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Stuck In The Theater!

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Last Updated:  11/18/02 at 5:03 PM


Hello and welcome to my MST3K site, "Stuck in the Theater!" It's always under construction-- just hope you enjoy your visit!

Stuck In The Theater!


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(11/18) Updated the Episode Guide, MST3K Schedule and Tape Trading Page

(For a complete list of previous updates, check out the "Site Updates" section.)


Unfortunately, MST3K is not on the air at this time


Okay, if you're new to MST3K or just wanna hear what's it about, here's a little description:

A janitor at Gizmonics Institute, Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson), was working hard and doing his job fine. But two evil scientists, Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu) and Dr. Larry Erhardt (Josh Weinstein) didn't like him very much so they trapped him on a satellite and shot him into space! You see, Joel became their "test subject" and he's now forced to watch the absolute cheesiest movies of all time. If his brains "fry" while watching these horrible horrible films then the two demented scientists [the "Mads"] will subsequently unleash this plan on public and take over the world! But on the satellite, Joel creates four robots to keep him company: Cambot [a robot that films them], Gypsy (voiced by Jim Mallon) [a robot that operates the higher functions of the satellite], Tom Servo (voiced by Josh Weinstein) [a robot who watches the movies with Joel], and Crow T. Robot (voiced by Trace Beaulieu) [another wisecracking robot that watches the movies with Joel]. So together Joel, Tom, and Crow watch the horrible movies, but survive by maintaining their sense of humor and cracking hilarious jokes throughout the picture!

Joel & the 'Bots watching the feature film "SST- Death Flight"

>MST3K first ared on a local Minneapolis station called KTMA (TV 23) in 1988. The show was still in its beginning stages and it has improved over years, but I still enjoy watching these early episodes. The show was doing good, and then after 21 episodes, it moved to the Comedy Channel. This attracted lots of fans. After 13 more episodes, Season Two sprung up.

Joel & the 'Bots watching the short "Commander Cody & Radar Men From The Moon"

Back on the satellite (Satellite of Love) with Joel & the 'Bots, the whole place has been redesigned, and Tom (now voiced by Kevin Murphy) gets a new voice. Our heroes are surviving the movies perfectly! Back down in Gizmonics Institute, the Mads have now moved to the basement (Deep 13). Furthermore, Dr. Erhardt has been reported "missing" so Dr. Forrester plucked TV's Frank (Frank Conniff) from his job at Arby's to be his new evil assistant.

>The reason for TV's Frank to come along and for Tom Servo to get a new voice was because Josh Weinstein left the show after the first season. Frank Conniff became the new Mad and Kevin Murphy became the voice for Tom. Shortly afterwards, the show moved to Comedy Central and remained there for the next five seasons.

Now it was 1993. The Fifth Season. In the middle of the season, Joel escaped the Satellite of Love in a secret escape pod with the help of Gypsy. Of course, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank needed a new test subject to watch the movies and continue the experiments, so they hired Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson) as a temp worker and shot him into space! Now it's Mike who is forced to survive the movies with the 'Bots.

>Joel left as host to focus on new TV projects. I liked Joel as a host and wished he could've stayed. At the end of Season Six, Frank Conniff also left, so Mrs. Forrester (Mary Jo Pehl) came along to help her son out. Then after Season Seven, Trace Beaulieu left the show as being Dr. Forrester and Crow. During this time (1996) the cast produced a movie, "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" and in this experiment, Mike & the 'Bots riffed "This Island Earth". Though the film is shorter than an actual MST3K episode, it's just as good. But it didn't end here... Even though most of the cast was gone, the whole show moved to the Sci-Fi channel. Mrs. Forrester became the main Mad along with the new Brain Guy (Bill Corbett) and Bobo (Kevin Murphy). Patrack Brantseg also became the new voice of Gypsy, and Bill Corbett voiced Crow. Finally, in 1999 the Tenth Season came along and in the first show of the season, JOEL HODGSON and FRANK CONNIFF guest stared!!! Yahoo! Too bad they only came back for one episode. Sadly, after 13 episodes in Season Ten, the show... ended. After about ten solid years, one of the funniest TV shows ever has been canceled. But up to this date, fans are still trying to save it, so who knows what the future will bring?

Joel's Back!
Joel guest stars in Season Ten!

If you still don't know what MST3K is about, think this: A guy and two robots are forced to watch cheesy movies. They riff and make jokes at the movies. It is funny.

Cari's Golden MSTie Award

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or find any mistakes here, E-mail me!

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