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The USS Mudabi

The Mudabi is based upon one of the early "flying wing" designs for Voyager. It has a low profile suited for short-duration missions in sensitive areas.

Mudabi side view

Dedication: "It ended... with his body turned to light, a star that burns forever in the sky" -- The Flight of Quetzalcoatl

The USS Death Smiley

Instantly recognizable by its unique primary hull coloration, the USS Death Smiley is feared throughout the Alpha and Beta quadrants as the harbinger of doom. The severely overweaponed (10 q-torp launchers, 8 torp launchers, 17 phaser banks, 6 pulse phasers) Death Smiley was construcetd covertly by Section 8, in their secret "Monster Raving Loony" shipyards above Dystopia Planitia on the planet Montypythonis IV. Vessels encountering the Death Smiley are advised to go "Ni! Ni! Ni!" until the vessel departs, and to refuse all requests to beam over a shrubbery.

Dedication: "[Expletive Deleted]." -- Anonymous