Blunt Attack

This is an attack with bare hands, flat of a blade, or other blunt weapon. A character making a blunt attack may score a hit, slam, or stun result. A hero using blunt attack may always choose to inflict less damage than maximum. A hero may choose to pull his punch, doing less than full damage, or inflict a lesser color result (yellow instead of red).A character using bare hands (or gauntlets, etc.) inflicts his Strength rank number in damage. A character using a blunt weapon inflicts up to that item's material strength; if the material strength of the item is greater than the Strength rank of the user, the user's Strength rank is increased to the lowest value of the next rank for damage. Aunt May (Fb(2) Strength) uses a lead pipe (Ex(20) material) in the drawing room on Col. Mustard. Aunt May would inflict 2 points damage normally, but inflicts 3 points (minimum damage of next higher rank) instead. Daredevil (Gd(10) Strength) using the same lead pipe would inflict 16 points damage (minimum damage of next higher rank), and the Thing (Mn(75) Strength) would inflict Ex(20) damage. (That is why Ban Grimm does not normally use lead pipes in combat---when he uses a blunt weapon, its purpose is usually to reach a non-adjacent target, and he has a preference for lightpoles.)