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   SrcImg    This was a little creation i made with our new Object Model. My best friend just had a baby girl, and at the time i was learning how to make custom windows, so i made THIS as an example of how OBJECTS can be used to create this simply. Check it out! Don't worry, its not your average baby picture :P

(NOTE: this will not compile, as is not yet released, but the EXE will run!).
   SrcImg    This test program was designed to knock off alot of topics at once. It alows 3 picture to be moved about the window by mouse click. However the pictures are NOT bmp's!, one is a GIF and the other a JPG. The point here is a COM object to display these non-standard window graphics is encapsulated into a CLASS (by our model) and instances created. This also shows proper working example of POLYMORPHISM, INTERFACING, and SUPERCLASSING. Check it out!

(NOTE: this will not compile, as is not yet released, but the EXE will run!).
   SrcImg    Macros to manage 32 boolean flags, which will make your code more efficient by avoiding BTYEs, WORDs, and DWORDs.
   SrcImg    This was an enthusiastic project of mine to allow coders to create class 'objects' in MASM32. This is a tool that will allow you to easily begin creating object 'classes' and structuring you code to act as objects. Attached is that is to be included with you projects to easily create and use objects! (Thanx to Ernie for his ground breaking COM work that inspired me to do this ~ alot of the class structure stems from his work).