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Schools of Magic

Most mystics, magicians and sorcerers in the Marvel Universe follow a specific school of magic. Magic schools are divided into 3 general types:Each magic school is more complicated than the definitions above. Each school includes concepts of nature and the character's place in it, guidelines on what entities to entreat if dimensional magic is being used, and goals to strive for. Furthermore, despite the general tendency of each school ("white", "gray", "black") each school contains sorcerers who violate the principles of the school, much as Baron Mordo violated the teachings of the Ancient One by using evil magic. Such renegade magic wielders usually become outcasts from their original schools, but a wise sorcerer should always beware of them.

The major schools of magic are listed below. Random selection is not involved; the Judge should allow each player to choose his school of magic. The Judge should not interfere in a player's choice unless he believes that the chosen school of magic has no place in his campaign. A random system for school choice is included only for those players who have no preference in schools. A player should not be forced to play a character with a school that is not interesting to the player.

A better feel for the different schools of magic, and of magic overall, can be obtained from reading the Mystic's Encyclopedia.

Most schools have strengths and vulnerabilities listed in their brief descriptions. These are guidelines for the Judge to determine when a character's magic may receive bonuses (+1CS, extra Psyche FEAT roll, etc.) or penalties (-1CS, no Psyche FEAT roll, etc.)