are against popularity and have a negative effect in polls.

Set (9) above, as progressed Angle/mars for the election, influences two Angles, making it more powerful for bad fortune for the election. Combined with a progressed Angle/jupiter (which he does not have) it could have been positive. Angle/mars/jupiter shows ambition. If it gets combined with a progressed Angle/saturn (and it does, see below), it turns negative, putting both greater and lesser malefics on Angles for the election. Here are the exact positions for his election Angle/saturn:

Set (10)C MC21 Libra 25
pb7 saturn21 Aries 22Rruler of B Asc

Set (10) also influences two Angles.

He has pc saturn at 23 Sagittarius 40 either still in or having just left the set formed by his pB MC at 24 Sagittarius 18. But he already has an Angle/saturn.

Return (for Washington, DC) MC is at 9 Taurus 27 in the same set with b moon at 9 Taurus 09, b7 saturn at 10 Taurus 10, and b7 uranus at 9 Leo 43.

Return Asc is at 12 Leo 52, in the same set with pb7 mars at 13 Aquarius 49 and pc pluto at 13 Leo 56.

Note that his astrology now shows progressed Angles to mars and saturn, and return Angles to mars and saturn.

He does have one golden benefic. Return jupiter is at 20 Taurus 38, return7 venus at 21 Taurus 15, and c NN at 20 Leo 09. It does not influence an Angle. This is just part of his astrology showing the honor of running for the president.

He has two active mercuries in Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio is often forefront in charts of individuals whose thoughts (mercury) are on the transformation we know most usually as death (Scorpio). In this context, they show the “death” of his life as president. Here they are: pc mercury at 19 Scorpio 50 is in the same set with c NN at 20 Leo 09. This fits into the set in the paragraph above and might have something to do with him coming to terms with the election, or with comments from supporters. Return mercury is at 2 Scorpio 16 in the same set with pb NN at 2 Leo 36. None of these influences an Angle.

Obama’s 7th chart astrology for the election is more unfortunate than fortunate. His locality astrology is positive, and helped by positive progressed locality astrology, but I don't think that is enough to overcome his more negative progressed (non-locality) astrology. We need to look at his 10th chart astrology.

President Barack Obama
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart)

Placidus: c11—17Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—15Aqu, c3—21Pis b11—30Sco, b12—25Sag, b2—2Pis, b3—6Ari

We already showed Obama’s progressed moon/venus which was in all charts so it was in his 10th chart, too, for the election. For his progressed moon/jupiter he had (shown below, too) progressed c10 moon at 7 Virgo 36 in the same set with his b10 NN at 7 Gemini 10, b venus at 7 Gemini 36, and pb10 jupiter at 7 Gemini 31. This shows a new progressed moon/venus and moon/jupiter. At the time I discounted it from the point of view that none of the planets in the set rules an Angle. I wasn’t looking at it from the point of view of timing.

Set (11) gives Obama a solid Angle/jupiter in his 10th chart, but he has lost the Angle/venus from his 7th chart because the venus was harmonic. Set (11) includes Angle/sun/mercury/jupiter (the one in Cancer at the bottom). The only return planet joining this set for the election is return saturn at 7 Libra 32, depressing the good fortune of the set.

For the election in 2008, when Obama won, he had pc venus at 8 Capricorn 56, joining Set (11) and giving him a progressed golden benefic. This also coincided with his C-Loc MC at 7 Capricorn 32.

Set (12) shows Obama, like Romney, has an Angle/light/jupiter/neptune. But in Obama’s case the jupiter is harmonic, so occurs only in this chart. Romney’s Angle/jupiter is non-harmonic, so it occurs in all of his chart, benefiting every aspect of his life. Nonetheless, this is positive for Obama’s social and political life. Jupiter is also well-placed by sign in Cancer, where it is exalted. Co-ruling the 11th house of “groups” it likely helps him negotiate with the opposite party.

Set (13) is somewhat deceptive. It shows NN conjunct venus in Gemini, which favors communication. For this election, as well as the one in 2008, it is joined by pb10 jupiter at 7 Gemini 31 (it was turning stationary direct, that is why it has been around for such a long time—two elections. Jupiter usually moves much faster.) This set is the one that favored him in 2008 as one of the great communicators. It is not as powerful as it might be because neither planet rules an Angle. Nonetheless, planets close with nodes are as close as it gets to influencing an Angle without actually doing so.

Progressions and return for the date of the election for this chart are as follows:

Progressed B Asc at 1 Aries 40 is still (because non-harmonic) in a set with pb mars at 1 Libra 32, giving him a progressed Angle/mars. But in this chart Obama has a harmonic node in this set. C10 NN is at 1 Capricorn 45. With that as the light increasing acceptable orb in this chart it brings b saturn at 1 Capricorn 08 in the set for the election. This is true even though progressed B Asc is already all of 32 minutes past an exact relationship to that saturn. This set shows an progressed Angle/node/mars/saturn—a progressed set including both malefics. Moreover, at 3:00 a.m. on November 7, 2012, t10 pluto at 1 Libra 55 has joined the set. Angle/node/mars/saturn/pluto usually stands for the end of something, or some kind of major trauma or withdrawal. Further, 3:00 a.m. also shows t10 NN at 14 Taurus 12 falling in the same set with b10 saturn at 13 Taurus 34 (ruler of B Asc) and c pluto at 13 Leo 26—giving Obama another lighted saturn/pluto set influencing an Angle.

Set (14)pC Asc17 Pisces 23
B-Loc MC 17 Pisces 37
c10 saturn17 Sagittarius 03ruler of C Asc
pc jupiter16 Sagittarius 17ruler of c 12th, co-ruler c 11th houses
return10 mars16 Sagittarius 13

Set (14) is mixed. Even though the jupiter and mars in the set are more than 1° from the progressed Angle, the whole thing comprises a valid set because the set contains two Angles. They both act like 2° lights. Especially when combined with the locality MC, they make a valid set. Set (14) thus shows both a benefic and malefic to Angles for the election. But it shows both mars and saturn to an Angle, so I am judging it more negative than positive.

Return Asc is at 12 Leo 52, still with c pluto at 13 Leo 56, but in this chart instead of gaining a progressed mars, it gains a chart saturn. B10 saturn is at 13 Leo 34. Angle/saturn/pluto is a significator of withdrawal.

Obama’s 10th chart for the election shows more astrology for losing than for winning. Romney's is much more an expression of winning,

And here is his 3rd chart astrology, with progressions and return for the election.

President Barack Obama
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (aka 3rd chart)

Placidus: c11—17Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—15Aqu, c3—21Pis b11—30Sco, b12—25Sag, b2—2Pis, b3—6Ari

Set (14a) shows C Asc in the same set with 2mercury/sun. These mercuries on Angles, as mentioned with Romney’s 3rd chart above, suggest some one who mediates his world primarily through his mind (mercury). C mercury and its harmonic in Libra in the same set with jupiter suggest and optimistic and expansive (jupiter) mind (mercury).

Set (14b) shows us the astrological source of the popularity of Obama’s keyword “Change.” It contains B MC in Scorpio in the same set with node/2uranus. Uranus stands for change, flexibility, innovation, while the NN conjunction it means he will be rewarded by such an approach.

The summed Angles in this chart of Angle/mercury and Angle/uranus stand for some one recognized as brilliant. Lights in Gemini—he has harmonic sun and moon there, unnumbered—also indicate some one at home with thinking, usually with a good memory.

Before we get to his 3rd chart sets for 2012, we should take a look at those for 2008:

pB MC 20 Sagittarius 22
c moon 20 Sagittarius 30
pc3 moon 20 Sagittarius 32
return jupiter 21 Sagittarius 09
c mars 20 Gemini 23

c moon 15 Gemini 47
pb3 moon 15 Virgo 38
pc moon 15 Virgo 10
pc jupiter 15 Sagittarius 33
pc3 moon 15 Pisces 49

So far in his 3rd chart for 2008, Obama has 5 of his moons in the same set with jupiter.

return moon 7 Virgo 07
b venus 7 Gemini 36

In his 10th chart this set is joined by his pb10 jupiter at 7 Gemini 31 SD, giving him a progressed moon/venus and moon/jupiter in that chart.

C Asc8 Capricorn 43
pc venus8 Capricorn 56
c sun 8 Libra 21

In his 10th chart the set above combined with his c10 jupiter at 9 Cancer 29 giving Obama a progressed golden benefic on an Angle in his 10th chart for 2008.

In addition, pb venus at 3 Leo 10 is conjunct (the light) b NN at 3 Leo 06. He had three progressed/return light/venus sets. I used Chicago for this return. Return Asc was at 29 Cancer 45, picking up his 2 mercury/jupiter shown unnumbered is his 3rd chart drawing, above.

He did not have any progressed Angle/saturn or moon/saturn sets in this, his 3rd chart, for 2008.

Now we can look at his pertinent 3rd chart sets for election 2012:

pb sun 7 Virgo 57
b venus 7 Gemini 36

Again, in his 10th chart the above set combines with his (2012) pb10 jupiter, now still stationary at 7 Gemini 31, giving him a progressed internal golden benefic. In this 3rd chart it just gives him a progressed light/venus, with the sun on its way out of the set.

pb mercury 3 Libra 41
b10 jupiter3 Libra 20
pb jupiter3 Capricorn 08

This is not a progressed light jupiter, but remember that mercury has a special affinity with the 3rd chart, so this set shows definite sense of being uplifted. He also has one progressed mercury/saturn set.

b3 moon 15 Gemini 47
pb3 jupiter 15 Virgo 38

pc moon 10 Scorpio 38
c venus11 Scorpio 00

return moon 22 Gemini 39
pc3 jupiter 22 Gemini 17

pB MC 24 Sagittarius 18
t3 venus 24 Pisces 43for 12:52 a.m. 11/7/12
t3 moon 24 Gemini 24

At the same time Romney was having his Angle/moon-in-Pisces being hit by transiting mars in Pisces (pain), Obama’s pB MC was being hit by transiting venus in Pisces (joy). Another website gave the concession as “just before midnight.” The values for t3 venus around that time were: at 11:00 p.m. 11/6 it was at 23 Pisces 54. And at 3:00 a.m. it was at 24 Pisces 55. So we can see that it was right around the pB MC for the block of time that would have represented his knowing he had won.

The most remarkable change in implications of happy or unhappy outcomes occurs with Obama’s return Angles. As a reminder, his 7th and 10th charts showed MC/moon/saturn and Asc/pluto, and MC/moon/venus and Asc/saturn/pluto on return Angles, with Angle/saturn pluto, whether on one Angle or as a results of summing two Angles, amounting to a sense of defeat and withdrawal. Here is what his 3rd chart put on the very same Angles (for Washington, D.C.):

return MC9 Taurus 27
b moon 9 Taurus 09
pb venus 8 Leo 02
pc3 venus 8 Scorpio 21
pb3 sun 9 Aquarius 47
pc3 mercury 9 Aquarius 11

By progression neither of the above venuses would be considered in the same set with b moon or pb3 sun. But his return MC brought them all into the same set, so they count as two event-oriented light/venus sets.


return Asc12 Leo 52
return3 jupiter13 Leo 16

His return shows a summed golden benefic on Angles, and adds two more lighted venus to his event light/venus sets.

Contrary to his 7th and 10th charts, Obama’s 3rd chart shows no progressed or return Angle/saturn sets. It contains one each of light/saturn and light/mars. And he has two progressed Angle/mars. If that were all he had, it would reflect his loss.

But he had many light/venus sets and a good number of light/jupiter ones. It is Obama’s 3rd chart which clearly describes his response to his election results, that is, the fact that he won and did not lose. If not his COG chart, Obama’s 3rd is at least one of them (assuming one can have several COG charts, which I think is true, but sort of belies the name.)

I would have preferred showing the astrology for Obama’s 2008 rival, Senator McCain, but his birth time is given as right on the hour, suggesting a rounded off time. Nor did it yield easily to the few rectifications I tried on it, so it cannot be used.

I would have preferred it because Obama’s 10th chart astrology is so unusual for that of a winner compared to Romney’s, it cries for other comparisons.

Here, then, is Obama’s astrology formed around his 3rd chart progressions and inaugural return, which occurred on January 13, 2013, with, of course, the Inauguration on January 20:

return MC28 Cancer 28
c3 mercury28 Libra 18
c mercury29 Libra 40

pB MC 24 Sagittarius 18
return mercury 25 Sagittarius 11
c3 venus 25 Sagittarius 01
pb moon 24 Pisces 50

pc3 moon 8 Capricorn 12
C Asc 8 Capricorn 43
b mercury8 Cancer 29
c sun8 Libra 21

I am not going to show it here, but my own 3rd chart astrology for the 2012 election also shows that I “lost” because I was wrong in predicting the winner. As did my 10th, but that was complicated by the fact that the 10th astrology contained both winning and losing sets. I was unable to discern which came first. Did I think I had been wrong, and then was proved right? But, of course, it was the other way around.

RESULTS. The above astrology for 7th and 10th charts of Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama highly suggest that Mitt Romney will win the 2012 United States presidential election.

UPDATED RESULTS. But when we go back and look at each individual’s short-term lunar astrology for the election, it is Obama who has the requisite indicators—light/venus and light/jupiter—for winning the contest. Romney does not.

If these candidates were closer to a tie in their astrology, we would have an additional date to look at. The date of the presidential inauguration, January 20 following the November elections, is also a fixed date. Whoever is the president-elect will still be showing some very winning astrology at that time.

I did their astrology for that date. It shows more of the same. Romney's astrology is more benefic, so I saw no point in showing it here.

As shown above in his 3rd chart section, Obama’s 3rd chart astrology also gave us the very positive return for his inauguration. Moreover, both his 7th and 10th charts showed a moon/venus and moon/jupiter for election day. Romney’s did not. So, Obama won.

It is not that by themselves these short-term indicators can create a President of the United States. After all, Obama starts with a an Angle/sun/mercury/jupiter in his 10th chart, the astrology of an important, successful, and influential individual. And he has a full golden benefic (on Angles, which is stronger than just influencing them) in his 7th chart comprised of Angle/sun/mercury/venus/jupiter. That not only ensures much success, it represents a very charismatic individual, the truth of which he has amply demonstrated..

With one of his progressed moon/venus sets in his 10th chart for the election influencing C MC by ruling it, he has a summed golden benefic in his 10th chart for the election. A short term one, but a valid one.

It is just that he had two progressed Angle/saturns for the election. Normally that much Angle/saturn plays a large part in losing. On reflection, two things became apparent. One, it is possible the progressed Angle/saturn which occurs with his NN conjunct saturn in Capricorn in his 10th chart is actually positive. It is an astrological form of stating that one is rewarded (NN) for behavior which is essential (saturn) in the area of administration or the social function (Capricorn). NN conjunct anything helps turn it positive. And saturn in Capricorn is in the sign it rules, so it is well-placed. (I have no way of actually researching this because one would find other examples entirely by accident.)

And two, even if that were true, that leaves his much longer term progression of his pb7 saturn at 21 Aries 20R opposition his Midheaven.

What this election has taught me is that that these sets do not have be determinative in election results.

One of the Angle/saturns likely had something to do with the death of Libyan Ambassador Stevens and the men who worked with him. It hardly registered as the usual stink of a progressed Angle/saturn, however, because of the way it was handled. Over a period of weeks “taking full responsibility” for it was passed around like a slow-motion basketball. In effect, no one was taking responsibility, at least not in the sense of becoming tarred and feathered politically. And it worked. It never matured into the normal social depression of 10th chart Angle/saturn.

Quite likely Obama’s slower Angle/saturn expresses his endless squabbles and delayed results with regard to a satisfactory solution to the debt crisis.

This latter is really no surprise. Any one who believes the president’s astrology has nothing to do with what happens to the nation has never done presidential astrology with this method. But how do I tell the difference between an “election” Angle/saturn and a political/social one? Right now, I don’t. That is why the 3rd chart results are so necessary in deciding outcomes.

UPDATE—FURTHER EXAMPLES. Here is where the additional astrological examples begin. Generally, first shown is a partial drawing of each individual’s 10th chart. It is followed by astrology samples for that chart for each election. Then followed by a partial drawing of his 3rd chart, then samples relevant to that for each election.

The object of presenting these particular examples this way is as follows. Those of the 10th chart show that usually, with notable exceptions, the 10th chart shows strong Angle/venus/jupiter sets for a successful bid for the presidency.

The 3rd chart examples show the less benefic, but benefic by timing, sets for winning the election for those individuals who had stronger (7th and) 10th chart astrology. They also show the powerful benefic sets for those who won whose 7th and 10th charts were not so strong in implying victory, in fact, even implying defeat.

10th Chart Astrology of Earlier Presidential and Occasional Vice Presidential Candidates, Presented Chronologically
The first number used for a Set for this added part starts right after the last number of the original paper. The last set in the original was Set (14)—shown just before the Discussion. Consequently, for this part of the paper we start with Set (15) and continue in numerical order.

We start with a general impression of the 10th (pre-progressed) chart of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—4Lib, c12—26Lib, c2—19Sag, c3—28Cap b11—3Can, b12—4Leo, b2—25Vir, b3—25Lib

Set (15) includes a 10th chart Angle/node/jupiter/saturn/uranus. The good thing about jupiter and saturn being together in a set is that saturn (helps keep jupiter sensible and prevents over-confidence. .

Set (16) includes moon/mercury/venus/mars/2 pluto. B10 mercury rules B Asc.

Summed sets (15) and (16) yield a 10th chart Angle/jupiter plus a moon/venus influence to another Angle, which helpful for success. Note the conjunction of mercury/moon/pluto in Gemini in FDR’s birth 10th house. He was the 1st president to use the radio extensively through his Fireside chats (Gemini) to communicate (Gemini) with the public (pluto), and he did it very effectively (NN). Note the conjunction of mercury and NN in Pisces in b 7th house. Part of his spiritual growth (NN) occurred because of his sympathetic perception of the suffering (Pisces) of others (7th).

FDR’s tremendous charisma shows best in his 7th chart. There he has b7 moon at 28 Taurus 21, B MC at 29 Taurus 02, and b7 venus at 26 Leo 41. Angle/moon/venus is very charismatic. He has another moon/pluto conjunction in Gemini in b 10th house in this chart. His fireside chats were familiar—coming out the 7th chart, rather than strictly professional—coming out of his 10th charts. He also has an Angle/jupiter in this chart, with C MC at 4 Virgo 47 and b7 jupiter at 4 Pisces 27.

Roosevelt, 1st Election to Presidency, November 8, 1932, 10th Chart.

pB Asc12 Libra 29
b venus 12 Capricorn 58ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
pc10 jupiter 12 Capricorn 40

The above shows a progressed Angle/venus/jupiter all in one set—a golden benefic. It is a winner and can only be beaten by something similar and better in his opponent’s astrology.

pB MC20 Cancer 00
c neptune20 Aries 26

Summed, progressed Angle/venus/jupiter and Angle/neptune represents the extreme high of winning. This was FDR’s first, so it was a dream fulfillment.

return MC 25 Aries 26
pb moon 24 Aries 12
b jupiter 23 Aries 50
c venus 26 Aries 35

His return MC, with an acceptable orb of 2°, allows these planets to all fall into one set (by progression they do not), giving him another golden benefic. This set also gives him a moon/venus and moon/jupiter for the election.

Pc moon was at 19 Scorpio 10 in the same set with c10 jupiter at 19 Leo 31, another moon/jupiter.

Return moon/venus/jupiter—any or all—to lights are also timers because the return lasts only for 40 days and covers the day of the election. Some light/venus, for instance, can be in place for months or even years, and they are not “timers” unless they fall on time-sensitive Angles. Explaining this is mind-numbing for each election, so I will not explain it for each election, especially since each situation like that sets up fairly unique timing conditions.

For instance, a progressed harmonic 10th chart moon moves about 12° per month—very fast. So, if at the time of the election or the return covering the election it is conjunct a venus or jupiter, it is a good for showing the sense of victory on the date of the election. But also for instance, progressing harmonic suns in the 10th chart move about 12° per year, so they are not as good timers, with their significance depending on whether they fall on some other time-sensitive spot, such as a return Angle.

FDR’s return for this election for Washington, D.C had return MC at 25 Aries 26, falling between and conjunct b jupiter at 23 Aries 50 and c venus at 26 Aries 35. Return10 venus was at 18 Gemini 33 conjunct b10 mercury (which acts like a light since it rules B Asc) in Set (16) above—another light/venus. Return neptune was at 15 Leo 10, fitting into Set (15) above. All of these show the good fortune and elation one feels on winning. He did not have any progressed Angle/saturn sets.

Examination of all of the above shows that he in addition to his very positive progressed Angles, FDR also had a progressed or return light/venus and moon/jupiter for the election, suggesting the burst of enthusiasm we all feel when we win.

Let’s see if these are backed up by his 3rd chart for this same election.

We know his pB Asc is in a set with b venus (shown above) because it is a non-harmonic progression, therefore in all sets. But to it we add c3 venus at 12 Aries 55—a little early, but we’re going to include it. pb moon at 24 Aries 12 is also in an all-charts set with b jupiter at 23 Aries 50.

pb3 venus22 Virgo 06ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
c3 moon 21 Virgo 33

The above shows he has the moon/venus and moon/jupiter in this chart for the election. But it is not that he has no negative sets. Pc3 saturn at 15 Aquarius 10 is in the same set with C Asc at 15 Scorpio 35. And pc3 mercury, ruler of C MC and therefore a light like the moon, at 14 Capricorn 08 is in the same set with c3 saturn at 14 Capricorn 14—that’s a timed light/saturn. But the only one.

His return for D.C. still has MC at 25 Aries 26 conjunct his b jupiter and b venus in Aries. It loses that it we locate it in Hyde Park, but then the MC is at 28 Aries 29 in the same set with return3 jupiter at 29 Libra 47. And Hyde Park return Asc at 4 Leo 50 is in the same set with return venus at 4 Leo 03 and pb3 jupiter at 3 Taurus 23—a return golden benefic. Cast for Albany, the capital of New York where he was governor, return MC is at 28 Aries 40 still in the same set with return3 jupiter, and return Asc at 5 Leo 14, still in the same set with return venus (but not the pc3 jupiter).

Roosevelt’s over-all 3rd chart astrology backs up his 10th chart astrology for his first election as president. Timers in both charts show light/venus and light/jupiter.

Roosevelt, 2nd Election to Presidency, November 4, 1936, 10th Chart. This one is not as benefic as the 1st. Ordinarily, it would be strong enough. Nonetheless, following what happened with Romney and Obama, we would want to consult FDR’s 3rd chart for this election. Here’s the 10th chart astrology.

pB MC23 Cancer 52
b jupiter23 Aries 50

pb venus21 Pisces 22ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
c10 moon 21 Gemini 47

The two sets above add up to several jupiters and lighted venus influencing Angles for the election. Return10 jupiter is also at 0 Pisces 19 in the same set with B Asc at 0 Virgo 10. Progressed b mercury, ruler of B Asc and therefore a light, is at 15 Aquarius 53, falling into Set (15) above. These give him a moon/venus and light/jupiter for election day. Transiting10 jupiter is at 15 Scorpio 35R on November 5 at 7 p.m., and at 13 Scorpio 38 twenty-four hours later, fitting into Set (15) in the drawing above.

FDR does have one progressed Angle/saturn for this election. Progressed B Asc is at 15 Libra 32 and pc saturn (ruler of c 3rd house) is at 15 Aries 27.

Now for his 3rd chart astrology.

He still has that all-charts pB MC at 23 Cancer 52 in the same set with b jupiter at 23 Aries 50. To that we can add pB Asc at 15 Libra 32 in the same set with c3 jupiter at 15 Capricorn 38, but this set also contains pc saturn at 15 Aries 27—his only Angle/saturn for the election. < /p>

pb venus21 Pisces 22ruler of B MC
c3 moon21 Virgo 33

Since the above set also influences an Angle, FDR now has a summed golden benefic on Angles for the election.

pb3 moon19 Sagittarius 41
pc3 jupiter19 Pisces 30

This election he definitely has Washington, D.C. as the place of his return.

return MC7 Taurus 22
pb3 jupiter7 Taurus 10

return Asc11 Leo 16
return3 moon 11 Leo 19
return3 venus 11 Leo 04

C MC4 Virgo 47
b3 uranus 4 Sagittarius 05
b3 moon 5 Sagittarius 05
return3 jupiter 5 Pisces 08

As can be seen from the above, FDR’s 3rd, like his 10th chart, for his second election as president contains the necessary light/venus and light/jupiter (almost all moons) as well as strong Angle/benefic influences.

Roosevelt, 3rd Election to Presidency, November 5, 1940, 10th chart.

pB Asc18 Libra 33
b sun 18 Capricorn 02
b10 SN 18 Aries 14
pb saturn 18 Aries 01

The set above shows one of his two progressed Angle/saturn for the election. The second one comes from PC Asc at 8 Capricorn 46 to c saturn at 8 Aries 51. Two progressed Angle/saturns start looking not so good.

pC MC2 Scorpio 05
pc10 moon 1 Scorpio 03
pb jupiter 2 Taurus 13
pc10 jupiter 2 Aquarius 46

The set above gives us not only a progressed Angle/jupiter, but jupiters to a moon.

pb10 moon 16 Gemini 08
pb10 venus 16 Pisces 02ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
return10 moon 15 Virgo 28

This gives him venus to two moons.

The above shows Roosevelt had two 2 Angles to jupiter and two Angle/saturns. His Angle/venus came from lighted venus influence to B MC in the last set and that also yields a moon/venus. Pb moon was at 3 Leo 52 conjunct return venus at 4 Leo 23. His timers, the light/venus and light/jupiter sets (primarily moon) showed us he won.

Here are his 3rd chart values for that same election, November 5, 1940. He still has the non-harmonic progressed B Asc to sun/saturn, pC Asc to c saturn, and the non-harmonic progressed C MC at 2 Scorpio 05 to pb jupiter at 2 Taurus 13. And he has an additional Angle/saturn with pb3 saturn at 0 Pisces 07 in the same set with B Asc at 0 Virgo 10. Plus,, he has a progressed moon/saturn with pb3 moon at 19 Leo 20 and pc3 saturn at 19 Aquarius 13.

pb moon3 Leo 52
return venus 4 Leo 23

pb venus26 Pisces 20
return3 moon 26 Sagittarius 26

pb3 venus 11 Scorpio 42
pb3 jupiter 11 Taurus 05
return moon 11 Scorpio 17

pc3 venus21 Pisces
c3 moon 21 Virgo 33

pc3 jupiter 23 Pisces 39
t3 NN 23 Pisces 127:00 pm 11/5/40
t3 NN 23 Pisces 107:00 pm 11/6/40

As can be seen, t3 NN stayed in position to light his pc3 jupiter during the time of the election.

Roosevelt’s 3rd chart shows three progressed Angle/saturn sets and one moon/saturn. But he also has a progressed Angle/jupiter, and progressed moon/venus influencing an Angle. Then, he has those all-important progressed moon/venus and moon/jupiter sets—more than one each, and they tell us he won

Roosevelt, 4th Election to Presidency, November 7, 1944, 10th chart.

C Asc 15 Scorpio 45
b10 jupiter 15 Aquarius 56
pb10 venus 15 Taurus 35ruler of B MC

With venus entering the above set, FDR has a progressed golden benefic—Angle/venus/jupiter for the day of the election. This benefic set influences two Angles—B MC and C Asc.

pb10 moon 23 Capricorn 28
b jupiter 23 Aries 50

return10 moon 1 Gemini 35
pc10 venus 1 Pisces 42

pc jupiter 23 Aries 33
b jupiter 23 Aries 50
pb10 moon 23 Capricorn 28

return MC22 Taurus 38
return jupiter21 Leo 14

For his 10th chart for his fourth election as president Roosevelt has a progressed Angular golden benefic and and several light/venus and light/jupiter sets day. He has no progressed Angle/saturn but does have one light/saturn set. He also already has the set that foreshadows a serious health problem. Since he had been under considerable strain for a very long time, it became a major set representing his death:

c sun8 Aries 02
pc mars8 Aries 17ruler of C Asc
c saturn 8 Aries 51

His 3rd chart contains the following set which by itself gives us an Angle/venus/jupiter and light/venus plus light/jupiter:

b NN 14 Scorpio 01
C Asc15 Scorpio 35
pc3 sun 15 Scorpio 47
return3 jupiter 16 Scorpio 11
pb3 jupiter 15 Taurus 05
return3 venus 14 Leo 02

FDR’s 10th and 3rd chart both provide him with timed Angle/venus plus Angle/ jupiter for the election. Importantly, both charts also show progressed light/venus and light/jupiter, the timers.

Next comes Harry Truman. He became president in 1945 when Roosevelt died and was elected to that post in 1948.

Harry Truman
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—26Aqu, c12—6Ari, c2—11Gem, c3—2Can b11—22Can, b12—22Leo, b2—15Lib, b3—16Sco

Set (17) shows a 10th chart golden benefic, with the out-of-sign conjunction of b10 jupiter in Gemini to venus in Cancer. They are lighted by the node. The neptune just adds to the thrill of the kind of win this produces. The set influences C Asc through c venus.

Not that Truman also has a moon/jupiter conjunction in Gemini in b 10th house. That usually implies some good fortune in career (10th house). He also has c10 jupiter in Pisces in the same set with b venus in Gemini. When it picks up a light through progressions or returns, it becomes more active for good, but especially when progressed mercury or its harmonic enters the set (because mercury rules both B Angles and acts like a light).

But Truman also has some tough astrology. His C Asc is conjunction b saturn, ruler of b 5th house and occurring in c 9th house. It shows bad fortune or serious responsibilities or orthodoxy with regard to law, religion, philosophy, and/or foreign countries.

And Set (18) is quite difficult. It shows Angle/sun/mars/saturn/neptune/pluto. The Angle/saturn/pluto part of it likely sponsored his many years working in obscure jobs. Since c10 saturn rules both C MC and c 9th house, this set could also have something to do with him being the first and only president to use the atomic bomb on another country (9th house) during war. Angle/mars/saturn/neptune/9th, then, represents siege conditions with regard to another country.

Truman, Election to Presidency, November 2, 1948, 10th chart.

pB MC 20 Leo 25
pb10 jupiter 20 Scorpio 32
pc10 NN 20 Leo 47

pb venus 26 Gemini 44R
pb mercury 26 Gemini 17ruler of B MC and B Asc, therefore a light
pb10 sun 26 Pisces 57

The above set shows a double-lighted venus influencing two Angles. Both sets above summed give Truman Angle/venus and Angle/jupiter for the election.

p B Asc 7 Scorpio 24
pc10 jupiter 7 Leo 08

pc venus 22 Virgo 42
b10 moon 22 Virgo 27

The above sets show us two progressed Angle/jupiter and light/venus with influence to an Angle. There are two progressed light/venus. The first set, with Angle/node/jupiter comes close to a progressed light/jupiter, but since the node could actually even be stationary, it the only “timing” implication it has is the general one of the progressed Angle to jupiter. There is, however, a late conjunction of progressed c10 moon at 5 Cancer 24 to b jupiter at 4 Cancer 57 (that moon is moving ca. 12 degrees per month, so to be that close on election day is indicative it likely “works” for that day.)

Truman’s return Angles are essentially negative.

return10 mars 2 Virgo 03
return Asc 3 Gemini 55
return moon3 Gemini 51
pb10 saturn 3 Pisces 52

The above return set shows the unpleasant experience of losing. Or is it the unpleasant experience of waiting for the results to come in? But the moon in that set is also with venus and jupiter. Return venus10 is at 0 Pisces 52 and return jupiter at 1 Sagittarius 33. Still, they are wider orb that the moon/mars/saturn, so I would judge this return that of the loser.

But wait, return10 jupiter is at 18 Taurus 30 conjunct his C Asc conjunct saturn. That turns the hard part of Angle/saturn to something benevolent.

And return 10 NN is at 10 Virgo 50, falling into the set shown in the drawing above with b venus in Gemini and c10 jupiter in Pisces. Progressed (or return) node/venus/jupiter is very powerful even when it does not influence an Angle.

So, except for his return Angles, Truman’s astrology for his election to the presidency is quite strongly positive.

These are his 3rd chart sets. He still has his progressed b mercury conjunct progressed b venus, with mercury ruling both B Angles.

pC Asc 10 Cancer 34
pc3 jupiter 10 Aries 28
return NN10 Aries 54

pb3 moon 8 Aries 41
pc jupiter 8 Cancer 06

return moon3 Gemini 51
return Asc 3 Gemini 55
return3 venus5 Sagittarius 22
t jupiter3 Sagittarius 364:00 am 11/4/48

To confirm time of winning for the transit above, we have the following quote from http://history/1900s/ “by 4:00 the next morning Truman’s success seemed undeniable. At 10:14 a.m. Dewey conceded.” At 11:00 a.m. t jupiter is still only at 3 Sagittarius 39, still in the set.

c3 jupiter 10 Aquarius 09
return MC11 Aquarius 27
pb3 mercury 11 Aquarius 25ruler of B Angles and a light
t3 venus 12 Aquarius 284:00 am 11/4/48

It is the return MC above, and not the pb3 mercury, that allows us to include t3 venus in the above set.

The only Angle/saturn comes from return3 saturn at 17 Virgo 49 in the same set with B Asc at 17 Virgo 23, Using B Asc as a light, we could also say the set includes B MC at 18 Gemini 42. That amounts to two Angle/saturn sets. He has no moon/saturn.

Truman’s 10th and 3rd charts show Angle/venus/jupiter and light/venus plus light/jupiter for the election, recording the fact that he, not Dewey, won. This is the election for which The Chicago Daily Tribune became famous because they had already put out on the streets a number of copies of their paper which declared that “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

The next president in this series is Richard Nixon. His first election as president was okay, but his second election in November, 1972 was a landslide. Following that, we will look at his astrology for his resignation in August, 1974.

Richard Nixon
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—28Sco, c12—21Sag, c2—2Pis, c3—8Ari b11—25Gem, b12—26Can, b2—29Vir, b3—20Lib

Set (19) shows a 10th chart golden benefic—well, nearly. We can say that with both Angles acting as lights with 2° orbs, Nixon definitely has a 10th chart MC/Asc/jupiter/saturn (plus the uranuses). We can also see that venus is in the same set with jupiter. But it is pushing it to state that Nixon has an MC/Asc/venus/jupiter. The venus is below both Angles. This set does come out an Angular golden benefic when we get to his 3rd chart where he has a light—c3 SN at 20 Taurus 15—which helps pull the venus and jupiter into the same set with his B MC if not his B Asc. This, astrologically, is part of the astrology which made Nixon brilliant. It also makes his 3rd chart a more likely candidate as his center of gravity chart.

He also has b10 sun, ruler of B Asc, at 10 Pisces 31 in the same set with b jupiter at 8 Sagittarius 10. With c10 sun at 10 Scorpio 31 in the same set with b venus, ruler of B MC, at 9 Aquarius 58, he has summed light/venus and light/jupiter influencing Angles in this chart.

Note that conjunction of mars to pluto in Gemini in his birth 10th house. It plays into his being considered criminal with regard to the Watergate break-in. Mars pluto does not have to represent underhandedness or criminal activity, but it certainly can.

Nixon, 1st Election to Presidency, November 6, 1968, 10th chart.

pb venus 6 Aries 44ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
c10 NN 6 Aries 35

pb jupiter19 Sagittarius 12
b10 moon 19 Pisces 10

That is it for this chart. He has one progression which shows lighted venus influence to an Angle. The second set above does not influence an Angle, but it does give us a progressed moon/jupiter for the event. So, this chart shows the requisite moon/venus and moon/jupiter for timing, but not the longer-term Angle/jupiter.

He has several progressed mars influencing Angles and no Angle/saturns. Angle/mars isn’t so bad when not combined with saturn. It can just show some of the hard work involved in campaigning.

His return shows return moon at 28 Libra 25 in the same set with pc10 venus at 27 Aries 20, pc venus at 29 Aries 47, and return10 NN at 29 Libra 34.

His Washington, DC return Angles are powerfully benefic. Its Asc is at 21 Libra 45 is in the same set with pb10 venus at 20 Cancer 52 and c10 jupiter at 22 Capricorn 36. That’s a golden benefic. But I’d have trouble accepting this as a win just based on this chart.

Progressions for his 7th chart shows pb7 sun at 21 Leo 14 and pc7 moon at 22 Leo 26, having both entered and lighted his set including B MC, venus and jupiter, shown in the drawing above. That does qualify as a newly lighted Angle/venus/jupiter. But we are not considering 7th charts right now. The second chart that confirms his election is the highly benefic sets he has in his progressed 3rd chart for this election, shown below.

return moon28 Libra 25
pc3 venus28 Aries 53
pc3 jupiter 29 Capricorn 07

The above set already gives us a moon/venus and moon/jupiter for the election.

pc sun 10 Taurus 55
b3 jupiter 10 Taurus 48
c3 venus 11 Taurus 49

The set above gives us another light/venus and light/jupiter for the election.

pb3 jupiter21 Taurus 48
c jupiter 21 Scorpio 53

His progressed Angles do not yield anything except an Angle/uranus. The Angles that yield benefic sets are his return Angles for Yorba Linda. I could not find out where Nixon was:

c3 sun 19 Virgo 23
return Asc19 Virgo 49
pb jupiter 19 Sagittarius 12
b3 venus 19 Pisces 50ruler of B MC and b 3rd house

Even if we do not use the return Angles, the set above shows a sun/venus/jupiter—golden benefic—set with influence to B MC through b3 venus, its ruler.

Nixon’s 3rd chart contained no moon- or Angle/saturn sets for this election. It did contain Angle/venus/jupiter singular or summed, and showed the necessary light/venus and light/jupiter that goes with winning.

Nixon, 2nd Election to Presidency, November 8, 1972, 10th chart. He ran against George McGovern, who has three given times of birth. Nixon’s win was a landslide, either the biggest in history or one of the biggest.

pC MC4 Capricorn 16
c mercury 4 Aries 35
c10 venus 4 Capricorn 21

pc10 moon 22 Gemini 27
return10 venus22 Pisces 32

pb moon 4 Scorpio 22
pc venus 4 Taurus 41

pb jupiter 19 Sagittarius 49
b3 moon 19 Pisces 10

The set above shows jupiter in late aspect to b3 moon and I tentatively include it.

His return Angles do not pick up any benefics.

He has two progressed node/jupiter sets. They are not nothing, but this chart does not show us the winner. Negatively, he also has a progressed Angle/saturn, with pc10 saturn at 23 Taurus 57 in the same set with his B Asc at 23 Leo 54. He actually has a second Angle/saturn, early, with pb saturn at 5 Taurus 12 to C MC at 5 Scorpio 24. But we already know that this saturn is part of his astrology for his resignation, which is shown below.

Nixon’s 10th chart shows one progressed Angle/venus, no Angle/jupiter. And one progressed Angle/saturn. It does have the requisite light/venus and light/jupiter sets. But I hardly consider this astrology the chart that shows a landslide win. It sure better be in his 3rd chart.

Once again, Nixon’s win for the presidency shows powerfully in his 3rd chart, rather than his 10th . We have the time he gave his victory speech, quoted from the Washington Post: “The president spoke from the White House Oval Office just before midnight after receiving a telegram of concession from defeated Democratic nominee George McGovern.”

Since pb jupiter has only moved from 19 Sagittarius 12 to 19 Sagittarius 49, it still belongs in the set with his c3 sun at 19 Virgo 23 and his b3 venus, ruler of B MC, at 19 Pisces 50, giving him a progressed golden benefic with influence to an Angle.

b uranus9 Capricorn 10
pb3 jupiter 9 Cancer 04
c3 moon 8 Libra 44

pc moon 4 Scorpio 22
pc venus 4 Taurus 41
pb saturn 5 Taurus 12

The above set is a progressed moon/venus and moon/saturn.

pc3 venus 23 Taurus 26
B Asc 23 Leo 54

pc3 moon 21 Scorpio 51
c jupiter 21 Scorpio 53
return MC11 Leo 29
b3 jupiter 10 Taurus 48
c3 venus 11 Taurus 49

Nixon still has the progressed Angle/saturn which turns out to be closer to exact when he resigns. So for his re-election his 3rd chart shows a progressed Angle/venus, a progressed sun/venus/jupiter with influence to an Angle, 2 moon/jupiter, 1 moon/venus, 1 moon/saturn, and a return MC with venus and jupiter. This is clearly the 3rd chart of some one who won.

Note that Nixon’s 3rd chart is more benefic than his 10th, and it is his 3rd chart which has most shown his electoral victories.

What does his Nixon’s resignation look like?

Nixon, Resignation from Presidency, August 8, 1974. He left Washington the next day. This shows in his 3rd chart, but it is stronger in his 10th chart:

pB MC24 Cancer 58
c saturn 24 Aries 27

This above set is a little late for the resignation, but it does show his trials leading up to it.

C MC5 Scorpio 24
pb10 mars 5 Aquarius 57ruler b 9th house
pb saturn 5 Taurus 20(coming from 3 Taurus 58 at birth)

The above set shows his troubles of the time and his negative reputation. It shows us a progressed “dark malefic.” By “dark” I do not mean evil, just difficult.

His return Angles showed both benefics and malefics. After all, he was still the president of the United States. He had not been convicted of anything. Return NN was at 23 Scorpio 54 in a close set with his B Asc at 23 Leo 54 and c10 saturn at 23 Aquarius 22. He had one progressed moon/saturn, with pc moon at 26 Scorpio 04 and pc10 saturn at 26 Taurus 36 and no moon/venus or moon/jupiter, one sun/jupiter and jupiter transiting his B MC. The combination of the Angular progressed dark malefic and the progressed moon/saturn, combined with his negative 3rd chart sets (not shown), suggest this is the chart of some one in trouble.

President Ford’s election astrology was not part of the original group of Further Examples. He is added in here, but I am showing only his 3rd chart. Events include his taking of the oath of office when Nixon resigned, and his losing astrology for the election following that.

Gerald Ford
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 3rd House (aka 3rd chart) of Mind

Placidus: c11—2Sco, c12—22Sco, c2—24Cap, c3—5Pis b11—26Cap, b12—1Pis, b2—18Tau, b3—10Gem

Set (19a) shows Ford’s 3rd chart Angular golden benefic. B MC is in the same set with moon/mercury/venus/jupiter/neptune/uranus. Unless something else contradicts it, this is the 3rd chart of a very intelligent and/or gifted individual. Sun in Gemini is also one of the signs contributing to intelligence. Since c neptune in Set (19a) rules c 3rd house. the whole set is definitely connected to his excellent intelligence.

I had no idea Ford had been like that. From we get the following confirmations: in high school he “excelled scholastically…and was a member of Honor Society.” And even though he was working (I assume full time) as a coach at Yale when he went through Yale law school, “he graduated in the top 25% of his class.”

Gerald Ford, Oath of Office Following Nixon’s Resignation, August 9, 1974, 12:04 p.m. EST, 3rd Chart.

pB Asc20 Gemini 31
return3 venus20 Virgo 27

pb3 sun12 Sagittarius 00
C Asc 12 Sagittarius 49
c3 neptune 11 Pisces 39ruler of c 3rd house
pC Asc12 Pisces 40
pb3 venus 12 Gemini 42
pb3 jupiter 12 Gemini 59ruler of B MC

The above set gives us a double Angle/venus/jupiter plus a sun/venus and sun/jupiter for his swearing in.

c3 moon 0 Pisces 28
pb NN 0 Pisces 35
pc3 saturn0 Gemini 26R
pc jupiter 0 Sagittarius 04ruler of C Asc

Shown above, a moon/venus and moon/saturn for the event. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

b3 sun 18 Aquarius 20
t3 jupiter 18 Taurus 5012:04 pm EST
pc3 venus 18 Leo 31ruler of C MC

Above, a golden benefic with influence to an Angle.

pc3 jupiter 0 Aries 20
c moon 0 Cancer 06

The jupiter above actually fits into Set (19a) drawn above, and gives him a moon/jupiter and an added Angle/jupiter.

His return Angles are not so great. Return MC at 8 Virgo 35 is in the same set with return pluto at 9 Virgo 55. And return Asc at 20 Scorpio 06 is in the same set with b saturn at 19 Taurus 40. When Angle/saturn and Angle/pluto occur in an otherwise highly benefic astrology for the presidency (as this is), it likely represents the fact that he has lost his freedom and from then on will always be accompanied by Secret Service agents and will keep some of his movements and locations secret from the public..

Gerald Ford, Loss of Election for President, November 2, 1976, 3rd chart The return is for Washington, D.C.

c3 saturn21 Gemini 26
pB Asc 22 Gemini 12
b3 mercury 23 Gemini 03
b3 moon21 Sagittarius 59
pb3 sun22 Sagittarius 53
return MC 22 Pisces 44

The fact that this natal chart moon/saturn was picked up by both progressed B Asc and return MC emphasizes it, giving him, really, two Angle/saturns, and at least one (the return) moon/saturn. Even with the two lights, return MC would have allowed us to include all the planets in this set into one set.

return saturn 19 Cancer 56
B Asc19 Aries 39

pb moon 29 Aquarius 11
pc3 saturn 29 Taurus 34R

pc mercury 24 Scorpio 27
pb saturn 24 Taurus 25

pc3 mercury 2 Pisces 15R
pc3 venus 2 Virgo 01
pb3 saturn 2 Virgo 07 Rruler of B MC

The above set looks like it could be one of each, but as an event venus/saturn represents a shriveling of the feelings—loss.

pC Asc 16 Pisces 59
return pluto 17 Virgo 12
c sun 17 Virgo 40

Summed, Ford has Angle/sun/moon/mercury/saturn/pluto, associated with withdrawal and defeat.

It would be a mistake, however, to conclude he had no winning sets. He had:

  • pb3 moon at 25 Gemini 55 conjunct pb3 venus at 25 Gemini 57
  • pc jupiter at 0 Sagittarius 34 still in the same set with his c moon at 0 Pisces 28
  • pc moon at 12 Scorpio 13 in the same set with b venus at 12 Taurus 21
  • pc venus at 0 Capricorn 24 in the same set with his B MC at 0 Capricorn 54 and his c moon at o Libra 06.

The above amount to three light/venus and one light/jupiter—the moon/jupiter is not so good as a timer since it occurred when he inherited the presidency, but we did not know that then. In other words, it is moving very slowly. Nonetheless, the occurrence of so many apparent “timers” make clear one cannot just count on their occurrence to identify the winner. In this instance, Ford’s afflictions far outweigh his benefic sets and timers. In addition, all three charts (3rd, 7th, 10th) put malefics on one Angle or another and no benefics. His 10th chart puts mars on two Angles, saturn on another, and pluto on a fourth Angle. Whereas his 7th chart puts saturn/pluto on two Angles, saturn on another Angle, and pluto alone on two other Angles—with no benefics on Angles. Both charts include several moon/saturns, but also moon/venus and that one node/jupiter.

Transits at 3:330 a.m. ll/3/76 (the time of his concession speech) for his 10th chart show t pluto at 18 Virgo 18 conjunct c sun at 17 Virgo 40 and c mercury at 18 Virgo 06 (an all-charts set); t12 saturn is at 22 Capricorn 48 in the same set with b mercury at 22 Cancer 37, and t10 NN at 19 Leo 53 plus t10 sun at 19 Scorpio 37 are in the same set with Ford’s b saturn, ruler of B MC, at 19 Taurus 40.

For his 7th chart , t7 saturn was at 17 Taurus 06 in the same set with c7 venus at 17 Taurus 53, c jupiter at 17 Scorpio 36, and pc7 sun at 17 Taurus 16.

Next comes George H.W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—12Sag, c12—5Cap, c2—26Pis, c3—28 Ari b11—19Gem, b12—20 Can, b2—11Vir, b3—10 Lib

Bush has a summed golden benefic in his 10th chart. Set (21) shows us C MC in the same set with moon/mars/jupiter/uranus. C uranus rules C Asc, so this set influences two Angles.

Set (21) contains B MC with two harmonic venuses, with b10 venus also ruling B MC.

Set (22) contains C Asc in the same set with NN/sun/venus/mars, with c10 mars ruling C MC, so this set also influences two Angles.

Summed, disregarding planets other than venus and jupiter, we see one Angle/jupiter and two Angle/venus sets. This is a powerfully benefic 10th chart set.

G.H.W. Bush, Election to Presidency, November 9, 1988, 10th chart.

pc venus 7 Scorpio 29
C Asc 7 Aquarius 44

pb moon 15 Aquarius 05
b10 venus 15 Aquarius 11ruler of B MC

The above set yields both a lighted venus influence to an Angle and a light/venus for timing. Most of the rest of those below also yield either a light/venus or a light/jupiter. They are bolded.

pb10 sun 20 Aries 31ruler of B Asc
c jupiter 20 Libra 16

pb sun 29 Cancer 13ruler of B Asc
pc10 venus29 Cancer 43

The two sets above also show new influences of lighted venus and lighted jupiter to Angles.

pC MC 25 Capricorn 32
c neptune 25 Cancer 08

pb10 venus 17 Scorpio 13ruler of B MC
pb10 jupiter 18 Scorpio 03
b10 SN 18 Scorpio 44
return moon 19 Scorpio 13
return NN 18 Aquarius 47
B Asc 17 Leo 19
c sun 17 Leo 41
c NN 17 Leo 50
return venus 18 Leo 05

The above set with five lights,. two venuses, and one jupiter fall on B Asc. It is a massive golden benefic, with light/venus and light/jupiter for election day.

Bush did not have any progressed or return Angle/saturns for this election. His return Angles for Washington, D.C. did not contain any benefics. But then, with the benefic in the set above, he didn’t really need anything more. Only really afflicted return Angles would have given me pause in seeing him as the winner. And that would only have been a pause.

G.H.W. Bush, Election to Presidency, November 9, 1988, 3rd chart .

Bush’s 3rd chart contains the same astrology as the one shown in the set above—but with the 10th chart planets removed. What remains is an all-charts set. Here it is:

return moon 19 Scorpio 13
return NN 18 Aquarius 47
B Asc 17 Leo 19
c sun 17 Leo 41
c NN 17 Leo 50
return venus 18 Leo 05

<>p>But this one is a 3rd chart set:

b moon 24 Virgo 15
c saturn 24 Virgo 26
b venus 23 Gemini 46
return3 jupiter 24 Gemini 03R

The set above gives Bush a second, particularly 3rd chart moon/venus and moon/jupiter for the election. Return MC at 16 Gemini 42 is conjunct pb venus at 16 Gemini 26. The Asc is conjunct mars, but as I stated before, mars can go either way.

G.H.W. Bush, Loss of Election for President, November 4, 1992, 10th chart. (His mother also died on November 19, 1992, also during this return.)

pb mars 7 Aquarius 32R
C Asc 7 Aquarius 44

pC Asc 25 Taurus 41
b10 saturn 25 Taurus 50
return10 mercury 25 Scorpio 26
return10 saturn 26 Scorpio 04

The above two sets shows straightforward progressions involving Angle/mars and Angle/saturn—which summed give us the Angular dark malefic. Actually, the above involves two saturns to an Angle.

pc10 mercury 21 Aquarius 55
b10 mars 21 Taurus 25
C MC 21 Scorpio 12

Mercury, even when not ruling an Angle, and therefore not acting like a light, still functions in a way similar to moon. That is, when it hits a planet, it brings some of the functions of that planet into consciousness. Here it is hitting an Angle/mars, an essentially difficult set. It could simply be representing all the activity one must engage in when running for high office.

pb10 saturn 18 Gemini 43
c pluto 19 Gemini 25
return Asc18 Virgo 05

The above yields another Angle/saturn.

pc10 moon 4 Aries 24
pb saturn 4 Libra 04

The set above shows the light/saturn set for timing. The set above that shows Angle/saturn/pluto, usually implying severe withdrawal. With chart Angles progressed to mars and saturn, it seems reasonable to conclude that Bush will lose. He has nothing much in this chart which provides benefic sets to offset the mars/saturn sets. He has one moon/venus and no moon/jupiter. This chart looks effectively that of the loser, but we want to check his 3rd chart.

G.H.W. Bush, Loss of Election for President, November 4, 1992, 3rd chart . (His mother died on November 19, 1992, also during this return.) According to CNN You Tube, Bush conceded shortly after 10 p.m. (I assume EST).

return MC 19 Gemini 51
return Asc 18 Virgo 03
b3 sun 18 Virgo 24
t3 NN 18 Pisces 3210:10 p.m. EST
c pluto 18 Gemini 25
b3 uranus 18 Gemini 47
pb venus 19 Gemini 15

In this chart, too, he has an Angle/saturn/pluto. This one is stronger because it involves b3 sun and the transiting node. Lights intensify the meaning of sets.

return saturn 17 Capricorn 10 at 17 Cap 29 at 10:10 pm
c3 moon 18 Libra 08

The above yields a moon/saturn for timing. Here’s another one:

return3 moon 25 Gemini 07
c saturn 24 Virgo 26

With all the above, defeat seems certain. But something bothers me about this 3rd chart astrology, and it is this set: It does not influence any Angles.

return moon 11 Taurus 01
pc venus 12 Scorpio 27
b3 jupiter 12 Aquarius 34

The above set is a timing moon/venus/jupiter for winning. True, nothing else in this chart’s astrology supports it because he has a strong Angle/saturn and two light/saturns. Nonetheless, this situation—just to be sure—calls for checking the 7th chart, too.

I am not going to show most of those values here, but they, too, are predominantly afflicted. He has no Angle/venus (except that all charts pb venus in Gemini conjunct return MC) or Angle/jupiter. He has two moon/saturn sets—one his original moon conjunct saturn in Virgo being highlighted by pc7 sun joining it. More light on that saturn makes it stronger. One of his moon/saturns includes mercury, and he has a mercury/saturn. He has two Angles progressed to mars, but none to saturn. Here are the two that tell the most:

pb moon 7 Aries 03
pb7 mars 7 Aries 49R
t7 saturn 7 Libra 2010:10 pm EST

return7 pluto 3 Libra 20
pb7 moon 3 Libra 29
pc saturn 2 Libra 34
pb saturn 4 Libra 04
return7 saturn 4 Libra 33 return7 mercury 4 Cancer 05

If we didn’t want to accept the two saturns in the set above, because they are so close to each other it is perfectly legitimate (that is, supported by research) to take their midpoint. Their midpoint is 3 Libra 19.

Since none of Bush’s three charts—3rd, 7th, or 10th puts forth enough benefic astrology to off-set their afflictions, concluding that he lost the election would be entirely reasonable. Still, even in the chart he has the moon/venus and moon/jupiter of winning. That’s in two charts out of three. It is just that they are usually accompanied—especially in the 3rd chart—with Angle/venus and Angle/jupiter. At least one, and preferably the 3rd chart, ought to bear witness that way. Here is that benefic set. Since the venus also rules B MC, the set also influences an Angle:

c moon 3 Gemini 38
b7 venus 3 Virgo 53ruler of B MC and b 3rd house
pc7 jupiter 3 Sagittarius 49

I think it highly unlikely there would many elections in which the losing candidate shows those moon/venus and moon/jupiter sets. But astrology is not confined to form. It changes all the time. Then we have to sharpen our judgment. Fortunately, we have the astrology of the man he lost to—William Jefferson Clinton. His election astrology makes quite clear that Bush lost.

Bill Clinton
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—19 Sco, c12—12Sag, c2—19Aqu, c3—27Pis b11—14Can, b12—15Leo, b2—9Lib, b3—10Sco

Set (23) shows an out-of-sign conjunction of jupiter in Virgo to venus in Libra, with c venus ruling C MC. Mercury, mars, and saturn are also part of the set. The virtue of that saturn is that it rules C Asc, therefore spreads the influence of the venus/jupiter conjunction to a second Angle. Minus the harmonic mercury and mars, the set picks up a harmonic light in his 7th chart, where c7 SN at 29 Virgo 54 is conjunct the venus/jupiter. Like FDR, and Obama, Clinton’s great charisma comes more through his 7th than his 10th chart. That is why their reaching out to others (I-Thou) is so important—it comes from their very benevolent 7th charts. (Clinton’s 7th chart also has a golden benefic with both harmonic suns at 18 Leo 06, c7 jupiter at 17 Scorpio 58, and c7 venus, ruler of C MC, at 14 Aquarius 34.) Clinton’s 7th also shows psychic abilities, with harmonic moon in Pisces in c 3rd house.

In this 10th chart Clinton also has Set (24) which shows C MC in the same set with sun conjunct jupiter in Capricorn. Angle/sun/venus represents an important (jupiter) or famous (jupiter) individual, important for his individuality.

All his charts contain b venus at 17 Virgo 08 and c jupiter at 22 Virgo 00. They are not a set. But they become one in the 3rd chart where c3 sun at 20 Virgo 03 falls between them and unites them.

In this chart (his 10th) every time c venus or its harmonic or its progressed harmonic hits an Angle or picks up a light Clinton then has an Angle/sun/jupiter plus Angle/(light)/venus—a summed golden benefic.

Let’s look first at his loss of election as governor of Arkansas and then his third win. For these, of course, the return is set for Little Rock, Arkansas.

Clinton, Loss of Election for Governor of Arkansas, November 4, 1980, 10th Chart.

C MC25 Libra 48
return mars 26 Libra 34
b moon 26 Aries 19
pc10 saturn 26 Aries 16ruler of C Asc

This set, influencing two Angles, is held together through b moon, which progressed saturn is fully influencing. Since b moon affects C MC, then the whole set does, too. This set also gives us his moon/mars and moon/saturn (agitation, depression) for the event of his loss—the negative equivalent to the light/venus and light/jupiters that occur for wins.

c NN 6 Gemini 39
return MC7 Gemini 44
return Asc 7 Virgo 33
return saturn 6 Virgo 32

He does have a progressed Angle/jupiter and even one moon/venus, but they do not overcome the sets above. This is the astrology of loss.

Clinton, Loss of Election for Governor of Arkansas, November 4, 1980, 3rd Chart.

pB Asc10 Libra 56
b3 saturn 10 Aries 46

pC MC1 Sagittarius 12
return3 moon 0 Pisces 03
b3 SN 1 Pisces 26
b3 mars 1 Pisces 52

While progression of an Angle to some mars is “neutral,” to mars in Pisces it is not. It is negative and represents that feeling of defeat. Angle to moon/mars in Pisces is what Romney experienced when he lost 2012 election.

The two sets above sum to Angle/mars/saturn.

pB Asc10 Libra 56
b3 saturn 10 Aries 46

return MC 7 Gemini 44
c NN 6 Gemini 39
c3 venus 8 Gemini 06
return saturn 6 Virgo 37
return Asc 7 Virgo 33
c3 neptune 8 Pisces 03

The above set hangs together around the two Angles in Gemini and Virgo, which with return Angles permit an orb of 2°. This set started out as just venus/neptune. Then it was picked up by the return Angles and saturn. That is, his feelings were squashed—he lost.

Instead of moon/ or light/saturn sets, this 3rd chart shows primarily mercury ones. Since his b mercuries rule both of his B Angles, they also act like lights. Here are a few of them:

pb3 mercury 28 Aquarius 28ruler of B Angles
pc3 saturn 28 Aquarius 27

b mercury 13 Cancer 37ruler of B Angles
pc3 mars 13 Aries 32R

return mercury4 Libra 48
c mars 5 Cancer 09

return3 mercury23 Gemini 59
pb3 mars 23 Gemini 51

In this chart Clinton does have pb3 venus at 12 Virgo 33 in the same set with his B MC in Gemini and mars/neptune in Virgo, perhaps even to his B Asc in Virgo. But it is nowhere near enough to overcome all the affliction shown above.

Clinton, 3rd Win for Governor of Arkansas, November 2, 1984, 10th chart.

pc venus 20 Scorpio 31ruler of C MC
pb NN 20 Taurus 21

I mentioned above that whenever his c venus or its progressions pick up a light they give him a lighted venus influence to C MC. Together with his C MC/sun/jupiter it gives him a summed golden benefic for the event.

return10 moon
pb10 saturn 27 Virgo 21
b10 mars 28 Virgo 29
pc jupiter 28 Virgo 56
b jupiter 29 Virgo 14
c10 mercury 0 Libra 57
c venus 1 Libra 37
pc saturn 29 Gemini 26ruler of C Asc

The whole set hangs around return moon which allows a larger orb than does a progressed moon. But I’d be more inclined to interpret this negatively than positively because the mars and saturns are closer to the moon. It nonetheless includes a progressed/return light/venus and light/jupiter>

return MC16 Gemini 49
b venus 17 Virgo 08
pb10 moon17 Pisces 18

Without any Angle/saturns, the benefics win this one for his third election as governor of Arkansas. That pc10 saturn that was at 26 Aries 16 R influencing his b moon and C MC for his loss of the race in 1980 on this date has reached 23 Aries 09R, is without a light for this election, and is no longer influencing any Angle.

Clinton, 3rd Win for Governor of Arkansas, November 2, 1984, 3rd chart .

c venus 1 Libra 37
return3 moon 2 Capricorn 00
c3 mercury2 Capricorn 54
pb3 mercury 2 Aries 23ruler of B Angles and a light
pb3 jupiter 1 Cancer 32

In the set above the two lights are a bit past the venus and jupiter, but since there are two, they shed enough light to include same. This set simultaneously shows us a progressed golden benefic with influence to two Angles plus moon/venus and moon/jupiter for the event.

return MC 16 Gemini 49
b venus 17 Virgo 08

return moon12 Scorpio 24
c mercury 12 Scorpio 35
pc mercury 12 Scorpio 54
pc3 venus 12 Aquarius 36
pc moon 12 Taurus 46

pC Asc4 Pisces 45
return neptune 4 Sagittarius 15

He had no progressed or return Angle/saturns nor moon/saturns. The addition of the last set above to his summed and multiple Angle/venus/jupiter influences shows us just how great it felt to be the “comeback kid.”

Clinton, 1st Election as President, November 3, 1992, 10th Chart.

p B MC 26 Cancer 57
b moon26 Aries 01
pb10 venus 26 Aries 01
C MC 25 Libra 48
return10 mars 26 Libra 25
return pluto 26 Libra 30

Because the Angles also act like lights with smaller orbs (2° for static and 1° for progressions) these two reinforce each other and increase orb. So with the moon they bring that progressed venus into the set. If we do not include pB MC because it is too far from the moon/venus, there is still the Angle/moon/venus formed with C MC. With his original C MC/sun/jupiter, he now has a summed golden benefic. This set also gives us the progressed/return moon/venus. But there is more.

pc jupiter 7 Libra 58
C Asc 7 Capricorn 10

The above is “late” and may not count, but the next one does.

pB Asc 20 Libra 38
b10 jupiter 20 Aries 53

pC MC 13 Sagittarius 25
c neptune 13 Virgo 37

With venus, jupiter, and neptune now on or influencing Angles Mr. Clinton is experiencing the terrific high that comes with winning one’s first presidential election.

With his return, he has two more moon venus sets (return10 moon at 18 Aquarius 16 in the same set with c10 venus at 19 Taurus 25, and return10 venus at 9 Virgo 10 in the same set with c10 moon at 9 Gemini 54. Return jupiter at 3 Virgo 01 is conjunct pc moon at 3 Virgo 03 and both are in the same set with c moon at 3 Sagittarius 20 and c10 pluto at 3 Sagittarius 59. Progressed b mercury, ruler of B MC and B Asc (and therefore also acting like a light) at 1 Libra 20, is conjunct c venus at 1 Libra 37. These are all light/venus and light/jupiter sets with signify the elation experienced on the day of winning the election.

I won’t enumerate the sets here, but for this election the assumption that Washington D.C. is the return locale even for challengers holds up less well than using his previous residence. Clinton’s return Angles for Washington, D.C. only put node/venus on an Angle. For Little Rock, Arkansas, c venus is on the return MC at 2 Cancer 24and b jupiter is on return Asc at 29 Virgo 38 [both planets are shown in Set (23) above.]

Clinton, 1st Election as President, November 3, 1992, 3rd Chart.

b jupiter 29 Virgo 14
return Asc 29 Virgo 39
return3 moon0 Libra 07
pb mercury 1 Libra 20ruler of B Angles and a light
c venus 1 Libra 37ruler of C MC

The above set gives us the timers light/venus and light/jupiter. It also shows their influence to three Angles plus the return Asc. That return3 moon ties them all together.

pC MC13 Sagittarius 25
pb3 moon 13 Virgo 24
c neptune 13 Virgo 57

b3 moon 11 Aries 34
return venus 10 Libra 46

return jupiter 3 Virgo 01
c moon 3 Sagittarius 20

Clinton’s 3rd chart is overwhelmingly benefic for his first election as president. He does have one Angle/saturn, with pB MC at 26 Cancer 57 and return3 saturn at 27 Cancer, but it is hardly enough to cancel out all his benefic influences. Too, this chart agrees with his 10th chart in it beneficence, and both charts show light/venus and light/jupiter timers.

Compare these values with those of the 3rd and 10th charts of G.H.W. Bush and the astrology for Clinton’s win is quite clear.

Clinton, 2nd Election to Presidency, November 5, 1996, 10th Chart

return venus0 Leo 05
pB MC 0 Leo 54
c10 uranus1 Aquarius 18
return10 venus 0 Taurus 59

pB Asc 23 Libra 38
c10 jupiter 23 Capricorn 58

pc10 venus 7 Cancer 29ruler of C MC
pb mercury 7 Libra 27ruler of B MC and B Asc and a light
C Asc 7 Capricorn 10

return Asc 19 Libra 06
pc moon20 Libra 59
return10 jupiter 20 Libra 12
b10 jupiter20 Aries 53

The above all clearly show an abundance benevolent sets for Clinton’s second election as president. He has many progressed or return light/venus and light/jupiter sets, two of which are not shown here.

He does not have a progressed saturn to an actual Angle. But he does have a serious saturn set that influences two Angles. Progressed b saturn is at 13 Cancer 16 is conjunct b mercury at 13 Cancer 37, with b mercury ruling both B MC and B Asc and also a light. But it does not play into the rest of his astrology, nor his return.

We did not know it at the time of this election, but this set represents is his coming impeachment hearings. When they start on December 19, 1998, pb saturn at 13 Cancer 25 is still closer to b mercury at 13 Cancer 37. Mercury/saturn stands for gossip and other unpleasant verbal practices.

Among other astrology, when he is acquitted by the Senate on February 9, 1999, in this chart he shows the benefic timers pb3 venus at 17 Scorpio 24 in the same set with pc venus at 17 Scorpio 53, while pb3 jupiter is at 16 Cancer 30 in the same set with c3 moon at 16 Aries 38.

And that is not all. Because b mercury is a light which rules both birth Angles, saturn progressing to it is a very serious matter. It is at 13 Cancer 47 when he has his heart surgery on September 6, 2004. It is still only 10’ past the exact conjunction to his b mercury.

Clinton, 2nd Election to Presidency, November 5, 1996, 3rd Chart

p C MC17 Sagittarius 30
b venus17 Virgo 08

p B MC0 Leo 54
return3 venus 0 Leo 25

return MC 27 Cancer 40 Wash D.C.
pc3 venus 28 Aries 07

return Asc19 Libra 07
c3 jupiter 19 Aries 59

return moon 14 Aries 21
pb3 jupiter14 Cancer 06

return3 moon 11 Aquarius 47
pb3 venus11 Scorpio

We return to look at the astrology of another Bush. I am not going to show the 2000 election of Bush versus Gore because it was atypical. Bush’s win through the Supreme Court showed in his 9th chart, but it could just as well have shown up as a 9th house influence in his 7th chart.

But 2004 is good. And we also have the astrology for his opponent, John Kerry.

George W. Bush
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—9Tau, c12—14Gem, c2—5Leo, c3—0 Vir b11—7Tau, b12—13Gem, b2—4Leo, b3—29 Leo

Set (25) shows both his MCs in the same set with b10 venus. b10 sun could also be considered part of the set along with the two non-harmonic saturns. The venus part of the set shows Bush’s considerable charm, and, of course, represents both Angles with one of the benefics involved in winning, venus.

We could look at b10 sun at 27 Sagittarius 29 as in the same set with that b10 venus in Aries and b jupiter at 24 Virgo 10. As a golden benefic it is weak because the venus and jupiter are not only opposition, but they are only connected through that sun and fall above and below it. And none of the planets in the set rules an Angle.

Set (26) is much stronger. It includes moon/venus/jupiter/pluto, with venus opposition jupiter. The opposition is certainly not as good as the conjunction, but somehow their just being in relationship, even as an opposition, sets the groundwork for later success. This set also contains no malefics, and it influences C Asc through c10 moon.

Note the unnumbered conjunction of b moon to b jupiter in Virgo conjunct neptune (spirituality and religion) in both 3rd houses. Like Set (26), it has strength because it involves the greater benefic, contains no malefics, and influences B Asc through b moon.

So, Bush has two Angles influenced by moon/jupiter (if we leave out that opposition to venus), and two Angles influenced by a conjunction to venus (the two MC act like small orb lights to each other, so include the venus), but they also include the malefic saturn.

G.W. Bush has a summed golden benefic, with some affliction, in his 10th chart. It is okay, but not that powerful. It is not as powerful as when both venus and jupiter are on Angles, as occurs with his father’s astrology. But it has the added advantage of involving all his Angles.

G.W. Bush, 2nd Election to Presidency, November 3, 2004, 10th Chart.

pb venus 1 Libra 51
pb jupiter1 Libra 39
C MC 1 Aries 58

It is pretty hard for any one to beat a conjunction of venus to jupiter to an Angle, but we will wait and see because the Bush/Kerry election contains some ambiguities that only the added 3rd chart can clear up.

b10 jupiter 19 Aquarius 57
c10 moon20 Aquarius 03ruler of C Asc
pb10 jupiter19 Taurus 53
c10 venus 20 Leo 01

The above set shows that Bush’s Set (26), shown above, has acquired a square of venus to jupiter. With its influence to an Angle, it is a “new” golden benefic affecting his election. Moreover, it shows a moon/venus and moon/jupiter for the event. Or, we could say that the conjunction of pb10 venus at 22 Taurus 14 to pb NN at 22 Taurus 55 (which is wide, but approaching) gives us our new light/venus for the event.

But Bush also has progressed B Asc at 27 Leo 33 in the same set with c10 sun at 27 Leo 29, c10 pluto at 28 Scorpio 16, and progressed b10 saturn at 27 Leo 55. Angle/sun/saturn/pluto is usually a set showing loss and withdrawal.

Then he has pb moon at 6 Scorpio 57 in the same set with pc10 saturn at 7 Taurus 10R—a new moon/saturn, moreover with that moon ruling an Angle. Again, pb10 moon, ruler of B Asc, at 23 Cancer 20 is in the same set with c10 saturn at 23 Aries 37.

When we add in his return Angles (for Washington D.C, we become even less sure he won. Return MC at 11 Taurus 41 is in the same set with return10 saturn at 11 Taurus 35. And return Asc at 14 Leo 45 is in the same set at b mars at 15 Leo 20 (and pb sun at 15 Leo 43, which we could consider a new light/mars). Bush’s return for the election shows an Angle/mars and Angle/saturn! Nor do any of the other return planets contribute much to create further sets involving venus and jupiter. This part of his astrology is hardly the astrology of a winner. It could certainly be the astrology of the loser.

In this one instance I am not going to show the 3rd chart astrology for an election. Other than that all-charts conjunction of venus and jupiter to C MC shown above, both his 3rd and 7th charts also leave us, at best, uncertain because they also contain enough forefront sets with mars and saturn involving Angles.

It just so happens we have the correct time of birth of his challenger, John Kerry. Kerry’s birth appears correct because it is given to the minute (8:03 a.m.). It works correctly for his marriage and his confirmation as Secretary of State. So we want to look at that astrology. It should help us see why Bush won and Kerry lost..

John Kerry
Partial Harmonic Chart for His 10th House (aka 10th chart) of Career and Social Image

Placidus: c11—17Can, c12—17Leo, c2—9Lib, c3—10Sco b11—10Lib, b12—2Sco, b2—27Sag, b3—6Aqu

Set (27) contains B Asc in the same set with sun/moon/venus, giving Kerry an Angle/venus in his 10th chart.

Set (28) contains a lighted venus/jupiter, but it lacks influence to an Angle, so is not nearly as helpful as it might be.

His c jupiter in Gemini in c 10th house contributes to his successful focus on career because it is lighted by c10 moon.

With B MC ruled by mercury and both C Angles ruled by mercury, these are the planets that combined with benefics would create a powerfully benefic 10th chart because they are also lights. But Kerry’s mercuries in this chart are not that involved with venus and jupiter. C mercury at 20 Capricorn 01 is in a 2-1/2 ° conjunct to c10 jupiter at 17 Capricorn 28. This plus his Angle/venus gives him the summed golden benefic so helpful in success.

Other than that, b mercury is prominent because it is in the same set with B MC and C Asc, so forefront. It most likely means he leads with his head.

John Kerry, Loss of Presidential Election, November 3, 2004, 10th Chart.

pB Asc27 Capricorn 18
pb sun26 Capricorn 40
pc NN27 Cancer 55
pb10 venus 27 Capricorn 56
pb jupiter28 Cancer 18R
c10 sun 26 Libra 30

Those two suns and the node in the set above stretch the orb to turn this into what certainly looks like a progressed, Angular golden benefic. Its only disadvantage is that the venus and jupiter are opposition and tend to fight each other rather than cooperated for the greater good.

b10 jupiter 7 Gemini 12
pb10 mercury 8 Gemini 39ruler of B MC and a light
return MC 7 Virgo 58
c venus 9 Pisces 19

Wow! Another set that looks very much like that of a winner—a golden benefic formed around return MC. But of course, the location of this return is Washington, D.C. I have no idea where Kerry actually lived at this time. Boston(?) return MC is 14 Virgo 27 (conjunct mercury). Return Asc at 22 Scorpio 16, fits into the set below.

b moon 23 Taurus 33
pc venus 23 Taurus 42
B Asc 22 Scorpio 04
return Asc22 Scorpio 16Boston

Even if we discount the Boston Asc and do not allow this to be an Angular set (the moon should bring venus into the set with B Asc), at the very least it is a new moon/venus for timing.

pb venus 22 Sagittarius 20
c10 moon 22 Sagittarius 46

Above is another new moon/venus. With the node/jupiter in the first set, he also has a new light/jupiter. But we are not done.

pC MC 14 Leo 33
pc10 venus 14 Aquarius 25
c sun 14 Leo Aquarius 42

Return jupiter is also at 13 Virgo 05, qualifying it as falling on both C MC at 13 Gemini 23 and C Asc at 12 Virgo 27.

Kerry has no moon/saturns and no moon/mars. He has a progressed Angle/mars. He also has progressed C Asc at 1 Scorpio 43 conjunct return mercury at 0 Scorpio 51. Angle/mercury in Scorpio is usually not a good sign—it occurs often in deaths, not necessarily physical ones.

From his 10th chart results, it looks like both Bush and Kerry won the election.

Kerry’s 7th chart contains a progressed Angle/venus and Angle/jupiter. Neither his 7th nor his 10th contains a progressed Angle/saturn. One 7th chart negative is that his return puts return7 saturn at 22 Scorpio 38, conjunct his Asc, wiping out his progressed Angle/moon/venus, and giving him a Boston return Angle/saturn. It also put return7 mars at 19 Capricorn 38 conjunct his c mercury, ruler of C Angles and a light, at 20 Capricorn 01. That gives him a new Angle/saturn and Angle/mars for the election.

But we saw progressed Angle/mars/saturn in Obama’s 10th chart in 2012 and he won

Kerry’s 7th chart begins to imply he could have lost the election. We can only hope his 3rd chart shows us something more clear.

John Kerry, Loss of Presidential Election, November 2, 2004, 3rd Chart. He conceded to Bush around 11:00 a.m. the next day, November 3. He has moon/venus and moon/jupiter sets in this chart, too.

return MC 7 Virgo 58Wash DC
pb3 saturn 9 Virgo 07R

return Asc 19 Scorpio 31Wash DC
c moon 19 Scorpio 34
b3 neptune 20 Aquarius 34

Summed his return Angles give us Angle/moon/saturn/neptune—a set suggesting the deflation that occurs with loss.

return3 sun 13 Leo 32
c saturn 12 Taurus 06
b3 pluto 12 Taurus 56

If we believed pluto ruled Scorpio (I sometimes think it co-rules it with mars) this set would represent a new sun/saturn/pluto with influence to B Asc in Scorpio, suggesting withdrawal.

C MC 13 Gemini 23
return jupiter 13 Virgo 05

T jupiter at 11:00 a.m. was still at 13 Virgo 29 in the same set with C MC. T venus at 12 Virgo 02 was even approaching it. This is a benevolent, winner’s set.

c3 mercury 10 Sagittarius 06ruler of C Angles and a light
b mercury 11 Sagittarius 17ruler of B MC and a light
return 3 saturn12 Pisces 29
b neptune 10 Virgo 00
B MC 11 Virgo 42
C Asc 12 Virgo 27

We need to remember that Kerry’s birth was given to the nearest minute, so likely correct. The set above is staggering in its capacity to deflate the loser. It shows us two of his original Angles in the same set with two lights and saturn. Moreover, since c3 mercury rules C MC, its influence spreads to it, too. And the set yields two light/saturn sets.

At 11:00 a.m. on November 3 t3 saturn, at 12 Pisces 35, was still in the set. His 3rd chart astrology shows us why Kerry lost the election.

Evening Primrose
From Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela

Data Acknowledgments
Letters following the name show Rodden rating for reliability of birth time. As memory serves me, (AA) means verified by birth record on hand, (A) means something similar but slightly less reliable, B means from a biography, C means reasonably okay but not from verified public records, (DD) stands for "dirty data," i.e., not at all verified or verifiable, therefore unreliable. Birth dates are listed in the same order as presented in the paper.

Barack Obama (AA)
Birth: 8/4/1961, 7:24 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii. From a photo of his birth certificate posted on his campaign website, 2008.
Conception:10/25/1960, 1:06:43 p.m. AHST, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Willard Mitt Romney (A)
Birth: 3/12/1947, 9:51 a.m. EST, Detroit, MI. From Frances McEvoy quotes him (from memory); PT notes that on June 24, 2007 the Boston Globe ran a feature article quoting his father for 10 AM.
Conception:6/02/1946, 3:04:00 a.m. EST, Detroit, MI.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (AA)
Birth: 1/30/1882, 8:45 p.m. LMT, Hyde Park, NY. From LMR quotes Rita H. Kleeman, Gracious Lady which quotes his Dad’s diary “at a quarter to 9 my Sally had a splendid large baby boy.”
Conception:4/20/1881, 9:54:57 p.m. LMT, Hyde Park, NY.

Harry S. Truman (B)
Birth: 5/08/1884, 4:00 p.m. CST, Lamar, MO. From LMR quotes Lawrence Miller, The Rise to Power, p. 3, “He greeted the world from his mother’s bedroom at 4:00 p.m.” This time is substantiated by Marie Meyer who obtained the data from Truman himself as cited in an AFA article “The National Elections,” August 18, 1944.
Conception:8/01/1883, 1:03:30 a.m. CST, Lamar, MO.

Richard Milhouse Nixon (AA)
Birth: 1/09/1913, 9:35 p.m. PST, Yorba Linda, CA. From T. Pat Davis in MH 4/1977 quotes a photo reproduction of the birth certificate.
Conception:3/30/1912, 3:08:02 a.m. PST, Yorba Linda, CA.

George Herbert Walker Bush (A)
Birth: 6/12/1924, 11:45 a.m. EDT, Milton, MA. From Robert Cole quotes news clipping in Mercury Hour, 4/1989, "Prescott Bush's first son was born at a quarter of noon." Carol Griffin quotes him for 11:38 AM in 1980 at lecture. Zip Dobyns quotes a friend of the family for 11:05 AM. Steinbrecher quotes his personal secretary, G. Hayward, letter on White House stationery, "born at home at 12:00 Noon" In June 2008, Wayne Turner wrote the following to Pat Taglilatelo that Bush was born between 10 and 11 AM giving as the source the following: "I received the following email in May 2008:Thank you for contacting the George Bush Presidential Library. The information we have on the time of the former president's birth comes from the Bush Family Scrapbook, 4/1974-10/1974; Dorothy W. Bush Collection, Reminiscences of Dorothy Walker Bush, which relays that George H. W. Bush was born at home at 173 Adams Street in Milton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston, on June 12, 1924 between 10:00 a.m. And 11:00 a.m. Dr. Thomas R. Goethals of 443 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts attended to Mrs. Bush along with an unidentified midwife during the delivery. Sincerely, John Blair Archives Technician George Bush Presidential Library National Archives and Records Administration
Conception:9/04/1923, 5:46:29 p.m. EST, Milton, MA.

William Jefferson Clinton (A)
Birth: 8/19/1946, 8:51 a.m. CST, Hope, AK. From Note in hand from Mrs. Virginia Kelley, Clinton's mom, to Shelley Ackerman with the time hand-written. She gave the same data in an interview with "Family Circle" magazine of 2/02/1993, p.23.

(Virginia Miller quoted Clinton for the time of 7:30 AM given without hesitation.

(David Maraniss "First in his Class" stated that Clinton was born one hour after dawn, "Details of his birth from Edith Cassidy's records, in possession of her niece, Myra Irvin. As his grandmother was a nurse who worked at the local hospital, she would probably have taken her daughter into the hospital for the birth." (Source detailed in the Notes section of the biography.) (Dawn is 5:24 AM)

(Kathy Forrest called 10/13/96 to relate that she had talked to Clinton's mom about four years back and that she had said he was born at 7:30 AM. Kathy asked "Are you sure?" and the mom said "I should be, I'm his mother." Virginia Kelley relates in the Maraniss biography that her Bill was an eight-month baby, despite his birth weight of nearly 8 1/2 lbs. Her husband, Blythe, returned from Italy where he was stationed eight months before Bill was born.

(Edith Custer sent a long letter from Rowena Wall dated 6/121/95 in which she related that when Clinton began his campaign she asked her mom, who lives in Pine Bluff, AR, to see if she could get his birth data. Her mom replied that she found the data in a book in the library that had the birth certificate in it, giving 3:44 AM. When this information was printed in AFA DX No.104 (5/02/92), both Mark Lerner and Ken Irving called the library but were told that no such book was there. When Rowena Wall asked her mom to double-check, the alleged biography could not be found, making the quote impossible to verify.)

Conception:11/08/1945, 12:13:28 a.m. CST, Hope, AK.

George Walker Bush (AA)
Birth: 7/06/1946, 7:26 a.m. EDT, New Haven, CT. From Kim Castilla on the internet quotes hospital records. "Back in 1994 when Bush was elected governor of Texas, I called around and actually found a PR person in the hospital where he was born who was willing to look up his birth time for me, so this is from the hospital records. He's not a junior, he has the same initial but a different middle name than his father."

Wayne Turner quotes a biography by Bill Minutaglio, a Texas journalist, published in 1999 by Random House, in which he quotes a certified copy of George W Bush's birth certificate which he obtained from the Connecticut State Dept of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics. The bio is titled "George W. Bush and the Bush Family Dynasty" and the birth info is on page 24 with a foot note to the source on page 330. 7:26 AM is the time and July 6, 1946 is the date, with New Haven Hospital listed as the place.
Conception:9/27/1945, 2:05:11 a.m. EDT, New Haven, CT.

John Forbes Kerry (A)
Birth: 12/11/1943, 8:03 a.m. MWT, US Army Fitzsimmons Hospital, CO. From Original entry was for 7:10 AM from Frances McEvoy quoting his mother for "sunrise." In February 2004, Robert Blaschke talked with Karen Thorne, Kerry's sister-in-law by his first marriage, who obtained a time from Kerry of 8:03 AM in 1996. On November 4, 2004, PT talked with Sat Siri Khalsa who says that she attended a political rally in which she was able to slip a note to Elizabeth Edwards asking for the candidates’ birth times. Sat Siri says Elizabeth Edwards smiled, walked over to the candidates and came back with the note on which Mrs. Edwards had written that John Kerry was born between midnight and 1 AM and that John Edwards was born at 7:23 AM. These times are inconsistent with those obtained by other sources. Given the new data, we must downgrade the candidates' Rodden Rating to C, accuracy in question.
Conception:2/27/1943, 9:04:03 p.m. MWT, US Army Fitzsimmons Hospital, CO.

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