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ASM Tools

HelpImg The Windows 32 API reference manual. This is a definite must for any programmer striving to make it in the Windows world of programming.
HelpImg This is a help manual for Floating Point arithmetic and operations in x86 assembly. As this has been typically a harder topic to learn, you will find this book is an asset.
HelpImg This is a more advanced help book for towards optomizing your assembly for Pentium class processors. A handy book to have.
HelpImg This is simply an x86 Op-Code and instructions reference manual. Its very handy to have when you don't want to know things like when the carry flag is modified by an instruction.
HelpImg This is a more thorough x86 Op-Code and instructions reference manual.
CPUImg This as a Windows SPY utility to spy working windows for their secrets! It has a lot of good features to make window designing easy, as well as hooking etc (if your into that sorta thing). Thanks to mbray, proper credit can go to Krichmar Kobi for designing this handy tool :)