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CHIRSTMAS MESSAGE: in his traditional end of year message, Master Belisarius whished a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, to all the pacific races of the universe. Respect to the genocidal races members of the Chaos Contingency, Master Belisarius affirmed that our Federation and the GDI, will continue fighting until the total destruction of the evil alliance. Also, he said that all the new empires that want to be a Chaos Contingency members, must assume that automatically will be considerated as military objectives. He said, that was ironic that the Chaos Contingency members, fighting against our forces have demonstrated disastrous abilities in the field of battle (see UW2 news, and the Skirmish against the Kentarian Empire), but anyway their slogan is: 'THE WEAK SHALL PERISH'.



STAR GODS and LITHIUM LEFT: the Star Gods Empire and the Lithium Empire left the SE3 Universe and are no longer members of the GDI.



NEW CHAOS CONTINGENCY MEMBERS the Solarion Empire and the Dark Moon Empire, are now Chaos Contingency members. After the end of year truce (holidays), our Federation will take some action against those empires. The evil forces must understand, that our Federation will engage in war, any new member of the CC, until those empire leave the CC or until his TOTAL DESTRUCTION.



CHAOS CONTINGENCY ATTACK: the Chaos Contingency have declared the war against our ally, the Star Nation of Grand Fenwick. The V Fleet was sent to defend the territory of our ally. Also, the Cerban Empire and the Federated Colonial States will be our allies in this war.

The CC forces in the war are: The pathetic Kentarian Empire, the Star Warriors Empire, the Ramtan Empire, the  Amaru Commonwealth, and the Pyrochette Empire.



SKIRMISH AGAINST KENTARIAN EMPIRE: continuing with our frontal war against the evil forces of the Chaos Contingency, the Aquilae Federation have declared one skirmish against the Kentarian Empire, one of the new members of the Chaos Contingency. The war settings will be all the standard skirmish settings, except 75 starting tech points. The Kentarians are an aggressive but weak race, and will be an easy target to our glorious fleet.



SKIRMISH AGAINST AMARU COMMONWEALTH: the Aquilae Federation have declared one skirmish against the Amaru Commonwealth, one of the more powerful and aggressive CC members. The war settings will be all the standard skirmish settings, except 75 starting tech points. We're sure about the Aquilaeian fleet will destroy the evil forces, in a few turns.



KRELL LEAVE THE SE3 UNIVERSE!: the GDI founder, the Admiral Krell, was  forced to left the SE3 universe and the GDI, due personal motives in the real life. Altought was a hard hit to all the peaceful empires in the universe, we know that the GDI anyway will stop the Chaos Contingency menace.

Master Belisarius, was elected president of the GDI.

The currents wars against the Chaos Contingency, will continue without replacing the K'Star Republic.
NEW ALLIANCES: Was signed a cooperation pact with the League Of Empires, and with the Tricod Alliance.



STAR WARRIORS WAR: the Star Warriors Empire has accepted the challenge. His allies in the war will be: the Pyrochette Empire, The Dark Race Empire and the Zerratross Empire. The war settings will be all the standard medium conflict settings, except:

75 Starting tech points.

10 Starting planets.



QUADRABOLT WAR CANCELED!: today our leader Master Belisarius, has declared the end of the hostilities against the Quadrabolt empire. Their post in the Hypercomm Central Forum was:

"Our war against the Quadrabolt was canceled. The reason is simple: the Quadrabolt Empire is no more a Chaos Contingency member, and our offensive was against the CC, not against the Quadrabolt itself...
The Aquilae Federation is not a genocidal race, and we can't find satisfaction destroying the Quadrabolt.
Attacking the CC, we're only protecting ourselves... But now, the Quadrabolt is no more a danger for us and our allies, and for this have not sense continue our offensive against them (we has received one mail from the Emperor Thunder, and he told that the Quadrabolt will be a Tricod member).
Of course we will go to continue our offensive, but against other CC member..."

In our war against The Pyrochette, the GDI allow them to replace the Quadrabolt with a new CC member named Zerratross Empire.


STAR WARRIORS WAR!: after cancel our offensive against the Quadrabolt Empire, now the Aquilae Federation is moving against the Star Warriors Empire (the more powerful Chaos Contingency member). The conditions for the war, will be the same than our previous attack to the Quadrabotl: We will be helped by the K'Star Republic and the Star Nation of Grand Fenwick. The war will be for 1.0 quadrants, and the war settings all, all the standard medium conflict, except 75 starting tech points. In case of victory, our allies will go to receive 0.3 quadrants each one.



QUADRABOLT QUIT!: today we has received a message from the Emperor Thunder: the Quadrabolt will go to leave the CC and want a truce!



UPGRADES: our Federation has upgraded treaties with the following empires:

Partnership: Stargods Empire, High Eldar Empire and Vendettian Shipyards.

Military Alliance: Amertanja and Falconian Unity.


NEW GDI MEMBERS: the Stargods Empire and the High Eldar Empire become GDI members. Also, the Stargods has cleared his charges of spionage... was a move from the CC.



TREKETAL: this empire was eliminated without fight, by the Star Warriors Empire and the Dark Race Empire.



QUADRABOLT WAR!: according the new strategy of the GDI about the CC, the Aquilae Federation has declared the war against the Quadrabolt Empire. Our glorious fleet will be helped by the K'Star Republic and the Star Nation of Grand Fenwick. The war will be for 1.0 quadrants, and the war settings all, all the standard medium conflict, except 75 starting tech points. In case of victory, our allies will go to receive 0.3 quadrants each one. We don't go to pact any other setting.


UPGRADE: Our relations with the Grand Fenwick were upgraded to Military Alliance.


PYROCHETTE WAR: the Pyrochette Empire has accepted the challenge. His allies in the big war will be: the Star Warriors Empire, The Ramtan Empire, The Dark Race Empire and the Quadrabolt Empire.



WAR!: the GDI has started a full offensive against the Chaos Contingency! The reasons of the conflict are obvious: the constant aggressivity of the CC sooner or later will go to be directed against the GDI (we know some reports from neutral empires, that were asked for CC members about what position could take, if the CC attacked the GDI). Also, here is a copy of two messages in the CC forum:

You know, I didn't even realize this forum was here.Oops :)
Hey Axel... hope your enjoying your vacation!!!
Anyway, I think we need to do something about the G.D.I. we need
to do some serious planning.

Grand Mausic Yith Saulkar of the Pyrochette

And the reply:

I agree completely.  I believe that all our members are currently
engaged in wars and when we are finished we should plan something.
I'll send you an email with some details.

The first target to be destroyed will be the Pyrochette Empire, because they has attacked our friend, the Symbiote Alliance.  The attack will be a combined attack for 1.5, and the war settings, all the standard large conflict, except 75 starting tech points.

The GDI Empires that will be part in the attack are:

K'Star Republic.

Insatian Empire.

Cerban Empire.

Galactic Alliance.

Aquilae Federation.



SURPRISE!: the First Lord Azeroth is the Emperor Silver! The glorious Arcturan Empire was dissolved and now Azeroth/Silver lead the aggressive Devorae Imperium.



NEW TREATY: were established new treatises with the following empires.

Trade and Research: The Star Warriors Empire , The Creep Empire.

Trade: Ramtan Empire, Varkplaas, TrekEtAl, New Byzantine Empire, Devorae Imperium, Elverta (The Soul Hunters) and Phoenix Empire.

Non-Aggression: Pyrchette Empire.



PYROCHETTE WAR: the war is over, and the Pyrochette Empire the winner. After more than 2 months without play any turn, Master Belisarius wrote to the Warlord Adamus to declare the end of the war. The Aquilae Federation will go to cede the 0.1 quadrants instead the Symbiote Alliance, also we warning to all of our allies, that in the future we don't go to support any ally, that can't assume his commitments...


DISSOLVED: the Centari Cendicate was dissolved, and left the GDI and the SE3 Universe.



NEW TREATY: in the SE3 Universe Ladder were established new treatises with the following empires.

Trade and Research: The Servants of Codu and the Amertanja Empire.

Trade: Charlana Republic, T'kon Empire and Falconian Unity.

Non-Aggression: Ramtan Empire.



MORE TERRITORY: our Federation received 0.2 of territory from the old Altarak Empire. Also, as result of our border war, the Aquilae Federation take 0.2 quadrants from the G'urak Dominion territory.



CONFIRMATION: It was confirmed that the cubic ship was belonging from the dangerous race called 'Borg'. The commander of the Borg ship, named Bill Gatus of Borg, after four days of interrogatory, admits that was realizing tasks of recognition in our quadrant Tytonidae. Regrettablely died some time after his confession.

billgatus.jpg (4216 bytes)

        Bill Gatus of Borg (RIP)



NEW AWARD: our web page has received the Cyber Platinum Award.



UPGRADE: our old Trade Alliance with the Arcturan Empire, was upgraded to Trade and Research.



ESPIONAGE: Today was interceptted a strange ship with a cubic design, that was realizing tasks of espionage in our system Vulture in the Tytonidae Quadrant.
The ship denied to obey the orders of our patrol and tried to fleeing, but when the crew of the ship understood that would not achieve to escape, intended a suicidal attack, but the cubic ship was destroyed. Was captured one survivor. Intelligence reports suggest that could be a
Borg ship.



VICTORY! The forces of the G'urak Dominion resigned his position today. It was a bloody war and in more than one opportunity, the result seems impossible to predict, but our fleet achieved finally the victory.



AUTOMATED LADDER: The alpha version of the SE3 Universe Ladder, is online now. The Prince Vendetta is still working, but an operational version is available in:           SEII LADDER



EXPULSION: The Star Gods Empire was ejected from the GDI, for attempting covert operations against the GDI for the CC. 


NEW GDI Members: The Draken Empire, our ally the Gallactic Alliance and the Centari Cendicate, become members of the GDI.


PYROCHETTE WAR: has started the Pyrochette war, but the Serifen Empire can't be part in the war. For this, the GDI members in this war are: the Symbiote Alliance, the K'Star Republic and the Aquilae Federation.


G'URAK DOMINION WAR: the war is in the turn number 40. Our forces did a big smash in the G'urak Dominion system of Telume: all the ships, mines and a full developed planet, were destroyed.  Cloak forces of both empires have destroyed planets in the two sides. But now, we believe that the victory will be for us!



ABANDON: For personal problems, the Altarak Empire was forced to leave the Se3 Ladder. Good luck in the real life Blinda!



PYROCHETTE WAR: Still hasn't started the Pyrochette war.


G'URAK DOMINON WAR: We're in the first position, but forced to play a defensive strategy... The war is in the turn #35 and in a few turns, will go to occur 'The mother of all the Battles". The final triumph will be for the winner of this battle.


NEW TREATY: was established a Trade and Research Treaty, with a new empire member of the SE3 LAdder, named the Narn Empire. For this, our Federation will go to have 0,4 economic bonus by month.



NEW GDI Member: The Star Gods Empire is a new member of the GDI. Welcome Emperor Sepiroth to our alliance!



PYROCHETTE WAR: The GDI has decided to support The Symbiote Alliance in his defensive war against The Pyrochette Empire. The members that will be part in the war are:

Symbiote Alliance (is the defender empire).

K'Star Republic.

Serifen Empire.

Aquilae Federation.

The GDI is an alliance of pacific but powerful empires, and we don't go to tolerate an attack to any member.


TREATIES BROKEN: is cancelled our Trade and Research treaty with the Pyrochette Empire.


FLEET MOVED: The Fleet XXV was moved into the Symbiote Alliance space, to engage the Pyrochete forces.


TREATY: today was received a proposal of Trade and Research, from the legendary Prince Vendetta XXV, leader of the Vendetian Shipyards. We gladly accept his proposal.



WAR!: The Pyrochette Empire has declared the war to our ally, The Symbiote Alliance. Was put in knowledge of the Pyrochete Empire, that the Symbiote Alliance is member of the GDI. But the Grand Mausic Yith Saulkar, leader of the Pyrochette Empire responded that the war was not against the GDI, only against the Symbiote Alliance. We're studying the steps to follow.



NEW GDI Members: The Symbiote Alliance and the Lithium Empire become members of the G.D.I.

NEW SECTION: was included a new directory named the War Ministry. This link is only for authorized members of the G.D.I.



Insatian Tournament: our glorious fleet did that the forces of the Dragon's Scale Empire might surrender in the turn 19.
It was a violent and fast war because in the turn 8, the forces of the Dragon had destroyed 3 of our initial planets. Our response was fast and deadly..



AWARD: our web page has received the Gaming Site Award of



NEW SECTION: was included a new section in the About Us directory, with information about the Territory of our Federation.



TREATY: today we received a proposal from the Emperor Chingo, to establish a Partnership  treaty with the Imperial Republic of Chinera. Our Federation has accepted, because we want to help all the new pacifical members in the SE3 Universe Ladder, to avoid the attacks  from other aggressives empires.



UPGRADE: was upgraded to Partnership, our treaty with the the GA Alliance.

UPGRADE: was upgraded to Trade and Research, our treaty with the powerful empire Amaru Commonwealth



G.D.I.: The Emperor Arena accepted our proposal, and now the Serifen Empire become member of the G.D.I..



LADDER: our old friend, the GA Alliance, become member of the SE3 Universe Ladder and our Trade and Research alliance is now valid in the Ladder.



TREATY: was re-established the contact with our old ally, the Serifen Empire and our Partnership treaty re-confirmed. WELCOME again Emperor Zinji! Also, this alliance is valid in the SE3 Universe Ladder.



TREATY: was signed a Trade Alliance with the Space Warriors Empire. Though the philosophy of both empires is very distinct, we have the hope that this treatise initiates a new age of cooperation. This alliance is valid in the SE3 Universe Ladder.



WAR!  The  G'urak Dominion has broken our Trade Alliance and declared the WAR to us. Their motives seem to be a claim territorial of the edges of our Federation. In this opportunity, though the justice is in our side, the Aquilae Federation will NOT solicit the help of our G.D.I. allies or others empires.

The war will be developped in agreement to the parameters of the SE3 Universe Ladder, with the following settings:

Small-Scale Conflict.
Challenged for 0.2 Galaxies.
Small Galaxy.
Medium chance for warp points.
All warp points connected.
All events.
Moderate event frequency.
Medium Tech costs.
Enlarged Ships.
Three racial advantages.
Starting Tech Levels: 75.
50000 starting points.
Empires distributed evenly.
Good planet value.
5 Start planets.
No Allies.
Victory Conditions-5 years elapsed.
Standard tech files.


TOURNAMENT: Today was our first turn in the Cerban Empire Tournament.  We believed that started in a good position, and declared the war to the Ramtan Empire. We don't have other choice, because the nature of this empire is too aggressive...



TREATY: the Empire of Vega become member of the G.D.I., and now we have with this empire, a Partnership treaty. Welcome Emperor Petter to the Alliance!



TREATY: was signed a Trade and Research treaty with a new discovered race named Pyrochette Empire. Seems to be a very aggressive empire, because they subject other races to the slavery... Also, this alliance is valid in the SE3 Universe Ladder.



NEW RACES! Our scanners discovered three new races: The Pyrochette Empire, The Oceania Empire and The Star Warriors Empire.




Was changed the Menu.

Where included some new pages in the Frame and Java option.



MENACE: exist some rumors that an empire will go to attack the GDI alliance, to see if the alliance crumbles. We want to announce that our Federation will fight to protect any member of the alliance.



UPGRADE: the Insatian Empire become a member of the Galactic Defence Initiative (GDI), and by so, our treaty was upgraded to PARTNERSHIP. Also, this alliance is valid in the SE3 Universe.



UPGRADE: today our Trade Alliance with the Sovereign Nation of Pacifica was upgraded to PARTNERSHIP. In this way, our Federation continued with the politics of establishing a solid support of allies.



TREATY: was signed a Trade and Research treaty with the Huerta Empire.



TREATY: was signed a Non-Agression treaty with the Star Nation of Grand Fenwick. Also, this alliance is valid in the SE3 Universe Ladder.



MEMBERSHIP: our Federation was joined to the Admiral Krell's G.D.I: Galactic Defence Initiative, and for this reason, our treaty with the Cerban Empire was upgraded to PARTNERSHIP.



Was created a section of GAME TIPS.

Were included in the Ship page, the file designs of lots empires.