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Power Creation

The hero has the ability to create new Powers and invest them into sentient beings for their own use. The new Powers can be of any nature and can be any of the listings in this database.

The hero is limited in the number and ranks of the Powers he can create. The variety extends beyond his own innate Powers. The Power rank number is the maximum number of different Powers he can create. This number always includes those Powers the hero has. The player and Judge need to work together to determine what Powers are actually present in this Macro-power.

The Powers the hero bestows are nowhere near as highly ranked as the hero's own Powers. New Powers are initially -3CS lower than this Power's rank. This can be later increased by the recipient.

The length the Powers remain is determined by the hero's Reason. A green Reason FEAT gives a duration of 1 day times the Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10 days times the Reason rank number. A red FEAT means the Power is permanent.

Note: Judges may want to forbid this Power to any player characters or restrict it to high level characters. In such a case, the player should roll for a new Power.

The Nemesis is Power Control - Negation.

Range: Column A.