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Dendrobate Foods

The most popular food item in the dart frog hobby today is the fruit fly. There are many reasons for this. For one the fruit fly is the ideal size. In nature a large portion of the dart frogs diet is made up of ants which are similar in size to fruit flies. Fruit flies are also relatively easy to culture due in part to the many excellent mediums available commercially.

The name of the next food item, rice flour beetles, can be confusing for the beetles themselves are not actually used. Instead it is the larvae that you will feed the frogs. Besides the confusion of their name these are an excellent food source that are very easy to culture. However they should not be used everyday, rather one or two times a week.

Springtails are a tiny food item only needed in specail circumstances. It may be neccassary to use springtails with smaller species of dart frogs or frogs that morph out to small to eat fruit flies. I do like to seed springtails in all my tanks. Just tap twenty or thirty into your tank and in a few weeks they will be reproducing within the tank, providing a coninuous food source for your frogs.

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