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Envision that you've just gotten married again and have moved into a new home. You are trying to fit two families into one. Many problems derive, now imagine that your young son starts to tell you unimaginable stories of ghosts talking to him. What would you do?

This is the question that faced Denice Jones and her family in this true story of the haunting of her youngest son, Michael. In this saga the Jones family try many avenues to seek help for their son to eradicate him and their lives of this horror. The story starts out with the spirits subtly entering into the family and ends with a demonic confrontation in a cemetery. This story keeps the reader riveted with each turn of the page.

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PIGS IN THE PARLOR: A Practical Guide To Deliverance

by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond

Interested in the paranormal and what deliverance is? This book is a great information guide for the person who is interested in or planning to practice deliverance. It is also a great source for those already actively engaged in the ministry of deliverance.
This book tells you:
  • How demons enter the body
  • If deliverance is needed to overcome the spirits
  • How deliverance is accomplished for others and self to rid the spirits
  • How to retain deliverance
  • Groupings of demons (listing those demons that are often found together)
  • The book also includes a chapter presenting a theory on the problem of schizophrenia which may be connected to the demonic. This is contradicting what has been traditionally viewed by the medical profession.

    Other books by Frank Hammond:
  • Demons & Deliverance
  • The Breaking of Curses
  • Manual for Children's Deliverance
  • Comfort for the Wounded Spirit
  • Blood

    DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL SPIRITS: A Weapon for Spiritual Warfare

    By Rev. Michael Scanlon

    This book by Fr. Michael Scanlan,TOR and Mr. Randall J. Cirner is a great introduction to the ministry of deliverance. This book is written in an easy to understand way and shows many studies on the topic of deliverance. This book will help in understanding the meaning of deliverance, what it is and what it is not. It is very informative to those who want to know more about what the ministry and purpose of deliverance is for the Church, its implications to the healing ministry, and how it is used in inner healing.


    Other books to look at:

    What Does God Want? : A Practical Guide to Making
    Decisions by Michael Scanlan, James D. Manney
    The Awakening : One Man's Battle With Darkness
    by Friedrich Zuendel
    Demon Possession : A Medical, Historical, Anthropological, and Theological Symposium : Papers Presented at the University of Notre Dame, January 8-11
    by John W. Montgomery
    Prayer That Heals
    by Francis MacNutt

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