This tactic involves putting something between the target and the attacker, usually an inanimate abject but sometimes, in the case of hero leaping into the fray to stop an attack on another individual, a character himself.

In the first case, the hero may decide to use something as a shield as an initial action or as a changed action after initiative is rolled. If it is an initial action, the hero may perform another action in addition to the action. If a changed action, the hero may perform no other action that round than shielding. In either case, all other FEATs attempted in that round, including combat are -2CS unless the object used as a shield is a device or object commonly used by the hero in that way (the hero is comfortable using the device defensively). The material strength of the item is used as a form of Body Armor against the attack (if a garbage can lid is used as a shield, it will provide Pr(4) protection). This applies only to physical attacks and similar attacks that may be deflected in this manner. This form of defense may be used against Slugfest, Throwing, Shooting, and Charging attacks, but not Grappling and Grabbing attacks.

The hero may also provide a form of shielding to other targets within the same area (or within a half-area for ranged movement) by putting his own body in the way of an attack directed against another. The hero may make this decision only in the decision section of the turn, and then if the hero is closer to the target than the attacker (therefore it is only useful against Shooting, Throwing, and Charging attacks). The hero (or an object the hero is carrying, as in the first section) interposes himself in the line of fire and is considered the target instead of the intended target.

Example: Spider-Man is standing next to the Mayor when he sees the barrel of a sniper rifle sticking out of a window. Spidey acts to shield the Mayor, making himself the target of the attack. Were Captain America standing next to the Mayor in this situation, then he could bring up his shield (a common object used for this purpose) to protect the Mayor and himself (the attack is considered to be against Captain America, but his shield may deflect it).