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Following are the cast of characters in the Windsong Legacy world so far. The images here will all be recognizable--this is the hall of "uber counterparts." Every character discussed here has a corresponding Xena: Warrior Princess identity. It is very likely that more will come in the future, as I figure out how to place them in the storylines. The first images are sketches of Devon and Liria's costumes as conceived by myself and the wonderful artist who drew them, Hadley. Thanks again to Hadley for all of her hard work. Make sure to check out her ongoing project, the Xena: Warrior Princess Virtual Season.

A warrior with a mysterious background, Devon is a unique woman in her time. We've recently discovered her to be of noble birth, the daughter of the Baron of Lenchester. Her husband, the Duke of Seward, was a long time friend of her father. He agreed to marry Devon in order to protect her from a world that does not favor unconventional women. She left Feran, her husband, in order to pursue the Deacon Rothschild. The exact connection between Devon and Rothschild has not yet been revealed. Having rescued Liria from being executed as a witch, Devon has only just begun to learn her own capabilities of friendship and caring. Devon's clothing is a lot less complicated than Liria's; we see her with and without her armor at left...both images will take you to the same single page.

The daughter of a prostitute in the small town of Hoffenshire, Liria has long used music to speak the strange language she alone felt deep within her. But when the Deacon Rothschild decided to use her as a pawn for his own personal gain, she almost paid with her life. The irony of Devon's rescue at the gallows is that Liria truly is a witch. Or, as others have explained to her, a child of Nature. She has powers she has only just begun to realize, and will soon prove herself to be a worthy companion to Devon. At the right you'll see several sketches of Liria's costume. She begins the series in the light blue peasant's dress, but then graduates to the gown of a proper lady (donated by Devon). We show her wearing her cloak, in her full gown, as well as a view of her underdress. I've put her peasant dress and cloak on the same page. The next link will take you to the full sized image of her in her gown and underdress.

Liria's faithful familiar, Talia is shown here in the form in which she appears to Liria when she is in great emotional distress. In reality, Talia is a large dog of indeterminate breed. The animal had been captured by hunters, and Liria secretly released her. They have been virtually inseparable ever since. The symbiosis between these two has only just begun to be explored.

The evil Alti of X:WP becomes Madra in the world of Windsong. Madra is the healing woman and midwife who was present at Devon's birth. Since that time she has remained a confidant and mother figure for the young warrior. She has also assisted Liria in the study of her craft, and will be a touchstone for the both of them. Madra will remain a mentor for Liria as well as a moral center for Devon, being one of the few people left who dares speak against the dark haired warrior woman.

An old flame of Devon's, Ardolf still resides in their home city of Lenchester. Devon recruited him to help her save Liria from Rothschild and gain her revenge on the man for all that he'd done to her. He definitely is still interested in her romantically, but she holds him at an arm's length.

Ardolf's sister, Laurel is a married woman living in the city of Lenchester. She finds herself boarding her brother more often than she likes, especially since she has four children to look after. Her husband is a merchant, and rarely around. Laurel finds herself doing whatever she can to entertain herself. This can understandably lead to trouble. We'll see more of Laurel in the future.

His human name was Piero. But when he fell in love with and married the daughter of the King and Queen of the Fairies, he lost his normal life forever. Cira, his wife, couldn't stand the torment her parents visited upon the people of Genoa, and killed herself rather than be a witness to it. Piero became Puck, the fool of Oberon. His punishment was to assist these two immortals in torturing his own people. After Devon and Liria assisted in freeing him from his bondage, he decided to leave Genoa and seek new prospects. Watch for more appearances by this character.

The King of the Fairies. He is obviously based on the character of Zeus from X:WP, and will likely appear again in future stories. Although for now, Oberon has hidden himself from the mortal world once again in order to await the birth of his son.

The Queen of the Fairies. Her X:WP character was Hera, Zeus's wife. Liria managed to convince Titania that her destructive behavior against humans would only shame her daughter Cira, and brought about the end of the curse in Genoa. She drew Oberon away from the mortals and will now expend her energies caring for her unborn son.

A warrior who shares an uncertain past with Devon, Arkon is the uber counterpart of a very familiar X:WP villain by the name of Draco. But Devon has absolutely no hidden feelings for Arkon. She despises him. And after he attempts to overtake her family's castle in a plot to win the crown, she wants him dead. This is a villain we are sure to see again in the future.

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