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The following are chosen discussions surrounding Win32ASM topics that in one way or another have turned into a valuable source of information. They all were originally posted on Hiroshimator's Windows 32 ASM discussion board.

   Discussion Image    This discussion deals with why and when the 'ptr' keyword should be used when writing your assembly programs.
   Discussion Image    This post was the outcome of a lengthy discussion concerning how you could pack resource information into a .dll file rather than the actual .exe file. This discussion outlines the basic steps to do so.
   Discussion Image    This discussion is shows how to make good use of the previous discussion. It outlines a method of having one .exe decompress another file stored within itself as RCDATA information (this is can essentially act as a means to distribute your software on your own in one packed .exe file).
   Discussion Image    This discussion became a basic tutorial in understanding just how the DIV operation works. It can be a bit tricky if not clearly understood.
   Discussion Image    This discussion is a lengthy tutorial on HOW to use structure in your assembly practices as well as why. It also discusses their use with pointers to efficiently get work done on larger data structures.