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Man-machine:Quantum link?
Santa Cruz Mystery Spot
The Lady In White
Starship Enterprise Found On Mars!

January 6, 2001

Last year an engineer friend of mine and I visited the mystery spot in Santa Cruz after we carefully designed and tested a few simple experiments. We arranged with the owners to spend a couple of hours before it opened to the public to do our measurements. We interviewed a few of the employees and heard interesting stories. In all, we came away with an understanding that there is a genuine mystery. It is not optical illusions. We had a magneto-meter which showed nothing out of the ordinary. We had a compass that worked normally. We took a pendulum which we mounted on a tripod and calibrated. We took measurements at several locations. No deviation in the gravitational constant could be measured. Still, people are affected abnormally and especially pregnant mothers. Air traffic avoids the area due to adverse effects on some of the aircrafts instruments. We are convinced there is an undiscovered principle of physics at work. It could be hyper-dimensional. For one thing, the inverse square law does not apply. The fields effects has boundaries on the ground and in the sky above. It is as an upside down cone centered somewhere hundreds of feet underground. The human body acclimatizes to the effects after awhile. Next time we will try to quantify the effects, if any, on the radio frequency spectrum. There could be a Nobel prize for the right person with enough humility and imagination to figure it out.
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