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Welcome to my home page.

These ships were designed my me, using pencil on paper. Then I redid them in MSPaint.

Yeah, I know they're mostly crummy. I drew these like a decade ago when I thought I was gonna be an artist. Boy, was I wrong!
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The Ubergeeky Shiplist Project: TOS SHIPS

THE AVATAR CLASS Missile Cruiser

AVATAR side view

The AVATAR Is a "Mirandized" Sovreign-Class starship. Designed to replace the extremely aged (and largely used as cannon-fodder) Miranda-Class starships, the Avatar takes the concept to new heights, using as its primary hull the saucer section of Starfleet's state-of-the art Sovreign-class, attatching an extended engineering section and large rear shuttlebay (complete with observation deck), as well as the traditional dorsal weapons pod, here capable of delivering a devastating barrage from no less than 8 quantum-torpedo launchers.

Dedication Quote:
"Born of the Sun they traveled a short while towards the sun, and left the vivid air singed with their honor." -- Stephen Spender

THE COLOSSUS CLASS Cargo/Transport vessel

THE COLOSSUS is a Galaxy-Class derived sesign, and is intended to be able to carry truly huge amounts of cargo in its giant aft bay, depending on the subclass, anything from large starship components to huge numbers of people. The Colossus was created after the Setlik III Incident, partly to answer the call for a ship that could evacuate a large colony in a short time. Specially designed warp engines were required for this design, to maximixe the "push" on the Colossus's huge bulk. Recently, a Colossus-class vessel, the U.S.S. Behemoth, was instrumental in evacuating the entire Klingon colony on Do'be' IV, when that world's atmosphere was rendered toxic by a massive planetary outgassing.

Dedication Quote:
"We secure our friends not by accepting favors, but by doing them." -- Thucydides

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