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Magical Energies

What energies a magic-wielder draws upon is decided at the outset of the character's creation. Magical energy can be drawn from 3 different sources:
  1. Personal
  2. Universal
  3. Dimensional
Each source of energy yields a slightly different form of magic, although it is easy to achieve the same result using different sources. Most magic-wielding characters have more than 1 source that they have learned to tap into. Learning the differences between these energies is the key to being an efficient magic-wielder.

Personal Energies: derived from the personal energy of the character's soul/mind/body. This energy fuels any power or spell that affects the caster himself or a willing subject; trances, astral form, thought projections, physical alterations, and so forth can all use personal energy.

Universal Energies: gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical(or cosmic) energy and channeling it for special effects. It is used for spells and powers affecting the world outside the sorcerer. Teleportations, attacks, illusions, and so on, tap the energy fields of the universe, using the magician as a focus.

Dimensional Energies: used by tapping beings or objects of power dwelling in mystical dimensions, tangential to our own. This form of energy is the least wearing upon the user. The sorcerer may only use these energies for powerful spells, groups of spells, or to ask for things that the being or aspect called upon would and/or could provide. The dimensional energies are usually gained by the recitation of spells, either ritualized ones found in various mystical texts or by original spells invoking extra-dimensional assistance. If calling upon an extradimensional being it is important to remember that the magic-wielder makes himself known to the being he is calling, and often to other magic-wielding beings powerful enough to monitor the use of dimensional energy.