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To join together in showing the love of Christ to a lost and rejected generation, eliminate stereotypes and view all as valued individuals, as well as provide a place of refuge and hope for those who refuse to conform to the mainstream.


Bauhaus to Reform?
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND -- Will Bauhaus, the original goth rock quartet that disbanded in 1983, reunite for a world tour and a new album?

High-school shooter, Jeff Weise, labeled "Goth"
RED LAKE, MN -- Jeff Weise, the youth who went on a shooting rampage in his highschool, has been labeled "gothic," by the media.


What's New

New additions to Goth Band Index - Our Goth / Deathrock / Post-Punk Band Index practically doubled over the weekend, as we made massive updates. Check it out!

Take a look at some of the wonderful new artwork submitted by our members. Feel free to submit your artwork and/or poetry as well through the 'Email Us' option! Just give us the title and url of your work and we'll do the rest.

New testimonies added. Hear the stories of how the lives of many have been radically changed for the better by the power of Jesus Christ.

Goth FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Goth. Explains and answers all of the big questions someone might have about Goth culture, music, dress, etc.

New Gothichthus Strip!

Balaam's Miracle
For the Love of a Goth
Fire & Ice Ministry
Church of the Living Dead
Beyond the Pale
Blindead Gates
Eternal Roleplay
Free the West Memphis 3

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