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Dendrobate Tadpoles

There are basically two ways to raise tadpoles. One way is to raise them individually in a small cup or glass and the other is to raise them communally in a small aquarium or similar container.

The classic method has been to raise them individually. One of the benefits of this method is the tadpole is easy to observe. The tadpole can be inspected by looking through the surface of the water as well as throught the sides and bottom of the glass. This method also makes it easy to remove waste and change water. Click here for an article on individually rearing tapoles by Erick Lux.

An alternative to individual tadpole rearing is communal tadpole rearing. This method is much less time consuming because you can change the water for an entire cluth at one time, if you need to change the water at all. Many believe this method to produce higher quality tads. Its not clear why but probably because there is more food and the water stays cleaner. This all sounds good but there is a down side. Dendrobate tadpoles can sometimes cannibalize. Again it's not clear why but you can help prevent it by raising only tads of the same clutch and of similar size together.

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