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My Photo


This is me with my favourite dragon folded with a square paper measuring 80 cm. square. The height of the dragon is 26 cm. This photo is taken at the porch of my house by my son with his digital camera. I hope you would like the dragon as well as its creator.

First of all , let me introduce myself. I am a retired teacher in Malaysia. I 
have been folding origami for many years.As I age maturely, my origami models have improved tremendously. If you looked at my first few models, you would laugh at them. 
Sometimes when I took them from the box, I would scrutinize them and then couldn't help laughing at my childish creations. As you know, I never throw away all my old and crumples models which have greatly helped me to create new models. Sincerely speaking, I have a strong desire to create my own original models. I would like to create as many as possible and share with you on this website. 
I fervently hope that one day I would be able to stage my own origami 
exhibition in my country, but unfortunately origami or paper folding is not popular in Malaysia. However, I would try my best to encourage the young 
folders in Malaysia to spread the interest. That is my hope and determination.

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