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DEBBIE ELWARD has been a paranormal investigator with several organizations since 1993. Born with the biblical charisma of "Discernment of Spirits" she is able to use her gift to evaluate, or "discern" spirit activity, whether divine, human or preternatural, often being able to obtain the names and numbers of spirit entities. She is also excellent at taking "psychic" photography and capturing images on film. She is currently attending the Independent Catholic church in the area. Along with her husband, Larry, they started the Aware foundation in the summer of 2000 and together they bring many years of experience to the paranormal field.

REVEREND LARRY ELWARD also started out as a paranormal investigator and has also worked with several ghost hunting organizations since 1986. He studied demonology for many years and this interest lead him into the seminary. He graduated from Holy Apostles Seminary in 1988 with a Masters Degree in theology and was ordained a sub deacon for the Eastern Catholic Church that same year. He has performed or assisted at hundreds of exorcism/deliverance for people of all faiths.  Larry was ordained an Independent priest with the Old Catholic Church on June 5, 2004. Through this he hopes to reach out to more people in need of his ministry.  He is also currently ministering in outreach programs in Bridgeport, CT.


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