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Aware Foundation: Paranormal Research

Our Goal

Many people experience different types of paranormal occurrences from the sound of invisible footsteps to the physical contact from something unseen. The occurrences can be nothing but a nuisance but they can become frightening or even dangerous. This type of activity should not be ignored.

If you or some one you know is experiencing a haunting or demonic possession, please contact us. We will contact you and help you through this unpleasant experience. Our experience to rid these spirits and make you and your home safe is our main goal. The Aware Foundation is 100% free for those in need. However, we will accept any donations to help cover any costs. Please remember that donations ARE NOT required. To find out more about us, visit our Investigators page. There you will see that we not only investigate but also remove the spirits through deliverance prayers.

The Aware Foundation reserves the right to publish the stories on this homepage but with the names of the people changed to protect their privacy. All pictures published will not show any pictures of people we are trying to help. All that we’ll show is the paranormal activity captured on camera.

Thank you

Midnight Sky

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