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Pippsi Longknickers!

by Jeannette Jaquish; based on the series of books, by Astrid Lindgren

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Astrid Lindgren's brave, curious and enthusiastic character Pippi Longstockings is adapted for the stage as Pippsi Longknickers in this action-packed play.

Pippsi's friends are Cheyenne and Cody, her pets are Sir Horace and Professor Banana and their adventures are sprinkled with American West details. Pippsi makes cookies, LOTS of cookies, blusters some bullies, charges up the classroom, gooses high society, bombshells some bureaucrats and does her part for inter-galactic peace.

Supporting characters are created in a pattern that lends itself to the option of actors playing multiple parts.

Supporting actor groups are: Bullies/School kids, Society Ladies, Bureaucrats, Space Aliens and a UFO-seeing hick and X-Files parody investigators.

If you have questions, please email or use the Contact the Author link.