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Goth / Deathrock / Post-Punk Index

.45 Grave 1980-1991
Adam & the Ants 1977-1981
Alien Sex Fiend 1982-Present
All About Eve 1988-Present
Alternative TV 1976-Present
And Also the Trees 1979-Present
Apocalypse Theatre 1998-Present
Ash, Daniel 1991-2005
Associates 1979-1990
Ausgang 1982-Present
Autumn 1993-Present
Awakening, the 1995-Present
Batzz in the Belfry 2003-Present
Bauhaus 1978-1983, 2005-Present
Bauhaus 1919 See Bauhaus
Bella Morte 1999-Present
Big Electric Cat 1993-1997
Birthday Party, the 1977-1983
Black Tape for a Blue Girl 1986-Present
Bloody Dead and Sexy 2002-Present
Blurt 1981-1992
B-Movie 1975-1989
Bolshoi, the 1983-1990
Boys Next Door, the See Birthday Party, the
Burning Image 1983-Present
Bush Tetras 1980-1983, 1995-Present
Caterwaul 1987-1996
Cave, Nick 1983-Present
Children on Stun 1994-1995
Christian Death 1979-Present
Cinema Strange ????-Present
Clan of Xymox 1983-Present
Cocteau Twins 1979-1996
Comsat Angels, the 1978-1995
Corpus Delicti 1996
Creatures, the 1981-Present
Crispy Ambulance 1977-1982, 1999
Cult Hero See The Cure
Cure, the 1976-Present
Dali's Car 1984
Damned, the 1976-Present
Danse Society 1981-Present
Dax, Danielle 1984-1995
Dead Artist Syndrome 1989-Present
Deadbolt 1994-Present
Dead Can Dance 1981-1996
Death Cult 1983
Deathstars 2001-Present
Delta 5 1979-1981
Demone, Gitane 1989-1999
Department S 1980-1982
Die Laughing 1990-1999
Diva Destruction 1999-Present
Drowning Craze 1980-1982
Easy Cure, the See The Cure
Echo and the Bunnymen 1977-Present
Essential Logic 1978-1979
Eva O (Halo Experience) 1981-Present
Executive Slacks 1984-1986
Ex Voto 1982-Present
Eyeless in Gaza 1980-1996
Fad Gadget 1979-1984, 2001-2002
Faith and Disease 1991-Present
Faith and the Muse 1993-Present
Fahrenheit 451 1984-1987
Felt 1979-1989
Fields of the Nephilim 1984-1996, 2002
Fire Engines 1980-1981
Flesh for Lulu 1983-1987, 2001-Present
Garden of Delight 1991-Present
Gene Loves Jezebel 1981-Present
Ghost Dance 1985-1989
Glove, the 1983
Godscare ????-Present
Gun Club, the 1980-1996
Haskins, David J See J, David
Holy Cow 2001-Present
House of Usher, the 1990-Present
Human Drama 1986-Present
Icicle Works 1980-1990
Ikon 1992-Present
Immaculate Consumptives, the 1983
In Camera 1980-1981, 1995
Inkubus Sukkubus 1989-Present
J, David 1983-Present
James Ray & the Performance 1977-1980
Janet & the Icebergs See Siouxsie & the Banshees
Joy Division 1977-1980
Killing Joke 1978-Present
Kommunity FK 1983-1985
Last Dance 1980
Last Dance, the 1992-Present
Legendary Pink Dots, the 1980-Present
London After Midnight 1990-1998
Lords of the New Church, the 1981-1988
Love and Rockets 1984-1998
Lovich, Lene 1978-1990
Machine in the Garden, the 1995-Present
March Violets 1982-1994
Mephisto Walz 1985-Present
Mercurine 2000-Present
Ministry 1981-Present
Minny Pops, the 1979-1986
Mission UK, the 1986-Present
Morrison, Patricia 1994
Mors Syphilitica 2001-Present
Murphy, Peter 1985-Present
My Bloody Valentine 1984-Present
Mz. O and Her Guns See Eva O (Halo Experience)
New Creatures, the 1997-Present
New Order 1980-Present
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 1983-Present
Nosferatu 1990-2000
Numan, Gary 1979-Present
Paralysed Age 1999-Present
Play Dead 1980-1985
Prophetess, the 1994-1996
Psyche 1982-Present
Psychedelic Furs, the 1977-1991, 2000-Present
Rackets & Drapes 1994-2003
Raincoats, the 1978-1984, 1994-1996
Red Lipstick Death 2001-Present
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry 1981-1991
Rose of Avalanche 1985-1991
Rosetta Stone 1988-2000
Saviour Machine 1989-Present
Savage Republic 1981-1990, 2002
Screams for Tina 1985-Present
Second Skin 1995-Present
Seraphim Shock 1997-Present
Sex Gang Children 1982-Present
Shadow Project 1987-1998
Shroud, the 1992-Present
Siouxsie & the Banshees 1976-1995
Sisterhood, the 1986
Sisters of Mercy, the 1980-1993, 1996-Present
Sixteens 2004-Present
Skeletal Family 1982-Present
Southern Death Cult 1982-1983
Specimen 1980-1983
Spectre is Haunting Europe, a 2001-Present
Spy Glass Blue 1996-Present
Stiff Kittens, the See Joy Division
Superheroines, the 1981-1987
Strawberry Switchblade 1981-1986
Switchblade Symphony 1989-Present
Teardrop Explodes, the 1978-1983
Theatre of Hate 1978-1983, 1996-1999
This Ascension 1989-Present
This Mortal Coil 1983-1991
Tones on Tail 1982-1984
Trance to the Sun 1989-Present
Tribe 1990-1994
Tubeway Army 1978-1979
Two Witches 1994-2000
UK Decay 1979-1984
Ultravox 1979-1984
Umbra et Imago 1998-2000
Vanishing, the 2000-2005
Virgin Prunes 1977-1987
Visage 1978-1984
Wake, the 1994-1996
Wall of Voodoo 1977-1988
Warsaw See Joy Division
Wedding Party 1998
Williams, Rozz 1995-1998
Within Temptation 1996-Present
Xmal Deutschland 1983-1989
XTC 1976-Present
Zero Le Creche 1984-1985

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