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Undead Control

The hero can dominate the wills and actions of previously living, still-corporeal beings. Such beings are often called "zombies" or "zuvembies" and are only semi-intelligent. Controlling them requires a green FEAT. Controlling fully intelligent, more powerful undead like mummies or vampires requires a red FEAT.

Once control is established, the hero can order the undead to perform any task he desires, so long as it is within their ability. Control ceases when the task is accomplished, but can be reinstated at that time. This Power cannot affect anything alive. A cured vampire, for example, would ignore the Power.

This Power is commonly linked to Zombie Animation (the Power that actually creates undead). When creating the hero, the player can exchange another Power for Zombie Animation.

Intelligent undead may hold a grudge against the hero and later try to destroy him. Worse, they might attempt to make the hero into one of themselves.

Exorcism, Magic Negation, or Power Negation can all destroy the hero's control over his minions.

Range: Column A.