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The first six episodes of Windsong Legacy can be found on this page. They introduce and eventually resolve the first major story arc of the piece--what I refer to as the Rothschild arc. We learn a lot about Liria in this section. Devon's story is yet to come in future episodes. I hope you enjoy the story so far.

Episode One: Wellspring--In the year 1126, a young bard stands convicted of a terrible crime. But she's about to meet a woman who will change her life forever. Meet Liria and Devon in the first part of the series.

Episode Two: Revelation--Escaping Rothschild with Liria in tow, Devon realizes there's more to the girl than she ever imagined. (Thanks Keith for the excellent title suggestion)

Episode Three: Dyad--On their way to visit an important friend, Devon and Liria come across a being even more mysterious than the young bard herself.

Episode Four: Genesis--Separated from Devon, Liria is forced to go on a spiritual journey to discover the basis of her powers.

Episode Five: Precipice (Part One)--Fighting their common enemy may bring an end to Devon and Liria's new partnership.

Episode Six: Precipice (Final)--Recruiting an old friend to help her, a seriously injured Devon attempts to rescue Liria from her worst enemy.

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