Valentine's Day Fan Fiction Contest Categories

These are the contest categories. I hope that there is something here for everyone! Most of them rarely go into specific detail of what you might want to write. As with any contest and with any story you, the writer, create, it should be directed entirely by your imagination and love of JC. There should be no limits.
During the last contest, a lot of people wanted to have a little bit of help or at least Categories in which to break the submissions down into. Find a category that makes something jump to mind for you! It's up to you whether or not you want to read the suggestion below -- it is not a required field but rather information that is readily availble for those who might be a little stuck.
If you have any questions, email me: with subject line: Category Question.

Most Unique JC Kiss

So, we all know that JC have kissed here, they've kissed there, they've practicaly kissed everywhere in fan fiction -- but, where haven't they kissed?! This is your opportunity to take something as simple as a kiss and make it unique and or blow it way out of proportion! Perhaps you want to use a unique location, a unique style of affection or build a kiss around a unique plot -- it's up to you! Use your imagination and send smooches their way. Just be aiming for something unique that involves a kiss!

Secret Valentine

Ah, an oldie but a goodie! Work with the element of a 'secret valentine' in any which way possible. Perhaps you want to have the valentine flow through the crew toward J & C? Maybe you would prefer to keep it strictly within the parameters of J & C? Who is sending to whom? Did something go wrong with words of love? Or perhaps it's all good. How was the 'valentine' delivered this year? And what was the Valentine anyhow?!?!? Paper? PADD? Singing Hologram?? It's up to your creative mind to play with any, all or none.

Stolen Love

Oh dear. We all know what 'stolen love' is like -- or at least the possible outcomes of it. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes it's a bad thing. Work with this element any which way you prefer. Some suggestions? Perhaps Kathryn or Chakotay's love was stolen from one or the other -- maybe they were finally making progress when it happened? (ouch). Or perhaps Kathryn or Chakotay successfully stole each other's hearts? (yay)! Think about who would be involved, how it would effect the ship? Would it be a happy ending? Or would you prefer successfully leaving your reader in tears with lots of icky wet tissues on the keyboard? Choices choices choices . . . aren't they wonderful sometimes?!

Awkward Moment

Ha! We've all had them. Did I ever tell you all about when I walked through downtown with my skirt up in the back? Well I'm not going to tell you about it. So nah nah. AHEM . . . anyhow -- this category speaks for itself. Perhaps you want to draw on an awkward moment inspired by a valentine's day element, or J & C being caught doing something naughty, or perhaps they both are inspired by another crew couples awkward moment and go searching for one of their own?! Who knows. Perhaps you thought of something I didn't! Work with it! Have fun with it! And let me see it when it's done! hehe.

Crew Party Catastrophe

Oh my. Doesn't public humilation just suck? What catastrophe do you think is possible for the Voyager Crew at a party? Perhaps you'll draw on personal experience or work with just your imagination (to which there is no bounds). We all know that the cast have some rather rowdy and fun times together -- so why couldn't that carry over into the fictional lives of our favorite characters? Would it be a good catastrophe or a bad one? Would it bring J & C closer together or rip them apart. Would someone have concoted the catastrophe? A visit from Q? Harry Kim finally lost it because he hasn't gotten his promotion in seven years? Or perhaps something was wrong with the food? The party has a theme that was screwed up? The wrong man ends up with Kathryn or the wrong woman with Chakotay? It's up to you. Kinda like playing the role of a diety, huh? Scary. Or maybe you're just a Q! (Yes, I keep humor close by my side -- sorry)

Drunken Love/ Jealousy

Gosh, if I counted how many people like to work with alcohol and their favorite Trek characters -- hmmm -- anyhow . . . Yes, folks, it's alcoholics anonymous time in fan fiction! Have you ever slurred out words you regretted later the next morning er afternoon? Have you ever turned into the exorcist after a few drinks and after seeing your love of your life with someone else? Even if they were just talking about the weather? Yes, almost everything is possible when the wicked demon known as 'drink' enters. Or perhaps it's not a drink that enspires a wide range of emotions -- perhaps someone is drunk with love? Or an anomaly has an effect that is similar to a drunken outcome? Just look at it as a way to get away with love, humor, angst or sorrow!


Ahhh, so you don't need any kind of help or suggestion do you? So you have something in mind that I didn't think of? Well, damnit, that makes me so happy!!!!!! hehehe. You've got me in suspense, you've got my feet stomping out a reel and better yet -- you've got a fan fic that demands, no no no, insists you go write it right now! write? er right! Send it in and give yourself a hearty pat on the back! Your muse has definately signed a six month lease in the temple of JC Fan Fiction Luck! :)

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