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Despite rumblings to the khantrary, Khan remains Colorado Springs' longest running Science Fiction/Gaming Khanvention.

John Stith

July, 18-20 2003
(6pm Friday through 4pm Sunday)
 A Science Fiction & Gaming Convention in Colorado Springs
 Ramada Inn at I-25 and Filmore

* Updated 6/24/03 *

  • Filk Singing
  • Science Fiction Panels, Discussions, and Readings
  • Art Show, and Auction Click here for more info
  • A 24 hr OPEN gaming room
  • Scheduled Game Tournaments featuring, RPGA Events, Mage Knight, Warmaster, Settlers of Catan, and much more! (Check out our new Game Referee Policy on the Games Page).
  • Khan Suite
  • Banquet
  • Robo-Cruch, Yacht Regatta Click here for more info

ENTIRE WEEKEND-- $20 advanced registration ($23 after July 11); Children 7 - 14 (with paid adult) are half fare; Children under 7 free
ONE DAY PASS-- $20; Children 7 - 14 (with paid adult) are half fare; Children under 7 free
ADVERTISING (PRE-KHAN MAILERS & PROGRAM BOOK)-- Please contact Penny for the latest information
DEALER INFORMATION: No dealer space is available at this time.
HOTEL INFORMATION: Ramada Inn, 719-633-5541, Reserve before mid-June for $69 per night for up to four people.

Did you forget if you've registered already? Click here to see our list of pre-registered people.

Registration & General Info
Gaming & Yacht Race
Art Show Info /
Shipping Address & Robo-Crunch Info
Penny or Alan Tegen
2926 Valarie Circle
Colorado Springs, CO, 80917   
Perry W. Rogers
4004 Ridge Drive
Pueblo, CO, 81008
Linda Cole & Rich Cole
1200 Chippewa Trail
Woodland Park, CO, 80863

T-Shirt Ordering Information
Most of our t-shirts are sold on a pre-order basis only.  We do bring a few-- not many-- unsold shirts to the Khan, but if you really want one, you should order it from us before the Pre-order deadline- July 5th, 2003.

If you are interested in Pre-ordering, please contact Audrey


The above pictures show the khan committee at Mile-Hi Con 2002, schicking-it-up DiscWorld Style.

Above are photos of the beladi demonstration that we had at X-Khan. We have this feature every year on Saturday night. The lovely ladies are Linda, Stephanie and Audrey.