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AC Cobra.

Building of a car.......

I started out in January -95, with the purchase of the glassfibre body from Christer Åstrand, Öland. Jaguar axles and Ford 302 engine with C4 transmission came next. The frame, made mainly from 100x50x3 rectangular tubes, kept me occupied for 6 months. I used up all my "elbow grease" handcutting all the pieces, and approx. 10 kg of MIG wire to bring it all together. Then the big chase started to find all major parts, that could interfere with each other, and making brackets for everything. Some items, like headers/sidepipes I made myself from scratch. Since I have the philosophy, that I want to have an original car approach where possible, Iīve got my fair share of brainmassaging too. Original door locks came from MG TF, and I got those for a mere 600 SEK, brand new! I fitted these to a door member (40x40x2), together with homemade door hinges from threaded bar and uniballs. Latch assembles to an steel reinforcement in main body. This operation took 4 months of intensive work! Also, to find a good driving position is vital, but this car hasnīt much space to play around with. Since it was designed in the 50īs, fashion claimed that you should have an upright position. This together with my efforts to improve handling by having the engine more rearwards, gives me minimal room for an acc. pedal, steering wheel is close, you almost scrape knuckles against panel edge at windscreen amongst other things. With instrument panel out, I can actually put my hand on LH cylinder head! Propshaft is a mere 200 mm short.

General overview.

Exhaust system.

Center console.


Prop shaft.