Rules & Regulations

Every contest has to have this section. If not, it would turn into chaos and I would turn into an evil internet monster. So, here we go . . . make sure you read and understand all of the rules and regulations. Any violation of the listings below and you will be disqualified until we rectify what went wrong (if that is possible).

1. You may submit only one piece of fiction for the entire contest.

This means that you can only entire one category for the entire thing. I know, I know, some of you just love to write and come up with two or three things at once -- but there will be another contest (St. Patrick's Day) that follows this one -- so don't worry!

2. The piece of fiction that you submit must be a brand new spankin' story.

You may not enter something you wrote a year ago, a month ago, a day ago or anything that has been posted before that any of the JC population have read in the past. Many people were, how shall we say this, disappointed that some of their favorite authors didn't inspire themselves to create something new! So, come on, you can do it -- be original and ensure a possible vote for your effort.

3. This will be a 'blind author' contest (suggested by a fellow JC Fan and Writer). This will be an interesting test to see how familiar people are with your styles and will be an interesting way for people to believe they are getting a 'fair' vote -- no judging on names only but by quality of work! As such you must agree to the following:

a. You must keep your name seperate from the story you write.
b. You must agree not to reveal your name in connection with the story that you have created until the contest ends.
c. If I find out you violate any of the above you will be immediately disqualified until we figure something out.
d. Do NOT include an email address for feedback anywhere with your story.
UPDATE LauraJo has volunteered to collect stories and has found a URL host for all of them. This means that you will be sending an email, with your story as an attachment, to her via this address:
It can be either with the HTML or without - your choice. When you send your stories, make sure to send your thanks, as well, to Laura. If you have any questions, email me at

4. Remember to use general disclaimers, ratings, warnings, etc.

If you have any questions on this section -- you may contact me at

5. Please put a link, on each of your story pages that will lead the reader back to the following URL:

6. No Slash For This Contest, Please. NC-17 is allowed for this contest -- though it will be kept seperate from all of the other stories that are rated G to R. But, slash just won't work for this one folks -- sorry. Not yet. :o(

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