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Khan Information

Art Show,Robocrunch &

Yacht Regatta

* Updated 8/11/02 *

Art Show

Fees $5.00 for a 4' x 4' panel, or for a 6" x 8' tablePrint Shop is also availableKHAN will retain 10% of all sales

Entries must be framed, matted, or otherwise ready for display unless being sold through the Print Shop. Artist's name, address, and piece title must be attached to each piece. Subject matter should be science fiction, fantasy, fannish, or game oriented. The KHAN reserves the right to reject any artwork we feel is inappropriate, or does not follow these guidelines. Artwork in any medium will be accepted. This includes flats, models, sculptures, photos, computer generated, etc. . . . Note that computers for animation will no longer be provided by the KHAN. Artist need not be a member of the KHAN to enter the art show. Send art work with the following information: name, address, title of each piece, minimum bid, quick sale price, and publication rights-- if any. We have bid / control sheets, or we can work with yours.          


Two written bids will send a piece to the auction. Quick sales will be allowed until there is a written bid. If no quick sale price is included, the piece will not be eligible for quick sale. After the auction, art will be sold for quick sale prices only. Please indicate if work is NOT FOR SALE (NFS).          

All postage-- including return postage-- packing, and mailing insurance is your responsibility. Any overpayment of postage will be returned to the artist. Unsold artwork will be returned in original packaging. We ship UPS unless otherwise instructed. Unsold artwork will be shipped within the week following the KHAN. All unsold artwork that is to be picked up by the artist, must be picked up by 2pm on Sunday. NOTE-- Please double-check the amount of your return postage. It is not always the same from you as it is from us (Believe it or not!).          

Awards will be presented for various categories. Usually these categories are Fantasy, Science fiction, 3-D, Computer Generated, and Best-of-Show. The art room elves have been known to award the coveted Elves Choice Award.          

Send art to:          

Linda Cole
1200 Chippewa Trail
Woodland Park, CO, 80863-1011


As usual, KHAN will present several opportunities for creative destruction using rules based on Mile High Con's "Critter Crunch" by The Mad Scientists. Please read our version carefully to fully recognize the differences between our rules, and Mile High Con's rules.         

The Robo Crunch will have a 2 pound weight division, and a 20 pound weight division. Prizes will be awarded for each class.  There will also be a judge's choice award.         


0. Spirit Rules:         

  • No cheating!
  • Frankenstein Rule: If a critter proves sufficiently offensive to the audience, the audience may, at their discretion, light torches, take pitchforks in hand, and throw the critter and its operator into the nearest creek.

1. Vehicles          

  • Vehicle size will be limited to 12" x 12" x 12". The vehicle may deploy appendages beyond these dimensions after the start of each combat. The 12" cube rules applies only at the beginning of each combat.
  • Vehicle weight maximums are 2 lbs, or 20 lbs depending on its combat class.
  • Vehicles may be powered by any source socially acceptable (OSHA approved) for indoor use. In the 2 lb class the power source may be in the handle, but the handle will be weighed with the vehicle. In the 20 pound class, the power source must be 100% contained in the vehicle, and packaged appropriately for the expected abuse. In the 20 pound class, the control pendant, its cable, and other external control devices will not count against the vehicle weight or size.
  • Vehicle control may be by any means not prohibited within the text of these rules.
  • All vehicles must, at the beginning of each combat, be capable of movement at a rate of at least two inches per minute.
  • No vehicle may, under any circumstances, present a hazard to the judges, spectators, or opposing operators. No vehicle may, in its operation, cause damage to anything other than the opposing vehicle, or the combat surface. Any damage caused by a vehicle, other than to another vehicle, in the course of combat will be the sole liability of the offending operator.
  • All entries must conform to the general rules of the hotel and the khanvention.
  • All vehicles will be subject to a technical inspection prior to combat. Failure to disclose any operating principle shall be grounds for immediate disqualification. Judges may restrict any function deemed to be excessively hazardous.

2. Combat          

  • The 'combat surface' is defined as the surface of an unfinished wood platform having an area of twenty square feet minimum. The smallest dimension shall not be less then three feet. The drop from the surface to the floor shall not exceed six inches.
  • The 'combat volume' is defined as the combat surface and the airspace above it to the height of whatever ceiling is above it.
  • Leaving the combat volume entirely is prohibited. Major portions of the vehicle may leave the combat volume provided some controlled portion of the vehicle remains within the combat volume.
  • No contact with the ceiling is permitted.
  • No part of an operator's body may impinge on the combat volume during a 20 pound class combat. During a 2 pound class combat, the operator's arms may reach one full length into the combat space to accommodate shorter control cables only for the purpose of operating the control lines. (Spirit rule invocation: No pulling your critter around.).
  • Projectiles: 1) A projectile is defined as an object thrown with the expectation that its kinetic energy will affect its target. 2) Projectiles will be tethered. Tethers must be no longer than HALF the longest dimension of the combat surface. The tether must be sufficient to stop the projectile. 3) Non-projectile loose items may be deployed from your vehicle, but must be cleaned up after combat.

3. Judges          

  • Judges shall be impartial, non-combatants.
  • Judges may declare a contest completed at any time.
  • Judges decisions are final.

4. Competition          

  • The manner of elimination from the contest shall be at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Vehicles will start on opposite sides of the combat surface with the aft end of the vehicle even with the edge of the combat surface.
  • Victory: 1)To claim victory your vehicle must show mobility and be within the combat volume. You will immediately be declared defeated if your vehicle has been rendered immobile, has entirely left the combat volume, or if any attached part of your vehicle has come into any restricted surface, or the floor. 2) If both vehicles are immobile, the vehicle controlling mobility will be declared the winner. In cases where there is no winner, both vehicles shall receive a loss. 3) Absent a clear victory, combat will proceed for three minutes, after which a judge may declare a winner, no winner, or grant more time.
  • No vehicle shall be required to compete within ten minutes of its previous combat to permit recharging of batteries, replenishment of expendables, damage repair, etc. . . . Machines requiring excessive time to prepare for their next combat may be declared defeated by forfeit at the judge's discretion.


  • POWER SOURCES: The most obvious is batteries, but don't let yourself be limited. Any source designated by OSHA to be suitable for indoor use is okay. This includes, for example, a four stroke internal combustion engine powered by propane. Please include a tilt switch to turn it off if it is turned over where appropriate. Provide OSHA documentation at the judge's request if your power source is likely to be questioned.
  • COMBAT SURFACES: KHAN's current surface is 6' x 8' with a 3" drop to the floor.Check with organizers before deploying oils slicks and chain saws. Clean up will be accomplished by the operators in all circumstances.
  • DEPLOYABLES: In the interests of keeping the construction simple, self-retraction of deployed appendages is not required. You may hand prep your vehicle to fit the 12 inch starting cube. Deployments must be an automatic function.
  • SPIRIT OF THE RULES: It is not the wish of the organizers to disqualify entries on niggling technicalities. Rather, the rules should be interpreted as broadly as possible to permit the widest variety of endeavor.
  • PROJECTILES: A stream of liquid is not a projectile. Something that is tossed so as to disperse it, or place it across the table is not a projectile. Use common sense, don't quibble.
  • EXPECTED ABUSE: Note that your vehicle may, during the course of competition, be severely damaged, or even destroyed. Past competitions have seen vehicles equipped with pneumatic cylinders, spear throwing CO2 cannons, and flame throwers. Please consider this when packaging your power source. If it involves such potential hazards as acid, flammable substances, or plutonium, take the expected abuse into consideration. Developing an emotional attachment to your vehicle is not recommended.

For more information please contact Rich Cole at          

1200 Chippewa Trail
Woodland Park, CO, 80963

Yacht Regatta

First Rule-- The Official Hotel rules cannot be circumnavigated. This includes: no glass in the pool area, and NO CHANGING THE POOL CHEMISTRY!           

Spirit Rule: NO CHEATING!           

Frankenstein Rule: If a yacht proves sufficiently offensive to the audience, the audience may throw bricks at it until propriety is satisfied. (Bricks will be provided by the Khancom.)           

Construction Rules:            

  • Hull size is 1/2 gallon capacity. Any shape is allowed.
  • Hull material must be clean milk carton cardboard.
  • There is no weight limit.
  • Power sources must be self contained. No electrical, internal combustion, or other potentially explosive power sources are allowed.
  • All other accouterments are as you will.

Competition Rules:           

  • All entrants must pass a judge's inspection. There are no secrets from the judges.
  • All yachts will start with at least a four foot spacing from the pool edge, or another competitor. NOTE-- the pool is somewhat irregularly shaped. This results in some boats having to cover an extra foot, or two during the races. We regard lane assignments as luck-of-the-draw.
  • The race consists of one-pool-width with as many heats as necessary to find a winner.
  • Competition style is at the judge's whim, but will be announced prior to the first heat. Typically the winner of each heat advances to the finals.
  • All pieces of a yacht must finish the race to be declared a winner.

Prizes: Prizes are awarded at the Saturday Awards Banquet, and given in the following catagories:           

  • The Fastest Yacht Award
  • NEW: The Best Display Award: Boat/Crew/Performance/etc...
  • Mr. Scott's Engineering Award
  • Gilligan's Best Lost at Sea Award

For more information contact Perry Rogers at:           

4004 Ridge Drive
Pueblo, CO, 81008

Cancelled Air Show: Cancelled

First Rule-- The Official Hotel rules cannot be circumnavigated.           

Spirit Rule: Adhere to the spirit of the competition, and above all else-- NO CHEATING!           

Construction Rules:            

  • Each plane's construction is limited to the following materials:
    • No more than 150 square inches of supermarket meat tray styrofoam.
    • Other weights and accouterments as you will so long as the total weight of the plane does not exceed five ounces, and the spirit of the competition is observed.

Competition Rules:           

  • Each person is permitted up to ONEentries.
  • All entries must pass a judge's inspection. There are no secrets from the judges.
  • All planes will be launched with unassisted human power only.  This means that only your body touches it, and only your body provides the release energy (no rubber bands, rockets, spear throwing sticks, etc....)
  • The competition for The Lindbergh Longest Flight Award consists of throwing the plane across one-pool-length with as many heats as necessary to find a winner.
  • The competition for The Richthofen Aerial Display award will be judged by a panel of three judges.
    • The characteristics the judges watch for are overall performance, acrobatic maneuvers, and time aloft.
  • Competition style is at the judge's whim, but will be announced prior to the first heat. Typically the winner of each heat advances to the finals.
  • The Earhart Award is at the judge's whim, and based on the most spectacular dive into the pool.

Prizes: Prizes are awarded at the completion of the competition.         

For more information contact Perry Rogers at:           

4004 Ridge Drive
Pueblo, CO, 81008