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This page will be used to suggest books which I have found interesting or that you may have enjoyed. Drop me an EMAIL if you read anything good. I'm always looking for something new to try. I'm going to start off with a couple of my favorites. Both books are still available in paperback.

The first book is one i've read at least 10 times. I'm on my second copy now since the first one was leafed through so much the pages all fell out.

"Earth Abides" by George R Stewart was written in the late 1940s but the premise fits our modern times perfectly and will for many years to come.

The book deals with an unknown super virus which, due to the way we rapidly travel about, quickly spreads world wide. Very few people survive for reasons that are never learned and which really have no comsequence to the story. Suffice it to say that within a few short days the human population is reduced to nearly nothing.

The story follows the life of a college student suddenly thrust into an empty world. His first reaction is to draw in on himself as he wanders aimlessly about scavenging off the remains of a nonexistant civilization.(sounds like Stephen King may have read this before he wrote The Stand) Only when he realizes that life is what you make of it does he put down roots and the beginnings of a new society emerge as he draws others to him.

The book continues through his life and ends with his death as a very old man. Stewart does an admirable job of describing our hero's thoughts and emotions. I highly recommend this one.

My next selection is, in my opinion, the best ghost story ever written. I know you've all seen the movie but, PLEASE, take time to read the book. It's "Christine" by... what's that guys' name again??... oh yeah, Stephen King!!!

You know the story so I won't bother detailing it. I will only say that the visualisations King paints with his words will send chills clear through you. When he describes the car, "Christine", and the sick minded man whose spirit haunts it you will truly feel that evil is a tangible, palpable thing. I began my exploration of the horror genre in grade school so, believe me, I know what scary is.

June 27,2001:I heard Richard Hoagland refer to the book "EARTH ABIDES" on Coast to Coast last week. It's nice to know the man has good taste in literature.

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