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The Aquilaeian Race: The Aquilaeian are an avian-humanoid race.
Physical: Avg.height: 6,5 ft,
Avg.weight: 140-160lbs. Avg.Lifespan: 250 years.
The skin is cover of feathers, that do us very resistant to extreme temperatures.
Reared as fliers, Aquilaeian pilots have an almost instinctive grasp of the dynamics of three-dimensional motion. As a result, ours ships are fast and very maneuverable. Always we intend to utilize these abilities, in our merchant ships. But regrettably, we must protect our convoys from the attacks of pirates and other aggressive races.
Even though the nature of our race is peaceful, and open to the other races, we are forced to fight against an alliance of some evil races, named the Chaos Contingency. This alliance want to destroy all the peaceful races in the universe, and for this, our powerful Federation is fighting against them.


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We are peaceful traders and allways want to know another races for exchange knowledge, technologies and goods.


Our Home World is placed in the Aquilae Galaxy, in the borders of the Universe.


For many centuries our race was establish thousand of colonies and grow in power on the Aquilae Galaxy, but only few years ago we could discover the technology for travel to other galaxies.


If you want know our current territory, consult the Territory Section.


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Our Galaxy Aquilae

Click here for view the Location.



Our Origins: The legendary chronicle of the Sacred book of Yaddith, affirms that our race is the direct descendant, of a race of Monk Warriors, called Exquivans. They originated in the star Anshar, in the now unknown quadrant Kessarri. They called themselves the 'Warriors of the Path of Rainbow Worlds'.  Also, the legend tells that expanded by innumerable quadrants, but for their
greed, were punished by the gods: their civilization was eliminated from the universe for over 100.000 years.
The true reasons of the disappearance are not very clear, but seems more probable that the root of the destruction might be in their system of warrior clans, which favoured a surge of internal rivalries and cyclic civilian wars.
Our race has suffered the stigma of self-destruction, but we have managed to learn from the errors of our ancestors: Today we're a race of pacifist merchants, but always we're ready to defend ourselves and our friends.