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Energy Control

The caster can use his personal, universal, or dimensional energy to control another type of nonmagical energy (not personal, universal, or dimensional). This energy manipulation requires a successful spell rank FEAT roll. Only 1 type of energy can be chosen by a beginning caster, but with advancement he may learn to control other forms of energy.

The caster can affect all of the individual type of energy within his area of effect with ease: turning it on or off, making it overload, siphoning it where he chooses, etc. He can channel controlled energy around himself so as not to be harmed by it.

The caster must make a successful red spell rank FEAT roll to use this spell offensively. The attack must be made by touch, no matter what the spell rank. The damage caused equals the spell rank number.

The caster must make a successful yellow or red spell rank FEAT roll to use this spell defensively.

The following energies are the ones most often affected by this spell. (The Judge can add others as desired.)

Darkforce: The Darkforce is a semisentient force from another dimension. It can be used to black out an area so completely that even infravision does not work. It cannot be used as a weapon outside of the area the character is occupying, but within that area anyone enveloped by the Darkforce (except the caster) loses Health points equal to the caster's spell rank number each round. Controlling the Darkforce requires that the caster use dimensional energy; this form of control is not available to casters who cannot use dimensional energy.

Electrical: The caster can absorb and redirect electrical energy. 1 of the best uses of this spell is as an electrical override. The caster can direct electrical spells to override the controls of electrical equipment, including computers, alarm systems, and unshielded robots. He can either take control or damage this equipment. The ability of control is equal to the spell rank.

Gravity: The caster can reverse or intensify gravity at will. The spell can be used to move objects (use the spell rank as the caster's Strength). A character with this spell can do 2 gravity related actions at once. When used as an attack, the caster uses the gravitational forces to seize the target in a grappling-like attack. The grappling force starts with Ty(6) Strength, but the caster can automatically increase the strength by 1 rank each round, up to the spell rank. This requires concentration on the part of the caster (no attacks or other spells cast while the gravity attack is in effect). The target must make a successful Strength FEAT roll to escape the effect.

Reverse gravity can only be lowered to Shift 0, whereby the target can float a few feet above the ground.

Magnetism: A caster with magnetic control can manipulate any items that contain iron or steel within the area of the spell. He can also manipulate the Earth's magnetic field and use it to control iron or steelbearing items, anchoring them to the ground or twirling them like a top, or create a magnetic force shield with an armor rank equal to the magnetic control spell rank.

Solar: A hero with this spell can redirect, magnify, or diminish the natural light in the area of the spell. A blinding flash can cause damage in that area equal to the spell rank number and temporarily blind a victim. A light barrier does not defend against damage, but no one can see through it and it scares off unintelligent animals and creatures.

Sonics: This spell can amplify sound in an area to the point where everyone except the caster is temporarily deafened. This is particularly distracting for magic wielders using dimensional spells and incantations (successful yellow Psyche FEAT roll required to cast a dimensional spell; see Distractions in the MAGIC USE AND COMBAT Section). The caster can also reverse the effect to completely "dampen" an area so that no sound can be heard whatsoever, including sonic weapons.