Welcome to the second contest sponsored by Voyages Home! The CONTEST RESULTS are finally posted -- so go and see who won and wrote what!!!

There will not be a St. Patrick's Day contest as I had hoped there would be :o( (But Kadith's Weyr will be having one!) It seems as though I am going to the Star Trek GrandSlam with a lot of other JetCers and so will be unable to dedicate my time to running a contest online for that month due to the amount of preparation for the trip I'll have to do! Are you going to the GRANDSLAM in Pasedena, California? If so email me! Let me know! Because there will be many JetC fans and authors there as well, such as: Kadith, Raven, Caffey, RISPC, Aly, Kerry, AW, Cat, Kaderith, and many more! :) If you're interested in GrandSlam and know nothing of it, go to http://www.creationent.com/ for more details!

Many thanks to LauraJo who htmled EVERY story on this index. It took a lot of time and talent on her part which is being rewarded with a $20.00 gift certificate for amazon.com with which she can order a CD or some books or whatever! Please, if you are a writer in this contest, make sure to email LauraJo and tell her thanks for taking care of your story for you. I know she would really be happy to hear it! Her EMAIL address is posh-babe@lunarlounge.f2s.com


A JC Valentine's Day Fan Fiction Celebration

Welcome to the second VOYAGES HOME JC Fan Fiction Contest! This one promises to be rather different than the last contest that just took place at my site.

On this page you will find information for the following:

Rules & Regulations
Please read the information that is available through this link. Not only will it guard against any problems or possible disqualifications but it will also keep you safe from my Irish temper! NC-17 will be accepted for this contest. (click on link for more details)

Important Dates
This will inform you of the contest timeline: when submissions for the contest will begin and end, when voting is available to the net population, and when you find out who won what!

Contest Categories
I had so many requests, in the last contest, for categories to be implemented that I've decided to do just that! Through this link you will find what categories are available for you to enter in: from specific writing challenges to general genre guidelines . . . there's something here for everyone.

Email: ALMcKenzie@aol.com