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Despite rumblings to the khantrary, Khan remains Colorado Springs' longest running Science Fiction/Gaming Khanvention.

Games Info

July 18-20 , 2003
(6pm Friday through 3pm Sunday)
 A Science Fiction & Gaming Convention in Colorado Springs
 Ramada Inn at I-25 and Filmore

* Updated 6/28/03 *

NEW XIV-Khan Referee Policy

At XIV-Khan we DO offer free passes to gamemasters and referees for the day(s) that you run a game with 4 or more players other than yourself.  Contact Perry for details, or to volunteer.  This change reflects an effort to create a more complete games schedule for Khan.

Breaking News

We will have gift certificates for the winners of many of our game tournaments from ATTACTIX in Denver, and The COMPLEAT GAMER in Colorado Springs.

Remember, at XIV-KHAN there are never addition fees to play games. Once you are in you can play what you want (space permitting).

Gaming area opens for 2003
Lord of the Rings Boardgame: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Empire Builder, Boardgame
Living Force (RPGA): No Place Like Home
Illuminati CCG: Decks will be provided: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner


9 -11am
XIV-Khan Race-a-thon begins with Pod Racing (see below for more info)
Living Force (RPGA): No Place Like Home
Battletech: Battle for Stamford Bridge.  Materials & maybe even Prizes provided.
Warmaster Mini-Campaign: Scenarios and armies provided.
12:30 - 1:30pm
Detroit/Cleveland Racing: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Werewolf in the Wild West with Jim Brashears
Formula De' Racing: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Conquest of Ta'Moria: fantasy battles game. The Evil Clavac
lords have invaded the Orc clans to enslave them and use them in their plan to control the world of Ta'Moria
Man-O-War, Fantasy naval battles
Battletech Free For All: (Limited to Heavy Mechs Only) with other special rules to be explained at game time.  Materials & maybe even Prizes provided
Tikal: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Dark Light: Boardgame control the universe.
Alladin's Dragons: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Conquest of the 4th Millenium: future battles game. The Orcs have a new weapons base that must be taken out.


Battletech Tag  Materials & maybe even Prizes provided
Pantheon:Boardgame, Gods fight for the world, but no one knows why
History of the World: Gift Certificate awarded to the winner
Gaming area closes for 2003

RPGA GAMES- We are planning on running several RPGA sanctioned games at XIV-Khan including LIVING GREYHAWK. Our Coordinator again this year is Gregory Ison, and we still need lots of GMs. 

Breaking News: We will have a Living Force event that will run on Friday night, and again on Saturday.  E-mail Dale Fauson for details.

Living Force Event Description: No Place Like Home: Oluna Biqua has always had a reputation as a wild port of call in the Cularin system. But when all contact with the floating city goes quiet and plumes of smoke can be seen rising from its many spires, has the never ending party finally gone too far?


Click here for the XIV-Khan RPGA Schedule.


RACE-A-THON: This event will feature three racing-oriented games (Podracing, Circus Maximus, Robo-Rally, Speed Circuit, Formula De, etc...).  Players will participate in events, scoring points in each one (more points for the winner, lees for the losers).  The player with the most points at the end of the Saturday events will be the Trophy winner for XIV-Khan, and will be allowed to retain possesion of the Khan traveling trophy until XV-KHAN.  This event should last most of the day on Saturday.

BATTLETECH: YOU-KILL-IT-YOU-KEEP-IT Game with Gregory Ison.  This game will be run at different times throughout the entire weekend.  For a $2-$3 dollar fee to buy your way into the game (with a brand new, painted miniature) you get to keep any opposing mech figures that you are responsible for destroying.       

  • Everything needed to play will be provided. Players will receive Mechs and record sheets. These sheets will contain all needed modifications and pilot information. Beginners are very welcome.
  • Players may decide to run as teams/allied Mechs, but this must be announced prior to receiving Mechs. Allies may spot for each other etc., but may not attack each other. Normally the game will be a "Free-for-All", with no teams, all Mechs on their own. This will not be enforced by the Judge (he has enough to do), so it is expected that informal teams will appear. The players themselves should be able to enforce "no teaming". After all, if someone is "teaming" it makes the game "us" against "them". Any informal teams can not spot for each other, or move through each others hexes and can still "kill" each other ("Yeah, I know you turned your back to me, that’s why I’m shooting at you!"). It is sometimes fun for 3 or 4 light Mechs to see if they can take out an Atlas (though the Atlas will often win anyway).
  • Each game normally is set to run 4 hours, but this will be modified as needed. It runs until the Judge calls "time’s up". Anyone still alive keeps their Mech (usable in the next game). If you are destroyed, you may enter another Mech. "Drop-ins" are allowed, so you may start in at any time
  • Order-of-Play is decided with cards. Each Mech will receive a card with the highest numbered card moving first and shooting last. The Joker decides when he goes at the start of each turn. For example, the player dealt the Joker may decide to move second and fire first. Deployment is by random "drop". Late entries will be given the "highest card" and a random starting location at the start of the next turn.
  • Remember, the person getting the "kill", keeps the Mech. A Mech is considered "killed" if it takes 3 Engine hits OR if the pilot is killed OR if the pilot "punches-out". There will be times when a Mech is killed through the actions of several players (or through the pilots own actions), but no one player got the "kill". Some examples would be a player missing a piloting roll and falling on his head, of over heating and blowing himself up. When this happens, the judge will have final say as to how the "kill" (and the Mech) will be awarded.
  • Lighter Mechs normally get a better piloting and gunnery skill rating. This has been determined by judges decision and can only be changed by him. Some of the heavier Mechs start with damage, so check your starting Mech sheet!
  • NO "WALK-OFFS"! Once a Mech is on the field, the only ways it leaves the board is if another player "kills" it, or the game runs out of time. If a player HAS to leave (his house is on fire, he dies, is arrested or kidnapped by space aliens), he leaves his Mech and Mech sheet on the field. It sets there until someone "kills" it, or the player returns. If it looks like you will need to leave, we suggest you charge the nearest assault Mech. (Who knows, you might even kill it.) Begging the other players to shoot at you can also help.
  • If there are enough players (more than 8), the game will be broken into more than one game. If there are not enough players (less than 4), players may run two Mech teams. This will be decided "on the spot" by the judge.
  • THE JUDGE HAS THE FINAL WORD ON ANYTHING IN THE GAME!!!!!  Do not argue with him - it makes you look bad in the eyes of the other players, and might get you put out of the game.
  • DON’T CHEAT!! Even the appearance of cheating ("I forgot to mark ammo used when I fired each of the 35 times! Really!", "I thought MY PPC only caused two heat..... really!") will get you at least a warning. And it could get you pitched out of the game... with no Mech (see "Walk-Offs" above).
  • The most important rule in the game: HAVE FUN!!!! After all, if it’s not fun, why play? Please tell us if you have any ideas to help improve the game.

ENTIRE WEEKEND-- $20 advanced registration ($23 after July 11); Children 7 - 14 (with paid adult) are half fare; Children under 7 free
ONE DAY PASS-- $20; Children 7 - 14 (with paid adult) are half fare; Children under 7 free
ADVERTISING (PRE-KHAN MAILERS & PROGRAM BOOK)-- Please contact Penny for the latest information
DEALER INFORMATION: No dealer space is available at this time.
HOTEL INFORMATION: Ramada Inn, 719-633-5541, Reserve before mid-June for $69 per night for up to four people.

Click here to obtain a Registration Form

Registration & General Info
Gaming Info
Penny or Alan Tegen
2926 Valarie Circle
Colorado Springs, CO, 8091
Perry W. Rogers
4004 Ridge Drive
Pueblo, CO, 81008

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