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Welcome to Windsong Legacy! This is a new series of fiction inspired by the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. The setting has changed however from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. But our two protagonists will remain familiar. Here you'll find each new episode as it's posted as well as the accompanying artwork. I hope you enjoy this new spin on a familiar story.

If you're interested in helping write or contributing ideas for this continuting journey, please email Blitzgal. I would love to have input from other fans. Below you'll find several banners for this site. If you have a Xena site and like what you've seen so far, please consider linking to this site.

Updated November 7, 2001: Episode Nine posted; Character Profile gallery added.

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Wellspring Saga--Read the first section of the Windsong Legacy story, and learn how Devon and Liria first meet. The first six episodes of the piece are archived here.

Episode Seven: Comedie--Devon and Liria adjourn to the Continent for some relaxation, but only get headaches when they realize their vacation spot has been enchanted by a powerful curse.

Episode Eight: Promise--After revealing a secret she has kept from her friend since they met, Devon must leave Liria in order to protect a home she hasn't seen in over two years.

Episode Nine: Faith--Liria realizes her friend's life may well depend on her ability to trust herself and her own powers.

Character Profiles--Check out the character gallery to see costume sketches of Liria and Devon, as well as images of the rest of the cast of characters of Windsong Legacy.

More Fiction--Links to more great Xena inspired fiction on the web.

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