Max Guevara
Played By - Jessica Alba
                    Geneva Locke (Young)

Barcode Number: 332960073452

Max was born in a lab in Vivadyne Labs in Gillette, Wyoming.  She was the others were trained as weapons.  In 2009, after a follow "sibling" named Eva was shot by Lydecker, Max, Zack, Jondy, Brin, and eight others escaped the lab and separated.  Max was helped by a woman named Hanna.  She ranaway not long after Hanna brought her to a cabin to hide.

She was put in a foster home.  Her foster father sexual abused her foster sister, Lucy.  Max was hiding with Lucy when the pulse hit.  Max ranaway from there.  Since then, Max felt guilty about leaving her behind.

Max moved to Seattle and hired a Private Investigator named, Dan Vogelsang, to help find her "siblings" and the woman who rescued her.  She moves into a abandoned apartment building with some squatters.  Max got a job at Jam Pony, a bike delevery service.  She also became a cat burglar stealing from the richest of Seattle.  She need money to help pay off the cop at the apartment and Vogelsang for his services, and need money for Tryptophan.

Soon Lydecker found out that one of his "kids" was using Dan Vogelsang to find the others.  His soldiers bugged the office and Vogelsang.   Dan Vogelsang told Max what happened.

During a robbery, Max meets Logan Cale.  Logan knows all about the Manticore Project.  He wanted Max to join him and help project two people from Edgar Sonrisa but Max refused. Max goes about her business, trying to ignore her conscience... until matters hit  too close to home to ignore anymore. Sonrisa's men kidnap Sophy and shoot Logan, whose sacrifice allows Lauren to escape. To make matters worse,  Sonrisa's nefarious business dealings cost Max's neighbor his life. After sneaking into Logan's hospital room to make sure he's okay, Max springs into action when one of Sonrisa's men try to kill Logan.  Max saves him and later saves Sophy.

Max joins "Eyes-Only" when Logan shows Max infomation on Zack, the one Manticore escapee Max is most curious about. She agrees to help Logan save the world.

Dan Vogelsang told Max that one of her "siblings" was in town.  Logan told her it might be a trap.  The day before Dan Vogelsang was to meet with Max, he was murdered.  Max thought Lydecker did it.  Logan found out the infomation about the "sibling" was true when he found out about someone got their bar code tatoo removed.  Max track found his apartment and became face to face with---Zack.

Zack killed Dan Vogelsang.  He tried convince Max to leave Seattle but Max refused.  Lydecker attack the apartment building looking for his "kids" but Zack and Max escaped.  Zack told Max that the less she knew about the others, the better.  He leave the city.

Max went to an gentics convention on a boy who's life was safed by gene theorpy. disquised as a reporter.  Lydecker was there but he didn't know "Rachael" was Max.  After terrorist attacked the building.  Max and Logan made sure Lydecker didn't take the boy to Manticore.

Max had another encounter with Zack when he told her Brin was captured.  She sprong into action and kidnapped Lydecker to find out where he was hiding her.  He didn't have her.  Col. Sanders had Brin and planned to sell her.  With the Lydecker's help she and Zack broke into the base.  Then Lydecker double-crossed them.  Max and Zack escaped with a deadly sick Brin.  Soon they descided to hand to over to Lydecker to get the gene treatment she needed to live.

Now Lydecker knows what she looks like and it puts her in a lot of danger.  Not only Max is in danger from Manticore, other world organizations including the South Africans what to get with hands on her or the other X-5s.  She is helping Logan use his legs again with the help of her stem-cell enriched blood.

But Logan rejected the cells. She met up with Jace, who was on the side of Manticore and made her AWOLL. Jace named her baby after her.

She later met up with Ben who was "killing himself over and over" by putting his bar code on others and killing them. Max killed him because there was no way he would escape Manticore and he would be put with the "Nomilies".

When Max found out her sister, Tinga, had a family, she tried to warn them. But Charlie, Tinga's husband, didn't believe her. She met up with Tinga again and got them out. But Lydecker put nano-tech in Case (Tinga's son). The only way Case can be cured was to give up Tinga. When they met up with Lydecker, Madam X tried to get both Tinga and Case. Case was rescued but they got Tinga.

Zack found where Tinga was hidden and he brought Max with him. Max found Tinga in a tank, died. When Lydecker showed up, she thought he did it. Max was stunned and taken to a cheap hotel where he explained everything to her. When Manticore troops broke in, Max took Lydecker to the others and formed a plan to destroy Manticore.

After the charges were set in the DNA lab, Max made sure Brin didn't get in when Lydecker told her she was coming. Outside the base, Max came face to face with her clone. The clone shot her. Logan and Lydecker came and saw what happened. Max fainted.

When she woke up, she was at Manticore with Zack heart in her body.