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Starship Enterprise Found On Mars!

March 17, 2001

It has been nearly a year since Malin released the first group of 30,000 plus photos of Mars he had been sitting on for more than two years! Has any mainstream media brought up anything about the most unusual artifacts people have been trying to get public? There has been at least two civilizations up there. One must have been ancient. Another one may be recent visitors. Last month Sir Arthur C. Clarke went public with "There must be large life on Mars." He even went on the BBC in England and showed the website on there T.V. with the photos Richard C. Hoagland found of "glass worms" or tunnels. Naturally, NASA replied with it is just wind erosion. Then, the esteemed Dr. Tom Van Flandern responded with real scientific analysis pointing out what a sheer impossibility wind erosion would be due to lack of force from such a thin atmosphere. Is anybody out there paying attention? Oh, yes, want to see the starship? Visit and read Part II. The enhanced (gamma corrected only) photo is at the bottom of the page (and above). For those who prefer something that looks like a nuclear power plant check out the five story building with the smokestack at the bottom of Part I.
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