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Water Walking

The hero can temporarily solidify the surface of the water to enable him to walk on it without getting more than his feet wet. The pathway smoothes the water's surface to an average wave height and is not affected by waves of equal or less Intensity.

The path slides along the water's surface. This permits the hero to travel at Power rank speed and the Water Movement rate.

The Path only exists for the hero to use. It is intangible to others unless the hero can physically carry them or directly extend his Power to them. This can be done in 2 ways. 1, when the hero is created, the player can decrease his Power rank -1CS by modifying the Power to extend 10' around the hero. This area will support others, provided their combined weight does not exceed the hero's weight limit. The 2nd method requires the use of another Power that can enable others to independently use the watery pathway; such Powers include Power Transferral and Creation.

The Power normally functions only when the hero is consciously using it. The hero can develop a Power Stunt that enables him to maintain the path's solidity even when the hero is unconscious.

The Power only affects water itself. It provides no protection against anything within the water. For example, a shark could rub the hero's soles as he walked.

Water currents and high waves can slow, speed along, or redirect the hero's progress. High waves become the equivalent of self-propelled hills. Fast current;s can change the hero's speed. Opposing currents decrease the hero's speed by the current's Intensity rank number. Supporting currents increase the hero's speed by the same amount. Waves and currents can be natural or created by such Powers as Matter Animation or Weather Control.

The Nemesis is Matter Animation - Liquid.

Range: See Above.