Logan Cale/Eyes-Only
Played by Michael Weatherly

    Logan Cale is an underground cyber-jounalist and the voice of Eyes-Only.  He tries to expose the truth of the corrupted US government and save the world (or what's left of it.)  He was married but he got divorced because he wife had a drinking problem.

He met Max when, she broke into his apartment to steal his Bast Statue.  He saw her bar code and saw that she was one of the escaped Manticore kids.  He asked her to join her but Max refused.

    He and his secricity guard, Peter Ashley was guarding a woman named Lauren Braganza and her daughter, Sophy from a man named Edgar Sonrisa. Laurn has a testimony against Sonrisa, that would put him away for life.  When they were taking Laurn and Sophy out of town, Sonrisa's men kidnap Sophy and shoot Logan, whose sacrifice allows Lauren to escape. Peter was killed.

    One of Sonrisa's men tried kill Logan when he was in the hospital but Max saved him. Sonrisa's nefarious business dealings cost Max's neighbor his life so Max helped save Sophy.

    A few months later, Logan has recovered sufficiently to return to his "Eyes Only" duties. He's paralyzed from the waist down, but he'll live. He thanks Max for her involvement in the Sonrisa case, and reiterates his desire that she join the "Eyes Only" team. Again, Max declines, and again Logan baits her with information -- this time, on Zack, the one Manticore escapee Max is most curious about. Logan  and Max make a tentative agreement. She'll help him save the world if he'll help her put together the puzzle of her past, one piece at a time.

    Logan met Zack when Max brought him over to help find Brin.  He manged to find out where she held.  He saw him again when Zack told Logan that Max needed help.  The last time he met with him, Logan became the enemy of the other X-5s when he warned the remaining eight siblings that Lydecker knows where they are.

    Logan is recently is being to walk again with the help of Max's stem-cell enriched blood.  He found out, it is only short-lifed.