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Goths for Jesus is an alliance of Christians involved in the underground alternative music subcultures, like Goth, Punk, New-Wave, Indie, Industrial, etc.

We exist for two primary reasons: To spread the love and the message of Christ to others in this culture, and to provide a gathering place for like-minded Christians to edify, encourage, and fellowship with one another.

Our Mission

To join together in showing the love of Christ to a lost and rejected generation, eliminate stereotypes and view all as valued individuals, as well as provide a place of refuge and hope for those who refuse to conform to the mainstream.

History of G4J:
Goths for Jesus was founded in March of 2003, and a website was created as a source of information on Christianity and Goth culture, and as a meeting point for other Christian Goths.

In the following months, G4J developed more of a focus on evangelism and fellowship, reaching the lost and being a source of encouragement for other believers.

In 2004, the url was purchased and the Proboards forum was added, making it much easier to meet up with other alternative Christians.

As of now, Goths for Jesus is developing programs to help connect Christian Goths and to bring a message of hope to the underground scene.
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What We Believe:

  • GOD is omnipotent (Job 42:2), omnipresent (Ps 139:7-10), omniscient (John 16:30), and completely holy and sinless (I John 1:5).
  • There is only one GOD who manifests Himself co-eternally as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost (the Trinity) (I John 5:7).
  • GOD the Creator of all things (Gen 1), originally created the universe and mankind perfect (Gen 1:31).
  • Mankind, through Adam and Eve, fell into sin (Gen 3).
  • Our own sin put mankind by default under GOD's judgment (Rom 6:23).
  • GOD, out of His love for us, came in the form of Jesus Christ (Col 2:9), being fully GOD and fully man (Isa 7:14), to die in our place, taking the punishment for us (John 3:16).
  • Jesus Christ rose again on the third day (Matt 28:6). Forty days after His resurrection He ascended to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father (Acts 1:3-11).
  • Jesus Christ, being our perfect LORD and GOD (II Peter 1:1), was the only One able to take the penalty for us (I Tim 2:5).
  • All we have to do to achieve this gift is believe and accept the gospel message as outlined above. Belief and acceptance is the only way to achieve this gift (Eph 2:8-9).
  • As Christians, we have forgiveness in GOD's sight, and Jesus Christ's perfect righteousness is assigned to us (Rom 3:22).
  • There will be an intermediate state of consciousness between death and the judgment (Heaven for the righteous, Hell for the unredeemed) (Luke 16:19-31). At the resurrection, the Judgment will take place. Judgment for the wicked includes eternal punishment in the lake of fire, however for the redeemed is eternal paradise (Rev 20:11-15).
  • GOD has revealed Himself through His Word, the Bible, which is perfect and error-less in its original manuscripts. The Bible is also our final authority in all areas of life (II Tim 3:16).
  • Jesus Christ will return one day, very soon, to establish His Kingdom and to reward His servants according to what they have done (Matt 16:27).
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    What We Believe

    Ministering in the underground community since March 28, 2003
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